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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 4-4-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: I mentioned to you we have information to lead us to believe tonight call maybe a good call, and things are happening and may manifest tonight or in a few days. Sort of in that time frame of last minute meeting and happenings that should bring us to what it is we are looking for our blessing.

Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call. I know people listen to everything we bring on the Big Call which includes teaching, prayer, Sue’s information and Bob’s information, and Intel. When it comes to Intel, I get a lot of things I cannot share. Things that is private. Sometime I try to forget those things so I don’t bring them out those accidently, but I am hearing about cool things about the release of the blessing.

Bruce: Everything we learn about this seems to go back to Iraq. Nothing is going to happen until Iraq is ready. We had a celebration in Iraq. We had known about that. There was a delegation to witness the announcements of Iraq returning to sovereignty and release of chapter 7 of the UN. Basically the return of sovereignty and revalued rate of their currency.

Bruce: We believe even though the announcements were supposed to be made today in the mosque, they were made. Social media out of Iraq has been squashed, made dark, and still dark. That was supposed to have come off where we would have communication like that even last night at midnight. If that didn’t happen they still have things they want to keep under wrap. That is what occurred and didn’t want to release it and we not going to know about it and maybe never hear correctly what they were.

Bruce: The fact we had people there to witness that as part of a delegation. We had people there as Abadi, two from our country to witness it and probably others as well. That tells us all we need to know in terms of what Iraq needed to do. They had a rate varied from $3.71 to over $6 on their smart cards that they have been paying out. There banks have all come up. They are the first digital banking country with gold back rates on the dinar. It is now the IQN instead of IQD. 

Bruce: We have a currency known as USN meaning new as oppose to US dollar which was a fiat dollar, not backed by any assets, but backed by the full credit of the dollar It has been that way since 1913 because we came off the gold standard and silver. Now we are back on as a gold standard. The entire world is partially gold and asset backed. That gives a lot of currencies a lot of value, a much more even playing field. Countries like Vietnam and Indonesia and others are going to have their currencies be much higher than they have been. We know that in the mosque a few day s ago, Iraq had made an announcement that their currency is 6 times the value of the USD. In line of the rate we had at that time $6.25. These are in-country rates. Our rates on our screens should be higher than that.

Bruce: We know the liberation of Mosul also was announced. We know that is something that was celebrated by having the two new flags flying on either side of the Tigris River. A lot is happening there symbolically pointing to a new Iraq. We have made arrangements with Iraq to work further with them in military, and continue to negotiate things with our current administration to make them a force and strength in the region. Also an opportunity to have good standing in the Middle East and our troops a base in the Middle East to help in that region.

Bruce: Rates is something we have seen recently and then on Sunday at 12:05pm EST the rates came off the screens, all disappeared. It did not surprise us. We know sometimes the rates come off because they need to be reentered for the latest up-to-date rates to be utilized around the world. At 3:05pm EST Sunday cursors on the screens started to blink. We thought that might change when the Forex came at 5pm. At5:01pm EST there was no difference. The cursors still were blinking and rates not populating. The rates should repopulate.

Bruce: My understanding now is the new rates have not come back on the screens’. We are waiting for that to happen as well. When they do come up, they should be our latest rates of all the currencies in the first basket showing what we think they should show. I don’t know when that would be. I haven’t heard that. That is something out there we should keep an eye on.

Bruce: Another thing is a lot of activity happening out west and continue to have meetings even as we speak. All last minute timing, perhaps the release we are looking for. Meetings with high level military as well as our Administration. Putting all things together, maybe this is the last meeting before the release. We will see.

Bruce: Also we know President Trump is involved in the negotiations. A lot of things going on and continue to go on last of the week. There are plans from our mainstream news for the President of China to meet with our President this week. They are working through some situation that are global in nature and yet important for China and the United States. Really good things should come out of their meetings this week.

Bruce: I heard report this afternoon the President announcing infrastructure. We talked about working directly with our administration with infrastructure of Rebuild America. President Trump wants to make America great again. Our slogan is Rebuild America. We plan to do Rebuild America by adopt a city, adopt a town, adopt a community. You can scale that as high or small as you wish of your involvement and my involvement working together on a humanitarian project.

Bruce: When President Trump talked about infrastructure, he didn’t limit it to roads. He indicated real infrastructure. I am talking about not only roads but community back, whole neighborhoods, positive things we can bring back rebuilding homes, helping to improve schools and add centers, gyms, etc to the schools whatever the schools need. Also improving networks for communications, improve internet accessibility for the whole country, etc. A lot we can get involved in.

Bruce: Also technologies that will come out that involve free to low cost energy, and healing technologies. I am looking for at least 5000 partners from the Big Call audience to help in the United States and then to other parts of the world to help with clean water, farming techniques, etc. 

Bruce: Do I want your money? NO. I want you to consider an area where you live or want to live to adopt a city, town, and community. Hire a team of leaders that will take this vision I have and make it happen where you want this to happen. We want 100 cities in each state. That is a great start. Starting with Appalachian area, coal country, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, any place such as Cleveland. Pick any city. All have an area that needs help.

Bruce: We are going to be mentors and have our veterans. We will be hiring veterans to be mentors, and combination of services to bring the very best out like apprenticeships like plumbers, electricians, brick layers. They will get training on site. I want to get volunteers that would like to be part of that and be a leader to help you do that. Not mean you are going to be pounding nails, digging trenches. We want to employ people as leaders, directors to direct the vision throughout the country. We will have a template of ideas we will share as building techniques. I want some leaders that will step up in each state. Let consider that. I will have a template of ideas and a portal to communicate and do our calls, pod cast calls. 

Bruce: Make sure all your soft ware is encrypted. Unless you are totally protected I would not go online to check your accounts online. I will only check accounts out only through the management bank people. The way things can get hacked these days, be old school a little bit until you are totally protected on your computers and phones. We will probably have a call on that.

Bruce: When it comes to timing with this. This week looks really good. What we are hearing from out west is that a lot of the SKRS, Prepaid are being liquidated and made accessible now. A number of people in the core groups being paid now. Just a matter of time before it is release for us. I am feeling really good the possibility of anytime between now and the weekend. It may not take that long, could be couple of days or less. I thought we would be here now. Then I found out there are additional things going on that is keeping this held up slightly. It is a plan that is moving forward. It is in a sense on autopilot. We are going to get it when we get it. It is rolling out. We will get it shortly.

Bruce: When it comes to our infrastructure and helping to do our projects, if you don’t have your own projects to negotiate your rates especially on the ZIM, you can partner with the Big Call with Rebuild America. You can tell those at the Redemption Center that is what you intend to do. There is enough communication with HSBC, AIIB, Peoples Bank of China that they know this is the project I have come up with and they will understand that. 

Bruce: I am hoping the infrastructure we help to rebuild as part of Rebuild America will be available to us in the form of some bonds, infrastructure bonds. I got that concept of what were being offered couple months ago in Iraq. They got a trillion dollars in infrastructure bonds offered. Why couldn’t our country offer the same thing? Why can’t we do that? Why can’t we have 10 trillion dollars or more in infrastructure bonds? This is where our administration will get together on that and come up with a cool concept and make it tax exempt to give us an opportunity to invest with this. I want to drive home the concept of this program as a private entity as the Big Call’s Rebuild America would be in partnering. Private and public partnering in infrastructure. I think that is what I came up with that would work for all of us.

Bruce: Beyond that we are looking for rates to come back on screens and notifications to come out. Looking for more people that have programs in effect like ZIM platforms to be paid. Some of the larger gold back bonds are being negotiated today in Zurich. There was a very large tranche received I think over the weekend, extremely large amount from Malaysia through HSBC to cover our exchanges. It was such a big number.

Bruce: I know that people have been working nonstop for days now in different parts of the country to get things done to get paid out, transacting bonds, and groups, to get ready for us. We should have a number to give you I hope very shortly. I would think in the next few days we should have it. Hang in there. Stay confident, stay positive, stay in faith and continue to do what you are doing as plan A. Don’t quit your day job until plan B which is blessing to come through. We all have to do that. It is teaching us a lot about patience.

Bruce: I did take a call and glad that I did. I am hearing some very positive things coming out of one of my sources indicating that some meetings are still in process like we talked about earlier. Things are moving along and being paid out tonight. I am looking forward to hearing some good news possibly shortly. Not in time for the Big Call tonight, but before Thursday’s call at the regular time. Beware Thursday’s night call may or may not take place and have a recorded call in its place. That is good news. I am excited where we are and where we are going.

Bruce: I want to thank our new listeners and existing listeners. Thank you to all the banking partners that are working with us, HSBC, and Wells Fargo at the Redemption Centers. AIIB and People Bank of China for helping to make this all possible for us with all the large tranches providing gold and everything for us to make this happen. 

Bruce: Also thank you to our Tier one banks such as Citibank, B of America, Wells Fargo and Chase Bank. Thank you to our banking partners in Canada, South and Central America, Caribbean Banks, ANZ Bank, and many other banks. It is important to work with our Tier 2 banks as well and even our local smaller home town banks. They are good, quick, responsive like 5th Third Bank, Sun Trust Bank, etc.

Bruce: Thank you Redemption personnel for listening to the call. It is strange to wait day after day. I know you all be ready for us to come in. Thank you for being steadfast waiting with us. Thank you all for coming in tonight. I am looking forward to hearing good things from all of you when we do get our new site up: thebigcall.net. We will take 2 to 3 weeks off after we get this celebration call in to you. Check time form time to the website and you will see we are in progress and new information we will leave for you to read when our new calls will start.

Thank you all again Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent and all you faithful ones for listening to the Big Call.




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