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Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Dear Patrick, OWK, Yosef and to All" by R.E.H.A - 5.25.17

Entry Submitted by R.E.H.A at 11:15 AM EDT on May 25, 2017

Submitted by R.E.H.A

Dear Patrick, OWK, Yosef, to all inside the community -DEAR FAMILY OF LIGHT

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH – A LETTER COMING FORTH EARLY THIS MORNING just be writing thank you to Patrick THE ONE Took over to write you all a letter of merci and grace….

Wishing you a blessed day and today I would love to share what happened yesterday - please share it for all in the community...... A divine tool to eliminate the rest amount of fears..... in deep gratitude R.E.H. A

Yesterday the planet has been placed into 4 pillars of liberty and freedom with an inner free space to fill in with financial freedom prosperity and abundance for each person on the planet - the 12x12 =144 Bible code has been activated within in person on earth as well for accelerated awakening and universal understanding - the portal has been opened so people can access freely their inner eternal memory codes to find out who they really are and what they came to do on earth - this path is freed now without any restriction - further the DIVINE MOTHER POWER OF REBIRTH HAS TAKEN THE NEW EARTH WITHIN THEIR CENTER ( FORM OF A FIFE POINTED STAR - EARTH WITHIN THE 4 PILLARS OF UNIVERSAL LOVE FREEDOM LIBERTY AND PROSPERITY - all powers united within the 4 Pillars freed by the 12 Divine Ray Powers - this was the earth has traveled into the center of the new GOLDEN ERA 13000 Years ahead (= Half way of the next big cycle of evolution of 26000 Years) to serve now as a magnet for all life to follow up the same way - the portal to the golden era is wide open now - no more swing door that opens and closes - IT IS OPEN FOREVER - THE WAY OF LIGHT IS FREED waiting for the light workers to step in being the power of love tracing the new way of love and light - filling in the spaces of a new creation -created by US , our ideas, our creative powers based in divine empowerment letting all aspects of power over outside - these old energies and even cabal fell through a kind like net from the planet - but the heavenly ones had spanned a safety net around the globe so they fell but were rescued to be brought on the new earth waiting for them - their energy is not on this planet anymore - just their bodies - energy has shifted into the realm of divine empowerment and it is done - tomorrow the number will come out and the golden space filling will begin

SUFFERING WE ALL HAVE VOLUNTEERED IN THE OLD WORLD IS OVER NOW even if we still might stick in earthly situations - LET GO - EVEN A HOME A HOUSE as it might be the way to detach - I am also living is a tiny room having lost my huge residence for helping out..... ALL IS FINE AS IT IS - for everybody - we are the transformers - we made happen collectively and we can be so happy as we were victorious united with all the heavenly ones inside on and around the globe - one power of love, One Power of Light, One Power of Life made it happen and NOW we added ONE POWER OF LIBERTY - ONE POWER OF PROSPERITY AND ONE POWER OF DIVINE CREATIVITY

I wish to thank you all for sharing our insights, for holding the light in the darkness, for holding each other strong, for carrying the violet flame even if infiltrated cabals tried to take it down by creating fears, impatience and other negative energies..... We all had the choice of giving our power to our circumstances or giving our power to the vision - that is the power of creation while the first one is the power of devastation - OUR CHOICE ALWAYS - so think, look inside and wipe out all doubts - all fears of losing anything - let go - the portal is open - all are called in - but it is up to us if we step in or stay outside as the new is unknown space WE ARE CALLED TO CRETE FOR THE FUTURE - FUTURE IS AN ILLUSION - AS THE POWER OF THE ETERNAL NOW BRINGS PAST AS MEMORY ANCHORED EXPERIENCE IN OUT CELLULAR MEMORY BANKS OF ALL PAST LIVES - IT IS NOW AS WELL AS THE FUTURE IS NOW - YOUR VISION BRINGS IT INTO THE NOW JUST BE IT VIBRATE AND FOLLOW OUR VISION AS ENTIRE UNIFIED ONE HOL DIVINE BEING - NO BEGINNING NO END - JUST A HOLY CENTER EXPANDING INTO ALL THAT IS

If you lost everything and you have no more currency for what reason ever but you wish to enter your vision to manifest it for the best of all life - I invite you to join as I wish to join with all of you to create a new network of light and empowered new galactic divine humans to for a network of accelerated manifestation for peace using our gifts to change the world

Millions of blessings to all - we made it - the collective love and vision of a glorious shining planet has been accomplished - NOW we can begin to build the new world with for and through all

May the divine light vibrate inside of you opening all portal so you can SEE the Heavenly ones standing around the globe - living inside the globe and feel the collective energy that has created the ONE FIELD OF DIVINE SHIFT - everybody will find out where the own place and space is waiting, what exactly the mission is and where and how to manifest it - YOU WILL KNOW IT INSIDE OF YOUR HEART - if you do not know yet, it will come to you in form of a miracle and when it happens YOU WILL KNOW - JUST TRUST - one more day to go - DONE

Let’s celebrate and let’s stick together - many will step forwards that never have sad a word but where there to hold the light - everybody has a part of the divine eternal plan with a purpose to manifest the new paradigm



MAYBE WE CAN ORGANIZE A PHYSICAL MEETING after exchange - as when we all go our way we kind like hold an aspect of separation we can so easily eliminate - a celebration meeting - starting a new global union

What do you think?

Patrick, the ONE WHO KNOWS and all others contributing to this site are blessed for eternity for their handsome service - My eternal gratitude always IS with you in the eternal NOW

My heart - arms and doors are open for each and every one of you - now it depends on US how we follow up - let’s do it together as ONE POWER OF CREATION

HAPPY EXCHANGE TIME - HEALING TIME IN MANY ASPECTS - a huge thanks you as well for all those who trained us in how to go through the process - awesome service – I am ready to share the fastest healing way called ACCELERATED AWAKENING AND HEALING – getting rid of any disease without any remedy – please ask for a free copy of my book – ahead to be taught in our new Matrix Academy of Light…

We are all ready to RECEIVE, aren’t we? Today is the 25th = 5x5 – month 05 – year Sum of 2017 = 10 = 5+5 – the entire day IS THE ESSENCE OF REBIRTING THE DIVINE GODDESS PRINCIPLE AND NEW PARADIGM – total of 5s = 40 = a10 in every direction : east west north and south = new way – 40 = 4 this number is related to power – old paradigm = power over letting the hidden aspects of the number hidden from mankind: the hidden codes are the combination of numbers which are 3+1 = 31 meaning the power of trinity in ONE, it is 22= a Master number as it creates the portal of 11:11 the doorway to spirituality and it contains the 1+3 = 13 = the essence of liberation, of freedom, of reconnection to source – of prosperity. So, when we look at the essence of the day 8x5 8=INFINITY -5 REBIRTH of 40 – new way for all with: the shift of the ancient power over into the true divine empowerment birthing all life into the new paradigm of life where are all are reconnected to source again, free, heal prosper in universal understanding and service. USE THEIS ESSENCE OF THE DAY – MEDITATE WITH IT – and anchor it within all cells of your body – it will flash out every fear, lack of trust or any lower energy left in your system. We are there – In deep gratitude we all will recier our gifts – YES WE ARE READY TO RECEIVE that was a huge task to clear in our spiritual old paradigm. Over the richness of spiritual light will manifest and balance the richness in our physical realm too - HALELUYAH – WHAT A GLORY


In One Love and One Light and in deep gratitude for everyone and all

The Power of Spirit R.E.H.A



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