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Sunday, April 2, 2017

"Tricking the Cabal, have you really thought this through?" by C40 - 4.2.17

Entry Submitted by Compassion4Others at 7:06 PM EDT on April 2, 2017

Hello Dinarland,

Once again, turmoil and chaos are the order of the day due to projected activities that once again have not come to fruition.

First let me say, we are owed nothing. No one has to be here. We can all leave at anytime and spend our time focused elsewhere.

But for those of us DIE HARDS, we are still here. Many feel lied to because, well, we have been lied to. Many feel tricked because we have been. Many are lashing out at the Gurus while others are lashing out at those who are lashing out.....lol

The truest test of a person is not how they behave IN GOOD TIMES but how they conduct themselves when THINGS FALL APART.

Some take the high road while others feel the need to voice their opinion about being wronged. Once again, none of us have to be here. We bought CHEAP PAPER and we were told that we could exchange that CHEAP PAPER and become Billionaires and Trillionaires. What a tremendous deal.....if it turns out to be true. If it is not true, who are we going to blame?

With that reality as a backdrop, at some point we all have to go back to the basics of the foundation of the RV, if we are going to unravel why we are still here and if those reasons are still valid. In other words, what do we still believe to be true and what have we accepted because WE WANT THIS TO BE TRUE?

Let's first examine the #1 REASON we are told that our Guru's INTENTIONALLY tell us FALSE INTEL.

They tell us that the CABAL listens in to Conference Calls. Yosef has stated this several times. Repeatedly, other intel gurus state that the CABAL watch the posts on Dinarland and as a DECEPTIVE TACTIC our Gurus post FALSE INTEL to trick the Cabal so that they don't know what is really going on.

So, we have a TOP TO BOTTOM infrastructure that disseminates INTEL from the TOP(Grandfather), to the NEXT LEVEL DOWN(The Elders). From the Elders, we can all guess how many layers there are and how they disseminate their INTEL until it reaches us at the bottom. So, let's do some guessing and admit that is exactly what it is.

So, from the elders, the information travels to who?
What type of communication do they use as it travels LEVEL by LEVEL by LEVEL by LEVEL?

Is it via the TELEPHONE.......cause the CABAL have all phone lines tapped worldwide?
Is it via TEXT MESSAGE.......cause the CABAL have all phone lines and text apps tapped worldwide?

Is it via the EMAIL.......cause the CABAL are able to read every email sent anywhere in the world?

Is it PERSON to PERSON......cause the CABAL have agents globally that start from the bottom(Yosef in his basement OR Kent Dunn in his bedroom) and work their way up the intel path which ultimately leads to Grandfather.

Pick any form of communication THE ELDERS might use to pass along INTEL and then try to guess how many different people this INTEL has to go through before it reaches Yosef in his basement or Kent Dunn in his bedroom.

Is it 3 levels deep before it gets to Yosef and Kent?
Or, is it 30 levels deep before it gets to the regular joe in the basement/bedroom?

Does anyone for a second really believe that THE CABAL and their worldwide DATA COLLECTION TECHNOLOGY are getting out flanked by Yosef and Kent Dunn in their basements and bedrooms?

Do you really believe that IF YOSEPH is really in the loop and is really being given REAL INTEL or even DECEPTIVE INTEL from the Elders that THE CABAL has not been able to move UPSTREAM to those passing this info to YOSEPH?

So, if you take a step back and look at THE #1 REASON we are being given FALSE INTEL, it all falls apart.

OWK does not have secret intel that THE CABAL has not already captured via their vast DATA COLLECTION TECHNOLOGY.....neither does Yoseph. Neither does any other so called Intel Guru.

Does OWK, YOSEPH or BRUCE have extensive training via some secret ops agency to safely RECEIVE encrypted intel?

If they do, they are special agents and not who they say they are.

If they don't, then they are simply NORMAL PEOPLE sitting in their basements or at a starbucks passing UNPROTECTED INTEL to us from UNPROTECTED SOURCES. At some point we have to question why THEY THINK that the info they are getting is really FOOLING the Cabal.

Whatever the GURUS post here in Dinarland has already been captured, reviewed and evaluated......unless they are channeling this intel......and then, God help us all.

If they don't have real intel sources, they are simply making it up. The CABAL does not have to listen to YOSEPH'S conference calls to learn what he is going to say. IF he has sources feeding him intel, they already have intercepted his communications from his easily tracked and intercepted INTEL GATHERING NETWORK in his basement.

As you can clearly see, they are not being TRICKED by INTEL POSTS from Intel Gurus.....
The only people being TRICKED are those of us at the VERY BOTTOM of the intel totem pole.

There is no reason for CABAL OPERATIVES to log onto this website......they already know everything before it is posted......just like our Intel Gurus know what they are going to post before they post it.

In closing, my heart goes out to each of you that live day to day hoping for this RV to become a reality. I see the suffering in each of your posts.....it is visceral. I can feel it. I hope the INTEL GURUS will stop with this nonsense that they are tricking the CABAL.....they are not tricking anyone but us.

Many WELL INTENTIONED people posted today about their extreme distrust of this process and listed many examples of FAKE INTEL and FALSE REALITIES that all fall back on our beloved gurus MOVING THE GOAL POSTS and ultimately demanding that if this fails or we lose hope it is because THE WEAK and NON-BELIEVING must be weeded out.

I am the son of a Baptist Preacher. I have seen this deception my whole life.

It is YOUR FAULT because you don't have enough faith.
If is YOUR FAULT because you are not worthy.
This endless mind game and SUFFERING IS GOOD.....and necessary for you to get your treat?

This is the same CABAL TRAP they have used with all of their man made religions for millennia.

Their hope is that most will give up and then, a new GROUP of NEW VICTIMS will fill the void until they too have had enough and move on. It is a vicious cycle.
Then, there are the ones that will not go away.....because they have nowhere to go.

I am still here because, like many of you, this is my last hope to leave a LIFE LONG road of disappointment and loss. The light worker title that has suffered through a life of LACK fits most of us......we have lived a life of suffering and FINALLY, we have this bright light of HOPE put in front of us, FINALLY. We are the easiest target.....

How do you walk away from the only HOPE you have?

Most of us won't because we have no other REAL options that will bring us everything we have ever hoped for.....more less a better life that is a step above what we have now.
This is it.....and because of that desperation, we will stay and we will suffer more because we have no where else to go.

This is what makes each FALSE INTEL post and each PUMP FAKE all the more painful.
Intel Gurus, you know and we know that you are not fooling the CABAL with your FALSE INTEL posts.

You are only hurting those of us at the bottom of the totem pole.....nothing more.....nothing less.

So, please stop with FAKE REASONS for FAKE INTEL.

You aren't fooling anyone.......you are only destroying the MORAL and the VIBRATION of everyone here in Dinarland which is what we are told is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. If we are the HOPE FOR MANKIND and MOTHER EARTH, why are you intentionally destroying our hope and destroying our Vibration.....for no viable reason?

It does not add up.....

DINARLAND FAMILY, please try to hang in there.........try not to turn on each other.
Speak your truth......we need to hear from all sides.

That is how discernment is achieved.......rather than turning DC into an echo chamber.
Dissent is critical in order to find the truth.

Stop telling people they are BAD or UNWORTHY or that they should just leave......because they voice their truth.
This thinking is from the DARK AGES.....a Cabal construct.

Judgment and condescension is not your job......our creator did not give you that right.





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