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Monday, April 10, 2017

"Response to Competing Realities" by Victor - 4.10.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 12:26 PM EDT on April 10, 2017

"Competing Realities?" by Ruby - 4.10.17

Ruby, now you are talking the only topic that really interest me. " Who put the anchovies in my reality"?.........Who was that masked man?.....when will this RV happen?........These are the big questions of Life, the things we all want to know.

Where is that objective reality? When will we finally strip off the illusions and arrive at what is real?.....EEEhhhhrrr!....Right intent but wrong question......I think.

" I think therefore I am".........Ahh....there is the clue. I think that one objective reality exists because I have been programed to look for that in this matrix. We where born here and that was drilled into us since birth, by professors, by mama and papa and by the Cabal. But why? ....

Why where we misdirected to look for a thing that does not exist?.....Answer:....so you would never escape the matrix and learn that you are a co-creator trapped in this place where you are captured by technology;......So you chose to be born over and over again here, for tens of thousands of years as a slave............and act as a food source/energy/battery Source for your captors........Amen!

Yes, when you died the technology existed ( rumors have it it was taken out last a few weeks ago) that captured your life memories and played them back to you, so you chose again to be re-born here. Whether you sought Christ, Mohamed, Buddha or any other new age concept.........,like go into the light. Then Shazam!!......you where tricked into choosing this again......Bam!!......you where back with an erased mind, coming out a little hole, ready to do it all again for a few more short tortuous years. The goal was to always keep you enslaved!.

The reasons for this was that these "force" or entities wanted to skip the step of advancing back to Source themselves. They had found a good gig and they liked it. They liked being bad. They decided that they liked the service to self life which made them god like and where happy to live off your Life energy by dumbing you down genetically , informational and keeping you for ever trapped. Forever waiting for a Saviour in the future.

They did this by misdirecting you own free will, where you chose to stay here on your own.They told you everything like in the movies, "matrix...... dark city..... Jupiter ascending.... ET..... Raiders of the lost arch....etc" .....the truth was there disclosed to you. All was disclosed like in a legal contract, which it is. Yes. ........disclosed, but in a form of fiction, with deception .........So that you did not take the Truth as literal or as real. So you ignored it. But it was always disclosed to you. Now the responsibility was and is always yours. So if you now agree to live here and not wake up!.....because you did not even know you where asleep........ALL by your own free will........you are stuck.......slicks as warm #hit.

Yes .......you where told a form of truth, but a propaganda type disclosure where you did not believe or where not able to see the real Truth. You where so programed that when the real Truth was given to you, you would turn away form it......and chose and illusions lie that  felt normal or more better for you, since you where programed to accept and take wrong feelings as good.

In this way, you had your choice and chose enslavement yourself. A Bizarre science fiction story to us as I tell it, but that is the Truth......the Truth people will not believe. An aspect of this Truth is that you are a powerful creative being who has been trapped. If you knew that there is an infinite number of realities times multiplied by an infinite number of realities........you would know that anything is possible for you to experience, in an unlimited universe create by an unlimited Source.

Of course, if you think only on objective reality exists and that is all.........then you are easily controlled and kept in Fear a fear that is low energy , that feeds the host and keeps you unable to escape and create since ......fear is of a low power, but good enough to feed on.

If you believe that only one objective reality exists, then you could have a false flag event of bombings in Syria.........and you would naturally fall back into your programing of "lack"..........Lack of an infinite number or realities that you could experience at any second, but don't because you think it is not possible ( since you only see an objective world).....and that you are a nothing but a stale anchovy eater............wrong.!!!!

So, if a false flag makes you feel lacking ......then it has done its simple job. This simpleton trick works, if you believe that only "one objective reality exists" and now, after this bombing it, your world isw all messed up again......Wahaaaa!!!....sniff....sniff!.........don't fall for it. ........Say NO! You have the power to say NO.

It is not ALL messed up or real bad.........and .now your RV will not happen for you. It is BS.......All a trick to con you into negative energetic thinking. The option of the Cabal loosing and the RV happening still exist. You just have to get your beliefs there for you. It is free will. Not all will make it since they will chose a world where it never happens. That many options exist. That is how amazing the game called Life is.

You can skip time lines at will, yet you can not if you do no believe you can. It is a catch 22 sort of thing where you have to escape the matrix like NEO and take the pill, want to take the shock and be able to believe and accept that this is a miraculous existence with no limits. Love energies play a part because they vibrate much higher than fear. Fear takes much force and deception to work. A little love light Truth wake up the whole place.

Once the light switch is turned on in a room.......darkness vastness as thing that never existed but was only an effect of light not being turned on there yet.

So it is all good and great for you in this time line. In this option you are now taking, you are asking questions. You are not in the defeated time line where you ask no questions........so that is different. It is so different that you can keep on following the bread crumbs and figure out you are all powerful and not a slave.

Dinar Chronicles is actually surprisingly advanced in that there is so much information and so much friction here that it is a great place to learn and practice this thing called the law of attraction where if you keep your beliefs high and become aware of your thoughts and manage your Joy........all of the sudden stuff happens. Anchovies go away and you don't know how it happened? But as you see the synchronicity you start to believe and know that this is how the universe works.

Now jumping time lines is words to describe something more complex that is beyond my pay grade to explain right now. But you are only awareness having an experience in consciousness. So as Awareness, you always really remain unaffected by what you experience. You are actually always only observing events. When you separate a little form what you think is happening in to you.........you will see it is not happening to YOU directly as awareness.

As awareness, you really free of sin and guilt since you where only watching a movie, a movie of many frozen time line frames, just like a film. As awareness, through free will ......you are the Creator and editor and director of the movie. You could have an infinite number of endings to your movie in theory. But to make your life understandable and have some theme of order to it, we tend to keep it simple and enjoy the movie, whether it is a horror show or a comedy.

So from the view point of what you are, Awareness.......all is an illusion of sorts. Many frozen still life frames that you are skipping through all the time. Tens of thousands of frames per second, which gives the illusion of movement. All that is happening is that awareness is choosing through you, to try out every option in the universe. Every person is part of that individuated Source, getting to know itself. So the bad guy and the good guy are all the same guy (Source) at the ultimate level.

Why? ....why not? if you are the creator of everything, you can do what you want, since there is only you (Source) in this place, in the room in the movie.............

That is why no such thing as one objective reality exists. All realities are subjective in creation, but they appear to be objective to you in the game........or the game or the movie would not seem real and would not produce the emotions of the experience. It has to be credible to work.

So The RV does exist for you and it also does not exist for you at the same time. YOU are the chooser and the option is up to you. That is the fun part. You can be Cabal, you can be a negative basher and you can be an over the top believer and delusional zealot. You will still not die no matter how you make your movie. YOU as Life can not die, since you are it.....LIFE. The movie will die and end and then it starts over again.Never the same re-run..........sobeit.......




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