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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"Zorra Replay, GCR Info, Free Book Links" - One Who Knows - 4.25.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 12:09 AM EDT on April 25, 2017

This Zorra Call Is another KEEPER. I highly recommend that everyone use the download link below, and keep a copy of this call on your computer for multiple listenings. Below are the highlights of this amazing call. The vibrations were so high and the information was so good! Here are the details:

This Zorra call was recorded on April 22, 2017. (2:40:00)

(4-22-2017 Replay Call Link)


(4-22-2017 Youtube Video Version)

(4-22-2017 Call Download Link)


(All Replays)

Call Transcript / Index
@ 4:18 Jane Invocation
@ 12:30 Zorra

No War possible

About the Polar Openings to Hollow Earth

We Are Quite Protected on Earth

Star ship watching over Korea is bigger than all of Korea together, no worries

The RV will be in every country of the World

The Republic will soon be announced, Paul Ryan is Interim President

General Dunford Released the Gold Backed USN

The RV Roll out is on going

Trump will step down


@ 35: 30 RV Intel: (One Who Knows)

RV still "Rolling Out" (Since 13th) Meaning that it is in Early Segment Exchanging now.

"Roll Out" Completion means that it is Public and completed.

The French Situation is O.K. now and worked out, all is ready now.


ONLY get and pass on the FIRST Contact 800# by phone calls. You will get a direct phone call with the 800# or you may get an email that says "Call me for important information." You will know that means they have the number and will give it to you when you call them. Calling is the safest way to transmit this important information.

Do NOT email, text, post or transmit the number in any other way.
Doing so will cause the number to be cancelled and actions taken.
Do Not Do It.

Process: For Other Currencies

Call the number and tell the phone operator what currencies you have (NOT HOW MUCH YOU HAVE), and the zip code where you intend to exchange your currency.

Type 1 Exchange: All Currencies (EXCEPT Zim)

The phone operator will ask which bank you want to exchange with. Remember it matters not if they have a branch in your area.

The Phone Operator will MAKE THE APPOINTMENT for you with Nearest exchange center and give you the details including the address and contact number for exchange center. WRITE THIS DOWN ON YOUR MASTER INFORMATION SHEET YOU KEEP WITH YOUR CURRENCIES.

Note: The "Master Information Sheet" is where you have all your information written down. Whatever details, dates, addresses, Trust names, ideas, questions and yes phone numbers.

Remember: You won’t be able to bring any electronics into the exchange meeting. No phone, tablet, laptop, calculator, recorder, etc.

At this point, there is nothing for you to do as far as your own appointment goes.

<Go To Next Step>

Type 2 Exchange: ZIM + Other Currencies

A Type 2 exchange is one in which Zim is exchanged. You will be able to exchange any other currencies you have as well, while you are there, but zim is the star of the exchange.

When you call the FIRST 800#, just like in the other exchange situation, they will ask what currencies you have and what is your zip code where you want to exchange. Like the other case, you will NOT tell them how much you have, just which ones you have.

If you have Zim, you might as well say it first since that is all they need to know to give you a special, private, personal, just for you, 800# to call for your Zim appointment.

Once they hear you have zim, they will NOT ask you what bank you want to exchange with since ALL ZIM exchanges go through the main GCR bank HSBC.

Once you get this VERY SPECIAL second 800#, you will be told that it has been "Programmed" with your information and can NOT be shared with anyone else. Not only will you use this special 2nd 800# to call to set your appointment, it will also be used as your account identification number as well.

If anyone else got this number, they would have your account number where you will most likely have Trillions of dollars. AND, if they called that number, they would most likely ruin your appointment for exchange. IN SHORT DO NOT GIVE THIS SECOND 800# TO ANYONE. IT IS ONLY FOR YOU. Other people with Zim have to get their own second 800 phone number/account number.

Be sure to write this number down on your Master Sheet of Paper you keep with your currencies along with your appointment details and time. Remember, you can't take electronics into the exchange appointment, leave them in the car. That is why you will need to have your important information written out or printed out on paper to bring in with you.

<Go To Next Step>

Next Step (After You Set Your Appointment)

Once you have made your appointment, the next step is to pass on the FIRST 800# to people you have gifted to or others in your group who want to set up their own exchange appointments as well. As you can see, it is recommended that you set your appointments first and then pass on the number person to person, or by phone conversation. Then they will make their appointments and pass the number on to people they know personally. At some point there is no one to pass the number on to and it ends there.

The Cash

The Cash being give out is the 2013 USD that is now Gold Backed, Not The USN yet.

Back To Back Appointments


@ 1:03:00 (One Who Knows)

Email Address:


@ 1:05:00 (One Who Knows)

Rates (From Josef)

Largest Notes x Projected Screen Rates = Totals
ZIM 100T x 3.00 USN = 300T USN
VND 500,000 x 20.00 USN = 10M USN
IDR 100,000 x 20.00 USN = 2M USN
AFA 100,000 x 10.00 USN = 1M USN
IQD 25,000 x 30.00 USN = 750k USN

Rates have now gone up again

Bonus to those who are waiting....

Greater threat to those who delay

No NDA screen rates are so high - they are now Scream Rates

Public street rates / international Rates Much Lower

No Zeros Removed From Face Values

Bearer Checks will be Exchanged

Historical Bonds will be Exchanged (Tell the operator at first call)

Don't tell operator HOW MUCH $ YOU HAVE


@ 1:09:30 Body Health: (One Who Knows)

"Let Your Body Heal itself" (Listening Highly Recommended)

Meaning: "Pain MEANS the Healing Has Already Begun"

It is not up to you to take over the healing function of your body

That is Cabal training for you to "Take Over" the healing process by buying something from the store or getting a doctor to do the work. The body will NOT heal itself if you don’t expect it to.

Remember it can cure itself of stage 4 cancer, rebuild missing bone, grow back missing limbs, or any other healing function is you expect it to.

Message: Let the body do its natural, and normal work to heal itself. Expect it to heal itself. Don’t try to figure out what to do, what to buy, or get someone else to do it, when your body is the EXPERT on how to heal itself.

Remember, it can heal itself of things that Doctors and science can't match. It was NEVER meant for "outside" people and medicine to replace what they body can do automatically by itself.

It was Cabal training to make you interfere in your body's natural healing function, and depend on the Cabal system to do it for you instead, with their poisonous drugs and failed medical practices.

Your body is designed and build to heal itself, if you would just let it do its job.

Meaning: "Pain MEANS the Healing Has Already Begun"


@ 1:18:30 Zorra

You are Healers and can regrow your legs and arms.

If you step aside and let your body rejuvenate itself, limbs can regrow.


@ 1:21:00 Saraiya (Zorra's Beloved)

Move forward in your evolution, exciting events are coming about.

Working together with us.

Manifesting who you truly are.

About healing self and others

Great Message....


@ 1:31:00 Zorra

You are the answer, the love that you have been seeking, the Gods and Goddesses.

Step up and step out from where you are, declare your sovereignty, royalty

You will see a major change in your reality

Lots more to the message....

@ 1:44:30 About Jesus / Sananda

You have the power to change your World

@ 1:53:00 You can heal yourself

@ 1:59:00 All diseases created by the Governments to dumb you down limit you


@ 2:03:00 - 2:28:00 Questions

Lots of questions on the GCR, healing and other things.


Health Related Products Mentioned:

For Soul and Core
Go to: http://www.myrainlife.com/zaraya

For more information on Hemp Oil:
or call us a 719-428-9746

Last call with Dr. Lori and Lorraine


Zorra: "Purification Technique"

Zorra explains exactly how to do the Vortex Purification Method step by step. He steps your through an exercise to demonstrate how powerful this technique is. Use this purification technique on liquids, food, fruits and most any and everything. It improves the taste and takes out bad elements. 

Vortex Purification Method
Northern Hemisphere
(Above The Equator)

Vortex Purification Method
Southern Hemisphere
(Below The Equator)


Free Book & Audio Book Offered On Zorra Call:

This is the Book that was mentioned on the Zorra Call. It is was offered free on the Zorra Call.

Here are the Free Download Links for the Book Itself and the Audio Book. The links are also available on the Zorra Website: www.zorraofhollowearth.com

How To Use Your GOD Power®
The Master's Course
BY: Richard Lee McKim Jr.

Book Download Links:



Audio Book Download Links:

These are the download Links for the entire Course on Audio.

How To Use Your God Power - Audio Book CD #01-#05.zip

How To Use Your God Power - Audio Book CD #06-#10.zip

How To Use Your God Power - Audio Book CD #11-#15.zip

How To Use Your God Power - Audio Book CD #16-#20.zip

How To Use Your God Power - Audio Book CD #21-#25.zip

How To Use Your God Power - Audio Book CD #26-#30.zip

How To Use Your God Power - Audio Book CD #31-#35.zip

How To Use Your God Power - Audio Book CD #36-#40.zip

Book Reviews:

Read Book Online:

Note: Also Available On Amazon Kindle (But Not Free)



Please feel free to share this information with others who are interested in Zorra's messages, Intel, Disclosure, & Healing.

Signed: One Who Knows



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