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Saturday, April 15, 2017

"Somebody's Been Lying here" by Anxious to Begin - 4.15.17

Entry Submitted by Anxious to Begin at 8:32 PM EDT on April 15, 2017

There are times when it is absolutely necessary to combat false premises that are affecting the process of the GCR/RV and the ascension consciousness that is preached here on DC. We are not alone in the belief of false premises that hold us back from what we truly want to accomplish. Physicality is built on the reality of illusion.

We have the basic facts staring us in the face but because of our Cabal conditioning we have failed to, “connect the dots,” that would give us a better understanding of the way things really are. No one in physicality is excepted - not one.

While the information I'll share on this post is controversial it comes from many years of searching and researching to find out how things work in this 3D dimensional reality. I would expect that One Who Knows is better equipped to address this but I suspect it is too controversial.

The basic premise that is profound and irrefutable is this: Things are not as they seem to be! There is no way! Not at all! Always more to come! Always more to understand!

If there were three people who see an accident from different positions there would be similarities but their testimonies could be at odds with each other and most often are.

We have one Bible but we have hundreds of Christian churches that all proclaim that their way of interpreting the Bibles is the right way. Each of these churches may agree on some points of doctrine but can not find consensus on everything and so they can not join together. They focus on differences. It is basic Cabal conditioning.

There are many people that post Bible references here on DC to try and prove their point without realizing that their interpretation is skewed as a result their own life experiences. The intended result seldom accomplishes any change for those that read. Many are repulsed.

The Bible is an ancient composition of many different writings. The Old Testament is a history or a genealogy of the Jewish people. Judaism is not a religion, it is one of the 12 tribes of Israel. There were many writings or manuscripts that were not included in the King James version of the Bible. Why not include them all? There are reasons and it is not that the Bible would be too long. It's agenda oriented.

The Bible reveals the ancient teachings that at first were unclouded. Those compiling these ancient writing did have an agenda that evolved into the Cabal controlled religions we have today. The purity of doctrines, the truth of our origin, the reality of who we are, was never allowed to be known because leaving these things out, closed the door to the jailhouse of Spiritual freedom. The effect of limiting our knowledge, sealed our fate to be controlled for at least thirteen millennia.

An Example.

The Jews have a lineage. If your mother was a Jew then you are a Jew, In truth they are a Matriarchal society. But the Bible gives us a false Patriarchalsociety posture that again, was done for a purpose. That agenda was to discredit the Feminine power that all women have over the Masculine power. Why did they not want women to have power is a compelling question and a telling philosophy of the Cabal infused agenda designed to control Humans. Could it be that the Cabal goes all the way back to the beginning of the Bible, to the Annunaki? The Feminine Power comes from their ability to come from LOVE. When left without the indoctrination of the Cabal's agenda, men would put away their swords and their hatred and come back to LOVE which is their natural flow as Sons of God. Men will always follow women to perpetuate the species. As long as the Cabal agenda is followed men will have a propensity for wars and fighting. Isn't it interesting that the military machine welcomes women into combat, it makes women tough, less feminine and supports their agenda against women. It's hard to come from love for your enemy when your killing them.

Another Example

The Cabal used, what they called, Christianity and embraced it as their state sponsored religion in the 300s AD. Jesus NEVER organized the, “Christian.” church. He would never name a church that had to do with the noun, “Christ.” Christ is not His last name, it has an entirely different meaning that was left out of the New Testament. Even the Catholic church did not use the name Christian in naming their church. The term, Christian, was a derogatory name given by the Romans as they killed hundreds of the followers of Yeshua. The Catholic church is the remnant of the Roman's adopted religion, thus the name Roman Catholic Church, in other words, the Roman Universal Church. Virtually all Christian churches known of today come from that church. The Catholic church used Roman type tactics to kill and enslave thousands who would not yield to their false teachings. So much for a church that claimed to be Christ's church that was built on love. The Catholic church was formed by the Priesthood that made women an anathema. It is not hard to see that mankind opposed the religious slavery of the Catholic Church and formed alternative belief systems and churches. They had the statement written by Martin Luther to protest what the, “Church,” does but eventually they had no real cannon of doctrine to follow that was substantially different than the Catholic church – they just didn't like Catholicism. Any church that would claim to have God's authority would have to get it from God. It must be by revelation not succession.

Yet Another Example

Prior to Yeshua Ben Joseph's birth, a few pockets of people were engaged in many highly vibrational ways of living that were taught as a way of life. Many truths that supported this communal way of life were brought forth that produced what we would now consider, supernatural beings of light. It was no happenstance that Yeshua was born into such a community. They were destined to raise and train the one they called, “the Teacher of Righteousness.” It was the Romans that sought out and destroyed this order of people that lived this natural higher way of living, because they could not control them. The Essenes community at Mount Carmel on the Mediterranean Sea,were a good example of this lifestyle and was the community in which Yeshua was born and raised. From His Grandmother Anna, who was almost 600 years old when Yeshua was born, was taught the higher ways of living that included physical rejuvenation; rights of the sepulcher, the ability to put oneself into suspended animation for many days (most would consider this death}; and light conception, similar to immaculate conception a term which was used by Bible translators to Glorify Mary and make her beyond anyone's ability to think they can do the same thing. Most think that immaculate conception started with Mother Mary but in fact Mary herself was Light Conceived, as well as three other cousin of Yeshua which included Mary Magdalene, that were all born within days of Yeshua. The Bible would have you believe that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute but she was Yeshua's this Rabbi was a constant source of irritation to the Jewish Patriarchal leaders. This was a truth not taught in the Bible, reason? ...it did not support the Patriarchal agenda of the Bishops of Rome nor Paul's opposition to women. BTW, Joseph of Aramathea was Jeshua's half Uncle and the father of Mary Magdalene. The physician, Luke, who originally wrote The Gospel of Luke , was Mary's older brother.

Why do I think this is important to post here on DC?

Anyone, and I mean, anyone that uses the Cabal originated Bible as the basis of their belief system and puts forth resistance to higher truths, has no business preaching or expounding their beliefs as absolute truth here on DC or anywhere else. While the Bible has many good things to believe in, you must have and be able to use, discernment to ferret out the truths that are necessary for further enlightened ways of believing and living. To those who have learned to communicate with higher beings of light, anything less than what is taught by the Angels is diatribe and of a lesser vibration. Even then, most communications are for ones own growth and development; they are not to be taught as absolute truth; not to be used for preaching and teaching or exhibiting arrogant behavior over another's belief system. As a child of God each of us is entitled to receive, and we do receive, our own inspiration, our own understanding of how to live, and we would continue to live that way unless we are demeaned and forced to believe alternative ways of living by self righteous grown-ups who do not know the ways of God. The Cabal system of religion is the most damning and damaging thing a child of God could ever experience and this method of controlling us will continue effecting us until we each come to an understanding of who we really are. There will be no ascension for the individual that doesn't know him or her self, as God and become ONE with our beloved Father. Pretty strong talk, but Absolutely the Truth.

Organized religion puts the clergy in between God and the individual. This is without a doubt the main problem in society that clergy etc. think they know better than the individual as to what their God wants them to believe. If one follows the Bible blindly, or follows the dictates of men, or follows any other doctrine that does not encourage the individual to go within to find their own truth, is part of the Cabal Religion that takes man away from God.

It is a very fine line that even parents walk, that finds it appropriate to teach their children correct ways of living that does not include the counsel to find their own truth; to seek God's council and establish their own core beliefs as to what they should believe in and how to conduct their own lives. It is a grave error. Every single one of us has rebelled against some form of authority that teaches us to believe differently from what is inherently our intended way of life. Participation by parents in this behavior, causes rebellion, creates confusion and begins the spiritual pain of separation from God that breaks down a person's spirit and destroys the person's ability to have true faith. No wonder we are a generation of protesters, of greed, of idolatry and bigotry that have little moral code to live by.

There are those who post here on Dinar Chronicle, that want to corral us into believing what they believe as the only way, the right way to believe, but don't realize that they represent the arm of flesh, the Cabal based belief system designed to keep God's human family in slavery. Exercising dominion and control over others is the old way of believing and doing things. It doesn't work. This is true in oh, so many different areas of our life experience. How are we ever going to change by doing the same things over and over again and expecting things will change. Einstein said this process is insanity. Carrying this on in the future will only produce the same old, same old, way of life we are working to overcome. Is this not what the Cabal teachings or philosophies have been? Yes! Has it been working for them? Yes! Are we ever going to change the way we do things? ?? Are there some dots available for us to connect here? Is it really up to me to change the way I conduct the affairs of my life to conform to higher principles. The answer for me is a resounding, Yes. Getting rid of the Cabal financial slavery is one thing. Getting rid of their engendered belief system will be the hardest thing we will ever do.

I am a son of God. I am also a human being. That makes me part of God's family of gods. It also makes me a part of my Human family. That makes me a god who is Being Human, a Human Being. I can not be anything else. A child of God makes me a god. A child of humans makes me a human. Doesn't that make sense? Doesn't this connect some obvious dots?e? Why is this such a hard truth to believe in.

Now, Yosef, then under the light of that truth and reason, and as a son of God, and made in His image and likeness, what part of my being should I deny, so that I can find the need to surrender? What part of my belief should I surrender so that I can be better accepted in society that doesn't know who they are, who haven't connected the dots that they, too, are the part of the family of God; a society that refuses to believe that they are living the perfect life that God has designed for them; people that fail to realize that their, so called, sins are merely an experience that is part of the human experience that was intended by God before they came to the earth? Eternity goes both ways. No beginning - No end, With that kind of understanding, why would God ever create a set of circumstances that even one of His children would not be able to return to the Glory that they were before they came to physicality? To connect these dots is to understand that the earth experience, that is Maya or a lie, a deception, an illusion, Satan, is a collective creation by us, for us, to experience what we are not so we would better know, and then be able to experience, who we really are.

So now the crunch, the point of this post.

Yosef, my highly respected and beloved brother, as a fleshly, a physical body toting around, Son of God and a highly evolved Spiritual being having an earthly experience, not unlike anybody here on Dinar Chronicles, what is it that you want me to surrender? Is it my Godhood? Is it my Oneness with God that is inseparable? Is it my belief that I can always ask God my Father for direction and guidance and then receive that direction and guidance? Is it my willingness to be a tool in Gods hand to accomplish His divine decree? Is it my belief that me and God can do anything He wants me to do? Really, Yosef, what are you asking me to do with your surrender edict, your pleadings to submit myself to be something less than what I have spent my whole life of left turns trying to do? Have you made one less left turn than you should have?

As one of the precious souls her on DC, please, please, tell me what I should surrender. I am serious Yosef. Should I surrender my belief that every child of God that feels they are chosen to do this work can and will be divinely guided ? Should I shrink myself and give in to what the Cabal wants me to believe I am? Am I to believe that Yeshua and God the Father want me to surrender to their will over my God supported will? I have too much to loose to yield to what I believe is the lesser way. I have no white flag. I have no pole to fly it on if I did. I tried to surrender before and God would not accept it. He would never go there with me – I had to continue on my path.

Finally, dear brother whose heart is love but whose teachings and beliefs are skewed by Cabal Bible thinking, I will never surrender who and what I am to a lesser god, a demigod or any other entity that has no understanding of what I Am, or who I represent. I Am a brother to one whose Glory is beyond what I could imagine, the Lord Jesus the Christ, another Son of God. And when I am finished with my humanitarian work on this side of the veil, I will sit by His side and he cry for joy with me as I will hear my Father speak these words, “well done thou good and faithful servant,” and then, I will SURRENDER, to the unspeakable joy and the peace that surpasseth all understanding, that is found in my Father's Mansion. And, then from there I will await my next assignment. I am well seasoned and I will do The Father's will.

Until then … I am

Anxious to Begin.



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