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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Wed. Evening - 5.31.17

This is a compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Wednesday Evening, May 31, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts have been changed from top to bottom to bottom to top. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom to negate having to scroll down every time. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"Thank you B!"

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 11:16 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time out to post your appreciation to posts here, by myself and others. I will respond in kind, and tell you that I do appreciate you for being here on the stoop with us. Talking and sharing. Learning and Growing into our most Awesome selves.

B. brave
B. you

Thanks again.

From my heart to yours, I love you!

Daughter of Terra

"Compassionate Support 4 the People"

Entry Submitted by Endangered Species at 10:56 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

As we wait for the RV, people starve from store bought food that lack proper nutrition. My humanitarian project is simply feed people nutrient dense foods at a price cheaper then McDonald's. Growing food in the city using greenhouses and aquaponics and deliver food at a much cheaper price then any other business around.

So I ask for your love and support.


Much Love,
Endangered Species

"Re: Thank you and a Question"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:06 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

"Thank you and a Question" by Senior Citizen from AR - 5.31.17

Dearest Senior Citizen,

Do not worry. You have come to the right place. Those with money will seek you out to provide you with a new window, care for your pets, insulation, and much much more. You will forget what lack feels like.

Like OWK says,

May you get everything you want and live the life of your dreams and plans.


Also One Who Believes

"Question/Comment for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:01 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

Greetings, OWK,

1) Please tell me Trump threatening to pull out of the Paris Agreement means nothing and/or is nothing.

2) Of the three last standing, I am somewhat surprised Trump would be the one in the US. I seriously thought it would be Bush, Sr. or Kissinger.

Thank you for all you do, OWK.

"Question for One Who Knows"

Entry Submitted by Quala at 9:24 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

Could anyone give me an update about the IRS? I had heard they were defunct and obsolete. Yet I have heard and talked to them recently since I owe a small amount from my tax return. What is the story with this, I had actually thought I would never hear from them since all the incorporation and the original USA was coming back into effect. I am not sure what to think about this, since I have known for yrs that they were not part of the government but a separate company taking our money. But because they have been so successful with creating fear and obedience, I have not been brave enough to stop paying taxes.

Any insight and knowledge about his would be appreciated.


"Question for One Who Knows"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:57 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

If we are on one of the segments and miss the phone call will the person who was calling leave a voice mail so that we know its about the rv? Also if we miss the phone call but then see the phone number on intel dinar chronicles website will we still get the same rate that we would of had on the segments list? Thanks to One Who Knows, Yosef, Patrick and all the Lightworkers for all you do.


Entry Submitted by Noe at 8:57 PM EDT on May 31, 2017


As I said,that make no sense to rebuilt matrix(house of lies)

I will not participate in this 'rebuilding earth project' when it is builded on sand(lies)

Without truth you just cant set ANY PARAMETERS right.

Sorry ,people on top must know truth,without that all your decisions are dead wrong,whatever righteous they look.

No truth-no success


"Sweet Freedom"

Entry Submitted by Lady Light at 8:32 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

I would like to thank > Patrick,OWK,Yosef,Heisenberg, and all who contributes to this great website in a name of


Love & light to all


"Re: Thank you and a Question"

Entry Submitted by Lady Light at 7:30 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

Dear Senior Citizen from Arkansas,

Once NESARA launches, you will receive a monthly income. However, once we receive the 800#s I will be happy to help. Expect to receive above and beyond anything you can imagine and you will receive it.

My name is Karen and you can contact me at acreator7@hotmail.com.

The post is located here:

"Thank you and a Question" by Senior Citizen from AR - 5.31.17

Much love and light from
Lady Light

"Re: Senior Citizen from AR"

Entry Submitted by Oilgenrl7 at 7:30 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

"Thank you and a Question" by Senior Citizen from AR - 5.31.17

God has led you to this site because He wanted you to be here. My plans post RV is to do humanitarian projects in the Northwest Arkansas / Southeast Oklahoma area and would be happy to help you post RV. If Patrick or whomever will give you my email or cell phone it would be fine. Hopefully you are somewhere close to those areas if not you will still be blessed. There will be plenty help from God's people when this event happens...I'm glad you posted and hopefully we can make contact. Oilgenrl7

"Humanity-arian Project"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:07 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

The company I work for does not seem to feel it is important to pay me a living wage. Meanwhile upper-management enjoys their Caribbean resorts.

My first order of business to conduct post-RV is to buy said company, pay all the employees a half million dollar settlement and close said company down.

Maybe we should consider buying all the less than morally upright companies and pay employees what they are actually worth. That won't leave very many companies left that actually meet the criteria.

"Some Light Relief"

Entry Submitted by Sierra at 6:28 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

Sometimes a little light relief is needed in this rather serious-at-times Ascension thing. This short animated video is priceless. Don't peek ahead or it will spoil the fun.



Love and Light


"Bad Apples"

Entry Submitted by TheLionGirl2 at 6:04 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

Re: "One Bad Apple" by Daughter of Terra - 5.31.17

You took the words right out of my mouth Daughter of Terra. Well said.

If IDC is not your cup of tea, if you don't believe in ascension, ET's, lightworkers, the RV, the value of ZIM etc., it begs the question...why are you here?


"God is my Strength" by Anxious to Begin - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by Anxious to Begin at 10:49 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

I was in my thirties when I married a wonderful Australian lady who was visiting here in the US, We moved back to Australia to be with her children who were staying with grandparents until her return. Australia was different and it was fun getting to see things through the eyes of her children who were 4, 6, and 8 years of age. I was flabbergasted when the youngest, a girl, came up to me with a Rhinoceros Beetle in her hand. It was as big as her hand and had a Rhino horn that was scary to look. It was making a hissing sound and making threatening gestures as if to frighten off would be enemies. Megan was not it's enemy, but how would it know that. I couldn't believe she had the courage to approach it, yet alone, pick it up. Wow! I later learned that they were harmless and all show.

The kids had now enjoyed my fascination with things they had grown up with that were new to me. I was introduced to huge trees that had the most beautiful red flowers blossoming all over the branches.They grew like leaves in numbers that took away my breath. Another thing that intrigued me was a small weed like plant that grew close to the ground and spread out it's branches to grow in the sun. The little branches looked like little ferns with small leaves growing in a uniform pattern from the stem. I noticed that when you got close to them they would quickly withdraw to the mother stem like little children running back to their mother at something they were afraid of. I remember getting down on my knees and elbows while watching them as they would come back out and resume their position in the sun. It was all so much fun getting in touch with my little boy fascination in things I did not know existed.

I am in the sunset years of my life now and again I am faced with the opportunity to delve into a whole new world, but this time a world of famine and need, the likes of which I have never known. My heart is drawn to the deplorable conditions experienced by my brothers and sisters who live on the African continent. So much need and so much opportunity to serve.

They experience a different form of the food chain, in that this time it has to do with money. A food chain that is entrenched into the fabric of the human society brought upon them by off worlders pretending to be humans. It is hard to believe that this type of travesty could be inflicted without other humans standing up in great numbers and gathering up their armor to do battle against such tremendous atrocities. Often, if it doesn't happen in our awareness, we don't see it and perhaps, we don't even want to see it, regardless. But things are changing. The tools and weapons we warriors of light came with are beginning to vibrate and waking up readied for use. The sword of TRUTH; the shield of KNOWLEDGE, LIGHT and LOVE; and the breastplate of the SPIRIT OF GOD, are becoming alive and shouting out within in us to engage in this, the final battle against the forces of darkness.

As this HUGE awakening happens and we put on this armor, little do we realize that the darkness we are going to do battle with, really exists in our own bodies, our own minds, our own psyches, and even in our own HEARTS. This is quite a revelation and awakening. No longer will be able to hide from our darkness. No longer will we be able to condemn darkness in others while hiding the darkness within our own beings. No longer is the darkness we will see only exist in the Cabal and the minions that walk amongst us. It will be revealed within us as we desire to begin our work of redemption for others, we will see the requirement for redemption lies within ourselves.

The sword is in hand, the shield is on the arm to protect from outside enemy blows, and the breast plate that is designed by Spirit to find truth sings in our ears. Shall we shrink from the battle and withdraw in retreat to the breast of our mother, as like the weed, when we are confronted with the only enemy that is real.? What are we going to do? Are we so afraid of our darkness that we will run back home and surrender to GOD our FATHER? ......the very God who sent us here, to subdue and take dominion and control against all enemies foreign or within, to defend our Mother Earth and to stand at the gate against all who would desecrate our Family of God? Are we that afraid of GOD that we need to go home and surrender to Him?What have we done wrong? Why are we afraid. What do we have to fear?

It is our solemn duty to conquer our own fears or darkness and not shirk our duties. Do we have courage to turn and face our darkened enemy and stand face to face with that enemy without fear? Do we have courage to stand and take full responsibility for the outcome of this our battle against even the darkest that is revealed to be inside of us, or do we turn around and run back to God and say we couldn't do it, you take over from here? Do sons of the almighty God go back to God and say it was more than we could handle and so we surrender. Maybe guts and determination are hard to find in troubled times like this, or maybe we just don't understand faith and courage.

The Abundance mentality must defeat the lack mentality - the darkness of the cycle of slavery. We need all the faith and courage we can muster to win this battle. I believe in Duty, Honor and Courage as a way of life. I accept that mission, Sir.

Armor (money) is heavy and can weigh us down, but can we withdraw and wait until we are stronger? Have we not waited long enough? Has not our training, our whole life experience prepared us for this mission? Why can we not put on the full armor of God, not just what we can carry but all of it and declare that God is our STRENGTH and pick up the full burden and press on to engage the enemy of our soul and win,win,win. A lot weighs in the balance. If we persist and NEVER Surrender to anyone or anything, we will find that God, really is our strength and we can take on the full burden of creating the Abundance Mentality with all our brothers and sisters and win that war. We will find that we can stand up and throw off the shackles of darkness, the lack consciousness that still festers as darkness to the SOULS of our brothers and sisters. We will find there are no limitations within us as children of God. Will we also find that no limitations exist within our OWN SOUL, that it stands ready and fully capable of guiding and directing us to bring to pass the fullness of the Abundance Mentality that is our ticket to the ascension process? Why would we settle for anything less than the full measure God is willing to give us, withholding nothing. Does he not know the mission? Does He not know what we will need? God is willing, are we? We will need it all to search out the ends of the earth and eliminate the lack hiding there. It is our duty, it is our resolve and the victory is ours if we can bring all that God gives us to bear and break the back of the pervasive lack mentality.

If we, as the “Chosen Ones,” can not handle the fullness of GOD”S gift, then who can? Who is the doubting Thomas amongst us that must "see to believe," before he/she will let the reality of GOD'S miracle be our reality, our strength as we move forward, pressing against the darkness that has been our slave for eons of time? There will be plenty of time to rest when our time comes to rest but until then let us raise the Banner of Liberty amongst our ranks and under that flag, let us wage war on the darkness that has enslaved our lives. We shall cut loose the ties that bind us to darkness and let it be no more a blight on our lives and our families. I will yield to greater knowledge and the better way, but while my sword is in my hand, don't ever ask me to surrender. There is no way. God or no-God, I am the master of my destiny. This is my reality and this is my responsibility and I will give my destiny to no one else. Regardless.

I raise my Banner of Liberty and declare that God is my strength and I am willing to take on the full measure of the gift that is given me from God. I will wield my sword and protect those not willing to, or unable to defend themselves. I am a warrior of the Light and yell to Grandfather, the Elders, General Dunford and any others that can hear, I am ready for the full, “Burden.” Bring it on. I AM so ready and …..

Anxious to Begin

"Timely" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Cole » May 31st, 2017

Timely.... it seems other countries are... louder, than Iraq. "Study what they don't say" imo, Iraq doesn't need to post articles like these, it's just a given. thank you sir...

Walkingstick » May 31st, 2017

It is time for rupiah redenomination, central bank says

Tue, May 30, 2017

Bank Indonesia Governor Agus Matowardojo has reiterated his call on the government and lawmakers to redenominate the rupiah, stressing that it is the best time to do so, considering good indications in the country’s economy.

If the redenomination kicks off now, it can be fully implemented in 2024 or 2025, he added.
Agus cited a number of economic parameters, including an 3.02 percent inflation rate and 5.02 economic growth rate last year, as well as an 5.01 percent economic growth rate in the first quarter of 2017.

“Everything is good. So, it is time to redenominate our currency and we have a transition period of up the next eight years,” Agus said as reported bykontan.com on Tuesday.

The government previously has submitted a rupiah redenomination bill to the House of Representatives, but lawmakers have not include it on its list of bills to deliberate between 2015 and 2019.

Agus expressed the hope that the government and the House would immediately deliberate the bill because the redenomination would help improve efficiency and accountability.

“The bill only consists of 18 articles. They need to deliberate it,” he added.

The plan to slash three zeroes off the local currency had been floated by the previous administration in 2013. However, the deliberation by the House was postponed in 2014 due to an unfavorable economic situation. (bbn)


Bank Indonesia Puts Money On Redenomination Of The Rupiah

Walkingstick » May 31st, 2017

Iraq's Abadi accepts Finance Minister resignation


Abadi exempts finance minister from office and the latter is the ministry to prosecute the owners of interests and auctions


"Hope for the Best" - Peoples Dinar News Discussion 5-31-17

Peoples Dinar

Good Morning, Everyone, lots of news, please know I am here to help,

I want to encourage, each of you, to have your affairs in order, when I say that, I mean, Trust, tax strategies, investment, opportunities, Ugh,,What bank do I trust?

Answer the Question, What am I going to do, with my new found wealth?

Seems foolish, to some, but if proper planning is not taken seriously, your wealth will soon disappear.

We are actually going to work on our Trust, again today, just to be sure. A lot has changed in the last 8-9 years. some I thought were friends, gosh they disappeared.

Oh well, I just got a good feeling about things to come, might not hurt to be sure. Have a Fantastic Day!

Pacificpalm: Just asking if possible for a brief bullet point type post on some of these things you mentioned such as trust, tax strategies et al. Thank you Dave (NOT SKEERED!!!)

KJWayne: Have a plan ! That part is simple ,BUT, is it the right plan for you.? ! Of all the tax attorneys that I have spoken to, I have NOT got a clear answer yet as to this investment being "capital Gains or ordinary income" situation.

They all say that they would have to get a RULING from the IRS on this Now I'm NOT an attorney nor do I know about Tax law but NIETHER do they about this situation.

So be ware and keep asking for info because it does effect YOU ! I would love to have the problem of asking the IRS for a ruling and then RUN to the bank of choice . Ya'll have a great day and "GET READY " !


MrsClassy: Iraqi stock exchange shuts down

31/05/2017 Economy News Baghdad: Trading market Iraq stock exchange finance "Bourse" at the last session of the month of May now shares exceeded the number more than 600 million shares in while register index prices lower during the trading.

He said the Executive Director for the market in an interview for"the economy News", that "the number of shares traded during a session today and is the last session in the month of May of the current year reached 636,554,890 shares worth amounted to 429,076,586 dinars.".

Added Abdul Salam to "index price ISX 60 close at a session today on (591.44) low point by (0.07%) About to close at the session preceding the adult (591.87) points in trading while during a session today shares (41) company of origin (101) a company listed in the marketplace".

And assured Abdul Salam that "no number still companies stalled the decision of the financial papers of non commitment to help financial disclosure (13) company", stating that "the number of shares purchased from investors but Iraqis (37,439) million shares worth hit (44,892) million dinars from during implementation (49) bargain on shares (7) companies,

either the number Stocks sold by investors not Iraqis bringing (189) million shares worth hit (138,210) million dinars from during implementation (76) bargain on shares of two companies".

oasorcire33: I sure hope thats a good thing

Junipermoon: Doesn't mean a thing, wish it did...

Thepreacherman2017: Put your RV goggles on and read it again! Lol

Faith works: It May be time to reset in order to comply with the new acceptable currency and rate. It is coming, just get ready and be in position for a shock.

MrsClassy: The dollar hit a new decline in local markets

US dollar decline in the domestic market price continued on Wednesday (May 31, 2017).
Stock struggle - Baghdad 123.900, while the prices for the day on Tuesday 124.300.

Buying and selling prices in the banking shops

selling the dollar = 124.250 dinars price.

Purchase price of the dollar = 123.250 dinars.


Thepreacherman2017: Oh yeah I like the continual decline! It's a gradual enrichment for Dinarians! Plus this is several days in a row! Kinda like what XChange of America said would happen!!!!! Keep going!!!! its the RV in slow motion!!!RV NOW!!!

Jacktt: Yes! I'll take slow motion as as long as it keeps declining!!

MrsClassy: The delegation of Iraq to begin negotiations with the International Monetary Fund

31/05/2017 The economy News of Baghdad: Starting today the Iraqi delegationheaded by the Minister of finance AbdulRazak Al Essa, his negotiations in the capital of Jordan , Oman with Monetary Fund International to completenegotiations on an agreement of cooperation which credit signed by Iraqin the year 2015..

He said a Government sourcefor"economy News", that "the Iraqidelegation which includes a number ofprominent officials , Minister of financeAbdul Razzaq Alissa Governor Central Bank on relationship and financial adviser to the President of the Council of Ministers the appearance ofMohamed Saleh begins today his negotiations with the Monetary Fund and the World Bank on the international Convention oncooperation Of credit which Iraq signed in the year 2015.".

Added the source who preferred not todisclose about his name, that "Monetary Fund International praisedthe policy of Iraq 's economic duringthe past two years in all meetings lastespecially in case of maintenance onforeign reserve of the Central Bank ",adding that " Monetary Fund International rejected any idea to floatthe dinar Iraqi people becauseEconomic crisis that faced the countrywhich affect the poor".

He was Chancellor of the financial head of Council of Ministers, the appearance of Mohamed Saleh, 8 May 2017,asserted that Iraq will happen duringthe current year to 3 billion dollars ofcash fund and international bank and international industrial States seven.


Thepreacherman2017: I agree with this, we'd rather it be a quick RV because we're poor and need it NOW!!!!!

adding that " Monetary Fund International rejected any idea to floatthe dinar Iraqi people becauseEconomic crisis that faced the countrywhich affect the poor".

Sickpunk: Call J.G Wentworth... 877-CASH-NOW

Rockin’RV: I sure hope they negotiate to $3.22 plus 20% for inflation!

Beachrider: So at the current rate of change over the past 3 days how long before it gets to 1 to 1. I'm too busy to stop and figure it out right now.

Futuremoney: 3.5 years...ugh

All sounds good hope for the best

​Kjwayne: " I " still believe the rate will change and START out at 1 to 1 ,like we have been told for some time. BUT, I say BUT, I also believe that by the time WE get to our banks, the rate will have gone up ! That is how much pressure is on IRAQ and what comes next ! IMO> .

I hope that MY FRIEND ,JOHN, that got me in this ,rests in heaven for we lost him Saturday am with his health issues. I got another angel up there looking out for me . I HOPE !

Waitin4it: Beachrider, the quick answer is.....too dang long! Besides, that kind of math is hard like concrete. At least it moving in the right direction! And we wait -- Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

Foosue: Kjwayne, sorry for your loss. We've lost a lot of friends since we all started this journey, folks we were hoping to share our new lives with. We're very lucky to have so many angles looking out for us.

Noeta: I'll take any increase as a good sign but we remain, in faith, that in the near future we will see what we've been waiting for.


"Are You Ready For The Coming Armageddon?" - One Who Knows - 1.18.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 5:27 PM EST on January 18, 2017

Re-posted (5-31-17) by request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Are You Ready For The Coming Armageddon?

Make no mistake Armageddon is upon us. There will be utter destruction (De-Construction) everywhere in every way. Truth bombs will devastate entire populations at once, by the magnitude of their profound revelations. The foundations of everything we hold near and dear, will be wiped out with just a few words of devastating truth. There will be NO sacred beliefs left unscathed. Life as we know it will lie in ruins at our feet and nothing will ever be the same again. Very few beliefs will survive the onslaught, and what we hold as absolute truth, will disintegrate before our eyes. Are You Ready For This Coming Armageddon?

What Is Armageddon?

It is so interesting that Armageddon is defined in different ways from different perspectives. This is what James Gilliland says:

"This wave [of energy] is bringing everything up [Into View], the masks are coming off and everything [True] will be revealed. Armageddon is defined as the great uncovering, no rock shall be left unturned. It is an internal movement of consciousness and energy; which will find its expression in the external - James Gilliland"

The Ascension Wave, Transdimensional War and the Days to Come

Yet, if we look up Merriam-Webster's definition is says:

1) The site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil

2) A usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation


Notice that Webster's definition says it’s a final and conclusive battle of good and evil, and Gilliland's definition says it is a revealing, uncovering, un-hiding. Clearly it means that the Truth will be uncovered (the Good) and the lies (The Evil) will be exposed. Interestingly, that is called a battle between good and evil which is usually a DECISIVE confrontation.

This is the same meaning from two different perspectives. Those who have lied to us, kept us ignorant, and perpetrated untold atrocities against us, are quite literally fighting to keep it a secret (Hidden). However, once the truth has been "Uncovered," the battle is over in a decisive way. Clearly, once the truth is known (Proved to Satisfaction), the once mighty and powerful, will be reduced to whimpering, shameful, cowards, they actually are. Their hideousness will be on full display for all to see. They will never again command respect or hold power over others. Thus the decisive confrontation, called Armageddon.

It Is A War of Truth

So the battle of Armageddon, is the fight between keeping the truth covered up and revealing the truth to all. The good guys are actively pulling back the curtain to reveal the truth, while the bad guys are doing their best to keep it hidden. But truth is like a tear in the fabric of deceit, once it begins to rip open, it can hardly be stopped.

For so long, the CABAL had all the power in this battle to keep the truth hidden. They controlled the Media, the news, the movies, music, radio, politics, and the rich and powerful were under complete and utter control. Sure there were small battles here and there, but those who would try to disclose the truth, were ridiculed, debunked, or just killed off. Whistle Blowers were not applauded, they were jailed and executed. The battle of truth, Armageddon, has had to wait until the time was right.

However, with the advent of the Internet, the battle has taken a DECISIVE turn for the better. It reminds me of the game "Whack-A-Mole," where as soon as you knock down a mole in one place, it just pops up again in another. In this real life game of "Whack-The-Truth," the truth is showing up in so many places so often and in such overwhelming numbers, that it has gotten out of control for the CABAL. Between the cutting off of their money supplies, and the blowing up of their underground command centers, and the destruction of their HARP facilities, they have been unable to silence those who are bringing the truth forward for all to see. You have wiki leaks revealing their evil agendas, and Trump calling out the rigged elections and the corrupt media, and the unrelenting internet posters documenting and commenting on it all. It is clear that Armageddon, the final decisive battle of Truth, is upon us, and we shall be victorious.

There Will Be Causalities

Obviously, the Cabal will go down in utter failure and disgrace to say the least, and hang by their own deeds. However, that will not be the only Causalities in this Final Battle of truth. In the same way that war destroys buildings, infrastructure, and takes lives, this battle of Truth, will destroy the foundations of Trust, Knowledge, beliefs, and understanding, and take lives as well. In the blink of an eye, All truths will turn to lies, and the lies will become truths. This type of destruction (De-Construction) will be far greater than the loss of a building or a bridge. It will be the loss of trust and belief. All will have to be learned all over again. Many will not be able to take this upheaval and will perish as a result. But don't worry, no one dies (Ascends) unless it is their higher will to do so.

Are You Ready For The Coming Losses?

It is so easy to get over the loss of a building or a bridge, that needs to be built again. Those kinds of losses are "outside" of us, Outside of who we are and what we believe. But, the losses to come, are with-in. That safe place where we know what is true and what is not, is going to be gutted like a fish, and no truth will be safe, no matter how sacred. This will be the greatest destruction of all, and the very heart of Armageddon, the battle for truth. How can one prepare for something like that? Only those having an open mind, with complete Faith in a Benevolent outcome will survive the coming Battle of Truth. What should you expect? Here are a few truths that may take a serious hit and even a reversal as a result of the coming revelations:

UFOs / Aliens

Expect to find out that the Cabal has been working with Aliens for thousands of years in secret, while denying that UFOs exist and claiming that there is no other life in the Universe.

NASA / Mars / Moon

Expect to learn that NASA was created as a diversion and a hoax to make you think that we are very limited in space travel, while in truth, we have had bases and colonies on Mars since the 50's and have had bases on the dark side of the Moon for years.

Solid Earth / Hollow Earth / Inner Earth

Expect to find out that your school books and scientist claimed we had a solid Earth, to debunk any claims to the contrary. You will find out that the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth, was more truth than fiction. In the end, the truth becomes the lies and the fiction becomes the truth.

China / Russia / Iran / Israel / Saudi Arabia

Expect to find out that the countries that we have heard and been told are our enemies, were in fact our friends, and our friends were in fact our enemies. You will find that our Government has the enemies, not us the people. Frankly, it will turn out that our Government was our enemy as well.

Medicines / Doctors

Expect to find out that the medicines that we were forced to take were not meant to help us, but instead meant to harm and kill us. Most prescription drugs were designed to give us the problem or create new ones, so we could continually support the corrupt medical industry until our death. Expect to find out that the Medicine supported the medical industry, and the medical industry supported the medicine industry, milking us of our health, energy, vitality, and our money.


Expect to find out that our most beloved religious leaders were evil, and had a CABAL agenda. It is so horrible and unbelievable, that I even struggle to talk about it here. Just be prepared to find out, that the seemingly Purest, were actually the most evil in disguise.

School / Science / History

Expect to find out that nearly EVERYTHING we learned in school was either wrong, a flat out lie, had an agenda, or flawed. Remember that mandatory school, was mandatory conditioning. You will find out that our true history is far different that we have been taught, and the foundational elements of science, and science truths are in fact lies and misinformation. Expect to relearn at least 80-90% when the truth comes out.

Progress / Health

Expect to be blown away by the coming technology that has been held back from us. Free energy, anti-gravity, perfect health, longevity, travel to other planets and star systems, and personal abilities. Expect to find out that we have been held back in every way possible, from withholding technologies, to chemicals in our foods, water, and air to dumb us down, to movies and entertainment that promotes lower thought processes. Be prepared to discover that every possible method has been employed to reduce our mental abilities and retard our progress. The smartest among us were co-opted or killed.

Politics / Finances / NESARA

Expect to find out we have a new Republic as do most other countries in the World. Expect to discover that everything you have been seeing on TV is meaningless and that we already have an interim President and we will have elections all over again. This time they count. Expect to find out that the World has transitioned to a new financial system that mandates Gold backed currency for every nation, with fairness and transparency as well. Expect a new and completely different system of government in which you are not taxed, and instead you are not only given a guaranteed monthly income, but your Credit card, student loan, and mortgage debts will be forgiven as well.


Expect an announcement Worldwide on every TV, Radio, Tablet, Computer, and Phone, that we are not alone. That we are part of the Galactic Federation Of Planets, and that they are here to help us. Expect to look up in the skies and see Space ships as far as the eye can see. Expect ships to de-cloak on the ground ready to heal all who are sick. Expect this to be the beginning of a friendship with our space Brothers and Sisters, Inner Earth civilizations and those of Hollow Earth as well. This will herald the beginning of the new age of space travel for all, and a quick evolution to highly advanced technologies as well.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this is a Battle of Truth, the Cabal Truth vs. the Real Truth. We have all been unwittingly taught and conditioned all of our lives by the Cabal's truth which only served their agenda to keep us under control and in a slave mentality. At the final Battle of Truth, Armageddon, there will be a winner, the REAL Truth, and a looser, the Cabal Lies. No one is going to escape this battle without deep wounds by Truth. In the end, nothing will be unscathed, Religion, Medicine, Science, Politics, Fallen Men and Women, and everything else you believed was the truth.

How will you cope with the coming brutal truths? Will you fold and wither away in obscurity, or will you embrace the new Truths, rebuilding your beliefs on the foundations of the Real Truths? It is going to be work, to say the least. It will be the most important thing you do on your way to the new age of peace and prosperity. Your life MUST be built on a foundation of truth, and understanding. This will be your work in the short run, and in the long run, it will be to help others embrace the new Truth/Realty as well.

The future is not yet written. Like in the famous movie the "Christmas Carol," these are but future images of what may be. I can only imagine what is to come, there may be less, but I expect way more. I am not going to argue the likely hood of any of these possible events, as they are my best guesses from what I know. Whether or not they happen exactly like I think they will, or it is different, matters not. All that matters is that Armageddon is upon us and VERY SOON ALL WILL BE REVEALED like it or not. Be prepared for everything you know to change from true to false, and from false to true. It will be a bumpy ride, but if you are alert to what may be coming, you will be better prepared to deal with the Truth when it gets here.

May The Coming Truth Be A Blessing To Your Life, and May You Rebound Quickly

Signed: One Who Knows

"IDC Light Warriors Brigade/Update 2" - One Who Knows - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 10:10 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

IDC Light Warriors Brigade / Update 2

Song Dedication To Fallen Cabal Minions - IDC Light Warriors Brigade

This song "Another One Bites The Dust" goes out to the fallen Cabal Minions, and Operatives, who dared to come into our House here on Intel Dinar Chronicles.

(Informed Human Is The Latest TROLL To Fall On IDC)

My Friends, I just got word that yet another of our problem posters is being taken down today. I have been authorized to release this take down to you. The Latest Troll is "Informed Human" who was taken into custody today. As it turns out he was working with a group of 6 who used all those different names to taunt us and cause us worry. This one is gone for now. I will hear more later on what they are going to do with him.

You should all be proud of yourselves and the Light Work you have done. It has been my pleasure serving with you here on Intel Dinar Chronicles.

"IDC You Are The Best, Thank You!" - One Who Knows - 5.31.17

Let This Be Notice & Warning To Any Other Unwelcome Invaders

As a reminder to the remaining Cabal Trolls, here are some of our other Troll Whacking successes.

OldBoater1949 was our last Cabal Troll to fall on IDC. I won't go into details, but the problem is so big that the post was demanded to be taken down by an outside party. Patrick has now removed the original Disinformation post.

Of course This Cabal Minion joins the likes of Silent Cat, who was taken down earlier.

There is still several other ones that I have not gotten "Official" word on yet, so I won't post the name. They thought they could hide from the Light Forces.... They Were Wrong.

(This Location Reserved For the Next Troll To Come Into Our House)

Let this be notice to All Cabal Minions & Trolls, Do Not Come in "Our House" with your Disinformation and Fear Mongering. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. On the matter of hiding from the Light Forces, the Republic and the Galactic Forces give this message to those who think they can hide

"We have the technology to find you ANYWHERE on the surface of the Earth, in the Core of the Earth, In the Hollow of the Earth, or ANYWHERE else in the Universe. You Cannot Hide From Justice."


Now, for our Song Dedication for the latest Cabal Minion to Fall here on Intel Dinar Chronicles

Enjoy! (In Joy)

Queen - Another One Bites the Dust


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

"Re: Question by Senior Citizen" - One Who Knows - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 9:12 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

RE: Question by Senior Citizen

My friend you have come to the right House. Here on IDC, we LOVE to help people just like you.

I have asked Patrick to forward my contact information to you, and I want to be the first to offer you EVERYTHING you could possible want, and to fund any projects you may want to do.

I know, I will not be the first to make you this offer to, and I am sure that I will not be the last to make you this offer. This type of opportunity to help others is what we all want.

Thank You for asking us to help you!

We Love This!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

"Thank you and a Question" by Senior Citizen from AR - 5.31.17

2017, The Year of Fulfillment w/ St. Germain, One Who Serves

“Saint Germain”

I am here, briefly, to be with you at this time of New Year. This time that is fast approaching you. Looking back there is so much that has occurred, not only in this past year but in the years previous to this. So much has happened.


Yes, indeed, we understand that it is not as fast as you would like. If you see it as we do it is at the speed of light that consciousness is increasing. A long time ago it was looked at to begin this process, to begin the awakening of consciousness across the planet. We began to look at the possibility of doing this, of making this happen, of bringing an entire planet along in the Ascension Process. Not only the planet but all of the people on the planet.

When this idea was first put forth many scoffed at it and said it would not be possible. That Earthlings, human beings on this planet, could never do this. It would never happen. Not this fast. But those of us who mentor to you, who have been with you all the way from the beginning, knew that the Collective Consciousness here on the planet could make this happen. Could bring this about.

I stand here in this room with you now, here where ever you may be. There with you now and I tell you it is happening. It is in the full process of complete completing. Of coming to a complete fulfilment. Will it happen in this next year? Maybe. Can we say directly that it will be? No, not at this point. Do not become dismayed by this. We no longer give those dates, those times to expect those miraculous things to happen. Because it will only happen if you make it happen. You are the consciousness that pushes this entire machine forward. You are the ones who are doing this. Not us. We are here to help. We are here to guide and to be of service in any way we can. We have been doing that but we can only do as much as you allow through your consciousness. As a Collective Consciousness you are moving forward very rapidly.

Many changes have occurred this past year, 2016. Many things have happened. You have had many differences happen in your own lives and in those around you. Just look back and see the changes you, yourselves, have gone through. Whether it be a move to a new area. Whether it be a be new relationship. Maybe it was letting one go and finding a new relationship. Many different things have happened. Look at the election that happened here within this country and the differences that occurred from that. So many had cared and prepared for a particular one to carry on the continuing regime. But you, the Collective Consciousness, rose up and said, “No more! Prime Creator rose up and said, “Enough is enough.” We will not have this anymore.

The time has come my brothers and my sisters, for the New Republic. I say, New Republic, even though it is the one started long ago. Back in 1776 when your forefathers gathered together and signed the Declaration of Independence. I was a part of that at that time. I encouraged many of them to sign that paper. Many of them signed at that time knowing they may have signed their death. But they strode forth and signed it anyway. They prepared the way for all of you. They prepared the way for this country, America, to move ahead, to find its freedom within the Republic.

As you know there were a few who came forward and steered this Republic a different direction. They steered it in a way that would suit themselves. That would find them in control, that would create a corporation in the United States. They did that.

Now, again, as a Collective Consciousness, you, the people, are rising up and saying, “No more!” We have had enough of this old regime. We have had enough of this old paradigm. The three dimensional paradigm is to be finished. The Fourth Dimension and Fifth Dimension is on the way.

Many of you have already moved into the Fourth Dimension. Many of you are teetering on the edge of the Third, Fourth and even the Fifth Dimension at times. Whenever you look at the sky and look at something that shouldn’t be there and is there, you are getting those glimpses behind the veil. You are then teetering on the edge of the Fifth Dimension. Whenever this happens know that you are in the Fifth Dimension.

Even though you find yourself falling backwards. Even though you find yourself wallowing in the Third Dimension which you have become tired of. We would say to you now do not become tired of it. Embrace it for what it is, embrace it for the love that is here within all of you. With all that love you can pull yourselves out of this illusion and find these higher vibrations that so many of us are talking about.

Yes, it is true. When we went through our Ascension Process it was different from what you are going through. But you are going through it. Each and every one of you that hear my words now or read these words later and resonate to them. Know that you are in this Ascension Process. You will not be left behind unless you choose yourself to be left behind.

Yes, there may be loved ones that may choose to not go forward. That is not your concern. You are who you are and you, along with all the other Collective yous, are coming together now and making all of this happen. So trust in yourselves, believe in yourselves and know that you are on the edge, on the verge of so many changes and one of those is the announcement of the New Republic.

I am St. Germain. I leave you now with all of my peace and love. I leave you with this grand New Year that is upon you for it is going to be a grand New Year.

Peace and love be with you.

“One Who Serves”

(This is not the same person that guest posts on this site. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here. As if you didn’t know that. Some of you didn’t know that. Some of you hear this crazy voice coming through and crazy accent and say, “What is this? Who could this be? Is this an Ascended Master?” (laughter)

Well, you know we do not like that terminology anyway. The “Master” term. Ascended is good. But we do not like being called “Master” because we are no higher or no lower than you are. We are you and you are we. We are here to have a wonderful time are we not? And James I s wondering, “Is he going to sing again?” What do you think the answer to that is going to be? (brief pause) YES! (laughter) (Singing of “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang takes place.)

We are here for fun. When James asked a long time ago, what do you guys do for fun? We answered, “We think bi-location is a lot of fun!” Would you not like to be able to do that? To be able to bi-locate and transport yourself into so many places?

Think of these stupid cars you have and stupid contraptions and things of this nature. Very antiquated devices. You are going to have such fun in the future that we cannot tell you how great it is going to be. We try many times to tell you but it is like knocking head on the wall here. We do everything we can to help you understand what is coming.

Before we look at what is coming, let us look where we have come from. Where you have all come from. Not only year after year but lifetime after lifetime where you have come from. You have been through so much and you grow weary over time and do not want to do it anymore. Then you hear us coming though telling you it is going to be soon. When you heard it will be soon and it was in the 2012 time, you heard it much then, and you thought it would be the next day. Here it is four years later and we are still saying soon. (laughter)

Please understand that our soon is different from your soon. We are here to help you understand all that you are coming to be. All that you are remembering yourselves to be. You have so much to look forward to.

Where have you come from? We know that “Saint Germain” spoke a little bit about this. He spoke of changes that have occurred in each of your everyday lives. Movements, relationships have changed. You, yourself, can look at your life and say, “This has changed over the year.” Look at where you started this past year and look at where you are now. This gives you an idea of how much has changed within your own personal life.

But then look outside your life. Look at the exterior world. Yes, it looks like there are wars and battles and things still going on. That is true. There is hatred and all of this that is occurring. But, you know deep within yourselves that it does not need to be there and will not be there much longer. Know that deep within you. All is coming.

All is being orchestrated, as we have said many times. As it is all being orchestrated around you, you are not sitting and letting the orchestration take place. Within an orchestra everyone has to be in tune. What happens when one is out of tune? (it sounds bad) Yes, it sounds bad, very bad. Everything is being orchestrated and you are in that orchestra. You are a part of it. Whether it is a string orchestra or piano or guitar or drums or whatever it might be. Whatever your part in the orchestra you play it the best that you can. If you can do the best you can every given moment what beautiful sound you are going to make, what wonderful vibrations are going to come from this.

That is what this all about. Raising your vibrations higher and higher. Raising your individual vibrations higher and higher and as you raise your own individual vibration what happens? Everybody’s rise! Yes, everybody is ready to celebrate then.
And speaking of celebrate, you have heard that there is a celebration waiting for you. There is a grand celebration that is waiting for you. We, the Galactics, the Agarthans, the Company of Heaven and all of the Masters have all created this wonderful celebration. We are waiting for you to do all that you can to make sure everything is as it needs to be. Just as we are waiting for you to shift over your consciousness and the consciousness of the entire planet.

When one consciousness shifts, many shift. That is what you must to come to understand. When you do the meditation as you did here this evening you may have thought you were just creating that visualization and it doesn’t have hardly any effect on anything. And we tell you, :No. It has an great effect on the entire planet. Even those who don’t have any idea about an effect on them are affected by these meditations.

Imagine that many other groups like this get together at the same time and do a meditation similar to this or even a different one. But with the intention of creating vibration, raising vibration, of shifting consciousness across the planet then sending love, higher vibration to anyone. When you do this, you do it for everyone. Do you understand this? This is what you are working toward.

As you are moving to this next year, did you think you would still be doing this in 2017? Those of you who were ready to jump on the bandwagon in 2012 and go into the clouds and think that was Ascension? Those who thought that would happen and became so disconsolate at that time. You know who you are, who were like this. But you moved through it.

Now you are here on the verge of a New Year, of 2017. This year has been spoken of by many, not only those of us who channel and give information in this way but many of your Intel sources have been saying 2017, what a year to come! And we say to you, 2017 is going to be a celebration.

You have moved through 2016, a year of preparation. Look at all that was prepared for in this past year. Not the least was the election process you went through. We and “Ashira” said this election would be like no election you have had before. That was correct. And we also said, if you remember, Hillary Clinton would never win the presidency. Those of you may not remember that we said this but we did. We did not say how this would happen or anything of this nature.

But changes, things that did happen in 2016 preparing you for them fulfillment of 2017. That is the word we want you going into 2017 with—fulfillment. This is the year of fulfillment. Last year preparation, this year fulfillment. Moving ahead. Finding all those changes that are spoken of. All of those mini-events that are spoken of, what you call the revaluation, the global currency re-set. The announcement of the Republic. What you call mass arrests of various kinds. There are so many things that you have been looking toward.

“The Event”. Let’s not forget the Event. What we like to call and certainly “St. Germain likes to call, “the Changeover”. Because it will be a great changeover to a completely new paradigm. That is what is important here. As you move into the next year you are going to find so many things beginning to shift. They are going to gather momentum as they shift. More and more. Momentum. Momentum. This will create a crescendo and the crescendo will be “The Event”.

We are not saying “The Event” will occur this next year but it certainly could. All indications are that 2017 will bring “The Event”. But you know that when predications are given, such as this, we put our foot in our mouth here. The shifts that are happening are because of you. Because of the idea and ideal that is building. This ideal is building throughout the planet even though you are not seeing it completely, it is building. No longer is it seeing is believing. It is now, “Believing is Seeing”.

That is what is important. You are moving into that understanding. This new paradigm. Believing is seeing. You are creating your reality every moment in front of you. Every moment. If you look at this and understand this you see how important you are in the entire scheme of things.

No, you may not be directing a country or directing a corporation. You may not be directing anyone for that matter other than yourself. That is OK because your intent is to create the new reality. Your intent is to create a new Golden Age upon the planet. Because you have this intent, you are powerful. You are powerful beyond measure. That is what you must come to understand.

OK—you want predictions? We are going to go a little bit further. The others are over there saying watch it, guy! You are really going to put your foot in your mouth here if you do it too much. (laughter) We are going to give just a little bit more, ok?

In this next month here, in January, there is going to be a shift. A shift that is going to come about as the Inauguration happens. This is a hint. There is a shift that is going to occur because of this. Not so much that this one, the president is going to create the shift himself. He is surrounding himself by those who can bring this about and can help with this process.

With them working with him and him working with us, that is a big hint as well. He is going to be working directly with us and has already begun the process. He is not part of the Cabal. He is not a part of this. He has a connection yes, but he is not a part of this. He is of the Light.

Just as Obama was of the Light as well. He has always been of the Light. He has never not been. Just because he has appeared to be, as he has done those things he had to do. He has played the part of the Dark Forces or Cabal. He kept them off his back so that he did what he needed to do. He needed to bring the changes.

Look at what it would be like to have the same old, same old. If it was the same regime here. If he were to have come into office and be a puppet to those in control. If he did everything they would have said. Nothing would have changed here. They would have taken more and more control over everything.

Because he had his mission and he knew his mission. He had guidance from us and many Galactics were working with him. He created this entire shift that has led to the possibility of the election of this new one. This new one moving into office here and really beginning to make some shifts here.

Now this is not to say that he (Trump) is going to create the Republic and bring the Republic in. It may not be him to do this. It may be coming in different ways. And also, Disclosure, may not only be about your Galactic brothers and sisters but also disclosure of the truth. Hasn’t the truth been coming out? Look at it. Look at what has been coming out from those various sources. The whistleblowers that are coming forward now in droves.

We said some time ago that the Cabal has only been able to cover leaks here and there. Now the leaks are spreading everywhere and they do not have enough rags to put in them anymore. The holes are too big and they are spouting water (energy/spirit) everywhere. They cannot move fast enough or find enough rags to put into those holes. You see? You see where we are going with this? It is a cascade. The dam is about to break. They can no longer stop it. They have tried everything they have known to do. Everything that has worked in the past. It is no longer working for them. They have not given up but they are becoming very disconsolate. They are very much subdued in what they can do. They know the end is near.

Have you heard of those who are looking for various places outside this country? They are going to many different places. South America. Antarctica is the new one here where they are going in droves there. Trying to escape what is coming. But really, think about this for a moment. Do you really think they could escape those of us? Or the watching eye of the Galalctics up in the ships that can see everything that is going on down here? Do they really think they could go into a hole somewhere and think it is lead lined or something? (laughter)

No. Not even close to this. They will not escape but, and this is a big but here people, they have already been given the chance to turn themselves over. To turn themselves in and over to the Light. If they agree to do this, many have already, but the ones in the forefront, they are stubborn ones. Many will hold on until they find themselves consumed by the Light. “If they do not move to the Light they will be consumed by the Light”. That is a promise. That will happen.

They are given that opportunity and are still being given that opportunity. It will not happen too much longer. At one point the Prime Creator will come into the picture again and say, “That’s it!” Enough is enough and push the green light. The “Guardian” spoke of the green light. The Prime Creator pushed the green light but it was not the one you are thinking of that bought the Event. It was the green light that said “all systems go now”. That is what he was saying by this. All systems go.

So all of those ships that are circling the planet, monitoring the planet, have been put on full alert. They are ready to go. They are ready to come down and show themselves. When that moment comes they are ready to take over the airwaves on this planet, and we mean completely taken over, they will be in complete control of your media waves. There will be nothing that can stop this from happening when this “green light” is given.

Will it come with “The Event”? Yes. When the Event occurs, when this pulse comes from the Central Galactic Sun you will have your Event. This will be it. Up until that there will be many mini-events that will be happening. One that has been happening is a wave of energy that has come forward now. It is hitting the Earth across the planet, it is spreading across the planet. It is raising consciousness everywhere. It happened over your Christmas season. It is continuing to come in and more of these energies are going to come in.

These are the mini-events we are speaking of which will trigger many others occurring. Those include disclosure of real truth behind everything. You have been kept from the truth in many ways where everything is happening in the background. But you are beginning to see what is coming from the background into the foreground. Because of your Collective Consciousness you are bringing this about. You are saying, we want the truth and “we can handle the truth”. (laughter)

They (the cabal) are still trying to tell you that you, people, are so stupid and are so asleep that you cannot handle the truth. So we are going to not give you the truth, we are going to hold it back. We will give it out little by little over the next 50 years. Then we can save our buttes. Are you going to allow them to do that? No!

Take control here people. Take control. You can control this. You are the 99.something percent here. They are the 1% of the 1%. Think about that. Think 7 billion to one. That is almost the relationship here. You see?

You have power and they have done almost anything to keep this power away from you. But empowering movies have come through. Movies such as “The Matrix”, “Avatar”, “Contact” you can think of many other of these types of movies. They have come forward to give you glimpses of what is real and what is coming.

We tell you now that in this 2017, get ready. We have been saying for some time to get ready for the show, have we not? Are you ready for the show? Are you really ready for the show? Because as the show begins here it may appear to some that the show is not going to be very pleasant. It will not be –pleasant for those who are still asleep. Those who are not ready to awaken.

That is where you, the Lightworkers come in. The missions you came here for. All of you. All of you came here. Certainly if you are listening to these words, if you are resonating to these words you came here for this mission. You came here to be a part of spreading the Light. To be a part of spreading the Violet Flame. You are here to speak with those who are opening up and there will be many who are ready to open.

Those who scoff at you now and say you are looney bins, they will be turning around and saying, “Wait a minute you have been talking for some time now. We are ready to hear more.” You will turn to them and say, “Sure. We are ready to serve and to help you in any way we can.”

You can use your own words or those words. You can be there to assist them in understanding all the things you have come to understand. And why they are here in this particular time and this particular moment.

That is what we will close with now. You are in the moment. This is your moment. This is your time here now. Make the best of this moment. Each and every moment. Many go through life looking for moments of joy wherever they can but we have told you, look for the joy in every moment. Because the joy in each moment is always going to be there if you look hard enough for it.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the ONE.

Zimbabwe: Government Paves Way for NRZ $400m Revival

Big infrastructure spending in Zimbabwe...

Govt paves way for NRZ $400m revival

June 1, 2017

Cargo trailers at NRZ

Prosper Ndlovu Bulawayo Bureau—
Government has granted national project status to the recapitalisation of the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to the tune of $400 million through an open tender financing process. The tender has attracted more than 50 private bidders, setting the stage for the giant parastatal’s turnaround. This emerged in Bulawayo on Tuesday when senior Government officials, NRZ board and management, workers’ representatives and key stakeholders met potential local and international investors during a highly subscribed pre-bid conference at a hotel to discuss modalities of implementing the recapitalisation project.

The move follows approval by Cabinet last month on the engagement of a technical advisor — Deloitte Touche — and the adoption of the formal tender process to raise the $400 million from the open market, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Willard Manungo told the gathering.

He said the process to raise the funds, either in “the form of debt, equity or any creative combination”, was already under way with tender submission expected to close on July 4.

“On behalf of Government, I wish to pledge support for this open and formal tender approach, which will result in the raising of funds for the comprehensive recapitalisation of this strategic national utility,” said Mr Manungo.

“In order to show full support and ensure smooth implementation of the recapitalisation project, Government is granting to this project incentives such as national project status, warehousing of part of NRZ debt, conditional ring fencing of bulk freight cargo to rail and sovereign guarantees for any loan so provided.

“The NRZ owes a variety of institutions, including employees and is working with Government with a view to initially warehouse the debt off NRZ’s books and then jointly develop various strategies to deal with and liquidate the debts.”

National project status entails that Government undertakes to provide specific incentives to ensure quick NRZ turnaround such as tax exemptions on project inputs that are essential for the programme, which require importation of a lot of capital equipment.

NRZ has not been adequately capitalised over the last 20 years resulting in deterioration of equipment and infrastructure and subsequent losses, which have compromised service quality and reliability.

These have rendered the organisation uncompetitive and in the process crippled export commodities as well as domestic industrial output along the value chain.

NRZ board chairman Mr Larry Mavima admitted the deteriorating state of NRZ’s resources and infrastructure, on the backdrop of the general weak economic activity in the country, has resulted in reduced liquidity for the parastatal over several years and a drop in operational capacity to average 2,7 million tonnes volumes in 2016 from 12,4 million tonnes in 1998 compared to designed 18 million tonnes annually.

He said the recapitalisation project, which involves rehabilitation and renewal of plant, equipment, rolling stock, track signalling and telecommunications infrastructure and the supporting information technology (IT) systems, was meant to restore operational capacity and profitability.

“This is the model we have considered on the assumption that you, our partners, will provide a debt and or debt/equity financing solution while allowing us to retain joint control of the NRZ,” said the board chair.

“We remain open to further suggestions to make this marriage work. For the first time the NRZ will be open to proposals for equity participation.”

Mr Mavima said the revival of NRZ was in line with the country’s economic blue-print, Zim-Asset, where the parastatal is a key enabler of economic growth under the infrastructure and utilities cluster.

He paid tribute to Government for the support it has given to guarantee NRZ revival and assured investors of a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership. The rest of the engagement process was to be later conducted in closed sessions.

Source: The Herald

Massive Beach Cleanup in Mumbai, India Transforms Coastline

Goes to show everyone what we can do to help, with or without millions...

Remarkable Beach Cleanup Removes 5.3 Million Kg of Trash, Transforms Coastline

by EDITOR on MAY 30, 2017

By Anna Hunt

This is one of the most dramatic beach makeovers, ever. Over a span of 85 weeks, resident volunteers in north western Mumbai, India, transformed Versova beach from one of the most littered to absolutely stunning. The beach cleanup removed 5.3 million kilograms of trash, which is over half of the daily garbage generated by Mumbai.

Versova beach before cleanup — Mumbai, India

Versova beach after cleanup — Mumbai, India

Largest Beach Cleanup Movement in History

Local attorney Afroz Shah started this remarkable beach cleanup effort in October 2015. He received much support from Versova residents, students, businesses, and civic employees. In addition, the movement gained the attention of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

"Money, an Idea Backed by Confidence?" by WILD - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by WILD at 10:05 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

I think so.

-Sea Shells
-Digital Messages

All money - IF the confidence is there.

When Earth sheds money, what remains?

Confidence - Ideas.

THAT will be interesting.

Closer to a true culture.
(Hello StarTrek & Jetsons)

Do our neighbors, old friends & relatives out there use "InterGalactic Credits"?

No clue (for me anyway).

But we'll soon find out...

As EQ ends (Earth Quarantine).


And by the way...

We'll clean up Earth.

Other galaxies will say "GREAT!"

Then together we'll clean up this entire universe of space and stuff within (energy and matter controlled by us misc & varied gods).

So then - will other universes say "GREAT!" - as we rejoin a larger game?

I think so.

Orders Of Magnitude - arriving sooner than we now think.

- Little Log Cabin Earth awakens.

- Little Log Cabin Universe awakens.

W I L D.


"To Richard from All those you have Ignited" by (Anonymous) - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:01 PM EDT on May 31, 2017


We know you love to be "whackin" trolls...(not just chalking 'em, bro), but beyond that, and yes, we are all in-tune with you, brother. With you all the way. As has been said in song:

"Don't try to understand 'em (been done already)

Just rope, throw, an' brand 'em.
Soon we'll be livin' high an' wide"

Now let's all keep moving confidently towards our ordained destinies.

Keep rollin', rollin' , rollin'...no matter who is disapprovin'...keep them doggies rolling, rawhide!


"Almost There!" by KarenS - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by KarenS at 9:59 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

How very exciting "things" have been.! I see the answers to my Wait-and-See file coming together. Over these many years I have used the "gut" feeling that I get when reading people's entrees and although I was taught to not trust my instincts by my mother, I have since learned to trust them. I honed that skill by learning what it felt like when I read a certain person's entrees and later found out that it was a troll! Thanks OWK for that. Knowing how the inner voice sounds will serve me well in the future!

I do have a question about what to do when we exchange. I have heard so many terms over the years that I am somewhat confused. So if you wouldn't mind clarifying: is the sovereign rate that we ask for? Will there be any place where we can know the limit so we don't look like a fool for asking a rate that was once given but is no longer? I want to appear informed so that I don't get scammed.

Looking forward to getting to know many of you personally in our trek to making this world a much better place!


"OWK Re: Project Ideas" by Skpcat - 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by Skpcat at 9:53 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

Greetings, OWK,

I am Skpcat.
In a previous email regarding future projects after GCR/RV, I said I have a few ideas floating around. The ideas are tentative, either any one or any combination, with details to be worked out.

Questions, based on I do not own any currencies, and the NESARA part that everyone else outside of GCR/RV gets $10 million:

1) Can I invest to earn interest/dividend income? Split income 20/80 and keep principal intact?
2) When received, will it go to my current bank (small town branch bank) or another bank first (HSBC)? Will I/ can I go through personal banker?
3) Spending power 10 times? Cost average a tenth of current?

The basic setup:
*Two separate, independent, anonymous trusts/corporations Personal 20%/Charitable 80%
*Collaborate/Financial support with other's similar projects
*Foundation/trust: automatic, anonymous
*Three categories: Ongoing (my lifetime), Perpetual (after I have passed), One time

My ideas:
Health/Medical: May or may not be necessary based on what is pending after NESARA
*Heart attack/Stroke, Cancer, Alzheimers, not so much the cure but expedited and efficient delivery of meds, etc. Reduce/eliminate suffering for those in final days.
*Hope to children and a chance at normal childhood

*Technologies in all aspects of home building
*Personal dream house a 2020 version of a 1920 house as a model home for new technologies

*Travel: Farthest distance between two points on planet in minutes
*Old cars fitted with new technology

Nature/Outdoors: Based on Iowa, where I live.
*500-1,000 acre farm divided into smaller plots under 100 acres. Those who love to farm, but only want 20,50, or 80 acres.
*Same farm returned to its original natural state, with everything man made removed, either all or in part. More prairie/woods/grassland. Setting for personal dream house?
*Those who love being outdoors, and/or give others inspiration to do the same, both current and new owners
*Like bike trails, plots connected to form nature trails ex: Appalachian/Pacific Crest Trails
*Start with land on either side of creeks and rivers
*Reverse trend of too much natural land for development

These are my basic ideas right now. I am not sure if any or all of these would rise to the level of personally receiving humanitarian funds. I would appreciate your opinion, please.

Thank you for your time.



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