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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back" by Gaius Valerius - 4.5.17

Entry Submitted by Gaius Valerius at 9:29 PM EDT on April 5, 2017

As for the straw that broke the camel's back. First, I would like to state this is for everyone out there, by no means OWK alone. I would like to apologize in advance, for it is not my way to insult, confuse or outright degrade anyone at anytime, so if this offends you, I truly am sorry, but there comes a time when one must step forth and say, I love you all, but if no one else will draw the line, I must. I have lived my life in service from the age of 17 to my now 52. I do this not for myself but what I believe is for us all.

OWK's post of:
"Following Einstein's Lead, Choose One" - One Who Knows - 4.5.17

I congratulate you for you had started out with an outstanding opening and then just lost it, period! From your comments on the military it is obvious to those of us whom have served or for those fortunate enough to have true knowledge of the military workings; choked on their coffee and will need to get new monitors for their computers.

My goodness, what a bunch of ________ (fill in the blank with any applicable adjective of negative qualities)! Sorry.

When I make the statement that I am known for being very passive and positive neutral statements, and have endured many ridiculing remarks made towards, both of the Presidents, former and current; along with intellect bashing recently of both Presidents, honesty of them and deeds...well wake-up people they both were or are President, show respect for the position at least, if you cannot the individual. If not for yourself and family at least for your fellow countrymen/women. This out right destruction of people's property, thoughts and other civil liberties is wrong. If in your mind you believing that destroying something is a good thing, guess again. Oh my goodness, I may have offended someone out there! If offended then I have a request for you, bring back my 13 friends that died giving you the right to think the that way you do and while you're at it a leg for Jimmy(r), an arm (r) for Lance, and the removal of the physical scars on our bodies. Oh and one more small thing the dreams, you can have them as well! I was one of those that fought for your liberties, bleed, cried and mourned for and with my friends, so get over it. Am I trying to make you feel sorry for us No! In reality we are all fine, we served and I am thankful for being able to. OWK and the rest of you living in America, you are an American first and a member of a political party second! Those people whom come to America legal, whom live and work following American laws, I would gladly give my life for just like I would for any American citizen. For those of you out there that have never bleed for your country or any country wake-up. You think the UN is the answer, they have the same things happening there that happen in your so called cabal. How do I know, worked with them in Bosnia, Serbia and Somalia. Watched as people took advantage of young girls, even young boys to enjoy themselves, paying them with food that was the victims to begin with. Yes, true you know, you heard of these stories but there is no way that the UN could be part of the problem now is there? Has to be the cabal, UN the Cabal, no way! Yes way!

Space ships, energy, cabal and all of that, shame on you, all of you that swallow that up. When verbal you and on radio and conference calls you give God the glory. Are we being a bit, let's see...political correct with that OWK and others? Have you not paid attention to anything at all! This is about transition, you know changing one point to another or oneself to something different, it is about meeting the blessing in the middle not waiting for it to come to you. That is what this is all about. What about the blessing everyone is talking about? You think the aliens are bringing gold from their home planet to earth? Not going to happen, if base elements are the same and we know the value of gold here on Earth for uses other than monies, do you not thing, if other planetary civilizations exist, that they would not know this as well, heck if they are advanced enough to make a ship to fly light years they are probably more financially stable then paper monies and resource valued economies, DUH people! You getting my point here OWK and others. You can dazzle with brilliance, but the comes a time when all the BS has done the baffling already and no longer works! That point is not just for OWK it is for all the people out there.

To be honest I am tired of people whom have no personal experiences with the military spouting off about this or that. You do not know so do us all a favor and shut up! I do not care whom your so called source is. I have known Christ and God my whole life, and have stories that will give you goose bumps/chicken skin, so do not preach to me that God gave you that because you are stepping in a place you do not want to go with this Jarhead. I have let people have their says about cabal, the government, space ships and aliens and have kept my kewl through it all these years, but you OWK Broke the Camel's Back today with this________ (fill in the blank with any applicable adjective of negative qualities)! Oh, and do not come back with you served either, because there is no way you could be an American that served and so uncaringly disrespect the President, whether you like them or not. If you are going to be the so called "Guru", then think before you write, you should not write what you think sounds good. I spend my day reading DC. I search out everything that I can on the internet, and you would be surprised how little is honestly verifiable and how much is something that is circling between the "Gurus" themselves. I am sorry to burst your bubbles Gurus but just because Yosef, says that his source says something, and that he has yet to verify, does not give you the right to take a message of hope and dash it against the rocky shore! Yet, this is your so called Intel Source. That is by no way nor means an intel source. In the above example, and it was an example, Yosef stated he had not yet verified it, I have seen that many a times, and later seen in other Gurus message the same message but listed as confirmed. What are we playing here, first to get the word out wins?
You are supposed to be Gurus our unelected yet respected leaders, and you throw trash around, spit at each other, your individual followers are doing the same and that is wrong. We cross the line together or not at all. Did no one send you that memo folks!

OWK, ReyRey, Mountain Goat and everyone else, I have some bad news for you; you do not have followers, worshippers or groupies. We thought, that you took the role on as a leader to manifest the change in yourself and through you ourselves. The information you shared would be loving, as truthful as possible and beneficial towards not only the manifestation of the blessing, but ourselves and yourselves.

I love you all, and you may look at this message as shameful, degrading or any way that you wish and I will accept that, with no anger or negativity towards anyone. When I state I love you, I do. You know me not, but lie I do not, I love you all and ask forgiveness for any offense that this may garner.

With Love and Light let the Blessings Flow

Gaius Valerius



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