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Monday, May 22, 2017

"An A-Ha Moment in All of this!" by TPAO - 5.22.17

Entry Submitted by TPAO at 5:08 AM EDT on May 22, 2017

There are moments on a journey such as ours when just for even a nano second everything comes together. An aha moment where dare I say it, everything makes sense! AND you know it is all as it should be. Usually these are experiences that defy any words being able to describe them. Very occasionally they are actual words themselves that paint a picture of what IS in such a way that it precipitates that experience.

The passage below was such a moment for me. It is taken from a book I am reading at present, INITIATION by Elisabeth Haich. The link to the pdf download is below. It is shared on the off chance it may initiate similar in any other selves at this incredible moment in our collective evolution.

Much Love



When I have progressed to the point where I have pretty well mastered the art of keeping silence, I stand before Ptahhotep again one evening, and he asks me, 'What have you learned during your struggles to keep silent? Have you only learned the art of keeping silence?’

'No, Father, that was simply impossible. While I was struggling with silence, I simultaneously had to struggle with speech. To the same extent that I have mastered silence, I have also mastered speech. This is because silence means not talking, and talking means not keeping silent. I wasn't able to separate these two things. I've discovered that silence and speech are two different sides of the same unit, like the two sides of a coin.’

'Right,' says Ptahhotep. Then he gets up and leads me to one of the great white stone blocks of which the walls of the room are made. Pointing to the smooth, white surface of the stone, he asks, 'What do you see on this white surface?' 

Nothing,' I reply.
'And what could I draw on it?'

'Now,' says Ptahhotep, This Nothing therefore contains Everything. In this condition both together form a perfect unity. Within this unity something can only become recognizable if it becomes separate and distinct from unity.

'Now watch as I draw, with green paint, the form of a leaf on this surface. The form of the leaf was already there on this stone surface before I drew it, but you weren't able to recognize it, because the positive form of the leaf and the negative nature of the background were still at rest within each other.

They were completely identical. The form of the leaf was not yet separated from the Everything that is contained in this Nothing. When the leaf appeared on the wall, it became separated from the Everything, and therefore recognizable.

'And remember something very important: the fact that this leaf appears in green colour means that it has left behind in the Everything its form in the complementary colour, in this case red, as its invisible, negative picture. Whatever you see as you look about you is only recognizable because it has separated itself from its complementary half and the latter has remained behind in the invisible, unmanifested state.

'You can achieve knowledge only through comparing the two sides, positive and negative, which have become separated from each other. As long as these two sides are together, resting hi each other, you can't perceive or recognize anything.

'Observe the visible world. It is only recognizable because it has separated itself from the unity in which the Nothing and the Everything are still at rest within each other. In other words, it has separated itself from the absolute unity we call God. The things in the world about us are only recognizable because the positive appears separately from the negative and we can compare the two together. There can be no perception unless unity is split into two halves—one of them manifested and the other, its reflection and complementary half, unmanifested —so that both become recognizable through comparison! Now follow me.’

Ptahhotep leads me into another room where he places a little figurine on a large table before a white wall. Then he puts two little lamps behind the figurine, one to the right and the other to the left, in such a way that two shadows of the little statue appear on the wall. Then Ptahhotep picks up a transparent red disc and holds it in front of the lamp on the right. To my great surprise I see the shadow to the right on the wall is red, while the one to the left is green.

'How is that, Father of my Soul?' I ask in amazement. 'Think for a moment and you will find the explanation yourself,' says Ptahhotep.

I keep silent for a while and concentrate until I experience the solution. Then I explain: 'The statuette keeps back the red colour as the red light is projected towards the wall, and allows only the complementary green colour to appear on the wall. That's why the green shadow appears on the other side. On the other hand, the statuette holds back all the light from the other lamp, and so the shadow on this side of the wall appears to have turned red.' 'Quite right,' says Ptahhotep. 'You see the two complementary colours cannot exist without each other, any more than keeping silent can exist without talking. Whatever you make manifest in the world of things about you, the complementary opposite stays behind in the unmanifested state.

When you talk, the negative side of talking, keeping silent, stays behind, unmanifested. And when you keep silent, the positive side of keeping silent, talking, stays unmanifested. When a mountain is formed, its complementary half, a valley, must also be formed. How could a mountain be possible without a valley, or a valley without a mountain? Nothing can ever be manifested and made recognizable, unless its opposite—its complementary half—is simultaneously present unmanifested! When something positive is manifested, the negative remains unmanifested, and vice versa, when something negative is manifested, the positive is unmanifested. Wherever the one appears, its complementary half must also be present even though in an unmanifested state. The two are bound together for all time and eternity.

'And so you see the separation is really one in appearance only, because the two complementary halves, even when they are separated and have fallen out of the all-unity can never get away from each other. Inseparable divine unity therefore manifests itself always and everywhere; for even in this seeming separation, it continues to be active everywhere as the ever-present attractive force between positive and negative. Both positive and negative tend to return to their original state, divine unity. Even though something appears in the visible world, it cannot split itself off permanently from divine unity; sometime, sooner or later, it will unite with its complementary half and return to divine unity. The inherent force dwelling in everything that exists and drawing every created form back into the original unity is what we call God. 'All creation—the visible world about us—is like a tree. On the right side it bears positive-good fruit, and the left, negative-bad fruit. But both sides belong to the same tree and come from the same unity.

'Both good and evil have arisen only through separation from unity which itself is neither good nor evil but divine. Only through separation is it possible to achieve recognition and knowledge. Consequently the recognizable world must consist of good and evil. If this were not so, it would not be recognizable and could not exist at all.

'The entire creation is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! But the creator—God—is not a half which has fallen out of unity, become separated from it and consequently recognizable; on the contrary, God is unity itself. He stands above all created forms which have fallen out of unity. Right within himself, he has perfect unity. He is the Nothing out of which Everything arises and manifests itself, but in him the nothing and everything make up non-separated, divine unity.

'Creation always means a half of the whole ... the half which has fallen out of unity and which has become recognizable through comparisons, while its complementary half has remained behind, unmanifested. That's why you can never find and never recognize God—the creator—in the world of creation, simply because God has no complementary half with which he could be compared. There is absolutely no possibility of comparing him, and so there is no possibility of recognizing him.—You can only BE God!

'Listen, my child: There is only one eternal being—only one God. In everything alive there lives this one single being, there lives this one single God. God is the indivisible unity, he is present everywhere, he fills the entire universe. The whole universe lives because God animates it with his own eternal being! Hence God is like a tree of life giving its own being to the created, recognizable world that has become separated from its complementary half, in other words, giving life to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tree of the knowledge of good and evil—our created world—is only alive because the tree of life—God— instills his own life in its veins—lives in it!

'The material world is like a tree of death: The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the God dwelling within it is the tree of life living in everything that is created. God is one and only one. This one single God is the self, the innermost being within all creatures. God is everywhere present, and since two things can't occupy the same space at the same time and nothing can displace God from any place in the universe, only one and the same God can be present everywhere as the self in every created form. God is indivisible unity. All creatures, all plants, animals, man himself, all are fruits on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; all are alive because the vital flow from the tree of life streams through their veins, that is, because the tree of life lives within them. And that means in you too, little daughter!—Your body is also a fruit on the tree of death, on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and has no life of its own. But within you there lives the tree of life, because your self is also a little branch on God's great tree of life, and you are only alive because God is living as your self within you and your body, keeping your person alive.

'By virtue of having been born into your body, you have become a recognizable being. You have separated your consciousness from the great all and nothing—from God, from your own true self. You have fallen out of the divine, paradisiacal, original state—in which all possibilities of manifestation including all plants, all animals and man himself, are still within the allembracing unity —into the world of many forms and differentiations. You have become a manifestation, a created form. Consequently everything you are here on the earthly plane is only the recognizable half of unity, made up of good and evil. And since your consciousness has been placed in your body, you have awakened in this body, that is, your consciousness has become identical with the body.

'To eat of something is to become identical with it; for what you eat is what you will consist of, what you will be. Through identifying itself with your body, your consciousness has—symbolically—eaten of the fruits of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and by the same token become subject to the kingdom of death.

'But now listen to the good news: Your body is the result of separation; it is only the visible half of your own true self. The other half has remained in the unmanifested, unconscious part of your being. By uniting these two complementary halves with each other, you can return to divine unity! It is impossible to experience this unity physically, that is, to make your invisible unconscious visible and physical also, and unite the two halves together. For one consciousness cannot animate two bodies. To try to experience unity in this way would mean death. By virtue of the very fact that the body has become visible and recognizable because it has separated itself from its complementary half, the reunion in this way would have to involve the death of the body. Nevertheless you still can experience, in the body, this divine reunion with your complementary half: In a state of consciousness! You can expand your consciousness until you make the unconscious part of you completely conscious, until you consciously experience the unmanifested, invisible half of yourself, and in this way achieve divine unity in your consciousness. Even while your body remains in the visible world of the created, you can merge your consciousness with your own true self, out of which you have fallen, thus forming the perfect unity. In this way, right here in this earthly existence, you can experience bliss— experience God—be God. 'This striving for reunion is in everything that has been created. Every creature seeks its complementary half in order to re-unite with it. The positive-male forms seek the negative-female forms and vice versa. This tendency on the part of positive and negative force even makes up the basic structure of matter. In actual fact, there couldn't be any matter at all without this tendency; for this striving towards unity—towards the state of being God—makes up the attractive power between positive and negative forces, and the whole world is built on this striving to attain the divine, primordial state. This striving itself is the source of all power in the manifested world. Nature uses it and, projected into the body, it is the basis of sexual power.

'As long as a creature seeks its complementary half outside itself, in the created, recognizable world, it will never find unity, simply because its complementary half isn't outside itself, manifested, separate from itself, but on the contrary, unseparated from itself, in its own unmanifested part, in its unconscious] No creature could exist if it did not have its other half in the unmanifested. Take yourself for example, little daughter. The opposite of everything you are and manifest in your conscious part is contained in your unconscious part which nevertheless belongs to you, and which you are just as much as you are your conscious, manifested part. You don't find your complementary part outside yourself—in a man of flesh and blood, for example, but in the unconscious part of your true self. When you unite in your consciousness two halves of yourself, you've found your way back into the infinite all and nothing, you've become identical with God again!

'Through this union which takes place in your consciousness, the eternal longing of your manifested being ceases because it has found its complementary half and merged into unity with it; and for this reason the sexual desire of your body also ceases once and for all. You become complete within yourself. Right here in this physical existence, you experience the divine state: Immortality, bliss—fulfilment! And inasmuch as the same one, individual being lives in all creatures, you simultaneously become identical with the true self of every creature when you awaken within your own true self. You will achieve unity with God and simultaneously unity with the entire universe. You will lift your consciousness out of your body, out of your personal being, and experience all-inclusive cosmic consciousness. You will feel yourself as the "I"—the self— in every creature, in the entire universe, in God. This means you will again be eating of the fruit of the tree of life! Then you will have moved out of the world of effects into the world of causes, out of the realm of the transitory into the realm of the eternal, out of the created into the creative, out of the realm of death into the realm of life. In short, you will have achieved your resurrection in eternal being. And that is initiation!’

Ptahhotep ceases speaking. But I see this divine unity manifested in the impenetrable depths of his heavenly eyes. Endless happiness, calm and peace radiate forth from his eyes into my soul. In his glance I see the fulfilment of truth.

He blesses me and I leave.

INITIATION by Elisabeth Haich
Pg 162




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