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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Come on Lightworkers, Let's Grow Some Bawls!" by PuffLori - 5.10.17

Entry Submitted by PuffLori at 1:08 PM EDT on May 10, 2017

This is in response to One Who Knows Call to Light Workers, asking for our help:

Come On Y’all Let’s Grow Some Bawls!!!

And, yes. I’ve purposefully misspelled the word, because I’m not talking about regular, run of the mill, normal man-sized balls. I’m talking Texas-sized, SuperSized, made of steel Bawls. Said like you’re a stereotypical New Yorker or Yankee fan……BAWLS. Say it with me now. BAWLS. I could say it this way all day and smile. It’s much more fun, and has way more import. You can’t say, BAWLS and feel shy and timid. It gives you the proper swagger and confidence.

BAWLS are what is needed for this discussion and to help with this RV/GCR/Ascension Tipping Point, OWK’s posted about. Here’s why:

As Light Worker, we are naturally open-minded, fair and constantly seeking the Truth. And, though that Truth, or point of view, may change over the years or decades, depending on our experience filaments and life lessons learned and/or exposed to….for the most part, we strive ALWAYS to “see” what isTrue. And, from whatever perspective we hold as Truth, we aim to live our life’s cleanly, doing as little harm, to ourselves and others, as humanly possible in the process.

Adding To The Good --could be the collective bumper sticker on the Light Workers' car. Even if you’ve had a crappy childhood, or a crazy mean ex, or lost most your money, or poor health….if you’re a Light Worker, your Big Heart is most likely still Open, and always dreaming about how you can make this world a better place. Despite your possibly dire financial situation of late, you’ve got your Humanitarian Project List typed up and ready and you’re gonna use your post rv money…not only for yourself and family, but most probably to right the wrongs and help the people that crapped on you, even yesterday.

You’ve even agreed with Grandfather and his benevolent view of the cabal and it’s minions. And, though our human part/ego’s would like some good old- fashioned-what-goes-around-comes-around karma to bite those rascally cabal orientated ones in the butt, and see them paraded down the street for at least a little walk of shame……We, the LIGHT WORKERS, in the end, concede…..precisely BECAUSE WE ARE SUCH SEE-THE- BIGGER- PICTURE- BEINGS…….we acknowledge that underneath their cabal suits, they actually have cores/essences….they actually have Hearts that are one with ONE, as do we ALL.


so, what?
What does this have to do with growing or strapping on, in the case of us ovary-orientated beings….what does this all have to do with BAWLS??

Holy Crap, that was a surprise. But, then again…..NO. Not a surprise.

Why Not? Well, because this whole journey of the RV—which I’ve been riding for 5 1/2 years —has been one of paradoxical learnings and life lessons. Learn to discern. To go against our naturally trusting, see the best in people, governments, authorities nature….and realize some people just flat-out have bad intent. We been the meek becoming strong. The poor becoming soon-to-be rich. The do-gooders preparing to stand up against the Giants, and MAKE THIS WORLD AS WE”VE DREAMED of ALL ALONG. It’s the time for the Idealists to not be laughed at for their naive, pie-in-the-sky thinking and STAND UP AND BE SEEN…John Lennon style, singing IMAGINE all the way.

Yeah, but why the BAWLS, PuffLori?

BECAUSE we LIGHT WORKERS NEED BAWLS right now in the DinarChronicles venue!!! WE HAVE TO GO AGAINST OUR NATURE AS LIGHT WORKERS, and draw a line in the sand in order to get this done. Our nature is to be fair, and give EVERYONE, even the bullies (aka cabal) a chance to express their point of view. Our nature is to draw and extract the good from the posts, or opinions or intel and keep on singing with John.

But, maybe —and apparently, it’s not as easy for the remainder of Dinarland, as it is for all of us born idealists, to hear the radar-warning bells going off in our hearts when reading an antagonizing or fear inducing, it’s-never-going-to happen post of someone going head to head with Grandfather, Zorra, Yosef or OWK’s….Maybe, for some, they are more vulnerable and it’s not so easy for them to hold steady in the KNOWING THAT ALL IS WELL…..and EVERYTHING IS WORKING FOR OUR GOOD.

So we NEED OUR BAWLS HERE DINAR CHRONICLES……..Could we STOP BEING SO FAIR, and giving even the Bully’s a chance to Vent, and apparently lower our vibrations so much as a group and on other sites, that we ARE ALLOWING THEIR TACTICS TO FOIL OUR PLANS OF GOOD?? Could we not DECIDE to either not even OPEN or respond, or read any posts other than the ONES we KNOW TO BE SOLID IN THE LIGHT OF ONE???

OR , COULD WE GROW SUCH HUGE BAWLS that we decide, being so liberally broad-minded on principle is NOT WORKING FOR US….and our CAUSE OF GOOD FOR ALL…that we( GASP)…do like the Real Truth Call and BAN the trolls from posting??? Could we all give Patrick permission to draw the line and ONLY POST that which uplifts and ADDS TO THE GOOD ??

Giant Texas-sized BAWLS, I know. How would they feel swinging in the breeze for the Cabal puppets and impotent masters to see? After all, they’ve been counting on our kind-hearted ways to this point. How ‘bout showing them, we’re KIND, yes…..BUT, We’re NOT STUPID!!! If something is broken…..we’re smart enough to fix it—even if the bullies claim we’re being unfair, and un-lighter-worker-ish!! So Be It—so what? So the Cabal doesn’t see the good of us, our fair hearts? Who Cares at this point?

Can”t we just grow some BAWLS, for crying’ out loud …….and say, NO MASS!! No More. Not with US. WE HAVE SHIT TO DO THAT WE”VE BEEN WAITING LIFETIMES AND MILLENNIUM AND SUPER CYCLES TO DO. And we’re gonna stop because of YOU?

You, with no scruples, hide-behind-the-cabal-lying-machine minions? I know, you’ve got a heart of Good underneath it all, but really…..do we have to keep inviting you to the birthday party even though you’re a bully? Just because you smile and pretend you’re one of us and have our best interests at heart? Even though you’re the ones slowing this thing down by bringing some of our unsuspecting ones down with you?

Don’t think so.
Least not with me.

With great anticipation of y’all joining the BIG BAWL RANKS OF LIGHT WORKERS!!
I strapped mine on this morning.
Big Lights AND Big BAWLS. Imagine.




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