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Monday, May 1, 2017

"A Fully Enlightened Society by 2035" by Victor - 5.1.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 12:53 AM EDT on May 1, 2017

A fully Enlightened Society by 2035. This was a Goal for the world that I heard a teacher mention about three years ago. When I heard that It resonated strongly with me. At the time it sounded kind of an impossible goal, in that most people don't have a clue of where they live? Why they are here? and they are also extremely programed to believe in what they have been taught. They don't even know about Enlightenment or are not seeking it.

At that time I was also introduced to the concept of the "Law of Attraction". This was a new concept for me, in that I had followed and studies many forms of Spiritually or traditional paths to Enlightenment but with limited results, so I thought. Yet, I was introduced into the concepts of the Cabal in these decades, in my quest to know myself and understand the school of hard knocks that I was living in. That 40 year journey has also hardened the metal and provided a great deal of context to fall back on.

After hearing someone mention currencies like over three years ago, I resonated with that also, but never to the point of thinking it would connect to this larger seemingly impossible goal, of a Fully Enlightened Society by 2035. Now, after a few years of applying the Law of Attracting teachings I find myself here, facing a fork in the road where I think that larger goal for 2035 is reachable for "US" as a species. Who would have thought that?!!

I would not have thought that was possiblein the past, not really. I was to small myself and could not see or Manifest that big yet. But when the Zim manifested into view, a whole new amazing timeline appeared with it. A whole new reality became possible and it is really starting to gel right now. Do you realize we here could make that 2035 dream happen? We could finance such a thing. Yes we can. Absolutely Amazing! Something impossible is now a reachable thing.

I am not exactly sure what this ALL entails, this goal for 2035, since I have only let myself imagine certain parts in a general way. Since It is hard to surf beyond the wave you are on too far in your imagination, because you fall off your board. I bring this point up to see, since we all have been kind off fragmented trying to figure out what excites us and how to use this wealth?,,,,,,in order to be of Service to Others.

I wonder if such a...... "LARGER"...... goal might be of interest to others here? and serve as some form of a unifying umbrella under which to build something together. A goal of sorts. A larger context that is about everyone in a whole new way of being in a 4d type world, one beyond 3d and just meeting basic needs.

I also want to connect this Large dream of mine into the NDA topic. I know I am speaking from a possible lack point of view when I bring this up or may be a only a Wisdom point of view? in the context of my past life experiences here. You see, as OWK often shares here.........we don't really know what a Miracle this Universe is and what is possible or what it is like really? Hollow Earth, multiple dimensions, channeled 2 billion year old Grandfather plans, the cabal, galactics. All of it is beyond the context of most people and us and yet...........that is the way of the future.

This brings us the topic of "DISCLOSURE" and how fast and how far we will go as humans in this waking up process? There seem to be many unknown forces and secret programs and secret societies and ......Lots of darn "Secrets" in this place. From inside the Earth, outside the Earth many hidden dimensions........etc.

So what happens when a bunch of "Tenderfoots" are given the keys to the financial kingdom and loads of money......$$$$$$$$. Where for example, a simple gardener could have bought some Zim for the the price of a Wall Mart lawn mower and soon end up with more money than Rockefeller or Rothschild's or the ruling Lizards of England all put together.......OMG!.....He will be putting on the Ritz!....more than ALL before him.

Now you throw in an NDA on to some tenderfoot that wants to bring on a Enlightened society by 2035.........Well, that may not sit too good with?.......who knows whom?.... in this large " SECRET"..... Universe with many opposing agendas.......that this newbie has now been thrown in. For example, I have heard David Willcock and Correy Goode speak of Blue Avians, RA, huge blue spheres balancing the "Event" and manging Galactic energies coming in! and I have heard of battles for ......"Control"......by these possible builder races, on how fast this ....."DISCLOSURE"......will go.

Now in this large unknown context of these many "secret worlds" to "US"........Then We now have an NDA show up? Well, in a truly Benevolent new Heavenly World, it would probably not be problem. But in the context of a larger ......"Secret number of realities".... shuffling for power of how fast Disclosure will be???...... An NDA or no NDA could have the whole outcome of the worlds history and the whole future of the world at stake.!!.......Gosh darn!

What if the new "Hillbillies" in town want to promote a "Fast Track Disclosure" program with their quintillion's? and now have the power to fund it ALL by their lonesome?

Yet.........what lurks behind the secret shadows?........Who knows????........certainly not the New Idealist......"Hillbillies". They may quickly be out of their depth and expertise here in this galactic realm of many secret players. So, a little old NDA.......could easily be used to stop the flow of the $$$$$$$........if unwanted progress was now promoted in a NEW Way.

A way to stop those moneys from being used could change the course of history and keep people ......"WAITING" for their Enlightenment an extra 100 to 700 years as I have Corey Goode say. A fast track Happy new world for ALL is in no way guaranteed.......ME thinks?

Any simple Hillbilly who has now been "made whole", in more ways than one, can see that .....that much more suffering and waiting( for 100+ years?)......would surely have a great deal of more "Lack" to be experienced by the ones now having to do more time down here. That is a big responsibility Game to NOW be in. So, what happens if all these NEW Hillbillies now want to change the world, in many new ways that might upset so many secret types? An NDA would be a very effective way to stop/manage unwanted projects that now have the possibilities to financially over power many secret hidden programs.

There are two ways to stop you now......the NDA could be one of those ways?

A simple NDA topic, at the surface can become a larger more complex topic once the power of money and larger context, is thrown in. The responsibilities and the sophistication required, it will go way up for us.........IMO.

I wish that the Universe was all simple and benevolent only, but from what we can see and know personally, I don't think it is that simple. From what I have heard, Service to Self Forces do not depart until the middle 6 dimension on a scale where only 8 dimensions exist and then you are onto a whole new octave or a whole new Creation. So.....we are not out of the woods yet and the Game will only get more complex and exciting, but in a new dimension. There will be more battles to come.

Still, the idea of a Enlightened society by 2035 sounds very benevolent and wonderful and something that this money was destined for. Probably my worries will be resolved, or understood more better, at some point as I learn the new rules of this new game. May be we should think in a larger context of creating a new 4d Enlightened world by 2035 with this money. Anyone resonate with that?




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