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Saturday, April 22, 2017

"With Great Wealth Comes Great Responsibility" by Victor - 4.22.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 4:34 AM EDT on April 22, 2017

With great wealth comes great responsibility. What does that mean for us? I know I have not ever really thought about it because that was never in my reality, great wealth, but now it will be. Now I have to think about it. We wil have ot think about it. We have to become like "Grandfather". I get the feeling that we are going to earn our money the in a new hard way. We will have to pay for this gift by changing ourselves.......surrendering our old self........our egos.

What is the purpose of this GCR? ......but to uplift ALL of mankind. That sounds like a big task and what does that mean?

Once the basic needs and more are taken care off for the individual and mankind, with money......what is next? All of this cosmic effort, it is more than just about money. Money is just a symbol for the principle of...... "No Lack existing"......This money is to show us that ........No lack exists for us. This is all about learning to taste what is it like to be Free.............free at last from our own limitations in thinking.

This money is about teaching us through tangible physical things that we can see and touch, that the Universe is completely abundant and that ......."Everything is Possible"....... unlimited abundance and Love is possible and exists. Can we and will we chose to step into something that big?.......because that is what we are going through right now, each individual here.

It means that this GCR is more than about a roof over our head and a guaranteed bowl of expensive porridge every morning. It is not about a new sports car or a fancy mansion and all the toys that unlimited money can buy. Yes, that is a beginning part of it, but we have to remember the context that we are now leaving behind.

We have seen and experienced what life was like for those that focused on those Service to Self needs only and refused to ....."Change".........refused to advance Spiritually and abused money and made it an enslavement construct. "They ".......the Cabal chose to fight the whole Benevolent Universe and Source itself. They wanted to stop the process of Soul evolution. They believed in the illusion that Light could be abused and destroyed and that an alternative exist to the Singularity of Source. There is only one Source, not two. They refused to advance to a Service to Others path here in this particular 3d world.

Now "They" or the contrast that the Service to Self provide, does not end until the upper 6d. So don't get complacent and think that no no challenges lie ahead. I 6d is where further evolution is no longer served by the need of contrast that the Service to Self provide. It becomes apparent then that all those kinds of hard lessons are done with. We then are finished with that and now work on a more a direct path to union and return to Source. Then ALL work is only done while working for the Light, in the Light and Service to Others only.

The new "Great Responsibility" we are part off, it is part of The whole of this Universe. The Whole that had to become involved to repair the situation on Earth. So all of this, it is a very serious issue of ........"Great Responsibility" .....for us who have made it this far.

I am sure when we all started down this path we had no clue what we where signing up for. We where probably just looking for a speculative investment or a quick and easy buck, in a hard world where money was needed for basic survival. But regardless of the shiny bright lure we chased and the glitter we thought we wanted. We are now on the hook for good, facing another hard fight yet to come. This fight, may turn out to be like an exorcism for some of us, depending on how stubborn and arrogant we are in our resistance to change.

This fight is very much centred on us as individuals. It all basically start with us and only us. It is only " I " who can choose to change myself...........and change is what is now the biggest cost of this gift financial we are going to receive. I think that there are strings attached that we may not see. Not bad strings like the enslavement strings of the past. But strings of ......"Great Responsibility". The strings of growing up and evolving to a higher understanding. A benevolent understanding of the higher dimensions, because that is where we are going, fighting or not. The Cabal tried fighting and that resistance, it did not have a chance.

What I mean is that I just saw tonight here in Dinar Chronicles what one of those great responsibilities will be. I have seen some discussion and heard the noise of impatience and the sound of revenge. Yes ......revenge and the cry for action and Justice........ all in one huge cry of pain. A pain and a damage that has been done to "US" in our collective mind, over the thousands of years here in a recycling bin of incarnations.

A pain created by abuse of our captors and enslavers. We where all humans here,enslaved and living the Black experience in a way and we nerve really saw it clearly. Most slept through it, but now they have to wake up from the dream, like we do.

Once we begin to see clearly and realize the extent of our past abuse. Once disclosure starts to come out more, we will be faced with how do we judge the perpetrators of the crimes? There will probably be some form of public trials. That is what will be coming for "US" as a collective and us as the individual to discern. How will we judge the Cabal? Will we seek a pound of Flesh as Cabal has been taking from us? Will their curse of violence be ours? Do we live and judge at their level or rise above our own present level and ........Forgive them? That is the hard question..........part of the ....."Great Responsibility"

Can we and will we "Surrender" our own arrogance of our belief systems of "right and wrong". Concepts that we may believe to be the ultimate wisdom ordained by "God" and "Truth", with some of the past concepts of justice and fairness with a little justification for violence perhaps.?

I am also thinking of a public execution that the state of Arkansas just carried out. In the past I can remember my indoctrinated perceptions of justice and I thought such actions by the state where right. But now, I have changed my mind........that way of "justice", it does not feel very good. If it does not feel good, the Source is letting me know directly, through feelings that my actions are not in alignment.

Alignment with Source...........is a "Great Responsibility" ......part of what is coming my way and knocking on the door and asking me to ......."change". Part of the change required in evolution to 4d.

So will we forgive the Cabal for their evil ways or will we seek our brand off....."Justice"? Our Great Responsibility will require that we learn about justice and what it means in a 4d reality.......because that is where we are headed. The old 3d and its "evil ways".......it is on its way out. We all have to evolve as individuals and a collective. An enlightened society is where we are headed and that is what this Great wealth is helping bring in. A new 4d reality, Where we will have to Ascend into a new way of thinking and being. We will evolve into a "collective mind ".......a hive mind in a way. That will be new to all.

Yes..........there will be no secrets........ in that context. In that change.......in that personal change the individual expands and becomes more than the one separate struggling alone little self and joins a larger sense of Self. So......I recommend that we all start to expand our way of thinking. Because many things that are coming our way and fast.

We will have to learn to Forgive and Pardon the Cabal. YES......we will in a way have no other option, if we really chose to evolve. Of course there is always still,l Free Will where we can each choose to milk some more suffering out of the system, if we have not had enough of our fill with it yet, as an individual.

What ever we do,this collective is going forward, the Universe will show us the way. That new way will be a stretch at the start, so get ready to earn your money's and change your ways...........IMO.




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