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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"Want, The Advanced Understanding" - One Who Knows - 4.12.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 11:45 AM EDT on April 12, 2017

Want, The Advanced Understanding

This advanced understanding of "Want," the seed of creation, is thanks to "PDC" who raised the important question "What about Don't Wants" (Negative Manifesting)? This simple question allows me to give you the most powerful understanding of Manifestation and "Want" you have ever heard. You are a God-Creator, and this information is how to use your God Power to create what you "Want."

This is a follow up to my post:
"The Huge Difference Between Want and Need"- One Who Believes - 8.17.16

To Review: Want = What + Why(s)

This is a quick review of the elements of Want, but I recommend a re-read of the above post to get the most out of this one. Want is made up of two Parts:

"What" (the object being manifested)

In short, if you don't have a "What" there is nothing more to talk about much less manifest. The What could be to have a Better life, be Happy, have more money, meet the love of your life, get a new car, or survive Cancer and Live! These are examples of things that a person might Want in the "Traditional Sense." The Positive Wants.

"Why" (the "thought" energy behind the manifestation)

The "Why" is the "Energy" component and the more [thought] energy it has the more powerful the manifestation. In short, the more the "What" means, the more Meaningful (Full of Meanings) it is. Clearly wanting to Live has a lot of meanings (What it means to live). This can sometimes be thought of why it matters or why it is important. The more the "What" means, the more it matters, the more it is important, the more [thought] "Energy" is devoted to manifesting it. Again, just as the "Whats" above, I used positive examples to explain this understanding of the "driving energy to manifest."

"Expectation" (Allowing the Manifestation)

At this point, we have to talk about Expectation as it is the "Go" signal, that allows the Energy of the "Why(s)" to Create/Manifest the "What." A simple way to understand allowing is thinking of a dam holding back the water (Whys) from flowing down river and creating the what. You can have the energy of a million "Whys" like why you want to live and survive cancer, but if you don't expect to live, the Energy of all the Whys, are held back like a dam holds back water. However, if you have a What, with a Million Whys, and the Belief is strong enough to reach Expectation, the dam gets removed and all that Energy creates a Manifestation so fast it will amaze you. Miracles anyone?

So, in short you have to have the "What," with the creative [thought] Energy of the Why(s), and then it has to be allowed to manifest by the Flow of Expectation. A very simple formula that you use every day to create your World as you know it.

Negative Manifesting

This brings us to what some people call Negative Manifesting, or generally, manifesting what you "Don't Want." Once you understand this part, you will increase your ability to get what you want geometrically (Huge Increase).

Your First understanding is that there is only "Creation or nothing" in the Universe. In example, you are growing an Oak tree from an Acorn (seed), or you are not. There is no "Un-Creation." That is impossible. There is ONLY Creation in the universe. BUT, the take away here is that you can Create what you want, or you can Create what you don't want and they are both created the SAME EXACT WAY.

In our example, if we wanted to create an oak tree, we would start with an Acorn, which is the seed (What-Seed) that creates an Oak tree (What). In short if you want an OAK TREE, you plant an OAK TREE seed (What). If you plant an Acorn, you will get and Oak tree, and it is IMPOSSIBLE for it to become a weed. You get what you plant, what you create. On the other hand, if you plant a weed seed, you will get a weed EVERY SINGLE TIME. You will NEVER get an Oak Tree by planting a Weed Seed (What).

So this gives us the foundation to understand that in the Universe there is only CREATION, and you can Create things you want, and just as easily Create things you don't want by the SAME EXACT FORMULA.

Different "Whats" (Seeds)

With this new and deeper understanding, we need to be more careful of the "Whats" we think of because they are what is to be Created. If the What is an oak seed, it will create what we want, but if the What is a weed seed, it will undoubtedly create what we don't want. For our example lets be Dramatic and use a life and death example.

A Good "What" (Oak Seed)

Using my Cancer patient example, his What is "LIVING and SURVIVING" cancer. That is what we want to "Grow" and Become Experienced (Reality). This is the Seed of the Manifestation. This is the CREATION of Living/Surviving.

Adding Energy, The Why(s)

I have explained that the "Why(s)" create the energy to manifest. What I will now add to this understanding that this "Energy" comes from Thought. The more you think about something, the more Manifesting Energy is directed to its Creation, Becoming, Real/Experienced in Reality. Using our "Seed" point of view, you might think of Thought/Energy like watering the seed. The more you think about it the more you water it, federalize it, and give it sunshine. That is Manifesting Energy poured on your What, causing it to Manifest. So as this person thinks (Thoughts) about living and all that would mean, he is ENERGIZING Surviving and Living. But there is still one more important thing to do before this seed can Grow/Become/Manifest into reality.

Allowing Manifestation: Expectation

Without going into too much detail, Expectation lets the manifestation happen. In our Cancer patient example, when he got the injection of water, which he thought was special Cancer medicine, he then EXPECTED to live. Then in 10 days, his cancer was gone, because he Thought About Living (The What Energized By the Why) and allowed it to happen by expectation.

A Bad "What" (Weed Seed)

There was another true story that is in Chapter one of my Book, about a Cancer Patient who was told by his doctor that he was going to die. This created the What in our Manifesting Formula. The What this time was "Dying" and NOT "Living" like before. This was the WEED SEED. It is a seed just like the other seed. Remember that there is only Creation in the Universe, and in that regard you can create good things or bad things just as easy as you can plant an Oak tree seed, or plant a weed seed. In this case Death was the "What" (Manifesting Target) in our formula.

Adding Energy, The Why(s)

Now it is time to give this "What" (Death), the energy it needs to manifest. As we mentioned before, that comes from all the Why(s), or what we like to call reasons to think about the What (Death). Sure we can say these are "Why Nots" but when you realize that Why(s) and Why Nots, both create the same Energy of thought, then there is no difference in energy applied to manifesting. Frankly, due to our Cabal Fear Programming, the "Why Nots" get way more thought, therefore energy, than the Whys. This is why Fear is such a powerful manifester. Someone who is worried about dying, thinks way more about "it" (the What - Dying), than the person who is thinking about living. EVERY fear based thought, waters the What, fertilizes it, and shines light on it 24 hours a day. There is so much attention/thought about it because it is feared. This is why people often die so quickly after they are diagnosed with a terrible disease, because they now think about dying all the time. The only thing that is needed now, for manifesting the "What" (Death), is expectation.

Allowing Manifestation: Expectation

In this example, the doctor told this guy that he would die since there was no cure for throat cancer back in the 70's. This made the Guy "Expect" death since the Doctor should know.... Right? The Doctor told him to get his things "In order' and the man did just that and then died a week later.

It was a Perfect manifestation. You had the "What" which was Death, and it was watered by constant and unrelenting thought about dying and what dying would mean, and then he allowed it to manifest by expecting it. This all added up to a very quick death.

However, an interesting, but sad, part of this true story is that the doctor operated on the man to remove what cancer he had. After the man died, they did the autopsy, and found that the operation was actually successful, and all the cancer had been removed. This meant that the man should NOT have died. But the man had no chance to live. After all, he had the What = Death, and he nourished that What by lots of Thought of why he didn't want to die, giving that manifestation a HUGE amount of energy, and then he Allowed it to happen by his expectation of it. So, being healthy and having no reason to die, could not overcome the powerful manifesting formula of What + Why(s) and Expectation.


So, the take away is that there is only Manifesting/Creation in the Universe. You can create an Oak Tree (Life) or a Weed (Death) and the Universe does not care which one as it is all the same creation formula. You have the What (Oak Seed, or Weed Seed), and add the Energy (Why or Why Not - Both are Thought Energy), and then allow it by Expectation.

What is Good or Bad?

There is no Good or Bad Creations in the Universe. There is only Creation or nothing. Whether something is good or bad is your point of view and matters not to the Universe. The difference between Positive Creation, or Negative Creation, is just the difference whether you "Water & Nourish" the thing you want or the thing you don’t want. Are you focused on & Expecting what you want (the Oak Seed / Living), or are you focused and expecting what you don't want (The weed seed / Dying)?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is no difference in manifesting one thing or another. Is it what you want or don't want? That is a matter of your perspective. All I know, is that if you don't want it, then don't think about it, and whatever you do, don't expect it. Instead, keep your creative, manifesting thoughts on what you do want, and by all means, expect to get what you want. Remember the Formula, Any "What," thought about and Expected, becomes manifested. The bottom line is that:

"Thought is the Creator, as Thought always (In All Ways) is."

- Zorra of Hollow Earth -

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Reference Post/Question:
"Rebuttal-ing OWK Again" by Patricia D. Curtis - 4.11.17


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