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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

TNT Showtime CC Notes w/ RayRen98 by Adept1 4-5-17

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 5-April-2017

Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Wednesday, April 5, 2017, with RayRen98 here on the controls.

Just as the text message said, there is no intel, just member training. There is nothing of significance to share with you, nothing you didn’t already hear last week or Monday. There’s been some back-and-forth that could throw some people off, so we’re going to let that lie. My best sources says we are just waiting, and “we will contact you”.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: How can we get on open mike?

A: Go into chat and ask the members.

Q: Would setting up a temporary skeleton trust(s) with the exchanging bank create any difficulty in moving funds to other banks if you choose to use several places to work with your money?
A: I don’t really have firm information about the skeleton trust; you’ll have to ask your bank and see what they are offering. Your plans sound good.

Q: Are we still looking good or sometime this week? My second question is are your Intel people excited and if so how excited are they?
A: They’re excited, let’s leave it at that.

Q: Just wondering if you have any negative nellies in your family, or directly under your roof. All of mine are negative unfortunately. You know what they say: “misery loves company”.
A: A negative nellie in my house?! No, we don’t have any in the family, much less in my house. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but if we did have any in my family, it’s because they haven’t done their homework. I wouldn’t be negative back to them, just when this pops, they can go their way and I’ll go mine. If you have some in your family, just try to educate them. We have two articles on the public part of the forum to give people a good basic understanding of what’s taking place, so they can understand this process.

Q: My question involves student loan debt. Somehow I intuit that many TNT members are also plagued with this challenge. I personally am not in default but due to low income am not required to make payments. I am a serious Senior reliant primarily on Social Security. With a growing balance due every month (interest, etc.), I continue to be confused as to whether to pay the entire balance due (in tens of thousands) upon currency exchange, or whether to just resume monthly payments.
A: At exchange time, how much money will you have to work with? Then calculate the lifestyle you want to live, and how much that will cost to support. Put the exchange money to work to sustain the new lifestyle you have chosen. Then you will see if you have enough money from the exchange to create that revenue. If you still have some left over to just blow, then you might look at the student loan and just pay it. OR if you have enough to consider that, you might want to look at lost opportunities. Plug the numbers in, and decide if it’s better to keep the loan and make payments rather than using up all the cash in one pop. Run the numbers, and also after the RV, you can pay a professional to run these numbers for you. That goes for any kind of debt or buying anything. You may want to pay cash, but that might not be the smart thing to do, economically. This is especially true if you have relatively little currency. No matter how much money you think you are going to have, you need to lock in proper money management skills if you want it to last for the rest of your life.

Q: It seems like this really is our week, but do we still need to make any more donations to cover this part of the month of April yet?
A: You guys did pretty well at the end of the month, and it’s covering April, too. If things don’t go as expected, then we might have to call on you; let’s see what happens.

Q: Since I’d like to call several banks to see if I can compare rates, will there be a list of separate 800 numbers for perhaps the top 25 banks? [RR: Not coming from me.] Or will there only be a single 800 number that will transfer you to a bank of your choice?
A: I don’t know how the 800 numbers will work. I’m thinking single 800 numbers, not a separate 800 number for each bank. It sounds like the call centers are running independently of each other.

Q: Have prices changed in Iraq that would suggest a revalued currency?
A: I haven’t heard that, yet.

Q: I heard Tony say many times that we should take half of whatever amount we get when we exchange and put it away in case we have to pay taxes. What is your view on this? Do you think this is still a good idea? If so, what amount do you think we should hold back?
A: He didn’t mean literally, he meant to set it aside. That part will still go to work, you just have it allocated for tax season. Your financial professionals will know how to do this.

Q: My mother is in her late seventies and we have gifted her 100K IQD and are worried that when the RV happens it will negatively affect her Social Security and Medicare benefits. [RR: So ungift her.] Would you recommending we put it in a trust with her as the trustee? Or should we just exchange it in our name and then set up a trust in her name with her as the trustee.
A: What would be the difference – those two are basically the same thing. You want to make sure that there is no ownership connection so that it won’t interfere with Social Security, unless it’s a boatload of money. You might not be giving her enough money for the rest of her life. If it’s only 100K, and we exchange at $3.71, that’s only $371, 000, and that is not enough for the rest of your mother’s life.

Q: There has been questions regarding the use of the Skeletal Trust provide by the Banks. Can one use a Revocable Trust in the same way? Can you give us some of the pro’s and con’s of this action? 
A: Yes, you can use one of those for anything you want, especially if it’s a temporary deal.

Q: If I exchange money to Irrevocable Trust can I move money to any trust later?
A: Based on what I think you don’t know, I would say NO. You might learn more about trusts later that could change that answer.

Live Q and A

865/404 caller: The post-RV seminars – where will the info be posted?

RayRen: On the TNTShowtime site in the public area.

801 caller: As you exchange different currencies, do you want to put them in separate accounts?

RayRen: I will still do dinar separately because that’s what we were told years ago; everything else can be in the same box.

Caller: Will there be different exchange rates if you have a lot of dinar?

RayRen: I don’t think so. Last thing we heard about caps was that 20 million dinar is the most you can exchange at the contract rate, and yes I think there will be contract rates.

Caller: Last we heard there might still be structured payouts, and for Zim that they will want to keep 80% for humanitarian projects. What are your thoughts on interest rates if you do leave substantial chunks at the banks? Is it reasonable to expect 8-10%?

RayRen: If the banks offer you a good investment product, then we want to put the money to work anywhere, that could work out well. And you can get 8-10% now, so yes, that is definitely possible.

Caller: Do you believe this will be a taxable event?

RayRen: I really don’t know… wait and see.

287 caller: Anything on trump and King Abdullah?

RayRen: I don’t have anything on that.

OK caller: You said that when this thing happens, ‘some with go, but some will go later’.

RayRen: Let’s say it happens tomorrow, we have a live rate and the green light is on. Some will go exchange on Thursday, and some will not, depending on their strategy. The best of us will go down there tomorrow to pursue a contract rate, or with the intention of leveraging for further down the road. The rest of us will exchange, pay bills and go about their business. They would be the ‘first mouse’ people. The rest of us are opportunists – we are looking for opportunities.

Caller: Some people have exchanged in the US, and I guess some got paid and some got SKRs. Would that be at a lower rate than what we will get when you put up the number. Is that correct? I believe the Admiral’s Group has been locked in for years on the dong and zim.

RayRen: That is the expectation. Also, some of those early exchangers have specific rates in their contracts. We know what some have as the rates they are locked into, so it’s poss

Caller: My friend in the Admiral’s group says that their rate is Dong = $10, zim = 18 cents. So if we can do even better… !

Next caller: I keep hearing from my people that the dinar will have no taxes. When you are over a certain age, you can make as much money as you want and it won’t affect your Social Security. I checked, and you don’t have to give up your SS, even if you make ten million dollars a year. You have to pay taxes on that, but you don’t pay taxes when you make the exchange, just on the profits you make subsequently. They didn’t pay taxes three years ago; people should speculate as much. Just sit back, put a little bit aside to be safe. What I keep hearing is that dinar will not be taxed, although dong and rupiah and zim might be. You’ll pay the taxes for us, right Ray? [laughter] I will have all that I need for generations down the road.

832 caller: I understand that after 70 you can make money without affecting Social Security, but is that really true with Medicare?

RayRen: I really don’t know.

Caller: If the banks offer this deal or that deal, how can we know what is best if we cannot shop around between the banks? Do you know what their strategy is? I am getting the drift that people are concerned that if you go into the banks and try to find out rates of return, and they offer you a deal that they’ll give you X rate if you leave Y amount of money in their bank. It feels like a ‘take it or leave it’ deal. Can they actually make a special deal for a better rate if you leave some with their bank?

RayRen: If I’m in the banking business, that is a possible scenario. However, if bank A will do it, so will Bank B and Bank C. I intend to shop around. The only thing you cannot compare is the contract rate, because that will only be available for a little while, and by the time you’ve shopped around, that will be gone. So I don’t see why you can’t shop around on anything else, or any deal you can negotiate. If Bank A offers you all that and a bag of chips, and it’s legal and you can support it, then you can go to Bank B and say “Bank A offered this, can you do better?” Their deal won’t be just for that day. It’s not about retail sales, it’s about investment. If you are that big, and they make a special offer to you, I can’t see them saying that it’s only valid for that day. You need to stop listening to rumors and innuendos. You are the one walking in the bank with millions in currency, and saying you want to exchange it for US dollars. You are not asking them for a dime, or for favors; when the dust settles, you are the one in control, and you are the one leaving millions in their bank. So if you have this money in your back pocket, you are in control. If they say “take it or leave it”, then leave. They want to make money off your ten million; that’s business, and you are in control.

Caller: How are the smaller banks going to be competitive with the larger ones?

RayRen: I don’t know; we’ll have to wait and see. In Bank A, shareholders may be more tolerant of big investors than Bank B. I will receive the offer from Bank A, tell them I will think about it, and then go to Bank B and see if they can do better. There is no rule saying I have to invest it by Friday; I’ll invest it when I’m good and ready. I’m the one with ten million dollars, and I’m doing them a favor to park or invest it with them. You are the one calling the shots, not them. When you understand and acknowledge that, things will change for you. That’s when you’ll stop listening to other people’s nonsense, and start making your own decisions.

Caller: Even if the money you have is foreign currency?

RayRen: It’s still spendable money, at whatever the date is on that day. You know that dinar will be worth $3 or more, because we’ll tell you before you go to that bank. You won’t be playing in the dark: it’s a public international rate, you can see it on the screen.

Caller: Will they be aware of people who have larger amounts? Will they contact us? Tony said in the past that people with higher amounts will go to a different center.

RayRen: When the light goes green, everything will be available. Yes, some people will be called because they have already been communicating with bankers already. So, if you fully intend to do business with a particular bank, I intend to let them know a range that I’ll be dealing with. Naturally the bankers want to know what they will be working with. So I won’t give them exact amounts, but I will say “in the millions”. Sure, I will let them have some idea of the amounts, and get more exact as we go in.

Caller: So we can let them know a rough amount for when the time comes?

RayRen: Yes, and several have done that, so long as that institution that deals with foreign currency, and they are willing to talk about what you are holding. If the banker isn’t interested yet, don’t give them amounts. All you want to do is to make them aware of you, so that when this does go, and the manager asks “do you know anyone with currency?”, the private banker can give them your name and number.

Caller: Are you going to cover nonprofits in your seminars?

RayRen: Yes, in terms of general understanding and education, yes. You’ll have to talk to professionals to put together your own nonprofits. You need to exchange, learn about the various tools, and then make your decisions.

740 caller: Student loans have high interest, so I think it’s better to pay them off – that way you are saving the interest.

RayRen: That’s what you would think, but you need to work on the math. A bank might say “I’ll give you whatever you want at 1%”, and then the money is still working for you. You need to think from the perspective of being rich, and that changes everything. We no longer do and think the same way. Consult a professional who understands how to do the math and how that applies to your situation.

Next caller: About the zim, and 80% of the proceeds being retained for humanitarian purposes. What do you think? It doesn’t makes sense to me that some authority would keep all that money…

RayRen: I haven’t heard that from any intelligent or confirmed sources. If it did, I would being saying, “team, this is how to deal with this”. That whole concept … well, I’ve heard that, and if there is anyone who wants humanity to know something about this, I’d think you would talk to those with the largest groups. We still have 250,000 receiving our tweets, and 20,000 on this site. Don’t you think they would tell us something that is so great for all of us, and so good for mankind? That way, they could take advantage of it. Anything else, take a back seat.

Caller: Here in Utah, we have a lot of humanitarian projects already. Something like $600 million has been distributed to Haiti, Kenya, and other places, without any of the bigs administrative costs like the big nonprofits seem to spend.

TX caller: [can’t hear the question] Article VII – hasn’t Iraq already come out of Chapter VII? Isn’t it now about Chapter VIII? Why would they give notice of any impending change in currency? And HCL? I thought that was already dealt with this week.

RayRen: Some things come out that we don’t understand, and others we don’t get until later. You know what makes magicians so good? They have you look at their right hand so that you don’t know what the left hand is doing. Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

310 caller: If I’m working my job, can part of my salary go to a foundation to start building wealth? My foundation is an existing charitable entity.

RayRen: Check with your employer, if they will withhold part to send to a charity. Your employer might say “we need to give you your entire check, you have to distribute it yourself”. That actually gives you more control.

Closing Statement

Today’s call was strictly for you, as training, and we hung around a bit longer to get all the questions answered. We are waiting for information. Bankers are still on standby, and it could pop any time. It could be another minute, hour, day, week, or even month; I don’t have anything definitive one way or the other. The banking community says that it is happening any time. My Iraqi sources are saying “it is done; we don’t know why you haven’t seen it over there.” This call was about helping our members to get ready. The moment I hear something concrete and real, I will tell it to you, because I will believe it; it’s up to you what you believe.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

Source: Dinar Detectives



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