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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"A Call To Light Workers, We Need Your Help" - One Who Knows - 5.9.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 10:53 PM EDT on May 9, 2017

A Call To Light Workers - We Need Your Help

Situation Report To All Light Workers: Action Required

To All Who Read This, I AM Star Fynder.

That is my Galactic Name as this is a Galactic Level Intervention.

Mission Information & Plans:


I checked with my top sources to see how things were going and got a sobering message. WE ARE THE ONES PREVENTING the Completion of the Roll out. That was a hard thing to hear since I thought we were done already. But the reality of the whole situation, is more than rounding up Cabal, and taking control of Governments and Financial institutions. There is an ENERGY component that has been hinted at from time to time, but, as it turns out, is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than we ever knew.

At The Government Levels

At the Macro levels of the plan, there are 209 countries who get NOTHING unless EVERYONE does their part to make this happen. If any one country steps out of line, they have 208 other countries jumping on their case and sending in troops and support to "Correct" the problem. This is the "ALL GO, OR NONE GO" ultimatum that is SO POWERFUL. All countries of the World are in financial ruins and barely surviving their inner turmoil, and shortage of funds. Remember that the Cabal had owned them and when they were booted out, they took all the money they could with them. We here in the U.S. went bankrupt, as have many other countries, and many more are barely on life support with the meager loans that they have been given. These governments are like you and I.

Governments Are Light Workers For The Cause

So at the government level, they are passing laws, changing out politicians, changing their financial system and doing EVERYTHING a Light Worker would do to get this Life Saving GCR finished. That is a big job, But, EVERY government is depending on the other 208 Governments to do what they are supposed to do as well, and what is Needed to be done. This is a group effort for the sake of saving the World. Every beneficial change that they make at their level of this cause, is a "Light Worker" type Move for the betterment of the Whole of Mankind and the Earth Herself. They are "Self Governing" in that they make sure each one in the group is doing what they are supposed to do, or else it costs EVERY ONE. They are NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN, and neither should we. The days of war, and acting irresponsibly are OVER for them, and our days of reckless banter and ranting are over for us as well. They are doing their jobs, and now it is time for us to do our jobs...

We Don't Get A Free Ride

We don't get a free ride on this World changing event. We are the "Light Workers." Did you notice the word "Work," in the phrase "Light Workers?" I hope so, because it is now time for you and I to do our jobs. That includes me, and it includes all of us. Do you want to get paid? I do. Do you think that we should be entitled to Trillions of dollars for a $50 dollar investment, and NOT have to earn it? HERE COMES THE HARD COLD REALITY, we have work to do and until we do it, we will wait.

How does that sound? I know that I am the guy that is telling you that everything is all good, and it is about to happen, but, I got the Come To Jesus talk tonight and it shocked me. You want to know what I was told? I was told that "We are getting in the way of this going!!!!" I said what do you mean? "The negativity about it not going is stopping it from happening." What? You mean it comes down to the amount of positive energy? "YEP, it does, and that is being ruined by the complainers."

My friends, I realized in that moment that it was time for us to get to "WORK," after all we are the Light "WORKERS." It is high time that we accepted the responsibility that comes with that title, and I might add that PAYCHECK! We don't get a free ride anymore, we are being asked DIRECTLY to tighten up on our vibrations, to HOLD THE LIGHT OF POSITIVE EXPECTATION TILL THIS HAPPENS.

The Good News & The Bad News

So, this is the classic good news, bad news story. The good news is that we have grown to be one of the most highly watched web sites in the Currency world, and even read at the Galactic level and every level of the Republic. We are the site that people come to find out what is going on in Dinarland. The good news is that our wonderful thought provoking posts and uplifting posts are positively effecting the World and beyond. We are truly the heart of the Light Worker Resistance, as such, we have more heart, more drive, more compassion and are more educated on what is really going on than any other group in the World. That is the very good news. But there is Bad news, and that is the problem.

The Bad News

The bad news is that negative Nellie's and ranter's posts are also going all over the World spreading negative energy that is resisting this GCR from taking place. Ironically, if we were a lesser known site, that was not as well known and followed as we are, this GCR may have already happened. BUT, because it is as far reaching as it is, and as influential as it is, the negative posts and rants cause HUGE damage to the overall energy of this pending event. This is why it is so important to the Cabal that they get a foot hold on this site to drag the energy of the Event down. While We have driven off those Cabal trolls whenever they raised their UGLY heads in our house, we still have an In-House Problem.

We Have An In-House Problem

Our own nay-sayers, the negative posters who constantly find fault with gurus, or other posters about anything and everything they can, are causing a delay in the GCR. It is like they can't wait to see what was posted so they can take a shot at it. I had paid no mind to what I thought was just a minor nuisance. BUT, because of the influence of this website, and all the places it goes in the World, and out of this World for that matter, those seemingly tiny problems are keeping the rest of us from getting paid. As was told to me, we are literally getting in our own way, with the negative posts, and preventing this GCR from happening. Ironically, we look around to Trump, France, Cabal, or wherever else we can think of, to see what is stopping it from going, and all we had to do is look in the mirror to find the problem.

If We Were a Country

If we were one of the 209 countries, they would be all over us to get our act together and get on board with the program and the plan. That is what they do. They make sure not one of their members, the other countries, get out of line, as it hurts everyone, and THEY ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE IT. Neither should we.

It is time that we monitor ourselves and take responsibility for our own vibrations individually, and our vibrations collectively. We ARE Light Workers and that is what a Light Worker does! Come on man! That is called holding the Light, the work of Light Workers. What you are getting paid Trillions of dollars to do for the World, is JUST hold the darn Light! Please! How hard is it to hold your words from harming us, and preventing the GCR from finishing?

Time To Earn Your HUGE Paycheck

What the public can't do, we have to do and we are being paid VERY well for it. The public can't do what we are doing. They still think there will be war, and strife, and other disasters. WE KNOW BETTER. That makes it easier for us to be happy and excited about what is coming. We are the few, is it, the 144,000 that it takes to hold a positive vibration long enough to shift the World and Finish the GCR? It is time to earn your paycheck! Do you want your money? Do you want it soon? YOU BETTER GET YOUR VIBRATION RIGHT, FOR YOUR SAKE AND THE REST OF US. The time of the free ride negative rants are OVER.

You Are Helping Us Or Hurting Us

Remember how the countries do it? Self monitoring? Hear this: all those who feel inclined to post some negative rant, don't do it. STOP IN YOUR TRACKS. You have been given notice. If you are not thinking and posting positive thoughts for us to read, YOU ARE WORKING AGAINST US. It is now up to us. Don't complain, if you complain don't expect it to happen, and by the way, hold yourself responsible, as we will definitely hold you responsible as well.

I Propose a Blockade

I am the first one to stand up for free speech, but, I think it is time to consider a Blockade to Cabal trolls who are coming up in our house and using our good name site to transmit their Cabal propaganda to the World. The alternative is for them to post and then for me to fight them in public causing even more negative energy and fear.

This is drastic, but we are at the end of this. I was told that there is NOTHING LEFT to get done, and NO Geo-Political issues left. It is an energy problem and we are the cause. Frankly, I love free will, and free speech, but I think that we are at the end and it is time to tighten up our ship for battle. The Cabal are doing their best all over the World to cause doubt, and worry, and we need to counter that with optimism and high expectation. WE ARE THE ONES WHO CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR & WAITING FOR!

The blockade for Cabal agenda outsiders is important, but so is the blockade of our in-house nay-sayers. We should not put up with someone posting some post about how this is wrong or that is wrong, this or that isn't right, or it won’t happen till next year. If we were the countries in this GCR and one of them was screwing it up for the others and the World, they would send their armies in and stop them at all costs. It is that important. Lives are literally at stake for this to go.

Sorry to say, if someone rants, they are Cabal, and I don’t care who they are. We have been told what the problem is, and what to do about it, and if one of us rants anyway, they are suspect in my book, and should be banned just as the Cabal trolls are.

This is GO TIME for us to do our work and our work is holding the Light of Positive energy, and remember you are getting paid Trillions for this. So do a good job, a job that lives up to the pay that you are getting for it.

The Hand Off To Sephora

Remember, we here on Earth, are the first ones in the history of creation that had made it this far in the battle of light vs. dark. Maldek and the rest were completely destroyed by these Cabal psychopaths.

This matter is so important at this stage of the game, that I asked Sephora to come in on this post and add her insights as well. By the way, You think that I am "connected...." Please, you have no idea how Connected she is. I would say that she is one of the most well connected Beings in this World, bar none. Now you know.

Sephora, would you please add your thoughts on this important matter? The energy of the planet is vitally important at this time, and no one knows more about that than you.



If You Could VISUALLY SEE The ENERGETIC RESULTS Of Your Thoughts, SPOKEN/Wrytten Words & Actions AS I & OTHER HEALERS CAN and SEE Howe They Really Do Affect & Effect EVERY PERSON, THINGE & BEing Around You... You MYGHTE, Just Myghte, Start Doing What Richard/Star Fynder Is ASKING.

Whyle Richard/Star Fynder IS NOT The Fyrst To Bringe This Request Out To Us, He IS One Of The Most VOCAL About This Stuff That I Have EVER KNOWN! And THATBeLoved Family Is Going SomeWhere Gyven Howe Many Incarnations He & I Have Shared Together.

As I See This, Star Fynder has Had The Republic & Galactic Federation Backing Him For A VERY LONG SPAN. The Information That He Got ToDaye Came From A VERY PowerFull Person In The Republic Leadership! To Saye That This Very Information Came As A COMPLETE SHOCK To Him Is An UNDERSTATE- MENT To Be Certain. And It Came As A Shock To ME As Well! Lyke Star Fynder, I Too THOUGHTE That We - HuManity in General & LyghteWorkers SPECIFICALLY - Had Beene Doing A GREAT JOB.




Thank You Sephora!


May we all recognize the gravity of our current situation, and stand in our Knowing that this GCR is done and ready to complete with our exchanges. May we know that energy and vibration are the basis of manifestation in this Universe, and that Holding the Light, Holding a Positive View Point, is the only way that this Manifestation can complete on time. May we recognize that the Cabal already know this Universal truth, and are doing their best to bring the vibration of the planet down, by the actions of their minions. May we recognize and know that Holding the Light, is our sacred work, at this time in the history of the World, and the ONLY way to raise the energy enough for this GCR to complete.

Please hold your expectation, excitement and energy as high as possible, and it will help this GCR to complete quickly. Let us keep the negative influences out of our house, since we are the link to the whole World. Shine your light and I'll shine my light, and together we will complete this very import event in the history of man, and the history of Creation.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows & Sephora FyreByrd - Unified In Purpose


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