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Saturday, May 27, 2017

"Calling Those Who Are Ready" by Sarah - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted by Sarah at 7:32 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

Hello beautiful family,

I’ve been realizing some things. I hesitate to ever be 100% certain of anything, except of course the inherent benevolence of all life. That, I know I can count on. However, I’ve been pondering our collective journey here along with some other masterful, sweet souls, and I want to share this with all of you because I know that many of you will resonate with this. I think we need this right now. So here we go.

I just want to take you through a thought experiment that I’ve been going through myself. I’m sure this is a train of thought we have all ridden on at one point or another. I don’t have any strong feelings telling me which way is which - in fact, I hope somehow this all aligns perfectly to bring us everything we have been wanting and needing for so long and that nothing is negated in the process. So just know that that’s where I’m coming from.

So let’s pretend for a minute, for the sake of argument, that this whole GCR, currency exchange, NESARA/GESARA thing is a total scam. This brings up a few important questions:

Who would be scamming us and why?

If the GCR doesn’t happen, what can we do without it to achieve the same goals?

I’ll attempt to answer these to the best of my cognitive, empathic, and intuitive ability. First, I want to clarify who I think WE are as a community. I believe we are the best and brightest of Gaia’s lightworkers. I believe that we have all been placed exactly where we need to be to be able to usher in an era of healing, peace, and love. I believe that we embody the teachings of unity, forgiveness, love, integrity, truth, and many other ideals. I believe that we are incredibly powerful, that just our observation of something imbues it with master-level love and light. So if this is all a scam, it’s definitely a great way to get all of Gaia’s strongest and smartest and most developed lightworkers to put a lot of time and energy into waiting on intel rather than actually coming together and accomplishing these dreams, with or without the help of "manna from heaven."

Now, I don’t really want to think this or believe this. I strongly feel in my heart that there is a higher purpose to all of this, that we haven’t been wasting our time and energy, and that it’s 100% possible that the RV is very, very real. However, I’m not excited about the possibility of letting yet another 3 day holiday weekend go by without an 800 number. I am tired of waiting. I am ready to get to work. And I’ve only been here a year. So many of you have been on this ride for so long and it hurts to think about the chaos you all must have gone through in this internet purgatory of sorts. So I want to propose something here, something that will work with or without the help of the GCR. We are all here for a reason. Not for a date or rate, but because we share the same overarching goal of healing humanity and this planet. I am so grateful for the GCR whether it’s real or not, because it brought us together in unity and helped us reunite with our treasured soul family members for the purpose of assisting with Gaia’s ascension. Maybe I’m just impatient, but I want to get started on all of this now and if even a handful of you agree, I know we can accomplish that.

I propose that we come together as the family we know we are, with all of our unique attributes, skills, experiences, perspectives, and resources, and we make these changes happen. If at any point we do exchange, well, that just means we have more resources and more options, sooner! I still want the exchange to happen, I believe with all of my heart that it can! But I ALSO believe with all of my heart that we can make it happen in other ways as well.

To put it simply:

Option 1: Keep waiting for the GCR.
Option 2: Get started on changing the world.
Option 3: Get started on changing the world while we are waiting for the GCR.
Option 4: We exchange within the next few days and may or may not decide to get together and do all of this.

We will see. I’m hoping for a combination of options 3 and 4 where we go ahead and get started talking to each other about getting together and accomplishing some things, and BOOM! Now the exchange has happened and we are off to an even bigger and better start because we came together as a family.

Here’s what we need:

First of all, YOU. Whoever you are, you are reading this because you are supposed to. So no matter what position you find yourself in at this moment, know you are a necessary and important part of this.

We need funding.
We need land.
We need housing, housing materials, builders, engineers.
We need office space, computers, high-speed internet, recording equipment, film equipment, and people who know how to work with these things.
We need transportation.
We need lawyers and conscious people with operational knowledge of the legal system.
We need entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to build something and promote it to the intended audience.
We need healers of all sorts.
We need teachers of all sorts.
We need artists of all sorts.
We need people who know how to work the land, grow food, care for livestock and other animals.
We need anyone with passion, heart, humanity, and a drive to get things done.
We need anyone who CARES. AT ALL.

Together, as a family, we could create communities together that are supportive and sustainable. All around the world. Not only would we benefit greatly from that kind of living situation, but we would also set an example for others and even provide a space for them. This could grow exponentially so quickly if we all worked together and contributed whatever we have to contribute.

We could create projects together, find investors, and make these dreams we’ve been talking about for so long happen IN REAL LIFE.

We could teach each other what we know, share resources and valuable information, grow together, learn together, create together. Kind of like we do here on DC, but wayyyy better.

We could change the world. Even without the quadrillions.

Cowboy, do you think we could go ahead and get started with H.E.A.L. even without the RV?

Family, I live in anticipation of that exchange appointment. I want it so much. I know we all do. And I still firmly believe it can happen. But I can’t keep waiting around. If this weekend goes by and I am still poor and living with the knowledge that I am not doing everything I could be doing to make the world a better place TODAY, RIGHT NOW… it might just break my heart. So I am calling anyone who is ready to go ahead and get to work. I don’t know exactly how we could do this, but I know that it’s more than possible. I know who all of you are in your hearts, and I know how ready we all are to make things happen. Right? Can we get together and figure this out? Do we even NEED the GCR?

If you resonate with anything I’ve said here, please email me at avalonreturns@protonmail.com and we can begin a discussion about how to go about this. Let’s all find a way to connect to one another online and on the phone and hopefully soon, in person. There’s nobody I trust more to change the world with me than all of you. LET’S DO THIS.

Also, if there is anyone in the southern California area who might be able to be of service to a dear friend who is transitioning out of an unhealthy living situation, we could use your help. Thank you, family. I know you guys are the folks to ask.

In love and in the hope that we can have EVERYTHING we want, community, family, world peace, healing, positive change, the GCR, all of it, forever,

Your sister Sarah


(I’d like to think John Lennon would be proud of us.)



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