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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

"Speechless" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Mary » April 11th, 2017

When I heard the following fragment of last Monday's cc, it left me speechless. And family, believe me, that does not happen very often or very easily. Here is one of the countless golden nuggets of this cc:

Frank26 Quotes: “They are moving in the right direction of the MR. I think that there are many pieces, there are many parts to it. They’re right in front of our eyes, wouldn’t you say Delta … I mean it’s very obvious what they’re doing.

So, to answer your question: I think that they are adding purchasing power. Inside of the country, they’re adding purchasing power. But when the rate goes up, it leaves the country to add value power. Inside the country a dinar is a dinar is a dinar; you know that story. Once it leaves the country, the value of that currency against other currencies is going to go very high.

That’s why they are going to managed float, fixed float – whatever word you want to use - to control that so that they don’t have the same mistake that they went through with Kuwait. Been there, done there – Jack Lew made sure of this in my opinion.

You know, there are a lot of things going on, family. And each one of them is kind of subdivided into their own little groups. Some may be paying attention to the security and stability, some may be specializing in the introduction of the lower denoms, some are specializing in the 1000:1, some are specializing in other things. Let me give an example. I think that there are contracts right now in the month of April that are maturing.

I believe they were 90-day contracts, the latest ones were more 90-day contracts. I believe that because there were 90-day and 30-day contracts and we are looking at a variety of different rates. This is my opinion. I believe that once these contracts are done, and I believe it’s going to be in this month of April, then there is a very good reason to raise the value. Why? Because internally that’s what these contracts are for: bring goods and services to the citizens in the reconstruction of their economic reforms.

But that phase is coming to an end. And then the next phase would be: leave, please, leave! What? Leave, IQD, you’re grown up, leave the country! Go out there, explore the rest of the world. See what America is like, see what Canada is like, see what China is like. But before you go: give us three days. To do what? To bridge you over.

And by the way: once you’re done with that, family, then there is another 76 days in my opinion where you should calculate and wait a little bit longer before you make some serious moves. I also told you that I don’t want to tell you when the next pay scale is, but didn’t you just hear me about 15-20 minutes ago telling you: I’ll be gone next week. So I don’t want to talk about when they are getting paid. Then I’ll be back with you in the last week of April.

And for that last week of April I’ve created a number for you. It’s 272829. […] I’ll be back in that week, in that time period – you think it’s a number, don’t you? You think it’s a rate, don’t you? No, it’s not. Look at those numbers.

That’s when I believe in my heart that the Iraqi Dinar might actually be sent into the international world with an international rate. Right now, family, they are in the phase of going from the 1187,1186 or 1184 down to 1000:1 in my opinion for their pay scale in-country. And in-country they’re also going to go 1:1. And in my opinion you’ll never see 1000:1 with your eyes on any paycheck, on any CBI Arabic site. No. Why?

Because the moment that they decide to do that, it automatically flips over to 1:1 because they raise the three 000’s. They position their currency to do just that. The articles even told you that this was their goal. To get to 1000:1 and then to 1:1. […] When it leaves the borders, when it jumps across that fence, that 1:1 in my opinion is going to climb. And there are the articles that have told us that it’s maybe about 1,14 or 1,17. In my opinion: no!!! No, I told you that everything has been doubled.

Mary » April 11th, 2017

So you take it from there.” [CC 4-10-17, 1:44:48 to 1:51:07]

I think that this quote does not need any further comment and I’m sure that we will never come any closer to a date or a rate than that, family. Nevertheless, we should take heed of Frank’s warning: we first need to see the rate change because this is still the Middle East. As much as we are dancing, as much as we are on cloud nine right now, we should be careful and fair and we need to pray.

MichaelT-Bones » April 11th, 2017

Article: The central bank determines the steps "compliance" to enter the banks foreign currency window http://www.shafaaq.com/link

So IMO, this looks like a International Billboard from the CBI saying that the IQD is Coming Soon to a bank currency exchange window near you!!!

Don961 » April 11th, 2017

"Pink Moon" .. astronomical phenomenon "breathtaking"

2017/4/11 10:18:45 AM

We are on a date with the appearance of "Pink Moon" seems unfinished, today, but Rasdoh may get disappointed, the difficulty of watching it.

Called on any moon is completed in April, the name of "Pink Moon", because of pink flowers, such as the growth of the plant, "Al-Qabas" land in the wild Northern Area, which blooms in this month and symbolizes new beginnings.

Pink Moon will be visible in full phase, at exactly at 6:08 GMT, and those interested can follow up on strange phenomena in the sky, monitoring is complete, in the period between 10 and 12 of April.

It is noteworthy that the month of April marks the beginning of many religious festivals all over the world, including the birth of Hanuman (the monkeys in the epic poetry of the Indian commander), and the beginning of the feast of Passover when the Jews, as Easter celebrations begin at the Christians in the first Sunday after the full moon
Source: Russia Today


Samson » April 11th, 2017


11th April, 2017

After months of dispute and negotiations following Baghdad’s refusal to fully compensate Kurdish farmers, wheat growers in Kurdistan Region are expected to receive their first compensation instalment from the Iraqi government for their sold wheat crop in 2016.

The instalment amounting to nearly 223 billion dinars (ca $190 million) was derived from Iraqi budget allocations for purchased wheat from farmers across the country, said Abdulrazaq Nawandi at the Kurdish Ministry of Commerce, adding that the full compensation is around 882 billion dinars (ca $750 million) of which 660 billion (ca $561 million) is yet to be paid in the future.

According to the ministry, Kurdish farmers have not been fully compensated for the past three years, a growing debt which now amounts to over 902 billion dinars (ca $767 million) .
The Kurdish ministry of agriculture says wheat farmers in the Kurdistan Region will likely to face hard-hitting regulations in Baghdad this year when selling their crop.

Iraq’s Ministry of Agriculture has announced, in order to buy Kurdish farmers wheat crop in the future, the farmers will need to give detailed and documented information about how and where they produced their goods.

Baghdad has raised doubts over the swift increase of wheat production in the Kurdish controlled territories of Iraq and accused ministry of agriculture in Erbil of selling exported wheat crop from other Kurdish areas in Syria, Turkey and Iran as part of their own harvest, something Kurdish authorities strongly have denied.

Nawandyi confirmed that the first instalment had arrived and that farmers were expected to receive around 38 percent of what they are totally entitled to this week.

In 2016 alone, around 886,000 tons of Kurdish wheat has been purchased by Baghdad which amounts to some 596 billion (ca $506 million), he added.

Kurdish wheat crop increased by 18 percent in 2015 while Iraq’s total production fell nearly 10 percent, according to official data.

“We have tried over the past years to avoid politicising the question of farmer compensation between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi central government which has yielded result now,” Nawandyi said referring to lingering disputes between the two administrations over revenues in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.




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