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Monday, April 17, 2017

"Tonight's Word: Freedom Fighters" - Heisenberg - 4.17.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 7:03 PM EDT on April 17, 2017

Rise up fallen fighters
Rise and take your stance again
'Tis he who fights and run away
Live to fight another day

As a man sow, shall he reap
And I know that talk is cheap
But the hotter the battle
How much sweeter Jah victory

We Build your penitentiary, we build your schools
Brainwash education to try and make us the fools
Hate is your reward for our love
Telling us of your God above
We gonna chase those crazy
Chase those crazy bunkheads
Chase those crazy baldheads out of town
Here comes the conman
Coming with his con plan
We won't take no bribe, we got to stay alive -Bob Marley

And that brings us to tonight's word: FREEDOM FIGHTERS

I first heard the term freedom fighters back in 1995ish. It was during a Bob Marley documentary where Rita Marley was talking about the freedom fighters from Jamaica. The word of the Legend of Bob Marley was spread throughout the world to fellow fighters. And this was back in 1970s mind you. No email. No dinar chronicles. Barely a phone.

Thank you Yosef for bringing this concept back into my consciousness. And to bless us with this term is indeed a blessing and a curse. Can you imagine the freedom fighters of the 60s and 70s and their struggles? Spies in every camp. Scraping for supplies. Sleeping in the floors in damp basements. Trying not to rot in the jungles. Getting help where they can but those who did help, did at the risk of their lives.

Yes, a freedom fighter was a sexy line to give a girl in a French cafe. How you doing? Probably worked more times than failed. But that life was anything but sexy. Jungle rot. So why the hell would anyone choose this life? Maybe because they were awakened at some point of their journey and they could not turn a blind eye. They saw the plan of the octopus which was to encompass the world and would not roll over. I really doubt there were many happy endings. More of a curse than a blessing indeed.

So why would we be given the blessing and the curse of being dubbed a freedom fighter? We're going to have sooo much moolah. We're going to have so many resources, please give us a little more credit than that. We're gonna show those freedom fighters of yore how it's done.

But are we? Are we really gonna? Do we really have the right stuff? I can see some have the wrong stuff. Oh lordy. We got into this for money. Big fat stacks, yo. All about the Benjamins. I guess it's easy to call ourselves fearless fracking freedom fighters from the back of our limos and from the balcony of our million dollar homes.

Now we may have the resources of the cabal, but do we have the heart of Bob Marley? Of Victor Jara? Of all the fighters who gave their lives over the decades? I'm sure some here do. And they are the ones giving it all. Leaving it all in the field. Using every drop in the tank. No matter how many dissidents throw shade.

I thought of this term freedom fighter over and over since one of Yosef's last conference call. When was it? I have no clue. Dinarland is becoming a grey area as of late. It might've been during his millennial call. And again I want to thank Yosef for this concept call. Great hustle. But unfortunately it revealed how out of touch dinarland is from these late 20 something Millennials. From the audience it sounded like a lot of us wanted to impose our desires and our wishes. I heard the word "I" ALOT. I could also tell that the average age of those listening to the calls are about 60.

So my question is, how does somebody over the age of 50 years old, who never really had the calling of a freedom fighters heart, recruit the hearts and minds of young adults to help change the world? Does that about sum it up? Pretty pretty pretty close.

Well, having a millennial recently come into my life definitely opened my eyes. Brother, they are fast. They live off their iPhones. They plan off them, they travel off them and they can connect quicker than we can.

The Millennials may be the first generation actually knowing in their guts that the world is screwed. Maybe they can see the the family owned business are getting squeezed out every day by corporations. Want Chinese? Go to panda express. Prescriptions? Walgreens. Italian? Olive Garden. Gross.

Maybe they can see that their generation is doomed to serve up minimum wage jobs no matter how hard they try. So maybe that's why their bulls**t meters are so darn good. Maybe they all have a freedom fighter gene somewhere in their dna planted by the good guys. Go fighting badgers!

So maybe, all we have to do is find a few good ones to carry out our plans. Find one good one and let him or her recruit their friends. Let them find a tattoo artist to create badass logo. Let them find someone who will be a human resource officer (ps you will need one of these. Every respectable company has this problem solver). Let them find a gardener to design a plant space. Let them find the decorators and office space. Just get out of the way. They are waiting for this opportunity. They are dying to make a change. But the last thing they want is a senior citizen telling them how to change the world. That includes me too.

Sorry for the Debbie downer but if you're not in touch, you're out of touch. Look to your children or grandchildren. Go talk to your high school sports coaches or teachers. They are working for scraps so you know they're not in it for the money. The can tell you which kids are "different". Which kids could slip right into philanthropy. What you got to lose?

Having recently spent time in a big city, I would suggest everyone take a trip to Detroit or Chicago. Take a tour and see with your own eyes how bad it is. Go into their ghettos and neighborhoods and not with your limos and Armani suits, for heavens sake. Rent a wreck. Look at their restaurants. See is there's a McDonald's around taking all the money out of their economy. Go to Chinatown. Think about turning all these restaurants into non profits and paying the employees $88,888 per year. And getting their food suppliers a leg up as well. The networks in the food industry are well rooted. So might could be done working backwards thru the restaurant did chain. Vermaponic gardens? But I digress.

Folks....ee have been most generously given the title of freedom fighters. Please do not let this be taken lightly. Please remember that many freedom fighters have given their lives and their song so that we may get that luxury apartment. Very sad. But strategy calls that we come in at the bottom to hydrate as other forces come in from the top to hydrate. Sobeit.

We are not organized. We will be separated. We will be alone in the concrete jungle. We may not have come here for the right reasons. But we freedom fighters will lean on the strength of those who came before us. We freedom fighters will find a way to get the job done. And if you get confused, listen to the music play.

And that's the word






"Washington Bullets"

Oh! Mama, Mama look there!
Your children are playing in that street again
Don't you know what happened down there?
A youth of fourteen got shot down there
The Kokane guns of Jamdown Town
The killing clowns, the blood money men
Are shooting those Washington bullets again

As every cell in Chile will tell
The cries of the tortured men
Remember Allende, and the days before,
Before the army came
Please remember Victor Jara,
In the Santiago Stadium,
Es verdad - those Washington Bullets again

And in the Bay of Pigs in 1961,
Havana fought the playboy in the Cuban sun,
For Castro is a colour,
Is a redder than red,
Those Washington bullets want Castro dead
For Castro is the colour...
...That will earn you a spray of lead

For the very first time ever,
When they had a revolution in Nicaragua,
There was no interference from America
Human rights in America

Well the people fought the leader,
And up he flew...
With no Washington bullets what else could he do?

'N' if you can find a Afghan rebel
That the Moscow bullets missed
Ask him what he thinks of voting Communist...
...Ask the Dalai Lama in the hills of Tibet,
How many monks did the Chinese get?
In a war-torn swamp stop any mercenary,
'N' check the British bullets in his armoury



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