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Friday, May 12, 2017

"A Troll Case Study & Personal Story" - One Who Knows - 5.12.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 9:59 PM EDT on May 12, 2017

A Troll Case Study

I have had an invasion of Trolls in my Email box lately, that has spilled out here in Dinarland. It is a new kind of minion trick that is actually interesting as it is different than the others. So, in this post I am going to tell you more personal information about myself and my plans, for perspective, and then I am going to do a "CSI Worthy, Forensic Examination" of this latest Troll invasion into our House. I am going to note the different type of Cabal tricks and what they are trying to do to you. It should be an interesting look into the Cabal Troll Mind.

My friends in Dinarland, things have gotten so interesting lately. I have learned so much during my time in Dinarland, and for that I am so thankful. It was here that I learned about the Cabal, and that people would deliberately lie. It was such a weird thing to learn. Sure, I easily accept that people can get things wrong, I do all the time. However, when I really and finally understood that people would make up things to mislead those reading it, that was eye opening. Of course that went hand in hand with my introduction to the Cabal who would lie, deceive and kill, to get their way.

My Story - The Beginning

For me personally, I have always been on a search for truth and a better understanding of how the Universe and life works. That has been my personal quest, and back in 2009, I finally wrote a book explaining everything I had figured out for all to see. Of course, now I offer it free to the World (Links At The Bottom). I will be spending my remaining days on Earth, learning more, teaching more, and sharing it all with the everyone who is seeking this advanced knowledge. Frankly, my personal projects include complete University-Towns where once you walk on campus, everything is free, including everything in the built-in town. They will have the most advanced teachers in every discipline, science, philosophy, history, etc. Note: IT WILL BE THE REAL SCIENCE, THE REAL HISTORY, THE REAL PHILOSOPHY, THE REAL AND TRUE EVERYTHING. NO MORE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Additionally, I am setting up Publishing companies in every country in the World, and all my books and all other REAL, TRUE, and VALUABLE Books and knowledge can be given away for free, in every form, and in every country. To me, KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH IS VALUABLE AND SACRED.

The Troll Infestation

In many ways, I am naive in the manipulative ways of the evil Cabal. I have never been exposed to deception as there is here in Dinarland. As a result, every time, there is some new way, that the trolls use to bring in deception, I am at first caught off guard, but, then I learn and I adapt. It took me by surprise when that Hipponoymus told me that he was also 1W/InfiniteSource & Betman. He thought he was so tricky, but I had never thought to check for "energy signatures" of those who were asking for my help. But, I learned, so when he showed up as RV racer, I knew who he was, and again when he showed up as Informed Human, again I was able to "Detect" that it was him. It is so weird to me that people can be so deceptive and not be straight forward. It is like I have to be on guard, all the time now. I have never experienced tricky weirdness like this before.

But it comes in all forms. I remember being so wowed by Cobra and all the fancy videos and I "Bought In" hook line and sinker. Again, I was so naive. I remember worrying myself about the toplet bombs and hoping that they could be removed. I even asked Zorra on a phone conference one time about the Toplet bombs (This is way back in HEN days), and I remember he laughed and said that The Galactic Federation Has Promised you were safe and that means that there are NO dangers and EVERYTHING has long been dealt with. I felt better. But I never thought about all the others who did not get the reassurances I did. Back then, It was only about me finding my way in this weird new landscape.

My Sources

But recently, I have gotten so many VERY HIGH sources, more than you know. However, I want you to know that the RV intel is a very tiny part, of what I talk to them about. Our talks are mostly about the Secrets of the Universe, how things work and my future missions to bring my teachings to the World. Just last night I was up very late talking to St. Germane, not about the RV, but about learning more about how the Universe works with Meaning to Manifest things at will. By the way, I always take great notes when I am learning something new, and all this wonderful knowledge and insight I am gaining personally, I will share in my upcoming books, for free of course. That, as you know, is my greatest joy, learning and then teaching what I have learned.

As you also know about me, I love to teach and comfort as well. I guess that is the teacher in me. In that regard, I have gotten so many emails and phone calls from those who are worried about different things in Dinarland, from zeros being whacked off the zim, to radiation, and martial law, just to name a few. Since I have these very high contacts which mostly teach me stuff which will end up in my next books, I began to ask about these other matters, so that I could comfort those who were so worried. I love making people feel better as much as teaching them something new and empowering.

I Became The Defender Of Dinarland

Then it sort of happened from there. I started calling out those who were telling BIG LIES, so that my friends and Dinarland would not be worried. Because I have the top contacts in EVERY single area that matters, I KNOW FOR SURE what is REALLY TRUE and what is not. That is how I have become the Protector of Dinarland. It is a combination of my Protective instincts, my desire to comfort, my pursuit of the TRUTH, and my teaching nature. Of course, I could take a Stand against the biggest Cabal bullies on the Block, be it Cobra, or a local troll on IDC. I am fearless in that regard since I have Galactic Level Protection and back up from Ashtar Command, Grandfather, the Restored Republic and other multi-dimensional forces.

What does this lead to?

I am now the target of massive campaigns to discredit me and stop me from calling out the Cabal and their trolls and minions. Problem? No. Interesting? VERY! I have experienced the "Direct Assault" where they just come at me directly, like Over and Out, Schmidt, witch doctor, and the like. Since I have truth and REAL knowledge on my side, they didn’t stand a chance. As a side note, it is so fun for me to play a protector role in Dinarland. I feel like a Knight Of The Round Table, "Sir Whack a Troll" Protector of Truth, and Justice in Dinarland.


Anyway, then as you know I directly challenged COBRA, and they tried to make a comeback, but that is impossible when your whole argument is based on lies. The fancy videos, and the fake voice only works for so long, before the lies finally catch up with you.


Then there was the "New" attack plan, which I actually was impressed with. This was the ever persistent TPAO, with the "I love you so much but would you go elsewhere and stop attacking other gurus?" That was a bit tricky for me to deal with since on the surface it was cloaked in Love. They thought it would be hard for me to come at them guns blazing since they "cared" so much. But I have inside sources and contacts. That was a first for me to have someone tell me how much they cared about me on the one hand, and on the other discredit me, my sources, and my protection of Dinarland. I think she got a visit, and even though she has resurfaced, I don't detect that that she is trying to attack me anymore.

RE: Silent Cat

Then came the Feral Cat as Heisenberg would say. I heard from my contacts that they were not told about how dangerous it was to post lies on IDC, that they would be rebutted by everyone here. To make a long story short we all took them down, and now they are sporting bracelets that link together.

The New Attack

My friends, I have a new story to tell you. Again, I am very naive when it comes to ways of deception. I am not used to it, so I don’t naturally have any guard up for it. These "People" who made this post (below), started emailing me on April 30th, interestingly, now that I think about it, that was the day the children were to be sacrificed, but there was a sting instead. By the way, I am still not able to give you the complete details of the sting, just that no children were hurt, and lots of congressmen were taken down. You will get the EXACT and whole truth later.

To get back to this troll story, they sent me 12 emails all together up to may 11, the day they posted this on IDC. Interestingly, they sent me a copy of this personal attack against me post, as well. Again, I am naive in this type of attack, because I expect that people who email me are my friends and I help them as best as I can. I NEVER think to "Check" if they are bad people or Cabal Trolls. The thought never crossed my mind then. Like the case of Hipponoymus, I take people at face value, as real, true people. But, now in hind sight, I have checked this new one out (Post Below), and it turns out that even the name and picture on their emails they sent me were false as well. Who checks those kinds of things when someone sends you an email? All that said, I did have concerns about them.

They asked me a couple of questions about what I thought on some matters, and I responded the best I could. I sent them 3 emails altogether. But their emails became more aggressive and always insisting that they had sources and inferring that I should listen to them, and use their sources. Now, I realize it was bait, to see if I would use their fake intel on IDC, but of course I did not because I have my own top sources of intel. Why would I even consider what they are saying? To make a long story short, they got so aggressive in what they were saying to me, I didn't even read their emails anymore, I just skipped over them. I had decided I didn't like them for some reason, and now I know why.

This is why I call This "A Troll Case Study," because this is the first time I have encountered this type of attack. I figured that it might be fun to go through this post together and see what they are trying to accomplish. Yes, of course, I now "notice" emails that seem wrong in some way, whether it is the Veiled threats cloaked in Love by TPAO, or the hostility and insistence that I take their intel like these Trolls (below). Just so you know, I have alerted the "Right" people about this matter already. So this is more of a Forensic study of the Troll Tactics, than it is a rebuttal of the statements made.

I want to include all of my IDC family as I go through this post and figure out the Cabal mentality. While, they will not be around for much longer, it will serve us to understand it for now.

Now, let's see what is going on in this post!

The Post is in red, while my thoughts on the matter are in black.

********************* My Analysis Response *********************

"The U-Turn" by Puzzles - 5.11.17

5/11/2017 08:14:00 PM Emailed, Thoughts

Entry Submitted by Puzzles at 8:05 PM EDT on May 11, 2017

Hi Richard,

My first thought here, is why they are making a "Personal Letter" to me on the internet? They have already sent me many emails, and I even responded a couple of times. So they know they can contact me personally. As I told you, I just stopped reading their emails, and basically ignored them. Is this their attempt to get my attention...but why? Or is it to somehow make an attempt to discredit me and assert their INTEL instead? Why is it important to them to discredit me? That is the big question. Hmmmmmmmmm???????

A week or so ago, I contacted you about some private Intel I received. I told you I believed the source was unknowingly fed by cabal connections but the timeline I had heard sounded plausible. That timeline pointed to end of May into June. Your response was that he had no clue what was going on. You believed release would be as soon as that night, which I responded I knew that was not going to happen based on my own sources.

This part is so interesting. I told you that they have been trying to push their Intel on me, and now I realize that they wanted me to use it, which I NEVER would, and as you know I DID NOT. Now with the "Personal Letter," they can SNEAK in their intel that they told me, for you all to see. I would NOT pass on to you, what they wanted me to pass on, now they are trying to pass on their intel, in a very sneaky back door sort of way. They want you to believe that it won't happen till end of May into June. Just the same thing that Silent Cat did, in trying to get you think it wouldn't go till later. It seems to be important to the Cabal that you think it is later.... Interesting!!!!! Isn't it interesting that they are using my name, and a letter to me, to push their FAKE intel out to you? This is actually very tricky.

Previously, you posted info stating everything is done and all cabal are minimally contained, with only powerless faces showing to instill a fear... an unwarranted fear.

This is also so interesting as well. They say that "I" said the Cabal are "Minimally contained" which I NEVER said. You can check for yourselves. I said all the big bad Cabal leaders behind the scenes were GONE, I did not say contained. I think this is to make you think there is still something to fear, and there is not. And about the "Faces,"

I NEVER Said that the "Faces" were "Showing to instill FEAR." I said the "Faces" are the last to be taken down because the sleeping public sees them, and if they were taken down now, the sleeping public would notice and start asking questions. That is why they are last, when they are taken down, the public will ask questions and the Republic will have answers, that is called "Disclosure!" So simple. But they twist it to cause fear and worry, and to discredit me, but my words and posts are on record and I stand by them 100%. So the big question is "Who would want to make you fear the faces, while at the same time discredit me?" That is a good question, and I think I have an answer and it starts with a big "C."

And more recently, you posted the following very good article.


This comment is a good one, since they have to give credit where credit is due, so they seem impartial. Of course this "Complement" is the set up for what they are going to say about me next... (So interesting to Forensically study Cabal tactics)

Yet this morning, you did a U-turn. You implied, even directly, that we are responsible for delays, including cabal causing problems again.

This line is classic. It is so twisted, that I would call it a "Twizzler" comment (That is twisted candy). First they cite my post on why money is so important to the Ascension plan. Then they say I did a U-Turn on that. This is so Cabal... They are saying that "I no longer believe that money is important to the ascension process, that I have done a u-turn on that position." I know I don't have to say it to you my family and friends in Dinarland, but for the record, I stand by that post 100% as I stand by all my posts, and categorically state that:

"Money is a HUGE part of the Ascension plan." - One Who Knows

This is so pathetic, but interesting at the same time. When all you have are LIES, like they do, there is NO LOGIC that can save you. The post above says Money is important to the Ascension plan, and the one below says we need to be more confident and supportive of the RV (Stay in High Vibration) to get it over the finish line. U-Turn? Please.... There is nothing in that post that says money is no longer important to Ascension, it says that High Vibration is important to getting the GCR finished. So the real question is "Why would they say such a stupid thing?" For what reason or outcome? Hmmmmmmmmm?????

But if that were not twisted logic enough .... Then they say that I said the Cabal are causing problems again. To be clear, I said they were trying to keep us in fear and worry as they have always done, as COBRA has done and every troll has done during this whole event. And now, Ironically, the Trolls who wrote this post are doing the very thing I talked about, trying to make you worry and fear, and this is why posts like this one should be banned from our house. Point of fact: Thus far in this post they have already asserted several Cabal agenda points. (And we are only part way into the post!!!!)

So Far They Have said: (Snuck In)

#1) That timeline pointed to end of May into June.

#2) cabal are minimally contained, with only powerless faces showing to instill a fear

#3) (Indirectly) That Money is no longer an Ascension Plan (The u-turn)

#4) cabal causing problems again (Disinformation not new, but instead constant)


I was very dishearted to see your post this morning:


I trust you are a good guy, well-intended.

I trust you are a Troll with bad intentions.

Sadly, you are misinformed. Such comments in that article are cabal-based brainwashing tactics targeted at so-called lightworkers. Please check out Mark Paseo's work for more info on this topic. I can only hope and pray you will look into this. It is only fair since you point out others who are putting out wrong info which causes harms.

This part reminds me of the tact they took by way of TPAO, that they are so caring and loving, and yet they are insulting me and discrediting me, at the same time, on the internet. There is so much in this paragraph I don't know where to start. My friends and fellow "Light Workers" they are even insulting you as well. Just like that "Silent Cat," they are inferring that there is no such thing as Light Workers. You are now the "So-called" Light Workers. It is clear to me that this is a "Cabal Diminishing Tactic" to somehow lessen your role and importance to this event. Interestingly on the one hand I am telling you that you are vitally important to getting this done with your high vibrations, and on the other, they are saying you are not important, you are just "so-called" Light Workers. I will use the same line on this that I used on the Silent Cat.... I would say to them:

"Who do you think you are? NO, Who do you think we are to come up in our house and call us "so-called" Light Workers? Do you know where you are posting this? This site is the HEART of the Light Workers Resistance. Before you start writing this non sense, you better get to know your audience the ones who will be reading this."

Then these minions, who come in our house and insult us, by calling us "So-Called" Light Workers, then say my post "A Call Out To Light Workers" was misinformed and a Brain-washing tactic on you guys. What they are trying to do here is crystal clear to me. They want you to FEAR my "Call to arms against the Cabal" type posts as Brain washing. In other words, don't be inspired, don't take action, don't raise your vibration. Stay silent and passive.

By the way, since they have already twisted my words, slipped in false information, raised several FEAR based Ideas, I would NOT show any interest in the person they have named as their "Credible Source." Besides, I get a BIG CABAL AGENDA energy signal from that person they named. Clearly, if they are Cabal minions, so is anyone they are associated with as well. Cabal work in "groups."

Now, let's continue our Forensic study of this Cabal Minion Post... (It is so interesting)

I can tell right here that they are going to try to slip in their intel, since I refused to pass in on to you. They think that they have established a repore with you by this point, have effectively discredited me, and caused enough fear that you will now want "Relief" by getting intel. That is the Cabal way.... Fear & Worry, Then they step in with the solution or in this case, the intel... Isn't this an interesting case study?

There are still tasks/events required for release. Yosef has written about the two-state solution. It makes good sense that must be publicly announced, as must Mosul complete liberation. Afterall, we are shifting to world-wide peace.

Here they just "Complemented" Yosef, and then they are about to discredit him next. At this point they think they have gotten me out of the way, and now they are going to try to take out our other main intel provider Yosef..... Good Luck with that!

Sadly, Yosef plays his psy ops, so he has previously stated that was all done. Whether truly done behind-the-scenes or not, if it doesn't align publicly, it is not ready for release. And Yosef has outright lied. After stating this was all done, today he came back from his last rollercoaster crash from stating the French Election would yield the release, to point to the next public news... the two-state union completion. These mind games are wrong... harmful.

It is so funny how they claim that Yosef is playing mind games because of the stop and go. But I can tell you from firsthand knowledge, we have been a go at the highest levels again and again, but something happened. They don't tell me what, but they are PISSED about it. Contrary to popular belief, Grandfather does get mad and he calls the cabal "misguided children." So in defense of Yosef, it has actually been a "go" lots of times. So when he says it is a go and it does not go, it is not a lie, but instead a change in plan because of something that they have not told us. As always, it is a question of "Intent" and in that matter Yosef is golden. However by that same measure, the minions who wrote this post, FAIL, and most likely will NEVER exchange as a result. Like Heisenberg, I can't say I'll lose any sleep over it.

Now that they have taken on Yosef and I, they are now going to try to take out the other competition for intel sources.

Several years ago, when TNT was the main dinarland hangout, majority believed Tony that release was 'any minute now'. Spirits were high, anticipation full of positive excitement, and release failed time and time again. People trusted for too long and got themselves in bad situations... financially as well as health-wise. All these years later, trying to cleanup our own situations to just survive this through, witnessing friends and loved ones suffering, even dying, as we know the gunds and technologies exist but we cannot access... well, of course we are at a low. These blessing have become a desperate need, no longer just a want.

This is a super sneaky way to bring down your vibrations. Using everything they can to make you feel desperate and worried. Look at all the words and descriptions they used. This is psy-ops 101. Can you see this intent? "well, of course we are at a low." My friends we are not at a low, we are at a HIGH! This is the end of the ride. We now control the militaries, we now control the financial systems and banks, we now control the governments, we have now shut down their drug money supplies and money laundering. We have taken down their top Cabal masters, and are now left with just the public Faces. They are the "jumping tail" that thinks it can grow back the military, the money system, the governments, etc, but they cannot. They are only fighting for more time before they are arrested. This is NOT a low, it is THE BEST THAT IT HAS EVER BEEN!

As such, to blame us for fighting low vibrations as to why we still wait... that is wrong.... harmful.

This line above, is so funny and indicative. Really? To blame us for "Fighting Low Vibrations? No, my dear misguided minion, the post was to call for high vibrations to take us across the finish line. It was to inspire and excite. That is why I followed it up with the post called "Why is it on us?" Which explained that we are the best of the best of the Light Workers and the most powerful and most capable in the World to push this GCR across the finish line. Here it is again:

"Why Is This On Us?" - One Who Knows - 5.10.17

By the way my friends, did you notice that these minions did not mention this post? Why? Because it was so inspirational. It clearly explained how the Cabal were just a soon to be, dead, jumping tail, that would never, could NEVER, grow back what they have lost. I received so many emails and posts on this about how good it made them feel after reading it. Basically , this post is a Complement to our Family and explains why we were asked to lead the charge of raising our Vibrations to shift the positive energy of EARTH for the good of all Humanity.

Truth be told, there is still government level and/or security level work rolling out... and until it gets to the final go, none of us are privy to those specific details. Casting blame on those hurting does nobody any good.

A this point, I want to restate, that it is more like the Light Workers are being asked to shine their light brighter than ever. And I am also adding in that we need to stamp out the trolls in our House. It is easy to see their Disguised Intent to discredit and harm our energy. Here is the post again, that is the Call to action for the (VERY REAL) Light Workers.

"Why Is This On Us?" - One Who Knows - 5.10.17

By the way, do you find it interesting that this is the second Troll that has come up in our house and said there were no such thing as "Light Workers?" If they can take you down, they win. Sorry Trolls, Minions, Cabal Operatives, There IS such a thing as "Light Workers" and we ARE NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH YOUR KIND ANYMORE! So Be It.

Why Are The Cabal So Interested In What You Believe?

This part is very interesting and it allows me to talk about manifestation. We have talked about the Power of thought and that a positive expectant point of view, helps manifest what is wanted. Now, the Cabal are very advanced in this area of knowledge, as they use this power for themselves and keep this powerful knowledge from us. Remember the movie the Secret? At the beginning is said that the leaders of our World knew the "Secret" but have kept it from us so that we could be controlled. This whole movie is based on the Idea that the Cabal have had the "Secret" of Manifestation. See this yourself:

The Secret: View first 20 minutes

So, that begs the question:

"Does it help for the Light Workers to expect it to happen soon, and feel good about It?"

There is a very easy way to answer that. If the Cabal know how energy works and how it affects manifestation, then, they must be taking actions to help their evil side.... Right? So, to see what is important, all we have to do is observe their actions, and then deduce the answer from there.

Fact: They have been spending HUGE amounts of energy, time, and whatever money they have left to make us think that it is not happening, or that there are problems, or that it will be delayed. There are only two possible answers (Reasons) for this all out effort by the Cabal.

#1) They just get their fun seeing us disappointed.

I don't think that this answer is correct since it seems like a lot of people, and a lot of work and trouble, just to make some Light Workers disappointed. I doubt this the reason.

#2) Or, They know that if we are excited about it, and are expecting it now, it will manifest and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

The movie the Secret, said that they knew this top level information and have been using it against us all these years. They make us stressed and feel bad and then we self destruct our own lives as a result. So now, they are using the same EXACT plan, to get us to doubt, our intel providers, doubt the GCR will even go, make us afraid of make believe threats, and then telling us the GCR will be much later, if at all. So, the energy "Balance" in the World clearly matters to them, and they are doing their best to shift it to their side.

So let's go back to our question:

"Does it help for the Light Workers to expect it to happen soon, and feel good about It?"

The answer is YES IT DOES! The Cabal are doing everything they can, to convince you it will go later, and sending EVERY MINION they have to take down our intel providers, and discredit our intel. CLEARLY YOUR BELIEF AND EXPECTATION IS VERY IMPORTANT.

We can only pray (whatever you call that, whether meditation, manifesting, visualization, writing, storyboarding, etc.) so hard.

This part is designed to make you give up. "After all, they say you can only pray so hard?"

They are trying to deceive you, as all that needs to be done, is for you to be happy and expect it to happen. Frankly, everything is done except the public rates change and us exchanging. We have NEVER been closer in our lives to this, than we are right now. That is why the minions and trolls are trying their best to make us feel bad and disappointed. They want to tell us it is later or at the end of the year so our collective energy drops down so far, the minions buy a few more days, or weeks of safety.

I say, let's expect it now, and let the minions who mean us harm, be picked up and dealt with by the appropriate authorities. I wrote a post on how to raise your vibration. Basically all you have to do is just think happy thoughts and recognize how lucky you are to be here at this time in history, holding these currencies... then your Vibration sky rockets and the minions go down!

"How To Raise Your Vibration" - One Who Knows - 5.11.17

This "How To Raise Your Vibration" post will make you feel good about everything. Enjoy!

We have seen gurus for years on end play with our hearts and minds. It is too much. The very private Intel simply does not get exposed in these public type ways. As we get closer, more should become readily available. I can only trust that is the info you have been sharing... and in-part, Yosef tosses in as crumbs amongst his disinfo. Otherwise, none of this is humane. If we really cannot get truth this close to release, the good guys should just shutdown all dinarland sites.

Can you believe the statement that the good guys should just shut down all Dinarland sites? They would love nothing more than to have you starve for info and worry and freak out. They want to keep you away from people like Yosef, me, and Bruce and others who bring you encouraging updates as we can.

I hope this info helps.

To: Puzzles

Yes, thank you , this does indeed help me categorize you as a LOW LIFE CABAL TROLL. You send me emails trying to get me to post your Cabal intel, and when I did not, you came into our house bad mouthing all the intel providers and then doing your best to discourage us, and make us doubt what we already know. Then you had the nerve to follow Silent Cat's lead and claim that we are "So-Called" Light Workers, in our own House?


I have already sent the "Right" people to check you out, and I already know what they will find... don't you? I have already verified that the name and pictures that you used to email me are fraudulent as well. Don't you know that you cannot build a case on Lies? You are not the first troll we have taken down in our House, and you probably will not be the last either. But let me give you a message:



Sending an abundance of positive vibes,


Remember Trolls and Minions,

Just as Heisenberg was saying in his wonderful post: "Just because no one has stopped you from posting, doesn't mean you won't be stopped from exchanging"

Let that sink in for a few minutes.......

This ends this interesting analysis of a Troll infestation in our House. I wanted to go over it step by step to point out the underlying Cabal agenda that was hidden in this post. It was fun for me, and I hope it was as fun for you as well.

************ End Of Our Froensic Troll Study *************

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I have a message for my friends and Family of IDC, the Warrior Light Workers on this Planet. You are powerful and you are loved. We do have power, we can say NO. We are to smart now, to fall for these Troll/Minion tricks. They must think we are stupid. To come in our house and say "So-Called" Light Workers? That is so Cabal, to insult you right to your face and expect you to take it. NOT ME! Don't you feel the same way? They think they can talk to us anyway they want, and shove their agenda down our throats.... NOT ANY MORE! Who is with me!

Our time is near and these increased attacks on our confidence are the proof we have wanted that this is true. It is clearly their last ditch effort to derail our Freedom Train from Reaching Cash-ola Station. I say that we need to rid our house of these vermin. I have already taken actions on this latest bunch, they should be experiencing the same fate as Silent Cat soon. In the mean time, stay focused on the prize, and what that will mean for the rest of our lives.

All My Love To You.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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