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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Response to Realities" by Omegaof33 - 4.4.17

Entry Submitted by Omegaof33 at 2:59 PM EDT on April 4, 2017

"Realities" by Ruby - 4.4.17


Hello Ruby, your questions grabbed my attention so here is my take on this.

You can try this experiment on a smaller scale. Choose something simple to try this with. Something personal for you and pretty easy to receive with an immediate result. Let's say you have a job interview that you are really looking forward to. Do you know that by being excited and joyful about it that you have already aced the interview and probably got the job before you even show up? That is your soul leaving its impression on you that it is a good thing and you are supported also. But did you also know that by being nervous, scared, doubtful, or fearful that you won't get it, you may have thrown up your own obstacle and will have to work extra hard to show you want the job if you even get it, or worse don't show up to the interview because you've convinced yourself you won't get the job? It's more about feeling and emotion when it comes to manifestation and reality play. Once you can convince yourself to believe that, it is a guaranteed result. You have just created your own reality. Simply by knowing what you want and the universe lining up to give you what you have asked for. This is the truth on a micro scale as well as a macro scale. Don't take my word for it, just try it for yourself. Now don't expect to win the lottery tomorrow by doing this, it doesn't work like that. But by aligning with something you really heart felt want, you will get it. Your heart must want it, not your head/mind/ego. It's energy, it's physics, not philosophy or wishful thinking.

Now sometimes these discussions can pour over into the spiritual category as some see knowing this power as being dangerous even sinister. It probably is in the wrong hands but that doesn't mean deny it to those who could do wonderful things in their world, in their life. Some would rather you go on living thinking you are their subject when you truly are not anyone's toy or property, of course if that works for you then by all means, keep pushing on, but I don't think you want to buy into that, I don't many that would choose it. We are all a creation of wonderment that no one owns or controls but you do answer for your actions and choices. Never forget that. Imagine some tyrant knowing this same truth and using his will for bad things. They try to control the narrative of the reality you share with them so they can control you. Technically speaking, your reality is only with where you sit at. We ONLY know now of each other's existence because we are on this social media platform that is shared by a few, something we freely CHOSE to give our attention to. But without knowing and without intention, we can affect each other's reality by what we believe to be reality. From my understanding, your hologram platform reality building base now has two distinct timelines/realities which we are primed to be in. One is going one way, eventually, and the other is going in the opposite direction, but who knows, they may meet up again later depending on similarities and shifts in our perspectives.

In the grandness of it all, once you've been tapped to remember who you are, then there is no going back to how you thought this world worked. You previously thought you were like a floating piece of wood in a river flowing constantly and your just along for the ride. It's not exactly like that at all but it can be if that is what you want but then you become objective and it is difficult to become subjective again, requires very strong will power. Make sense? Consciousness, reality, what it is and what it isn't, what is illusion, what is not....the rabbit hole goes on for miles. Nothing is real unless you BELIEVE it's real, just as nothing is fake unless you BELIEVE it is fake. That's why the internet, mainstream news and television news are battling it out now as to what is truth and what isn't, and your left to figure out which one your going to roll with, if we continue to share in the same reality that has been so far revealed. They control A narrative but it is not THE narrative unless you BUY into their VERSION. I know who has the narrative now and that is good enough for me. Things on DC are no more inspired and geared by narrative control than mainstream news, social media and television, all of these are programs which you choose to "take in" or leave out. It's a choice now, a personal choice than what you see anywhere else, but DC is surrounded in those on the same mission, truth and freedom, simply stated. One spiritual guru told me EVERYTHING outside of me was evil and illusion and to a certain degree, they are correct. EVERYTHING outside starts from the INSIDE first, your thoughts, your beliefs, your visions, your focus and intention. Choose a narrative that you like and move forward in that narrative and you can have your own narrative as well, added to the current, and watch how it turns out. This is what I have been doing, on a personal level rather than trying to rally a shared level, which has more power. If you are aligned with many who are on the same "narrative" then you win the narrative, the reality. On the shared level, it is already so and we are arriving at that now I think. Most of DC crowd is on the same page and know the end game scenario. That's why you keep hearing people say we're in the last final push of this, it is imminent, it is happening, has already happened, etc, as that is more momentum to get it going and its working. When Trump made it into office, the world shook and only 62 million were happy about that. There are 324 million people in the USA and only 12% voted for him, leaving the other percentage to those who either don't vote, won't vote, or didn't want either candidate forced on them. That is 65% of the nation who gasped at his election, not just his opposition. Since his election, you have seen the narrative shift over and over, but what isn't readily noticeable is the overall disapproval rating of his short presidency so far, and many do NOT like what he is doing. That MANY are taking over the narrative now. Humanity and everyone else who operates from the heart with the best interest of humanity wins now. All others will fall, are failing, ending, being removed, being replaced with more humanity hearted people. So, owning the narrative is important in the respect that whoever is leading it, controls the flow and what you receive as information from them, could even be made up created mess or the bold truth, but they own the narrative so they win the scene. whether it was the GCR that happened in other places, it will make its way around the globe, as we are all connected as long as we choose to share that connection, that belief, that outcome, that situation, that event, etc. Sometimes, they create huge events to happen just to knock you off your own course and plant you on their course. This is sinister and too many have been doing this for a very long time. Many are wising up to this trick on your mind, and not falling for it or even giving it more than a second's glance. That is why you will see some not sympathizing with tragic events because most times they were created to do just that and some of us see through it, not all, but some.

For further understanding of reality shifting and perspectives and beliefs, check out Daryl Ankh and Bashar (watch several as he is a matter of fact person and this can be a bit much to take in for those not versed in this kind of guidance). Esther "Abraham" Hicks, also gives great insight into this and a little advice on how to. Teal Swan is also a great one, she taps in on so many things. There are some people who do know what they are talking about. Peace to you Ruby.

Signed Omegaof33



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