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Thursday, May 4, 2017

"Consider these Things/Unexpected Stream of Consciousness" by ForUs - 5.4.17

Entry Submitted by ForUs at 7:24 AM EDT on May 4, 2017

The idea that the Elder’s are waiting for ANY political show to play out in France or anywhere else for that matter, is not logical. Under N.E.S.A.R.A. Law any and all current heads of government are to step down upon announcement. So why would a political election hold any weight?

NO my brothers and sisters the reason for the delay is something that they have chosen not to divulge. However it does not take a genius to simply narrow it down. If it isn’t do to any political show and everything is done in regards to banks and money then it only leaves one reason. Consciousness or...

Perhaps it has to do with our Galactic family or Inner and Hollow earth family. Perhaps they are still sorting some things out or making some last minute plan change. This is all pure speculation and honestly I don’t think that to be the reason but there is LITERALY no other reasons that comes to mind.

I woke up feeling like something is getting ready to blow and I still feel it slightly. This feeling like it’s all boiling down to a huge and sudden boom.

It’s also my opinion (be it knowledgeable) that you will be exchanging AFTER the N.e.s.a.r.a Republic is announced. It will be out in the open and completely safe. The idea of their needing to be a “flash bang” to serve as a distraction while you go and sneak your exchanges has NEVER sat well with me.

The whole idea feels very low vibes if you know what I mean. NO family , you will exchange openly and the average person may or may not know about it but it doesn’t even matter. Upon N.e.s.a.r.a Republics announcement there will be a 72 hour info period in which people would be staying home from work and school to be re-educated on EVERYTHING.

Full disclosure will be happening as well as an “up shift” of human consciousness at the moment of announcement (this is not spoken of enough). This up shift will instantly put everyone in a state of awareness never before felt. This will make it very easy for everyone to comprehend all the info that will be dished out for a 3 day period as they will be resonating with it.

This would result in the whole world shifting to the beginnings of 5D. Love, peace, understanding and prosperity will be received in fullness of heart. This is why you wont need all the security at your exchanges as NOBODY would be in that negative mindset. In addition to that fact that we would all be multimillionaires and too focused on our own new prosperity and self knowledge.

What I feel I am getting at family is that perhaps all of you need to re-examine yourselves and the current situation because it’s VERY LIKELY that it will turn out much different than you expect and have been told and maybe this is why nothing has happened yet. Allow me to throw an a couple facts out there.

ALL needs will be met very quickly after the announcement. With first contact landings happening only 7 to 10 days after it. With this will come replicators, healing machines and new housing among other things. So ask yourself this question brothers and sisters…. what of all the plans you have? I know you have plans to build this and do that for humanity but humanity will be completely covered! So again I ask you…..what of the plans you have?

What use will all your exchange money be in a world where people have replicators to provide instant food and clothing. Technology to build advanced and Eco friendly houses in minutes if not less. Anti gravity vehicles and teleportation devices. What I don’t think a lot of you realize is how SOON first contact will be happening and as a result you are being mentally lead in a wrong direction.

7 to 10 days after the Announcement brothers and sisters! Out of that you can take 72 hours or 3 days. So from the time people are done being re-educated and given access to there money it is only 4 days give or take until first contact. What could you possibly do in that time except just give it away to humanity. Come together and create an organization and simply add to the millions of dollars that will be given to every man woman and child.

All of you together could make everyone billionaires. That is the only purpose I can see for your exchange money. Or……….. what if it was all a VERY necessary ploy to assist in the capture of thousands if not millions of cabal. Take a deep breath and follow me on this family.

It is no secret that the constant go times and dates given in the past were all used to make them pop up in order to capture them. I know what your saying … that was then and this is now….. Is it though?

What if ALL of it was a benevolent plan to capture millions of cabal over the years? I am talking about the “big exchange”. All done in order that N.E.S.A.R.A could be moved forward step by step until we got to the place we are now. Which is at the time of announcement.

I am asking you think about it, deeply.

If it were indeed the case then you can see why the Elders would want to handle all of you with kid gloves. Not wanting to crush your dreams and hopes of being humanity’s savior when in truth humanity will be more than fine without your help, in a sense. After all we DID need your help to keep the constant exchange story looming in order to arrest and eliminate corruption worldwide.

The question is are you spiritually evolved and mature enough to see it that way? Or would you burst in a rush of negative energy because you cant save everyone? Many of you must examine yourselves deeply. Let me also say this because it NEEDS to be said.

Do not think that the fact that many of you consider yourselves christian was not taken into account. Many of you are still in the box and have a savior complex to boot. This is as much an energy/frequency thing as it is a financial. Would you build churches with your money? Or would you spread messages about how Jesus is lord and savior while you give people money, food and shelter? I know you don’t like to read this but at this point I am only a conduit.

For a long time I have had these realizations come to me but forced them down and ignored them.
I had NO intention on going this route when I began to write this but I guess IT IS TIME. Much growing up has to be done and it will be done when the announcement happens (remember the up shift). Until then it seems that The Elder’s understandably haven’t “laid it all out” for these reasons. Taking your sensitivity to heart and refusing to yank your loose tooth knowing that you would all understand soon enough.

Well I guess the tooth has been yanked…..

YOU HAVE been used to literally change the world but not in the way you expected.
You would do well to try and find peace with this. If you don’t accept this now you WILL soon enough family. The fact that I felt all of this come through me right now means that the announcement is VERY VERY close. So that’s one thing you should focus on. Go to my previous post and read it and know that EVERYTHING has been planned out and ready to be disbursed upon announcement. We will ALL be experiencing prosperity, peace, technology, knowledge, evolution, unity and ascension UNBOUND.

One Love To You All….

UPDATE- I asked for confirmation of some kind before I sent this in to be posted. Something that would let me know for sure that I should do it. Well I got it in the most amazing way! I will take the time right now to break it down for you at the risk of you not getting it because I want you to know that I am sincere in my writing and truly did not originally intend to write all of that.

So I went to my father and read it to him and told him that I was waiting on a confirmation before I sent it in. I finished and left his room so I could cook dinner. While I am preparing dinner my mind is racing with all of it. Thinking of the reactions, the possible pointing of the finger in a “he is cabal” or “demons gave him false info” way. While I am there I here these words coming from my fathers room…”It might be crazy what Im bout to say”. I hear some words in between and then like a hit in the chest I hear “hot air balloons, I could go to space”.

Now to any who are familiar that is a very popular song called “Happy”. I like everyone else have heard it a thousand times. My father decided to play it all of a sudden, little did he know it would cause a light switch to go off In my head. The confirmation was in the first line for obvious reasons “it might be crazy what I’m bout to say” = Yeah it’s crazy what I am saying, for many of you. Then the “hot air balloons I could go to space” sealed the deal for me and here is why.

A VERY long time ago I had the most strange but amazing dream. In it I was standing in my front driveway. I had on some very natural feeling, airy white clothes. I had a woman next to me that looked familiar. We were holding hands and both looking upwards. She too was dressed in the same kind of clothing. The whole sky was purple (many dreams like that) and in the sky were hundreds of people in hot air balloons! All celebrating and I remember looking up in so much joy and amazement at this as they hovered by. When I say hundreds I mean hundreds and of all colors and patterns.

So me and this girl are gazing up when a blue orb shows up in our direct eye line. It was right above my roof. It looked like 2 of them but they were sort of molding/melding constantly together in what looked like an organic, liquid, shiny, living, round thing. As we look a it, I feel like it communicated something to us but I cannot recall. Either way it flew off into the distance and I looked at her with the biggest smile on my face and said these exact words…….”let’s fly”.

And we both almost effortlessly started floating upwards. Hands are still held and I remember my feet left the ground first and I gave her hand a slight tug and hers did as well. We both floated up and onto the roof. That was the end of the dream.

So when I heard the hot air balloon I could go to space line it hit me hard. I have heard that song so many times before and never had this reaction/connection. I am aware that the blue orbs are more popularly associated with the blue Avians. It was something from space of that I’m sure. So this sudden connection was the confirmation I was asking for.

Here are more lyrics from the song that struck a cord.

I color coded the lyrics with what I got from them. So orange with orange and blue with blue.


Here come bad news, talking this and that” = All of the delays and the reasons that were given.

Gimme all you got, no holding back” = Giving me confidence to post all of this in it’s entirety, no deleting anything.

Well I should probably warn ya, I’ll be just fine” = This is a warning of sorts for you all, a heads up rather. We will be just fine, all will be provided.

No offense to you don’t waste your time” = I do not mean to offend by writing these things. Don’t waste your time. Focus on your own spiritual, internal development. They got us covered, all of us.

If all goes according to how you have been told than that’s great. This has been a pure stream of consciousness message and I feel compelled to put it out there for reasons I feel will be known soon enough..

One Love To You All….

Signed: For Us



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