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Saturday, April 29, 2017

"Response to Benjamin Change Ungerman" by Victor - 4.29.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 12:29 PM EDT on April 29, 2017

OWN(w)O's by One Who Is Still Benjamin Change Ungerman

Wow........Cocky and rude is as Cocky and rude does..........

What can you say when someone barges in the room, yells in capitol letters for everyone stop fighting and attacking. Acts extremely rude and tells everyone how not to behave while.........then trowing #hit all over the wall and telling everyone else here that they are "Not behaving so well."

Now, when you dive into post like this it can become a tit for tat fight of where one person says your beliefs are not valid and mine are. We are not going to fall for that little trick. Obviously the poster is a Cobra follower.......dughhh!. For those "graduates" here that are now made. Those that lived through this time of the 60's.....will rember this example.

This attacker, he reminds me of when Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali. When Ali did that........ the whole world went crazy. The cabal went crazy and screamed in capitol letters......How dare you stand up!.....black man . How dare any man stand up to us! But he stood up and walked against the whole world .....all alone, risked it all, no compromise, no weakness, no wishy washy .....misinterpretation of..... "I love you".....So, I will stay small and quiet and just take it, be your salve. NO sir.......none of that.

Changing your name is a strong powerful act of change.

Ali in his example of courage for many, He wanted to manifest his own freedom and his own reality, as we are doing here. This little ranting attack is nothing compared to what that very public name change showed everyone in the world. That showed the world you can do it........."You Can Change The World"......"You Can Be The Greatest"

From this posters opinion.......he is promoting that YOU are NOT ALLOWED to stand up and ......."CHANGE"......take charge of your own Life and manifest what you want. You are not even allowed to change your name as OWK has done. That is why he was BELITTLED and the first attack of many in this whole post. The intent was to divide and kill what good energy Dinar Chronicles has. What good energy OWK had with his name declaration action.

Dinar Chronicles has The energy of........" Free speech and Freedom"........and the name attack was to put down one strong particular leading voice here. This Dinar Chronicles is about manifesting what you want. The people posting here that are in alignment with manifesting what THEY want here and are not fighting at all amongst themselves, not really.

It is the people that are not in alignment here with their own Joy, they fight. It is that non- alighment energy that is wrongly extrapolate to imply disharmony in a Whole group, when that is not true. Those here that are following their joy that are NOT a problem to themselves or anyone else of like minds here. Those not in alignment or not really part of this "Group", they are the ones which in turn, then project what they see-through their "subjective rose Colored glass" on to Dinar Chronologies as a "whole". A misdirection ploy.

I ask you poster?...... Are you having fun?.......Do you feel good in your actions? I don't think so. You See, when you don't respect the view point of OWK, in changing his own name, to what he wants to be or who he really is. You don't respect Free Will and manifestation. That name change, that is an act of powerful manifestation. That is a Self Empowerment act and a teaching tool for all to see here. It is what we each have to do in a every simple example. All you have to do is change our name.!....Change your intent!

Yes, it is that simple. You can not manifest something new, until say good bye to the past. So you no longer want to be what you where. So when you put down OWK and his act of change, YOU say from an extreme limiting view point that .......Only " Lack "....... exist for you and You want to sell us this "Lack" view point.

To that "smallness", we say NO. Meaning we can see, that you don't like a new name change that denotes actual instant change and manifestation and actual power now. You want us to....... Wait. You promote waiting for the blessings in the "future". We here say we are not waiting for the RV, not waiting for the children to get rescued, not waiting for the "event', not waiting for the power in a new name to manifest for us or to come only in some unknown future time line. We are taking it ALL now. We are taking charge.

You also plant subliminal "Lack" messages here in this post with your screaming words......."HOLD THE LINE"......, HOLD THE LIGHT" ......You are promoting "Holding" and "stopping", and finally you disrespect the power of OWK name change again when you say ....."NONE OF US AT THIS POINT KNOW WTF IS GOING ON" ......saying that OWK ......does not know, is not worthy or knowing and no one is allowed to Know what is going on here,when that is not true. That all does not feel good at all.

If that is not ........"LACK " ...... and a whole contradiction of your disingenuous excuse for launching and attack here under the cover of trigger words like ......."BE HUMBLE AND KIND"........Like you think that you can get away with those cute words, thinking that they are providing cover for the negative emotions and the intend of your attack. Those actions are the exact same thing that you are "correcting us" all here for........Eehhrr.......Your exposed.!

You see..........You see.....OWK did not go and post on Cobras site and enter his "Home" to stir up trouble as you are doing here. He posted for those coments for those who are like minded as a guidance here to light workers. It was for educational and protective purposes.

Then you continue to cast out three more subliminal attacks lines.........."Light workers turning on Light workers"......." At least the cabal sticks together".........", And we wonder why our blessings have not arrived.".........Man.....you got some nerve and lack issues for painting us with your opinions.

Once again, you have the intent to attack, spread low energy of saying "We are not here yet" .........I am not feeling your JOY or your love yet...........Haaa.....haaa .You say we are not allowed to change our own names even and if we do we are not worthy of that name change because we are all not there yet..........once again hitting on  the lack theme and promoting....... "Waiting"...... for some dubious line that we all "NEED".....meaning we don't have a "NEW NAME". We are not there yet, since we NEED.........certain conditions that are still ....."Lacking" in your eyes .....Like this "Event"? ......."THE EVENT NEEDS 144,000,".....like the 144,000 are not her yet?........LACK !!!!!!

All I can say to this not so obvious attack, is that OWK description, it must have hit the TRUTH,or you would not be here. You can't see that we are "the standing up light workers here", as OWK emotional post of yesterday said when he described our personal journeys of suffering, that " made" us into light workers by the school of adversity and hard knocks.

If ....."I ".....was not a graduate of this school of hard knocks/suffering myself and I declared my "graduation". I would not have been able to see your trickery and twisting of words for the BS that it is. Cobra ........"sssshhhhmoooobra"..........I say with a smile. Take your llizzy lizard friend with the ...."AI"..... voice and go "Sin no more". He is not what we are manifesting for ourselves here, that is all.

All of this post of yours was not of the light that we are after and was not what we who are gathered here are interested in. Your tricks are to small, too outdated and too.......NOT WANTED.

Now you and Ubiety or anyone who "choose" not to like it here or those the or not ready to accept yet the ........."Theme" here...... or what Dinar Chronicles has become. You know where the door is. Follow your own JOY. Go and create a group or place or RV that you want! and assemble with those you resemble and create the World that brings you JOY. It is not our problem, your problems of not liking what you hear here.

There is enough time lines for ALL. There is no need to try to step on our creations here if this is what we want to manifest. This is our world and you can have yours, no problem. You can have all the points of Your RV that you want to see for yourself. The warnings on Cobra was for those who want and resonate with "Our" option here. Isn't it obvious we are going in different and divergent roads?

With our Free Will we are manifesting this option, which is not a threat to your life options, and if these time lines seem mutually exclusive............they are!. We really can not support your Lack and your projected word views when we do not want them. We want our RV now. We say it is done NOW.....and you can follow any Cobra you want. Or anyone You want. You can wait for your right "Event" that fits your Life show.

And...........being "strong" and telling you where to go sell your products, is not an attack. You came here first and started all this little final "second day" test for us...........to which we say Thank You!.........since our RV is here and we are going for that. So, NO THANK YOU to your offers. You can keep your lack and we are choosing to move on in our "fast" time line to completion of what is here now for us made new with a new name and creation or our own choosing.

We want to go and we will go and we are refusing the BS of the past your are selling.,.... dear friend. That is not an attack, but a declaration of intent and a act of self defense in a way, but No really. You where not really a threat, but a confirmation that we are on our right path. You where never anything of power unless we or "I" gave you my power, by letting you instill doubt upon my belief, which I never did.

We don't believe you .........so go starve in a corner. We don't feed vampires here or no "Demiurge" surrogates either!. We have Lights ON here..... to better see you with. We also don't cry when you get the results of ....."YOUR" .....own Free Will and what "Swill" you created for yourself. We rejoice in your power to chose. That is real LOVE here, not sentimentality pretending to be The LOVE. This is the real strength of LOVE.........the no fear too let you choose oblivion if you so like.........Sobeit.




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