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Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Demands" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Gem » May 7th, 2017

Good evening Frank, just one question (not about a date or rate), since your last posting yesterday has more exciting news come out that has been a pleasant surprise?

Frank26 » May 7th, 2017


Aggiedad77 » May 7th, 2017

Frank....lookie.....lookie.....they are starting to talk again.....almost shout it would seem.....it's working....the DEMANDS....IMO.....Monday will be a hot night....IMO Aloha Randy

Don961 » May 7th, 2017

Iraq's economic capital

Author: Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam 05/08/2017 0:00

The reasons stated in the legislation of Basra , the capital of Iraq's economic law, that this law was to enhance the reality of the Iraqi economy, and the events of comprehensive economic development for the advancement of the standard of living and service of Iraqi citizens and public and private visual citizen.

This is confirmed by the provisions contained in the six articles of the law, which left the central government to issue regulations and controls to implement the provisions in the body of the law in coordination with the local government 's economic capital after the Presidency Council approval and publication of the law in the Official Gazette.

Here will be the time factor between approval and publication and then insert the law into effect very important, especially since Product - 3- First : require consensus on the formation of the Secretariat of the economic capital , which is supposed to be run by the Council of the Municipality of the capital, which reminds us of what is stated in the first of the Consumer Protection Act No. 1 of 2010 , which provided for the formation of the Council for consumer protection, and as stated in the first of competition law and antitrust No. 14 of 2010 , which provided for the formation of the Council to regulate competition and prevent monopoly, since the two chambers not seen the light for reasons no one knows one, making laws idle minute limit.

Not only that , since our reference to the time of the publication of the law in the Official Gazette stems from the experience of legislation of the Customs Tariff Law No. 22 of 2010 and published in the Gazette of Iraq crashes about ten months, and did not come into effect only in 2016 according to the confused mechanisms are not incorporated in the implementation moment fairly well.

As well as other laws that have initiated the experience did not come into force , such as the Iraqi Product Protection Act No. 11 of 2010 and the Labor Law No. 37 of 2015.

But it may be different relatively on the application of Basra , capital of Iraq 's economic law , as some believe, based on what will exercise deputies Basra province in parliament and local government from the compressor reaction to the central government for the implementation of Article V of the law that left the Council of Ministers to issue instructions and regulations necessary for the implementation of this the law in coordination with the local government in the province of Basra , without being obliged to do so, and here it is useful to recall disrupt the implementation of the project of Faw port , which announced the intention of his residence since 2004 and could send the spirit in the labor market and does the market movement, but he remained pure Ura In the drawers it did not appear until the moment it only breakwater.

To accelerate the implementation of this law , the long - long - awaited can contribute to a very significant contribution to make a quantum leap in the province of Basra towards real development throughout the country, through optimal investment for economic and human resources, infrastructure development and the development of the legal and administrative basis to keep pace with the development of trade centers in region and provide employment opportunities and the multiplicity of sources of national income of the Iraqi people in general, but we must not stand by when legislation, and we are serious about putting this law into practice as soon as possible and proceed to holding the reins for the benefit of the country.


Aggiedad77 » May 7th, 2017

Who is getting restless....the investors and contractors that's who.....turn them lose....cut them free.....give them freedom of capital......and watch the greatness they can construct. Aloha Randy

Don961 » May 7th, 2017

Babylon is looking to activate investment

08/05/2017 0:00 BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb

Babylon Investment Authority continues its efforts to overcome the challenges that bedevil the reality of the implementation of the business in the province.

Director General Dr. Nasr Hamoud Anzi said the "morning" the Commission continues with the Ministry of Construction and Housing and municipalities in order to complete the transactions completed high underbody and the granting of official approvals during short periods of time, pointing out that the investment effort in Babylon can Nocefh Palmqubol in the presence of a desire to work and completion of production and service projects.

Babil province saw the completion of a number of major investment projects over the past years now meet the country 's need of some food in particular.

He pointed out that the demands of investors continuing to shorten loops and routine approvals are granted during a brief and can benefit from regional experiences in this field.

He praised Anzi worn the technical supervision of engineering on investment projects by the Construction Engineering Department through the careful supervision of a number of investment projects , including the land of Babylon residential complex and multi - storey garage and other projects in more than one sector.

For her part , she commended Deputy Director of Construction Engineering Eng Wedding Salman Babylon Investment Commission in its efforts and follow - up of investment projects , adding that Babylon is witnessing a clear progress in the work of the stages of investment projects and the movement is active in the investment sector.

Anzi said that the province has a Stratgia position on Iraq and the world level and can be an important global companies industrial center, indicating that this importance stems from the site along the dry channel that continues calls for the establishment, which connects the poles of the western and eastern world through Iraq , which is the shortest way to communicate.


Aggiedad77 » May 7th, 2017

Keep this thought in mind.....if this is in print....it's already done.....already implemented.....IMO.....can't wait to hear what Monday Night brings. Aloha Randy

Don961 » May 7th, 2017

Achieving the objectives of monetary policy requirements until the year 2020

08/05/2017 0:00 Samir Nasiri

The monetary policy of the most prominent efforts to achieve economic stability and stabilizing the exchange rate rates that the national economy will also increase the strength and effectiveness to meet the economic challenges of economic policies, as the achievement of foreign exchange reserves currently stands at up to 49 billion dollars, and install the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar are preparing to be necessary and appropriate, as the window of foreign currency held by the central positive role in maintaining an appropriate level of the exchange rate and install it.

The Central Bank of Iraq has taken several steps to expand the list of available tools for monetary policy and to cover the required reserve to include government deposits and granting facilities on deposits maturing in a short period in order to allow banks to manage their liquidity situation more effectively.

You can identify the most important of what has been achieved monetary policy instruments during the years 2004 2006 and the first of the relative stability of the rates of the exchange rate of tight monetary policy and the stability of the financial system, as well as reducing inflationary phenomenon, and control the levels of liquidity and management, and motivate banks to move towards the market.

Since the central bank is currently implementing its plan for the years ahead, we see that you are studying a series of observations , including monitoring the implementation of the central strategy and future policies of cash until the year 2020 with the contribution of the banking sector in gross domestic product, as well as necessary to search for new policies to achieve this goal and allow banks government and private participation in the growth and investment in accordance with the mechanisms and policies that can be implemented without imposing strict policies and give adequate elasticities, and address the apparent gap between the fiscal policies of the state and monetary policies adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq and the requirements of anti - pressure Inflationary and reducing current expenditure and coordination of plans and programs to achieve the rescue of the Iraqi economy from financial collapses.

It is important to activate the monetary policy to support the private banking system and review the policies of lending and mechanisms of credit risk management in the granting of credit to small and medium investment and loans in productivity and investment sectors that achieve cash flow clear and revive the economic cycle will contribute to the economic development and diversification of the financial resources of the general budget.

It is necessary to develop and support and stimulate the Iraqi market for securities and find the means and tools that drive towards the lifting of the market and the companies index of prices to suit the assets and standards of production and profits at least inevitably the true value of stocks and to prevent speculation that harm the Iraqi ancestry- which does not fit the true and actual value.

It is important that accurate follow - up instructions for a window of foreign currency issued in 2017 and regulate the sale of dollar process and determine the role of banks in the mediation between the customer and the central addition to determining the responsibility of the ministries of trade, finance and planning in the offenses committed by some customers and not only load responsibility for banks.

Creation (Fund) or ( a private portfolio) certificates of deposit issued by banks wishing to address the deterioration of stock prices in the Iraq Stock Exchange and the addition of new banking management current investment investment climate in the market to stimulate as well as increasing the volume of bank deposits leads to increased investment activities in all economic sectors and thus achieve positive impact for investors.

The boards of directors in banks approving a strategy for operational risk and implementation of the executive management of the bank to ensure that the operational risks related to all kinds of products Almsrvih.aadh considering the provision for doubtful debts in accordance with the list of guidance and re - elasticities and extended additional time for banks to determine in order to be able to filter these debts , mostly dating back to periods precedent and that most debtors have migrated outside the cities of Iraq for security reasons beyond their control and that these ratios lead to a reduction in their profits actually realized as a result of the deduction of these percentages of net profit and thus affect the investment banking activities Yeh new.

The restructuring of the banking sector, particularly the government banking sector and to study the privatization of some of its divisions and branches and to activate the operating banks to expand and diversify their banking services especially to increase credit and investment share in a balanced way with its revenue total to become these banks an effective pillar of economic growth that move away from the monopoly of some banking operations and the withholding of government activities and public institutions for private banks.




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