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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 4-20-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Good evening and welcome to the Big Call tonight. As I mentioned on Tuesday night I thought everything was in position moving into place and really thought we would have this already by now. We didn’t quite get it yet but felt everything was moving along, and still feel that way. I am going to tell you what I have heard the last couple of days since Tuesday night. It is all good. It is moving along but it has not happened for us yet concerning the 800 number. We are still waiting for the release for that. I will say I have been informed that I am suppose to receive it, and I am honored by that. I look forward to that and will do so as instructed when instructed to do so. I am honored I get the concept of getting the number and put it out in a rapid fashion as indicated. I am ready to receive it as everyone else is.

Bruce: Where we are now? When it comes to Iraq we tend to start there. We know everything is basically been done in Iraq. Mosul has been taken back and liberated. We know even in the mosque they have already mentioned in country the dinar going to be 6 times the value of the US dollar. The smart cards, Qi cards in Iraq have been activated with a decent high rate for some time and still being used.

Bruce: Has Iraq officially announced to the world that they are international and have an internationally tradable currency yet? I am not so sure it has happened yet. I don’t know it needs to happen for us. It may still come in form of an announcement. I am at the point now where someone says that is an announcement coming about this or that we kind of know what we have heard We are going to get an announcement and it coming between 8 and 9 o’clock and it just not comes. I am at an opinion there may not be any announcement, nothing that is announced.

Bruce: I think when it comes to our currency and our new money, I think they will let us know we have a new currency and you going to have it effective on such and such a date. I don’t think it will come out yet until John Q Pubic is ready to exchange. Even if we go a few days or few weeks before John Q Public finds out they can exchange at a regular bank location that takes foreign currencies, I am not so sure that or positive how quickly the new rainbow currency will be put out at the banks. Although my understanding is the USNs should be in the Redemption Centers now ready for us. They maybe in most banks now involved but just not in the tellers drawer yet. I think that money has been simulated. There has not been wide spread trading on the new money yet that I know of yet. Least not from the sources I talk to.

Bruce: There still maybe an announcement about by the way we are on the gold standard. Or the world is on gold standard and all the currencies are backed by gold and other assets. What is backing up Zimbabwe is not only gold t diamonds, rare gems and minerals. It is huge there, and same thing in other countries. Look at Iraq, look at their oil. We have heard long time ago now, years ago, if you drill down 6 or 8 feet in Iraq you run into a layer of diamonds, 6 to 8 inches. There is a diamond layer to drill through to get to the oil. Hold on a minute, You mean I can get oil for a buck and buck and half per barrel or stop a few feet in the sand and get a layer of diamonds? We heard a tremendous amount of gold under the sand found in Iraq. My point is there is a lot of value there. There is a lot more than oil there. I am encouraged for all of these countries that have these incredible assets under the ground. In the case of Iraq it is not difficult to get to them. Some of the sands in Iraq oil so prevalent you basically walk onto the sand and it is right there almost at the surface.

Bruce: They have a dinar. The new dinar is valued very highly and will be very high for us as we talked about. No rates tonight. The rates based on what I have heard the rates are continually going up. Just when you think you know where they are, the next thing you know they are higher than they were. Could that be part of the reason that this has not gone as quickly as we thought especially recently in the last few days? Maybe so it could be the reason. I have heard few days ago that it was because they were trading up the value of the dong. Now I do not know. Maybe, maybe not. Certainly, the values are high on these. The actual screen rates that you will see in the Redemption Centers, I can’t speak for the banks for John Q Public when they go, but those of us who will use the 800 numbers to set our appointments at the Redemption Centers you can expect some substantial screen rates without NDA for these currencies

Bruce: What else is going on Iraq? My understanding is they did have some car bombs attacks over there in Mosul the last week or so. Mosul has been liberated and even Prime Minister Abadi, few days ago walked through the streets of Mosul and talked face to face with the citizens giving them assurance about what is coming and what is there. Some of the electivity may have been disrupted and trying to make amends getting that back and any banks in the area that may have been off line resolved are putting them back online. I do not think a few banks in Mosul are holding this up. Just a note we have people over there and they have people that are remedying the situation and making sure all things back on line.

Bruce: Social media coming out of Iraq is 70/71 percent open. Still some aspects not open. Not sure what 30 percent not open means, other than it is a number. 70/71percent is better than 50 percent where we were. It is getting there. When we get 100 percent it means open communication between Iraq and the rest of the world especially through social media.

Bruce: The other thing that is happening is there is a meeting going on that started today in Washington DC between the IMF, the World Bank, The Bank of International Settlements, and one more other entity. That is happening. Christine Legarde is there. I don’t know if any major announcement is going to come out of that meeting. I would say it would be a good place to have an announcement with all those organizations in place in Washington. However, that meeting started today and will go through Saturday. It rarely will go through Sunday if I remember right. It will be a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday type event. It is a major meeting for those organizations. See what comes with that. Maybe something you may see on Bloomberg or MSNBC that might show some activity that is going on there, but I would not hold my breath for a GCR announcement. It is possible.

Bruce: Let me just say regarding the GCR, the Global Currency Reset, they use terms like that.
We heard the term Global Reset without the Currency in it. We heard reconciliation as a term that is going to be used. Reconciliation meaning reconciling all the different currencies putting them all on an even playing field. That is what really is happening with all these various currencies around the world.

Bruce: What is so odd for me is to think in terms of the dollar which has been so strong and continuing to be strong inviting investors to come in and invest in our dollar and invest in our market here. But can you imagine after this completely goes down and we look out and when we see the values of the other currencies that are out there. This is the thing. The values that we will see at the Redemption Centers, those are there for us for a reason. I don’t believe the high rates we are hearing about will be sustained after we finish our redemptions 7 or 8 days. I think when the public goes those rates will be readjusted at the banks. I think they will normalize somewhat. I think some of the currencies might be higher and come back on par with the USD. I think that could happen but not with all of them. We read an article about that months ago about the Zimbabwe dollar. It was out there. It was on sites at one dollar even with our USD. 

Bruce: I don’t think the USD will take some incredible dive. We heard some things about 30/40 percent reduction. I never been a buyer of that. We have heard a reduction of 6 to 8 percent in value. Yet again, even if that happens and the dollar is slightly lower than it was, it is only going to be a matter of time before it will come right back up of its original strength. If we are gold back and we have the new USNs and the countries around the world recognize the USD is a strong currency to invest in and a strong country to invest in, I think the dollar will remain a very strong currency.

Bruce: What is going to happen to the British pound and the Euro? A little bit uncertain. I think they may dip a little bit in value, but you never will know what will happen when Brexit is more complete, the pound may come up in value. So who knows. I can’t predict what is going to happen with the Euro. It still has a value now that is higher than the dollar. Could it come all the way down to par with the USD? Maybe. It could be possible. It would make it less expensive for us to go to Europe and travel.

Bruce: Today an incident that occurred earlier in Paris. I feel very sad for our French partners’ over there because any act of terrorism which it appears to be it just is sad. Any type of attack on police officers I feel is sad for people that were involved. Condolences go out to France and to Paris and to Europe in general that is struggling with this activity. I hope the French can take full control of this and not have it be continued in the future. I feel sorry what is happening there. I feel what is happening in Venezuela as well. I feel terrible when we don’t have peace ever where in the world. That is a good goal if we can get to that peaceful state around the world.

Bruce: What is going on out West? First, China released what we understand as the RV/GCR last night. I have heard a couple different times that occurred. Let just say last night. I couldn’t tell you exactly. I heard1:17am EST time frame, another time frame from the west coast. Let just say it occurred and it is moving through the system now.

Bruce: Now I don’t have the toll free number to give out yet. I believed with what occurred last night around the world London, Hong Kong is suppose to be fully released tonight. Maybe it is already gone. Maybe it is tonight. The world is syncing up. Even Wells Fargo and HSBC were synced up last night for simultaneous release. My understanding was that simultaneous release is what happened, because we are syncing up Hong Kong with London, and Wells Fargo here out of San Francisco, New York, Miami. My understanding is the release itself was accomplished. Bruce: What that means for us? It means for certain people that have already exchanged and have SKRs are to be liquid. My understanding is if they are not liquid today, they will be liquid tomorrow. People that are so called prepaids, some of the people that have monies showing in their accounts but have a hold or shows it pending status, they should be liquid and have accessible funds tonight or tomorrow.

Bruce: Some of the people may take who are big players and there are some out there, or big SKR holders, they may end up taking until Saturday or even Monday to have full liquidity. That is what we are looking at. We are looking at people that have already gone and have access to funds. Those who will have access to funds suppose to coincide with the release for us. The release of the toll free number, our internet group to go. To sort of make it a shot gun start like at a golf tournament when everyone starts at a different hole and they shoot off a shot gun to start. Now they use one of those air horns to start the tournament. That is a shot gun start. Everybody starts playing at the same time. That is where that comes from. That is what we are looking at, a version of that with us getting a toll free number and about the same time these people will have access to their funds.

Bruce: I heard the Prosperity Packages are ready to go out. We have heard several times they been out, started to go out, but we really think they are going to go out 30 to 45 minutes after the 800 number is released. Right there just about the same time. Hence the shot gun start.

Bruce: What we try not to do is to call it, but we understand it already happened last night. We are just waiting for our turn. People that have gone in Tier 1, 2, 3 and some of the independents, some of the SKR people, other groups are to be hydrated and made liquid first. Then I believe those of us that are part of Tier 4, the internet group, we are to go next. It shouldn’t be too far away. It really shouldn’t.

Bruce: We have been seeing several things today that points this to happen before the weekend or by the weekend. When does a weekend start? For me it starts after the call tonight. Let us say it starts Fridayafternoon. We suppose to have this thing by the weekend. From what I am hearing we should. The Redemption Centers are all ready. They are on active status. They went from engage to active status. That means they are ready to go. Shout out to all those in the Redemption Centers that are listening to the Big Call. We appreciate your patience and ability to take care of us.

Bruce: We understand the Redemption Centers are ready to go and the security is strong and even the military is involved in making sure everything is safe. Everything is good, ready to go. I really appreciate that. It is really cool. Otherwise it would just appear we are waiting for the proper signal to start. Sort of like that firing off the shotgun. Everything else is lined up as far as we can tell. I am not sure who will give the final go ahead or lowering of the flag if you well. I know it is a combined effort, and we think everything is lined up, the banks are in synced ready to go. The rates are on the screens. They all have been traded where they are all happy where the rates are. Now we are just looking for the final start.

Bruce: For a long time we thought the start would be a night time start for possible security purposes. We also been told this is going to be a daytime event. Which is it? Is it a night time or day time event? I believe it be a daytime event. However, perhaps I will be fortunate enough to receive the 800 number at night. If that happens I will put it out as instructed. Not early, not late, but as instructed to put it out. Just a heads up.

Bruce: Also check for the website: thebigcall.net when we do get the number I will put it on there provided I am allowed to. I will put it on our website and we will send it to couple places online that you all look at for information. Then we will do a celebration call. It will be a call that we will do and go ahead put the recording on the website and send to a couple other sites as a celebration send off from the Big Call. It won’t be a long call. I am hoping to keep it to10 to 12 minutes our little celebration call. Some of you might not care. I get it. I get it you just want the number and get started. I don’t blame you, but some of you may want to hear what is said on the celebration call. You guys will click on it and listen to it. That is generally where we are.

Bruce: I want to give shout out to Bluwolf in Puerto Rico. I heard from him in a message today. It was wonderful to hear from him. I think he has been in this longer than I have. I am in my 13th year. Okie I think is in his 14th year. It just has been a long ride.

Everything I am seeing today and even late this afternoon is pointing toward the end of the ride. That is what we all want to hear. I think we are about to the point where I just check in if there is anything else I can bring later to the call of any Intel later. I am feeling pretty good where we are, and even better than I did Tuesday night and I felt great Tuesday.

Bruce: With everything I am hearing with the actual start of the actual RV/GCR last night was sort of an East to West event. It is working itself around the world, and coming to us. I think everything is moving in the direction it needs to move. For a long time we knew we were waiting for the USN/TRN to be live and released in the United States, and we were the last currencies of all of them to start. Maybe it was done on purpose for a reason. That happened Tuesday. We are ready to go now. We think all that needs to be done is done.

Bruce: The latest information is that London, England, and Switzerland were paid today to go ahead and start their so call down line distribution. Hong Kong and Singapore will get started as well. We are looking very positive for possible notification sometime tonight or later on in the morning. We are looking good and everything is moving through. Everybody stay positive, good attitude, and we will be ready to go from that point on. This thing seems to be rolling out very slowly. We are in position once Hong Kong and Singapore get started tonight and I don’t know what time that is, then we are in mode where it is in automatic drive or position this to come out. Even the toll free number distribution is also automated. When that happens it is in the system to kick out when they are ready for that to go. I am looking forward for that just as you guys are.

Bruce: As far as anything else that is pertinent, they do want this to start. I believe we will be in the Redemption Centers that are set up and ready for us. It is just a matter of the timing to be right on the money. I think it will be. We will get started with this very shortly. Stay positive for it and it will come right to us.

Bruce: That is everything I can bring for us. I want to thank all the listeners and banks that will help us and be our partners in the future. Thank you everybody in the Redemption Centers as well. I know it has been a lot for them as well. I am just ready to get started as you all are. I feel we have been treading water. I know we have learned in the meantime and experienced a lot of things. We have moved forward in a lot of ways even thought it feels like we have been trending water. We are right there where we need to be.

Bruce: I want to thank Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent for all they bring to us. I am excited and hang in there with me. Thank all the listeners out there for tuning in faithfully. I hope tonight has been a very receptive call for you. Thank all in banking communities all across the globe. We look forward to communicating with you. Stay in touch with us through thebigcall.net website. Keep eye on it. We will post a link for a new site and when our next call will be after the celebration recorded call to stay in touch with us: thebigcall.net

Bruce: Everybody stay cool, confident, calm, and be ready to go when the time is right. If I am able to put it out at a certain time, I will do that. I look forward to being I honored to those who are in charge. I want to thank you HSBC and AIIB for considering this and for honoring the Big Call in the way you plan to do that. All have a great night tonight and a great weekend.


PS: Sorry everyone that this was late getting out. My dyslexia was very bad tonight typing, hugs, Pinkroses



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