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Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Yosef's Protocol" by Reallucky1 - 4.8.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 4:49 PM EDT on April 9, 2017


I have kept quiet during all your posts about President Trump, since you seem to have no respect for the man in the least. You continually bash this man, while you fail to realize your man Obama and the criminal minions could have released the RV, but did not. Since you hate our President so much you must be a Democrat. What you have overlooked is the many other commentators, that continually post that Trump will be in office from the start of the RV until the completion, Yosef (which we all know will not be until 4th of July to celebrate US of Americas 250th birthday where the debt liberation will be rolled out) this will take til at least the end of the year to finalize. Neither the Option 1 or Option 2 will ever fly as 63 Million Americans who love and support President Trump will have issues with his removal. Just to make sure you are aware, 63 Million is more than voted in the total election in 2012 for all votes in the election which was 59.1 Million total votes for a fake President that no one but connected globalist Democrats supported. While you also continually point out that Trump is a fake President, you fail to mention that your man, Obama was also fake. You also quite conveniently overlook, that President Trump was a fake president, until March 15th 2017, when the failed USA inc, was officially declared over and done and President Trump is the PRESIDENT of the New Restored Republic as of March 16, 2017. Does this make you upset?? Its all true!!

To make sure I have your attention let me point out that the election has been over and done with since November and we are in a new year 2017 and a new system and are supposed to be going towards the light, while you seem to be stuck in the past. Your bogus poll numbers are ridiculous. Have you seen the polls on other sites his numbers are soaring around 51%. I guess my media is the fake one and yours is right?? Just like Trump could never win, the electoral college was rigged and we must do a hand recount which were all just distractions. While I do believe Trump may have agreed to step down, and could be a cover for the RV, what you fail to realize is there is no requirement for Trump to EVER show his tax returns not in the Constitution or any regulation. What you need to keep in mind is we have a Republican Senate, a Republican Congress and a Republican White House. Real hard to do anything from a globalist Democrat position, and if Mike Pence or Paul Ryan attempt this INSANE OPTION, they will find out what REAL AMERICANS have to say about this plan as there are militias all over this country. This would be the absolute dumbest thing that I could think to do in a Restored Republic and not the Chinese way AT ALL. They are the most peaceful people and would never allow something that would cause an uprising to occur, this is for WORLD PEACE did you forget that part??

This post is hard for me as I would never have purchased Zim if it were not for you, additionally, I appreciate that you made it abundantly clear what a great investment this is and I will never forget that and I appreciate that Intel. Your last weeks posts just roll off my back like water on a duck because YOU HAVE TAUGHT ME DISCERNMENT. I will not bash you as you are entitled to your own opinions, and while you say you are so connected, you have continually been wrong at least 50 times I can personally count. None of that matters to me, what does matter is like your opinions count, mine count as well.

I have been working hard to educate people about what is fixing to happen in the US and world, what is beyond me is why after our nation has been lied to for hundreds of years, and we are finally getting relief (years of bank, tax, and court fraud), are they continually lying to us about this roll out. While I believe at first it was to throw off the shadow government, that time is behind us and now its TIME FOR TRUTH. No more false flags, no more lies no more peoples opinions its time to JOIN TOGETHER IN UNITY. I was very upset that the US would help stage the syrin gas sting in Syria and then have every globalist loving person in the Congress come out and praise him as a hero, are these people all conflict initiated? Have you seen or looked at the posts on Reuters or AP about this attack, obviously not because the truth is President Trump nor America military attacked Syria's abandoned airstrip where the chemical gas was stored, it was all planned and carried out by the Syrian Army with the US, Russia, China and Syria. The US was there for picture ops because Americans have been lied to for decades why should we tell them the truth now. Do you realize how terrible this is for the people of our country?? You are doing a roll out of the GCR and to bring world peace and internationalism to the world to level the playing field and a false flag was set up with children's lifeless images, this is just unbelievable to me (Does not matter it was all fake its still wrong). Another dumb thing America has done and I think is pointless. When does the country get the TRUTH?? We are not children and can adjust to the information, unless your a Democrat then it takes a little longer no personal attack just showing that you are still having a few issues with the past (this is my opinion and I should have kept opinions out of the post). Since Democrats are the minority and a small percentage of the country, you need to realize that most of the ideas, will never fly unless of course no one in Congress ever wants to get reelected then feel free to exercise this option, it will be the end of the Democrats as I know my people and my party and I welcome these nut case options.

Its Time for someone like Ron Paul or John Roberts to make a heartfelt plea to the American people and beg for forgiveness. Then for people like you to bash President Trump when it never even happened the way the media has said it went down. I do agree that President Trump lied to all of America and that will give you your impeachment you want, at what cost though?? For someone else to come in that is just a globalist like Ryan and Pence? Its truly time for a new start in America and I am all for it!! Though I do not disrespect my President, as I believe EVERYONE involved ARE MERELY PLAYERS PLAYING A PART just like YOU. You need to give this man a bit of credit, as I do not feel we would be seeing rates live like tonight on Bloomberg or the MasterCard Conversion charts without President Trump leading the way. I just have one question for you, where do you think we would be with Hillary as President right now on the RV? Remember she is owned by the Wall Street banks and would never let the healing machines come out to upset her precious pharmo industries control? The point being, truly you can make a point without calling the person names, I just stated the facts and nothing but. My opinion which I used twice when I pointed out Obama and the all Republic government and how I feel about the Democratic Party. I never once bashed you and I praised you for your Intel and providing me with DISCERNMENT, because I can spot your posts in ten seconds or less. While I have had to do some soul searching and come to a middle ground, I suggest you try and do the same for the good of the RV and WORLD PEACE.





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