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Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Response to blueray" by (Anonymous) - 4.22.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:23 PM EDT on April 22, 2017

Response to: blueray

"Anonymous1's Response to 5 Means 5" by blueray - 4.22.17

Let me begin by saying, generally speaking, I'm a non-combative type. I've been that way most of my life and, literally had to be forced into learning how to defend myself. It's incredible too, that I wouldn't step out and defend myself but yet, when it came to someone less fortunate or, maybe was the underdog, that was a different story. I suppose, that's why I'm stepping forward now...because, you strike me as the kind of person who says whatever you want, no matter whose toes you step on or, whose feelings you might hurt. I've got news for you. You're sowing seeds for a harvest that, one of these days you'll regret being forced to reap. Don't take that as a threat because, it's not a threat at all. It's a promise... more than that, it's an unavoidable principle that governs our lives, whether you believe it or not. Kind of like gravity...you don't have to believe in gravity in order for it to work.

You make the statement,

"It's good to see so many waking up, asking better questions, tossing ' faith ' into the trash, doubting."

You're kind of taking your "right to free speech" for granted, there aren't you? Who do you are, anyway? It's like you're celebrating the notion that people who have been keeping theirselves positive by continuing in their faith, have finally dropped down to your level to wallow in the mud and the muck of misery and despair with you and, in doing so, you just stepped over the line of where your "right to free speech" begins to encroach someone else's right's to the "pursuit of happiness." There's a part of me that would have once, relished the idea of getting physical about such things because, when you trample someone else's rights, you open up the door for them to squash you like a bug. I'm sure there were plenty of "bottom feeders" out there for you to befriends, without badmouthing folks who, in spite of your ridicule of them, would probably still come and help you, if they knew you needed it.

Then, you came back and claimed,

"This has been my point for more than 6 months. Faith is a miserable substitute for fact, isn't it ?"

Do you really expect anyone who has walked by faith in their life to answer that question in the way it's obvious that you think it will? Let me tell you something buster. That right there tells me how miserable of an existence that you must live. Not only do you have no faith but, you criticize those who do...who, at times, the only thing that's keeping them going is their trust and belief in God. If you think that a bolt of lightning is going to come out of the sky and knock you to your knees, because if your insults to them, don't hold your breath. There's a verse in the Bible that seems appropriate here that talks about "the blind leading the blind" and, "both of them fall into a pit." You see, there comes a point where you're just given over to your own lists and desires and, the pit you end up in is of your own doing. You then stated,

"And as I predicted, the ' Doubting Thomas ' syndrome is expanding, about half of all comments here. Good for us finally engaging our common sense."

You make that statement as though you have some mystical/spiritual ability to discern what's going in around you and, I can assure you, if you have the gift of discernment, that didn't come from yourself. In the process, you seem to be including other people in your miserable little place in life but, I got news for you. No one I know who walks by faith is going to come down there with you, unless it's to come try and pull you out of your pit. That's what people of faith do. Some more than others but, even the ones who are unable are still more than willing to go find someone who can help you. Again, that's what people of faith do.

You say

"We can't confirm any ' intel ' until after the fact."

Well, I beg to differ with you there again, buster. There are people who legitimately do have "the gift of discernment." Some of us have "the gift of faith" while others have, visions and dreams...all of which are spoken of very clearly in the Bible. There's another ability that people of faith have, that people who try to fly by the seat of their pants don't have. It called "the ability to "call things that ARE NOT as though THEY ARE" but then, that's the kind if God we serve.

Then, you claim,

"What we can do is assess the manner of the man speaking it. Those that have '' surrendered '' are just as full of shit as those that haven't. I don't see any advantage."

...keep walking down that path of darkness and, you never will. You need to understand something. There may be people out there who are intimidated by someone like you because you speak with such confidence. Well, there's a lot of people, men and women alike, in the government's of the world who were even more confident in what they were doing and saying and, they're trying to hide like cockroaches and rats, now.

Your words are,

"Those spouting religious nonsense have PROVEN to be no more reliable than any others."

I can guarantee you this. If you had gone through 1/10 of what I've gone through over the past fourteen years, not to even mention the rest of my life, you'd be six feet under a headstone, right now.

It's amazing to me how people who have no faith, no relationship with God not, even seem to believe in God, has the audacity to bad mouth someone else for exercising whatever level of faith they have. Then, for you to say,

"Dinarland is rife with all manner of proselytizers, whose alleged cosmic connections score no better than guesswork."

...well, step up to the plate and show your stuff, bubba! Ridicule others for stepping out and trying to do what they believe God has placed in their hearts to encourage others and yet, all you're doing is coming in here to belittle people.

You sound like a frustrated old fool, with most of what you have to say. You wear your arrogance and smugness like a cheap suit and, you say what you do about "accuracy" as though you know anything st all and yet, your gage of accuracy is limited to the fact that you haven't been able to exchange yet. Well, if they're paying attention to your level of negativity, YOU may still have a LONG wait and the, you have the lack of respect to make the statement,

"The latest dinarland messiah continues his descent into irrelevance. Sad to see, but predictable, given a zero accuracy rate. Some will cling, inevitably, like the violin player on the sinking Titanic. Whether Yosef is well intended or not becomes moot point. What he brings to dinarland, so far, is useless to our quest."

At least Yosef us doing something to bring hope into an otherwise frustrating situation. I guess the old saying about "misery loves company" is correct because, all you have to offer is your own miserable self and the misery your wallowing in. I suspect, even when your bank accounts are overflowing, your barns are full and, your vats are running over, you're still going to be miserable. In fact, I suspect, you have even come close to the misery you're going to go through. Why do I say that? It's inevitable. You see, having money simply magnifies the you that already exists before the money. Brace yourself dude. It's gonna hot you like a ton of bricks and, totally by surprise. That's how "The devour-er" works.

Then. As though you have any authority or grounds to stand in in making such a statement, you end your diatribe with...

"If even one hungry child remains, & an entity actually exists that can fix it, yet does not do so, that entity needs it's ass kicked to the curb."

...as though showing a fain tenderness toward the helpless is going to make brownie-points with God and, your false bravado of "kicking someone to the curb" just goes to show a complete and total lack of couth but, it's a free country. At the same time, you might want to start looking into what God has to say about the words that come out of your mouth. For instance, Proverbs 18 says; "Death and life are in the power of the tongue in those who love it will eat its fruit." If you like bitter and rotten fruit, you probably won't ever be disappointed. You signed your post as "blueray"...well, my real name is John and, I hope you have a good life.



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