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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Tonight's Word: Gods Cop" - Heisenberg - 4.4.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 11:10 PM EDT on April 4, 2017

"Ain't it just like the night to play tricks when you're trying to be so quiet?" -Bob Dylan

"When I was all messed up and I heard opera in my head
Your love was a light bulb
it just went over my head." -Ultraviolet

And that brings us to tonight's word: GODS COP


Ever since high school this concept of being in Gods police force started creeping in my mind. It kind of came out of nowhere. I do have a sneaking suspicion the Roman Catholic guilt had something to do with it. Probably.


But I remember sharing this vocation matter-of-factly. Every now and then I'm sure I got a laugh or two out of it, I can't remember. But I do remember i used to share that with a straight face and a conviction that I was sure I was a chosen one. One of gods cops on earth. Who knows what I was in the past life to make me start thinking like this at age 17? Maybe someday I'll find out. Maybe someday soon.

And I'm not talking about a cop for the laws of men. I guess I'm alluding to those things you see in everyday life that cause you to wince. Or cause you to lose your hunger. Appetite is what I meant to say. There are many things in this world that are legal by the laws of men but violate the laws of God. Things you see that cause you to lose your appetite. The most obvious one is the homeless population standing on the corner begging for handouts. But a less obvious one is that seventy-year-old in that hundred and 110° kitchen washing dishes. Or that guy at the supermarket that takes a bus to two jobs walking around half dead. Even though the laws of men find nothing wrong with this picture, perhaps a Gods cop sees something that just isn't right.

And somewhere along the way, some spirit, some ancestor heard that declaration. Maybe an ancestor that I have 1/100 part of his blood in me heard me one day. Maybe he heard and said "Okay, Serpico. So you're a self-professed God's Cop, eh? You're gonna eat those words one day." And I guess I'm eating them today. And no Tabasco in the land are making it taste good. Maybe not yet. Police Academy was only fun in the movies.

Did you ever see Bad lieutenant with Harvey Keitel? I wanted to find a clip to show that even cops on earth aren't angels. But every clip I found was beyond posting. Nc 17. I guess even I have my limits. That movie should be called really bad lieutenant.

Today I'm speaking to the Maria's out there. The truly blessed out there. Matt. Jeff. Hilarion getting the job done. To all the single souls who are on all the sites trying to find some direction in this crazy old mixed up ZIM world. Trying to put it together like the teams are doing. The lone wolves who are sorting through these 50 foot waves of information and disinformation dumps and pump fakes (gives new meaning to pump and dump). You know the posts I'm talking about. The ones that you can just feel have a team of psychiatrists or researchers wheel barrowing it out just to throw us off the scent. Like we're that good. *Eyes rolling*

And in our defense, we really didn't sign up for this MASSIVE Zim payoff. We signed up for maybe an $11 x 10 million payday. You remember those days? Just over a year ago? Before this turned into a release the kraken situation? Before anything as absurd as the $125,000 end ZIM rate? Before it turned into an ultra military operation? Oh yeah. To those who aren't dealing drugs or trafficking kids to pay the bills, I imagine you'll be alright. But it just so happens that this thing got very serious very fast. And if you don't think it's serious maybe just go dark for a while.

Would you go back to the simple life if you could? To the simplicity of $100 million or $200 million payday? There's a part of me that probably would. Because this thing is turning into a heavy mother, brother. Because all us Gods cops out there gonna have a hard time telling ourselves that that 70-year-old in that hundred degree kitchen is having fun. He wouldn't be on his feet for 10 hours of he didn't enjoy it, right? Or that we can get back to that homeless guy a couple blocks back tomorrow. He'll still be there right? It's not freezing tonight, right? We are going to be endlessly given 911 calls by our guardian angels. Can you handle the guilt of not picking up the call and letting it ring out?

Ever hear of Judge Dredd? In a futuristic over populated Mega City, the cops are made judges with the power and authority to hand out immediate judgements after taking down the perps. There just wasn't time enough in Mega City to run someone thru a drawn out court process.

So these judges were more machine than man for this was a massive responsibility with no room for error. And no room for empathy either. And I said that to say what? Our future jobs are to not show up to a crime scene, take a report and move on. Oh No. We will have the authority granted to us by God to be the jury, the social worker, the parole officer, etc. etc. We will be Gods "fixers" as well. And yes, we'll have to sit thru everyone's bs statements as to how they didn't contribute to this crime against God. I'm innocent, man. Gonna hear some yarns. It's nobody's fault the world got as bad as it did. Nobody saw nutin'. But that's ok. We'll get to the truth. With extreme patience. And we'll fix it. We'll be Gods entire criminals justice system. And not for the laws of man, but a higher law. The highest law. God's law. Can I get an amein? And a witness?

And please, don't try to break up a bank robbery with a "God's Cop" tin foil badge. I was kinda talking about social injustices. Capice?

On a sidenote, I attended a Country club function recently. Very nice indeed. Temperature was perfect, didn't have to stand in line at the bathrooms, got seated right away. There was a team of staff walking around with hors d'oeuvres and cold beer. I could see what people like the country club lifestyle. It was a very safe cave in which to hide. I hope not to many of us disappear in there. Although the songs of the sirens are tempting.

And then I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles and got a taste of real life. It seem like everyone there was wearing hand-me-downs or secondhand clothes. Grown men in their 30s and 40s wearing sweatpants. Maybe it was their day off or maybe they didn't have a job. Maybe they couldn't find work. Girl across the aisle was trying to get some shut eye. So as I sat there for three hours I realized that this is the reason I'm here. These are the people whom my ancestor told me I need to help. Because at the end of the day they're my people. My tribe. I just happened to take a zig at Zim crossroad when they zagged. I was surprised to find out that breast-feeding in public is an accepted thing now. Remember when everyone used to get up in arms about that? Oh no, not anymore. Right in front of God and country. Not one complaint. That was kind of nice. No opinionated jerk that day. Ps. Is there a DMV for rich people I don't know about?

If you happen to watch the attached YouTube video there's one thing I'd like to point out. It says that the weapon used against those in power, which were probably politicians as well as the bankers, was the fear of disclosure. So rather than disclose everything to humanity, they bellied up and allowed an alien invasion. Invasion is not the word I'm looking for. Infiltration is more like it. So I guess disclosure is a number one priority along with the massive funds to help humanity. Very disheartening to see President Eisenhower sell us out like that. What's that saying we used to say? Sucks to be us.

And on a second minor note, if you listen hard enough you'll see that Anglo/alien argument that Yosef talks about. Although this YouTube video focuses more on German ancestry. Tomato tomahto. And if you don't like what it has to say, you can respond at the bottom of the YouTube clip. I'm not touching that one with a 40 foot pole.

So tonight this long-distance dedication (Casey Kasem boom) goes out to all you lone wolves and God's cops and even a couple of Gods detectives (OWK) tuning in tonight. Heart to heart. One to one. Gives new meaning to the term "chosen ones", yes? And maybe we're not all alone. Throw in Jesus giving pre shift roll call. Throw in the spirits of all our ancestors. And all them thought adjusters pushing us to speak their words.....Oh and just one more thing......let's be careful out there.


Ps, OWK's spiritual posts aside, there is no one even close on DC to answering the true Zim questions etc. that he does. his information lines up with what I've chosen to believe. I think we all take it for granted that everyone is caught up on the exchange process. No one is willing to step up and answer the newbies questions like OWK. We are lucky to have his posts that keep dinarlands axes sharp. So keep on keeping on, brother. I tip my hat to you. Continue to do that voodoo that you do so well.

And that's the word






Smile an everlasting smile
A smile could bring you near to me
Don't ever let me find you gone
'Cause that would bring a tear to me
This world has lost it's glory
Let's start a brand new story
Now my love right now there'll be
No other time and I can show you
How my love
Talk in everlasting words
And dedicate them all to me
And I will give you all my life
I'm here if you should call to me
You think that I don't even mean
A single word I say
It's only words, and words are all
I have to take your heart away
You think that I don't even mean
A single word I say
It's only words, and words are all
I have to take your heart away
It's only words, and words are all
I have to take your heart away



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