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Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Yosef, Trump, Dinarland, What If?" - One Who Knows - 4.9.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 2:33 PM EDT on April 9, 2017

Yosef, Trump, Dinarland, What If?

Reality is such an interesting thing as it operates at so many different levels and dimensions simultaneously. Importantly, in the very space you occupy, there are many other "Realities" that exist in the same exact place, at a different frequency. In example, if you could shift your perception to a higher frequency, you would see "People" all over the place, so called Ghosts, that are invisible to you in our reality frequency. Likewise, at one level of "Perspective" (Which in a way is a different dimension) life looks a certain way, but from a different "Perspective" life can look and be completely different. So in that regard, changing how you are looking at things, which is your perspective (Meaning), you can actually see a different reality.

In short, every different perspective of any given event, is actually a different reality. I can easily prove this out since Perspective is just another way of saying a different meaning. Since meaning is the source of Reality, then every person, has a different reality forming, based on their personal perspectives, or meanings. In this post, I am going to give you a different perspective and therefore change your reality right before your eyes. This World, and life, is so amazing to say the least, but your ability to change your reality at will, has got to be the most powerful ability you have. I love it when I have an opportunity to show people how they can alter their realities at will, and this "Situation" is such a great case study for this exercise. Let's play with it now, and see what happens...

Starting Perspective, Meaning & Reality

So here we start out talking about that guy Yosef. He so soooooooooo irritating, unrelenting and persistent, isn't he? He Just.... Won't .... Let.... Up! On and on about Trump, the orange skin, the dirty deeds, the nuclear hair, all the while bashing his presidential skills as well. It is like this guy Yosef just won't give Trump a chance. He does not cut him any slack, not one bit. Frankly he is not just unkind to Trump, but he is so blatantly unreasonable about it. And it seems that the more we complain about it, the more he bashes Trump. It is almost like he intentionally bashes him even harder. There seems to be no relief in sight either.

The Conflict

It would be so easy to just write him off like we have done with so many others in our Dinarland community, but there is a catch. He is also the one who has the best intel. That really causes a problem, because we look forward to the intel, but then we are confronted again and again with the Trump bashing. It is like he has us as a "Captive" audience because we can't stop reading his posts because there is good intel mixed in with the Trump bashing. Why can't we just get the Intel without the Trump bashing?

Clearly Yosef Hates Trump

It is easy to see that Yosef hates Trump as he bashes him at every turn. Interestingly, it has caused many of us to defend Trump, with our posts, since we have a natural sense of protecting people, after all we are the Light Workers. I dare say that Yosef's rants has caused many to rise up against him, and stand for Trump just because Trump is so unfairly treated and bashed by Yosef. Why Yosef hates Trump so much is hard to figure out. But it is clear to anyone who reads the Trump Hating posts that he does hate Trump. But does he?

Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology is such an interesting thing to watch. It is so funny when you tell a kid that he can't have or do something and in a fit of rebellion he does it anyway, just to find out that that was the intention all along. I remember a football story, it might have been a super bowl game story. It was half time, and the team was so far behind in score that it looked bleak. It was clear that they were going to have a hard time coming back, and probably not going to win.

What was the coach's play? Was he going to give the team a "Pep Talk" telling them what winners they truly were? That they could come back from this deficit and win this game? No, a pep talk was not going to work with these emotionally defeated players.... It was going to take something more powerful than that to get them fired up. But what was the Play? Yes, of course, it was Reverse Psychology that fired them up.

He told the team that it was no wonder that they were so far behind in the score, after all the other team was clearly better than they were. They were much faster, could tackle better, and their passing was beyond compare. We did our best and we just aren’t good enough to win this game. He went on and on and a funny thing happened. The team said, "Hold it, they are NOT so great! We can run circles around them!" The more the coach sympathized that it was expected that they would lose, the more the team got fired up as an "Opposite" reaction, response, perspective. Yes, they went back out on the field and totally dominated the other team and won by a large margin.

That is the funny thing about Reverse Psychology, you tell people they are good, and they think they are not, but you tell them they are not good, and they rile back and "Prove you wrong!" That is especially the "Nature" of divisive groups. Whatever stance one person takes, the others take the opposite stance in defiance. That leads me to the big question and revelation....

What If?

What if Yosef is the Coach in our story? What if Yosef really likes Trump and is trying his best to get you so riled up at his ridiculous remarks that you run to Trump's defense? What if Yosef is willing to take the Heat, so that Trump gets a pass for his transgressions? The more he bashes Trump the more we rally to Trump's defense....don't we?

But how does one really get people riled up? It is one thing to make "Reasonable" negative statements about someone, but when you go tooooooooo far, that triggers a natural response in Human Beings. "Nuclear" Hair? Orange skin? Danna Dorf? Now that will get a response from even the ones who never post. They just can't help but jump in and defend Trump..... Just as Yosef wanted.......

What if Yosef had told us how great Trump was.... Would you have agreed, or would you have taken the opposite stance and bashed Trump yourself? Be real with yourself. We have been so trained, all of our lives to be divisive, and take an opposite stance. That is why Reverse psychology works so well. We want to do what we are told not to do, and don’t want to do what we are told to do. If Yosef has said that Trump was GREAT, we would have said he was not. The Genius is that the more unreasonable someone is the more we want to take the opposite stance because after all, it seems like the "Right" thing to do.


Trump has a very difficult job closing out the USA Inc., and facing the criticism of the left. The last thing he needs is to be hated by the Light Workers as well. We need to support him as he is actually working for us, doing an important and frankly, thankless job, in the final defeat of the Cabal. You have very successfully been whipped into a Pro-Trump frenzy, and as a result, an anti Yosef position.

Nothing Has Gone Wrong - The New Perspective

So you hate Yosef now. That is O.K., as he is a MASTER. He knows exactly what he is doing and is very much a team player. He is positioning himself as the target, so that he can do his part to support Trump and the incoming Republic. But, the strategy is so good that it works out perfectly in the end.

The person you now Like and have been "Provoked" into supporting is Trump. But Trump is his real name. He is stuck with it and is the "Face" of this revolution. Your support now, caries on for years to come and that is what he needs since he has no "Cover" or fake internet name.

However, who is Yosef? Anyone know what he looks like? Will you ever meet him in real life? No, No, No. The "Target personality" that took all the heat on Trumps behalf, will die as soon as the GCR goes. In that regard, the Personality that endures, Trump, is protected, and the personality that takes all the heat and is hated, Yosef, dies a quick, and painless death.

My Personal Position

For my part, I like Trump. I am sure that there were "things" in his past, but people do change and we all have that right to change and be forgiven. I also Like Yosef and recognize his genius. There is not one word that he has written or uttered that was not with the best intentions for the good of the plan, for the good of Dinarland, and for the good of everyone involved. The only harm that has ACTUALLY befallen anyone was harm to the Cabal and their evil agenda. The Cabal agenda has suffered greatly at the helm of Yosef and his unveiling the real truth for all of us to see for ourselves. And last, but not least, I love all of my friends and family here in Dinarland. I can assure you that the best interest of all was always the top Priority by Yosef, and for me as well.

The Clues

I recognized that there was a purpose to Yosef's rants against Trump when he became "Unreasonable." Nuclear Hair? Orange Skin? Donna Dorph? Since Yosef is extremely intelligent, and speaks so eloquently, these grade school, name calling rants made no sense at all. They were clearly meant to provoke a Pro-Trump response, and they worked perfectly. If Yosef really wanted to destroy someone, he could easily do it with real information, and lucid commentary, but no, it was grade school name calling that was "In Play." That was my clue, and it should now be a clue for you now as well.

End Game

What is the End Game? We get our GCR, Trump gets out of the game with the full support of Dinarland cheering him on, and the Yosef "Caricature," fades out of mind, since he is no longer needed. You have to admit, that if Yosef had come out in favor of Trump, the naysayers would have trashed Trump. But since he came out against Trump, the nay sayers had no choice but to support Trump in order to be contrary. It is so well played, but in the end of game, all is as it should be. GCR in our pocket, Good Trump, Bad Yosef, and life moves on.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is to recognize the game and that it is all around you. Like the Matrix, it is EVERYTHING you see, read, and are led to think or not think. The only way to escape the Matrix of game play, is to hold your own opinion, and let everything else go. In the end, we have all been played one way or the other. But you have to ask yourself, did it work out as a result? Yes it has. We played parts wittingly, and unwittingly, and every bit of it was necessary.

So, do you Love Yosef for his masterful game play for all the right reasons, or do you continue to hate him, for provoking you into playing the game? Step back, and see the bigger picture, that just like the big Race vs. Race game play, this Yosef vs. Trump game play is no different. If you can get to the "Right" perspective, the "Right" reality, you will just start laughing to yourself, and see things for what they really are. None of it was real, it was ALL Game Play.

From that Perspective, Meaning, and Reality, you have just been a key player in one of the biggest Games ever played on this Planet. It was fun, exciting, and highly rewarding in the end. Everyone played their part, and we are all going to "Paddy's Bar," to laugh over it all as we down a few pints. Take a deep breath, know all is well, and smile, the game is over now. It is now time to focus on what is next..... If you know what I mean....

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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