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Monday, May 8, 2017

"Course Correct for Yosef" by Anxious to Begin - 5.8.17

Entry Submitted by Anxious to Begin at 4:03 PM EDT on May 8, 2017

Yoseph, it's your turn in the Woodshed, you've been a naughty boy.

If Grandfather and OWK won't step in and correct your Cabal based Religious beliefs then I will attempt a course correction for you. I am not deluded in thinking you will change until Organized religion is disorganized with the real truth being taught to us by emissaries of the light. But I am standing up to your untruth and the way you are conducting you version of truth here in Dinar Chronicles. It is past time that you, Yosef, one who is held in high esteem and has much knowledge about worldly affairs, yield to others who have put the childish ways of the Cabal behind and who will not endure the misinformation and disinformation that you preach as if you have a Divine connection that makes everything you preach, true. It isn't.

Some time ago in one of your posts you invoked Yahweh's blessing on us. Do you have any idea who he is? Do you have any idea what Cabal energy he represents to we Humans? It is obvious to those who know, that if you did know you would never knowingly wish that upon anyone, especially ones who you love. Yahweh is the God of the old testament named Jehovah. Jehovah is one of two sons of Annu, that came to the earth to set up a mining operation for Gold. Annu is the head of the off worlders known as the Annunaki. His real name was Enlil. This is the brother that hated the Humans and would kill them if they didn't do what he commanded them to do. He was the wrathful demigod that demanded absolute obedience to his every word. Does the flood prove his hatred for man to you? In your observance of how the Cabal had it's way with us for billions of years, if the god of the old testament, Jehovah, was in charge how long do you think the Cabal would have lasted. Jehovah was an Annunaki who helped create Adam and Eve as the bloodline that would bring forth the Kings and Queens to rule over the humans/people. They called it the Divine Right of Kings and is the reason why they had to keep the bloodline pure and not merry common folk. Over time, the parts of the pure bloodline became mixed, but there was always a pure bloodline that remained intact through the generations of time. Yeshua Ben Joseph was of this bloodline and was known as the King of King, the Messiah. This bloodline remained pure and produced some of the greatest Human Beings to ever live on the earth. There is a lot of unknown history concerning this bloodline that will be brought to light during full disclosure.

One of the things that the Annunaki did to we humans is to change our active DNA from 12 strands to 2 strands. With 12 fully functioning strands of DNA, we would be fully functioning Human gods. Scientist today call the 10 inactive strands, Junk DNA, because they can not find any use for them. Left with only 2 strands we could be kept in slavery to this bloodline of Kings and Queens. The Annunaki were leaving earth and needed to have someone ruling over the humans until they came back which they do every 26,000 years. Planet X, or Nibaru is the planet on which they live. This pure bloodline today is not pure in any way that it was. Books call this The Bloodline of the Holy Grail, and runs in opposition to the Patriarchal Society of the Jews. This patriarchal society of the Jews were infiltrated by the Cabal that took away the true power of Humans and left us with a watered down, innocuous, distorted version of a living God that gave His children His power and ability as we were created in His image and likeness. What we have left is the Bible, and many hold on to this as a life blood connection with an impostor god they think is all the Omni.s that we are told about. The Bible, as we have it, is the teachings and doctrine of the Cabal mixed with enough truths that it appears authentic. The real truth about God will never be found in any book or teachings of man. Real truth unfolds as an individual challenge to go within to find the Love that we Humans are. We are actually pure love, we just don't know it. So even the thought of being Love is unreal. It is foreign to us because we are conditioned to believe differently.

So now, lets' learn about the other brother who is quite different. The other son, is named Enki. He was more loving than Enlil and really enjoyed having sex with the humans, which by the way was disgusting to Enlil. Enki was The Lord of the old testament and was the one that had Noah build the Ark that saved the whole race of mankind or so Bible scholars say. The Bible scholars believe The Lord and Jehovah are the same personage, which is not true. The two brothers together, are the ones who deactivated the 10 strands of DNA. There is more to the story about Adam and Eve, the truth of which clearly shows that the meddling with the Bible was an act of the Jewish Patriarchal Society, agenda. The Annunaki were not as bad in the beginning but opened the door to the Orion energy that was supported by the Ankara Alliance. This energy acts in total opposition to God and the forces of light. All members of the Ankara Alliance have returned to the light and no longer support Cabal part humans and their activities on the earth.

Back to the narrative.

Yosef, with your invoking prayer to Yahweh, you leave the door open to the dark side energies and create more need for the White Brotherhood to actively remove such energy from the earth. DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Continuing on because there is more.

Yosef, you have a pension, an addictive behavior about the color of skin. Have you come back as a white guy this life, to right the wrong that you perceive happened outside of God' purview? There is no light involved in bringing the past wrongs up as a reason for us to feel guilty. There is absolutely not enough guilt that you can create in all of your insistent diatribe that will right any wrongs that have been perpetrated on persons of color. It is the same truth that there is not enough feeling bad about starving kids in Africa that can help feed starving kids in Africa. Action moving forward with our gifts will. Guilt in any form is destructive to the human body. It has no less effect than FEAR. There is not now and never will be any value, to the blacks or starving kids, by putting guilt or fear of any kind on any body. Are you blind to the effects of years and years of living in fear caused by the Cabal conditioning? There has never been the rampant run away propensity for disease in humans as there is now. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the way of life we live unconsciously, the sprays we use to kill bugs, the medicines we take; all of this and more is designed to create fear. And then we feel GUILTY that all of this is happening to ourselves and our families and we can do nothing about it.

Again, why, Yosef, why are you hell bent on causing all of this fear and guilt that you make us ingest, just to read your intel. Where is your light? Who are you ignorantly serving without intent? Can you not see that your negativity and the agenda you perpetrate is not supported by the light? You hear higher truths but your arrogance and pride give you reason to believe that you are coming from a better place than any of us here, when in fact you are using Cabal tactics based on Cabal religious beliefs that you refuse to change – even when we have pleaded with you to refrain from you diabolical rampage and judgments of those who are helping us to reach our release of funds. Many of us are shaking our heads in frustration that with all the knowledge you have to give, you present it to us with a butt load of diarrhea, that we have to put up with just to get a few pieces of hope. You, brother need to look in the mirror and ask yourself, are you really serving the light or are your antics and lesser vibration, serving the dark.

Should I go on? Should I talk about your requirement to forsake our Divinity and have us surrender to that demigod that you so ignorantly serve? Can't you see that by surrendering to your demigod we are taking the road to the Cabal dead end. The Cabal dead end that leads to a continuation of the Cabal conditioning, and that serves no purposeful activity. We are children of God and that is the truth that will free us, not bending over and getting screwed again by organized religious beliefs that are not true. We are from Eternity and when we are finished with physicality, we will go back to Eternity where there is no judgment, only Love and Light.

Should I talk about ascension? Should I talk about the false beliefs loaded on the camel that is trying to get into the Kingdom of God? We are the camel and what belief is the only one that will get us into the Kingdom of God. What belief can we leave onourselves that will allow us to get through the gate and enter the Kingdom of God? There is only one that is required and that is one's belief in LOVE. Because when you come from LOVE, you are bringing the Kingdom of God into everything you do. If you do not know who you are as a Child of God that comes from love, then ascension will be something you can look forward to, to when you do know. There is no other way. When you come from love, Yosef, you will be the ambassador of God that you want to be. You will be one who can say, come follow me and I and will take you to the Father. I know the way cause I know where He lives. I live in a mansion He prepared for me.

Love is not found in focusing on the past. Just ask and you are forgiven immediately, without delay, that is the promise. I am asking you, Yosef, I am begging you to learn to come from love and I will follow you anywhere. You are my beloved brother and your highest love light is needed at this time. Please give this some thought as it comes from a brother that love you.

I have said my peace and am complete, for now. I will continue to give course corrections if and when you are preaching your Cabal brand of truth. That is my promise to you and God.

I am...as always...

Anxious to Begin



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