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Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Response to WY" by Victor - 4.13.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 11:12 AM EDT on April 13, 2017

"Message to One Who Knows" by WY - 4.13.17

Oh why Oh why does a Baby cry?.......why?........because that is its nature.

Why is one of those questions that has no end to it. It is like trying to find the last number in " PI"........it can't be done and it never ends. A wise lady I once knew, said..... when she had kids she told them right away.........I never answer the question .....Why? ......Why? is a trick question that fights the whole universe and is actually a symptom of the problem and is asked form the level of the problem......because the answers do exist, it is just that they are not seen by the questioner.

Why ?.......is why the RV can manifest and will manifest for those who want it. Why is an mystery and a answer to a question with and infinite answer. Yes............to Mr WY, he will not like the this answer and will not be able to hear the answer perhaps and he will ask ........"why?" after he reads this post, if he reads it. But should one try to "help" one more time?........Yes, if the PTB can try for a thousand years, I can certainly try one more time to help a part of myself that is evolving. Normally I would not read or bother, yet I can hear the familiar call of sorrow........as RA would say. Millions of wanderers are here to answer that call.....The call of Sorrow.

In fact that answering is part of the infinite answer to the question of WHY? it seems to me, that The creator of this universe has made it that, if there is an ultimate answer to that question, the whole of creation would cease to exist since the reason for this experience here would be done......once WHY? ....was answered and known directly through experienceby all.

You see, the answer is never at the level of the question or the questioner, because the Universe and "WE", never stop evolving. We really can not stop. We may stall and stutter and wait for a long time, but we will never really stop. That is why the cabal will not be allowed to stop or stagnate the whole of creation with accepting where they are, with forcing us to stay captive here. That is why the RV will be next. It has to be next.

The Cabal can not settle and stop and we can not settle and stop in our Life. That is why the RV is here and why so many Work for it, where born for it. Why we are each working for it in our own way. Even Mr WY is working to understand. He is here doing his part, asking the hard question.

From a 3d perspective of how reality works, the answers to how to get to the next level of evolution, 4d and above make no sense and will challenge you. So it will be the rest of you life. Each new leve lis a challenge of going beyond the old. Why? ......Why will always have another challenge, you can't settle for one answer, to explain the whole of creation, it is bigger than that.. YOU can't stay a child for ever. We must grow.

The answers are here all over Dinar Chronicles, they are. It is our Job to find there real gold among the fools gold. NO one can do it for us because that takes away the fun. Yes fun.........Source is into having fun. The whole of creation is fun. Even the pain and suffering which frames the context of Life, is what makes fun possible.......fun is there, when the suffering that masks it goes away for a little while.

Suffering gives Love meaning in a world of duality, as does trying to figure out WHY?

Now OWK's can defend himself quite well and has answer the questions many times. It is just the answer was not accepted or heard by the receiver yet. I think Christ talked on this point when he said " Where I go you can't come" .......this does not mean you can't get there, just you are not ready for it yet. When in Kindergarten you are not ready for college yet, but in time you will be ......in time......

He also spoke in parables as I am doing here in a way. Because the answer requires a leap in awareness off the listener, so as to understand a NEW answer above the level of the old world that the listener lives in. Old questions and answers will not work.

The No RV reality.........where it is not real and can never happen, is the old world reality. The quesions in a way belong to that 3d world. To get to the New RV manifested reality, you have to be make yourself NEW in a way. You will have to drop the limiting thoughts that block this manifestation. You will have to accept your own power of manifestation.

Once you see you are a co-creator, your old why questions just fade away for you. Yet......You have to toss out the trash and make room in your mind. Once you make room, what seems like crazy talk, now becomes a possibility and then a reality.

Stay open and leave the why questioned unanswered for while and see how that feels? Then when you don't "create" your old world again from the same old stale thoughts........some new options can appear. You have to make room. New miracles that where never credible before will happen. Life for you will shift from impossible to possible to manifesting here now.

Why are not the healing ships here yet? Why has not Prime creator interfered? Why are there no more failed predictions of when; so I can bitch some more? I love b****ing......I love being me and I love my arrogance, I love the old life. Why??????...........Why is a mirror that reflects who you now are still.

Why have I not answered the questions at your own level?.....because the answers are not there and you cant handle much above it yet!....Baby steps it has to be.

You cant give a child who can barely add two and two a book on calculus, that would be cruel. You have to teach it on its own level and then once in a while throw something new in its life, so it can stretch and expand some. You can not fry the circuits of a little machine by putting too much juice through it.

If you drop Resistance some, you can take and receive more. You can experience and put yourself in the reality that things work out for you. But you have to also look at how you feel when you ask your questions and you have to be brutally honest in your quest. You have to do your part and then the healing beings to show up. So it is.




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