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Sunday, April 2, 2017

"Tonight's Word: Stranger In A Strange Land" - Heisenberg - 4.1.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 11:43 PM EDT on April 1, 2017

"We're a garageband from garageland." -Bono

"And she bore a son, and he called his name Gershom; for he said: 'I have been a stranger in a strange land.'" Exodus 2:22

And that brings us to tonight's word: STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND

Hey mom, we're gonna practice in the garage so don't bother us for a few hours okay? Thanks for the cookies and lemonade, mom. We need to practice because were gonna be something big someday. Megalomania has set in early with us. We've got the record guy coming down from London and uor set needs to be tight. But I love you mom.

Remember that six years ago? Starting out with those two and three chord songs? Songs like people get ready? Got to start somewhere.And the garage is about as good a place as any. Or if you live in the Midwest you got a basement all to yourselves. Party time. Excellent.


Along that line I must apologize. I thought that basement picture of Yosef was really him for the longest time. If you Google Yosef I think that picture comes up. But he once did say that there's a picture of him that was leaked out there that has him looking like a terrorist. I don't think that poor kid looks like a terrorist. Looks more like his parents put a guitar in his hand but it didn't pan out. But they put a computer, sweet DOS with the blinking green vertical rectangle and something clicked. That kid just ran with it.

They say big things start from humble beginnings right? If our blessings are as close as they say they are, then we will soon be living proof of that.

Maybe we're just misfits in the basement trying to find our place in this world. I guess in the old old days they had ham radios. But either way, whatever weapon of choice you choose to pick up , a ham radio, be it Dungeons & Dragons, be it a guitar and a hot mike, or be it an old time computer with a floppy disk (Google it) we all seem to have been born from the same basement. Or garage.

But I'd like to take a second to thank all of our supporters which are mostly our parents, who backed us with our crazy dreams and whatever path we took without question. How many of our parents or grandparents bought us that computer or bought us that guitar? How many of them made that $500 investment so we could chase our dreams? Even though we were out of control?


So garageland as fun as it was is over. It's over but those experiences still comfort us today. Whether garageland was learning those three chords in the proper bar sequence, or learning the basics of computer coding, or living those multiple lives to prepare us for this one, garageland is over. That bloke from London signed you.

We have crossed that bridge into dinarland. And even that one's kind of over. All this talk of dinar, Iraq, multiple currency and multicurrency accounts, oy vey LOL, Are kind of over aren't they? The new powers that be have taken all the guesswork out of this haven't they? And God bless them.

Many of tried to sell and many have bought the various trusts over the years. I'm here to say I never did. And I'm kind of glad for it. Although I have more education than anyone I've gifted currency to, I am going to walk in that exchange appointment like a newborn babe. I have so much faith that we are being taking care of and that God loves me that much (I'm looking at you Yosef) that I am going to stand in the bed of that pick up truck, and fall backwards into His arms. (I'm looking at you Fisher). I am probably the most ill-prepared person to go into that exchange right now. I am so burned out from these false starts but yet so comforted by the high rates that I Give them what I have and be grateful for what I receive. If that was the powers that be plan for us chosen ones, mission accomplished. At this point any talk of rates going higher or giving us any more special gifts is actually taking all the steam out of my engine. And that's why I am putting my full faith in the process , because it I can already feel what has been planned. Does that make any sense whatsoever? Very strange.

To confess, I also want to see what they'll have planned for us. They've been planning this party a lot longer than I have and I would like to see how a pro does it. So why would I go in with my thousand dollar trust done at Trusts R Us if I could get the real deal? I'm not saying this is what anyone else should do, but why would I go into Gordon Ramsay's kitchen and tell him how a McDonald's chef would cook a beef Wellington? To each their own. So goodbye dinarland. Some very nice people here and there, but dinarland was also full of shit talkers, that's for sure.

Next stop strangeland. To me strange is not a good word or a bad word. It's just something that causes you to take a step back and take a second look at what you just saw. a double take. Or something that causes you to say to yourself "did that really just happen? ". And it's definitely somewhere you've never been before. Like a place where they tell us money will soon be an outdated concept. Or a place where they tell us time will soon be an outdated concept. Or want, or need, or disease, or famine, or hunger, or loneliness. Some might call that heaven on earth. But initially it's going to be a strangeland. Because I think heavenonearthland is just beyond the borders of strangeland.

And as we are strangers walking among the population in strange land, there's going to be a massive disclosure all at once. Can you imagine walking amongst thousands of sleepwalkers in their pajamas and have them all wake up at one time around you? That's gonna be one for the books. A stranger in a strange land indeed.

And that's the word





"No One's Leaving"

I'm a white dread-I'm a white dread, so?
I'm a got a ring and I hang it from my nose.
Got a little game and I take it to the park.
I don't care who plays
As long as the game is on.

My sister and her boyfriend slept in the park.
She had to leave home 'cause he was dark.
Now they parade around in New York with a baby boy...
He's gorgeous!
Ain't nobody leaving!

No one's leaving...

Blacks call each other brother and sis'
Count me in 'cause I been missed.
I've seen color changed by a kiss.
Ask my brother
And my sister.

My sister and her boyfriend slept in the park.
She had to leave home 'cause he was dark.
Now they parade around in New York with a baby boy...
He's gorgeous!
Ain't nobody leaving!

No one's leaving!

Yeah, that's right...
Yeah, that's so...

Wish I knew everyone's nickname,
all their slang and all their sayings.
Every way to show affection,
How to dress to fit the occasion...

Wish we all waved...
All waved...
All waved...
I wish we all!
Wish we all!
Wish we all waved...



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