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Sunday, May 21, 2017

"Contradictions Are Just Growing Pains" by Victor - 5.21.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 3:22 PM EDT on May 21, 2017

I just Love how how linear we all are in our thinking. Everyday it is like we get up an look for contradictions that prove what we want in our hearts can't happen. We are such silly little creatures of bad habits. I know, I still do this and it is a constant battle to stop it. Getting out of the world of "proofs requires building up some velocity and not stalling out all the time with lack thoughts.

For example:......I hear Today Mosul is liberated!.......then 10 minutes latter it is not. Tier 3 is paid out ......and then it is not. England gets paid and then someone call HSBC and they never heard of the dam thing......eeggghhhr! ALL of this is just ....."growing pains"...... of choosing the right Time Line. We are just a stuck like a scratched CD in a player skipping in place, still putting out cross frequencies. That is us. Then we get depressed when what we made shows up in our world. Isn't that silly? When we should be rejoicing, ecstatic that we can even make this happen in this way. That we are that special and that powerful. No wonder the Cabal hates to see us go.

I mean....How can I get rid of Ubiety? He is still here along with that impossible man. Who put then in my soup?.........Darn it!....Somebody give me a break!

OK......I know who did it and who put them there. It is ...." I "..... uuggg........but this just proves how perfect the Universe is and how perfectly we each manifest what we put out. Doubt would not be there unless I put it there. I look for doubt in my creations because it is just simple bad habit that I still cling too. I still love my coffee and I still like my car racing and I still like ....."Tator Tots". I am not Mr. Perfect........I got my list of favorite "sins" that I still am not done with.

So I still cling to some limitation in my thinking......until I don't cling to some limitations in my thinking. It is ALL NOT A PROBLEM. The Universe can handle it and it can manifested all. All for me. It can manifest my world and infinite worlds just for me and it can manifest invite worlds just for you. It can manifest one whole universe just for me and at the same time have another one ready for me only with only ONE ATOM or just one dust molecule in a different place. Yet it can and yes it does.

So I have to accept that. I as I now am in this time line, I really can not yet fathom an INFINITE UNIVERSE with INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. I can't !!....my mind is too small, to not yet ready to handle that concept. Yet, there is also a Universe and a Me who can handle it and does understand it and is heading there, because if it was not sure, I would not be looking for the RV. Since I am looking for the RV, the RV is done and completed. I am a point of consciousness taking a journey, taking my time to be able to smell all the flowers along the way. Smelling the flowers is my choice of "growing pains" and my "contradictions". They are all the special colors I chose for my painting.

Taking a long time in the RV, is like taking the VIP tour. Sure, I can go from start to finish in the RV where the whole process takes one day for me. One day I hear about it and the next it is here. Billions will be taking that option. Sure, that option exist and that is how it will be for many. But what fun did they have on their short tour? Not much. What did they learn?......exactly what they wanted.

But that is OK, it was good enough for them and that is what they ordered, what they created. The universe gives us each what we want. There are no limitations and each manifestation is NOT dependent on another. Each Universal experience for Ubiety and for impossible man are ALL separate creations. Ubiety has me in some of his Universes and then he does not have me in some of his others. I have the same options available and so does everyone here. In one time line Ubiety gets kicked out of IDC and in another one he is still here. It does not matter. The one where he is kicked out is there and I may be also partially there at times, if I want it. I may visit it in my dreams.

All of this......It does not have to make or have "logic" or linear "Proff" at all. The Universe is not that limited or that small. It does not work that way. NOW of course in Ubiety's world he is taking the much longer special VIP tour of the RV process since he not only wants to smell the flowers but he also wants to plant the seeds and watch then grow each day and then look for "proof" of why each flowers petals are so perfect and has a symmetrical shape. He likes to make lists. He is just taking the longer "growing pains tour"......isn't that great?!!!....

His world has no effect on my world. Each separate still frame in anyone reality is completely separate from the other, even the one with only one dust molecule of difference. That is what the Infinite is like, that is what Infinite power is like, that is what un-limited is like.

So when I hear of a 3d world and then a 5d world and how some people are staying and some are going and some will have solid holograms and some will go by space ships and some will just find themselves transported and ..........and some will just find themselves in 5d world with only their tooth brush and pajamas on.......etc. All of this is real. All of it is possible and all of it does not have contradictions.

Contradictions are just a choice, and extra in the long VIP tour. A chosen option for those that want to take that trip in that time line in their world. It can all be possible and happening and existing at the same time, since there really is no time. Time is the illusion create by consciousness skipping tens of thousands of frozen, separate frames or separate universes very fast. This gives the perception in awareness of movement and actual cause and effect and actual liner time. Without these "effects" the story would not make any sense. Without a linear time line you would be more confused by jumping from the end to the start to then the middle and back to just before the end of the RV.

Now those jumping around options are still possible since I just mentioned them. So they are possible. NOW how likely will it be that I will take that particular tour? Probably not too likely right now. but?......I might change my mind and take the crazy skipping tour. I may even throw a "Grandfather" into my "theme"..........to make it credible so that I can believe and have that "proof" that will cancel out my doubts. That will be and serve as my permission slip......"To Have Proof".....or what I need on this particular "tour", for me, to accept the impossible and believe. How fun!!!.....What JOY.

We can each have or manifest any permission slip that we need to make the RV real or to not make it real for us. NONE of these infinite options in existence contradict or limit or make less valid anyone elses time lines. So when we experience growing pains.........we should jump up with Joy and Love and say ........GREAT!....How amazing am I?....I just added another day to my VIP tour and I will have the money to pay for it ALL at the end........Yeay!!! .......Another day in Wonderland.




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