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Saturday, May 20, 2017

"Confidence Should be High!" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


StephenMac63 » May 20th, 2017

Within the last month we have seen various articles about the reconstruction process after ISIS is removed. We have seen pictures of the destruction and I remember an article that stated the final half of Mosul will be completely demolished due to the conflict. In one of those pictures I could not even find one single structure still 100 percent intact. Instead of "rebuilding and repairing"

I think it would be more cost effective to actually just "replace". The demolition has already been done, bring a bulldozer in and level the ground. Even the asphalt road, when there were asphalt roads, have holes from car bombs.

This in turn will create a construction boom that even Haliburton would salivate over. (Haliburton is known for rebuilding cities after wars). Not only will everyone have a new home, 85 percent of the labor force will have the education and skills developed to take on such a task (Local law requires foreign companies to hire 85% of Iraqis as labor force) This also means that the 85 percent of the labor force will be productive members of society and would probably not be thinking about on how to destroy the country due to brainwashed thoughts.

Also, the building construction, IMO, will probably be done to Uniform Building Code. Maybe the days of living in stacked cinder blocks with no rebar or insulation are gone.

Food is going to be a major concern, they need to get the farms planted. Cant keep counting on imports, not cost effective. Farm lands need to be cleared of mines. They have a lot of work ahead of them but I feel with the right training, motivation, and skill set, they will do fine.

Its a brand new country. It took much sacrifice from the foreign troops. Imagine, and I havent done it so I can not speak from experience, wearing a military uniform with the gear...in the heat of the desert. Unbelievable. And if they are lucky enough they get to come home in one piece. Many didn't as they paid the ultimate price to create a better life for someone else.

No, we need to step back and realize that while the majority of us is searching under every single rock, leaf for that proverbial RV all while in the comfort of our own air conditioned homes and cushy chairs, there are those that do not have that luxury, and it was their choice.

Talk about a selfless act. Stephenmac63

Rabbit » May 20th, 2017

I have a juicy nugget! You're confidence should be high! Stay encouraged! Stay Positive. The Best is yet to come!

Apmcrx » May 20th, 2017

Wait A Minute...Abadi is not in Riyadh... why?????

Jordanian source of high: These reasons refused to attend (Abadi) summit Riyadh !!

Fri, 19 May 2017 21:29:51 From: Samir Obeid

assured us a senior Jordanian source ... that the most important reasons for the replacement of Prime Minister (Abadi) President (Fuad Masum) to attend a summit in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia US Gulf) .. return:

to the leak of records belonging to the Iraqi delegation while attending the Conference of the Abadi summit (Dead Sea), which was briefed by the Jordanian authorities and learned by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf authorities proved that (Abadi) disingenuously and is not convinced what he said to the delegations of Saudi Arabia and Emirati and others during the Dead Sea summit ... and there are contacts monitored by the Jordanian authorities of the Iraqi delegation with the Iranian side by saying! .

Abizaid said ...

I broke out disagreements and objections by ( the State of Qatar) so threatened not to attend the Riyadh summit chaired by President Trump if attended by Prime Minister (Abadi) who is accused by the Qatari authorities Balmarwagh and the lack of credibility in the case of (Qatari abductees) and bear responsibility for the lack of transparency and clarity. .... especially after discovering connections with Mr. Abadi (Velayati) on the release !! Soon this will separate communication !!

The source also there in support of the State of Qatar from Bahrain and other Gulf state not to attend (Abadi) the fact that his presence means the presence of Iran at the top (in the words of the source) seems Aahron sectarian is the fact that the summit (Sunni) purely and will generate about (NATO Sunni - US) , the purpose of it Iran.

That is why Saudi Arabia has decided to prevent the collapse of the package (Gulf and Sunni) to be the representative of Iraq at the summit is the president , "Sunni" Fuad Masum , in order to lift the state of apprehension among Gulf delegations from (Shiite Abadi) , according to the words of the Jordanian source ...... To be transparent discussions with for Iran. And the role of Iraq 's future in the (NATO - US – Islamic Israeli) ended the news point of order:

It seems that the American side and found a very valuable opportunity to attend the President (infallible) to be discussed all the documents signed by al - Abadi secretly during his visit to the public to Washington, and during the secret visit , which lasted (one day) with a high oil delegation ...

We have noted the news of an urgent then !! .... and also discussed about the project (privatization) of education , higher education, agriculture, industry, electricity, tourism ... etc !. And Iraq 's role in the alliance (Israeli - American Gulf)!


Chris05 » May 20th, 2017

Not sure if we should trust this Jordanian source regarding information about the PM of Iraq and his travels to an Arab Summit, held in SA.

We were informed that A would be going to Riyadh for the summit for many important reasons. So, that is what is expected.

IMO, IF (Big IF) A was not to travel to SA, it must be a for a very important reason pertaining to Iraq, and what is happening or going to happen in Iraq.

Furthermore, IMO, in this scenario, T would make a surprise visit to Iraq for a VERY important reason to join A, and stand together in unity, for a very special Photo Op, along side their respective country's national flags.

Either way, IMO, these two gentlemen will meet for a very historical meeting

Cheers Chris


S&P Raises Indonesia Sovereign Credit Rating

Standard & Poor’s raised Indonesia’s sovereign credit rating to investment grade on Friday in recognition of a stable governing coalition and improved control over government finances. https://goo.gl/EBFRt6

Don961 » May 20th, 2017

Russia Growth Forecast Improves

The International Monetary Fund improved its forecast for Russia’s economic growth this year to 1.4%, saying easier financial conditions and higher oil prices would help drive a recovery, a regular IMF report showed on Friday, Reuters reported. https://goo.gl/y8gaIK

Don961 » May 20th, 2017

Vietnam Outlook Positive

Fitch Ratings on Thursday revised its outlook on Vietnam’s long-term foreign and local currency issuer default ratings to positive from stable and affirmed the ratings at “BB-.”

The credit rating agency said Vietnam’s ratings reflected strong growth performance and prospects, persistent current account surpluses, manageable debt service costs and sustained foreign direct investment inflow. https://goo.gl/42vimg

Don961 » May 20th, 2017

URGENT Trump arrives in Saudi Arabia and the fight against extremism on top of his agenda

2017/5/20 9:53 [Oan- follow - up]

reached US President Donald Trump plane, on Saturday morning, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on his first overseas trip since taking office.

And held the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, on Saturday, a series of bilateral meetings with Trump focused on "the reaffirmation of the ancient friendship and strengthen political, economic, cultural and security close ties between the two countries." According to the official website of the US summit of Saudi Arabia.

At another summit on Sunday, leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) will meet with US President to discuss threats to security and stability in the region, and to build business relationships between the United States and the GCC.

Moreover, Trump is an Islamic Arab summit with 55 leaders and representatives of Islamic countries in the world including Iraq, Sunday, to discuss ways to build a stronger and more effective in order to combat security partnerships and to prevent the growing international threats because of terrorism and extremism and to promote tolerance and moderation.

In the meantime, it will host the Minister of Defense Foundation Crown Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman "keeping charity" Forum 2017 , which deals with Mgrdon how to activate the use of social networking in the fight against extremism and terrorism.

Trump will speak at the forum, in addition to a number of political leaders in the world, including Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al - Jubeir, and Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan , Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates.

Other speakers will also address issues on the impact of social networking on religions, like women, and hooliganism.

The summit includes a program on Sunday, the opening of the International Center for the fight against extremist ideology , which has an anti - extremist ideology seeks to prevent the spread of extremist ideas through the promotion of tolerance and support for dissemination of positive dialogue.

On the other hand, it regulates the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies Center, on Sunday, Riyadh forum to combat extremism and the fight against terrorism, which includes a group of researchers and studies and research centers aimed at the production and dissemination of academic work, with the support of the Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism.

Business leaders gather from Saudi Arabia and the United States, on Saturday, the Saudi American Forum for chief executives, in order to enhance trade relations between the two countries by providing a platform to promote intra -regional trade, and to overcome the difficulties encountered.

Being Trump 's visit to King Abdul Aziz Historical Center in Riyadh to introduce the culture of the Arabian Peninsula and its civilization, and held a dinner banquet in the Palace box.


Samson » May 20th, 2017

Abadi: unity we have achieved victories

20/05/2017 13:08

He said Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi said the Iraqi people, creative people, despite the destruction and difficulties, he presented the achievements and the whole world became talking about admiringly.

This came during his speech at the conference (TEDx Baghdad) who specializes creations and talent and successful experiences.

Abadi said that we meet here in Baghdad, peace, unity and progress, where we have come from the march of suffering to achieve this accomplished Iraqi who sent hope, the world and its leaders admire what has been achieved despite the financial crisis.

He noted that our unity was liberated territories, and our will and our determination we made miracles that are a badge of honor on the chest of every Iraqi, where Baghdad was threatened two years ago, and liberated the land from the rock cliff to Diyala, Ramadi, Fallujah, Peggy Qayyarah and drunken Acer Mosul and now in the last part of Ayman Mosul.

He expressed surprise at some who is trying to introduce frustration in the hearts of the Iraqis and focus solace and frightens citizens following the liberation of Mosul and tell them the situation will be much better because the country has passed the most difficult crises.

He added that terrorism wants us sedition and there are those who support him and those Mthaion to challenge everyone with for any terrorist attack.

And that correct administration will stand fast and we will be stronger and some prepared himself to thwart and obstruct everything we do, but we will not allow them and we will continue and we will not allow anyone who wants to weaken the state and society and the kidnapping just because Tkhalvh opinion wondering Is that fight our heroes and fight the dictatorship is to be governed by gangs. LINK

Tim » May 20th, 2017

GM family, This imo, just gave you Mosul family. Now we wait. Have a blessed Saturday

PappaJack » May 20th, 2017


Don961 » May 20th, 2017

Joint Special Operations Command: complete the liberation of the western axis of Mosul

Rezan Ahmad 05/20/2017 - 12:52

Announced the officer in command of joint operations on Saturday, for the liberation of the entire western axis of Mosul (400 km north of Baghdad), from the grip of the organization Daesh.

Colonel Khaled slain correspondent (Basenyoz): "The security forces have completed editing the western axis of Mosul after the liberation of (Al-Najjar neighborhood) last strongholds of the organization in the region."

Adding that: "The security forces freed 27 residential neighborhood, killing hundreds of militants Daesh in the western axis of the city since the start of operations."




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