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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Released" by Sarah - 4.4.17

Entry Submitted by Sarah at 2:40 AM EDT on April 4, 2017

Hello Beautiful Family,

I want to thank all of you for opening up to the love and truth I’ve had to share over the last several months, and especially for returning it. There is nothing I would rather do than grow and learn and love with all of you, as we assist Gaia and all her inhabitants with their/our healing process. What you’re about to read is something I started to write back in January. Doesn’t that seem so long ago? We were just getting over the hype from Christmas and New Years and settling into our new, larger comfort zones out here on the fringes. We had been learning a deep lesson together with our good friend Over and Out about freedom of speech, discernment, and heart-centered communication. Some of us were angry, some of us were tired, some of us were quiet, and some of us were holding the light and stepping into their truth right in front of us. Thank you especially to One Who Knows, Yosef, Gary, Heis, Harmony, Love Everyone, Daughter of Terra, islandwave8, Faith, Cowboy, and all contributors I may have forgotten to mention in my excitement to share this post. Thank you as well, Patrick, for your steadfast work and support, for walking the hero’s path, for shining your light brilliantly through the darkness, and for loving the world and yourselves openly, honestly, and unconditionally. You are the kind of people we can grow with and learn from at the same time, such a valuable combination for a soul on a journey of remembrance. All of us are beacons, and as we step into our highest potential and shed the skin of our old limitations I think it’s important, necessary actually, for all of us to do the same in whatever way comes naturally to us. So, I’ve decided to post what I wrote back in January - I think out of anything I’ve ever wanted to say, this is the most loving and truthful communication I have been able to put into words. I think language is beautiful though it can be a limitation in and of itself at times, one we will likely shed eventually, but for now I’m happy to share my energy with you in this way as I step into my truth as one who gives alongside all of you. My love and hugs are reaching out to all of you throughout space and time. You know me, I always bring it back to the hugs.

January 6, 2017

I want to talk about what led me to this website. I had proven some things to myself about how my consciousness was affecting the reality around me. At the same time, I was frequenting a lot of websites that featured information given by channelers. Aside from the teachings of wisdom found in these messages that aligned with my growth and experience and opened up new pathways of understanding life, myself, and people, what really caught my attention was the fact that they (as well as many other truth-seekers) were saying that there is a massive spiritual awakening happening. There are a lot of different perspectives one can hold about life and the world, but no matter how much my perspective shifted over time, this truth of awakening and remembrance and the inherent divinity of all things kept resonating deep in my core. At that time, it felt like the bubble was really about to burst literally every day. I kept waking up every morning thinking, “Today is the day! Today is the day things shift!” - it felt so imminent and so real, it became the only thing that mattered. Sound familar? I remember starting on that journey in late 2011, and I can say that I have had that feeling every single day since the beginning. I started learning all about metaphysics, philosophy, sacred geometry, the history of the planet and the human race - the truth was starting to set me free and all I wanted was more. Albeit along with more truths, the first impression I got upon the outset of my own awakening in this life is all still true to me.

At the beginning of the quest for truth, we all started to understand the concept of “what you give is what you get.” Tuning yourself to a certain frequency. Creating your reality through your perception. It feels so good when you first start seeing those results in your life. Then, the curveballs start coming - thrown at you to help you see how you REALLY feel, how you REALLY think, how freaking programmed you were into believing that all your worst fears were coming true all the time. How everyone around you faces the same daily struggle. It’s too much to handle at times, the truth. There are peaks and valleys for a while, like waves of experience and healing and understanding, massive always but more surf-able as time goes on. After years of this, gratitude becomes the goal. Acceptance becomes the challenge. Surrender becomes your truth. In the meantime, our understanding of ourselves and the world gets tumbled around as we try our best to know and create more love and more good to the best of our ability.

I used to need the dogma of things more than I do now. I needed structure around my beliefs still, and I needed things for my mind to glean inspiration from. It was tough not to get caught up in a lot of limiting beliefs that are out there when it comes to things like love, the law of attraction, giving and receiving, what an awakened person is supposed to look and act like, etc. There are many ways to look at the idea of reprogramming, healing, transmuting things that don’t serve us into things that serve the highest good of all - some of these ways leave too much truth in the shadows. I think sometimes we have to keep going deeper to find that we can’t apply false-paradigm boundaries to true-paradigm ideas and energies. When we don’t apply heart-centered wisdom and discernment to the information we are receiving, it’s difficult to grasp the bigger picture and avoid stagnation. I’ve seen many people here and throughout the world undergoing this same process along with me. The awakening continues.

There are moments when we search ourselves for the source of all the disruption and challenging situations we experience, and it’s difficult to find it outside of us or within us. Times when limiting beliefs whisper to us that something inside us must be wrong if we are seeing so many wrong things reflected back to us in our reality. Times when all the blissful thoughts and feelings and actions in the world aren’t changing our perspective or anyone else’s fast enough. At these times, we are confused. We understand that all is love, that all we give is love - why aren’t our perspectives shifting to allow us to receive that love? What can we do to just get! to! that! place!? Surrender becomes impossible. Gratitude becomes determination. Acceptance becomes creativity. We combust into a blaze of truth and willpower, knowing we didn’t just come here to be put through the wringer indefinitely, always learning some harsh lesson, always meticulously weeding out one fear after another. Every fearful or restrictive thought, belief, feeling, energy, is now brought into the light with much vehemence and gusto as we bulldoze through life’s lessons and try to awaken ourselves and others as effectively and quickly as possible. Until we burn out. We have had a taste of the joy of truth, but we have grown weary of the symphony being so bittersweet. How long do we have to keep trying to turn bad things into good things?

I look back at what I’ve learned and experienced so far, and I look forward to what I wish to experience and learn, and I’ve noticed that I have one persistent thought that defines both. In hindsight, I believe I could have learned so many of these lessons without all the struggle, sacrifice, and heartache - we all could. I feel like I never really “chose” to experience such turmoil in the same way that I know that’s not my choice in terms of my current and future experiences. So why does it get so painful and frustrating sometimes? I’m pretty sure that no matter what choices I had ever made/will ever make, the truth I would experience would have been exactly the same truth. Ah, there’s that acceptance of what is… and there’s also the creativity that says life can be better than this. To love ourselves and others, we shouldn’t have to suffer for ourselves and others, and we know this. Yet we often do as we take on the role of vessel for the collective joys and sorrows of Gaia/Sophia and all of her beloved inhabitants as a special species called Humanity.

Well, my family, the further we walk together down this path of awakening, the more I realize that there is a huge difference between taking negative things upon ourselves and understanding that we are here to help heal Gaia and the life she carries within her. I think we get so up inside our heads about all these things that we forget the most basic understanding of our mission here. To heal this whole planet. We responded to a planet who was calling out in distress for our help, and we came to do just that.

“Yes, yes, we know this,” you’re saying. “We understand our mission, we are just trying to get to the next step!”

Well, here’s the kicker: we have learned much from getting to experience the density of the situation here, and we have been creative and determined enough to seek out and invent many solutions to the many problems we see around us and inside of us. Look at how we’ve grown! Look at how much we have been able to do already! I’m not saying we did it the wrong way, I’m just proposing that from now on we allow ourselves to learn in a new way. A way that doesn’t apply the old heave-ho paradigm to this new all-love-all-the-time world we are exploding out of our shells to create. No matter how we learn, the truth is the truth, right? So what about letting go of trying to correct and heal everything we see around of us, stop taking on all the responsibility alone for people’s actions and behaviors that cause suffering to themselves and others. We have shown up in an environment where these things do occur, but rather than trying to change things by saying “I see a problem I want to solve,” I’d rather change things by saying “I see something I want to learn how to love.” or “I am inspired by this situation to create something new.”

All of life possesses a beautiful gift we sometimes call empathy. Being able to tune into the consciousness of other divine sparks around us. Being able to understand and have love and compassion for anything and anyone. Being able to accept and share space with anything and anyone. It comes with the territory of being intrinsically linked to all that is. But when we suffer for the sake of love, we take away our own power to create love and we align ourselves with an energy of giving-but-not-receiving. We are not here to become the collective tribulations of this world… we are here to give birth to something entirely different. We are here to shine without ceasing, to see without blinking, to love without limits, to connect without walls around ourselves.

Why negate a negative when you can create a positive?

Why accept anything that isn’t in line with your truth as you understand it?

Why not navigate by dreaming?

I understand that we are here because we are able to think outside of the box, dream big, really vividly visualize and anchor in our hearts the idea of a reality that is a system based on love that encourages compassion, individuality, and the right of every living thing to live life as they wish it to be. We protect the freedom to decide who we want to be in each moment and be that. I understand that we are also here because we are sick and tired of seeing the unnecessary pain and suffering that goes on in this world. It seems foreign to us. We know that it would be so easy for everyone to share this land, these resources, all this knowledge and inspiration and love with each other, and it’s tough to understand why people are still dying and drinking water is poisonous or nonexistent and five-year-olds are forced to sit in a desk or a dungeon all day and be programmed into some form of slavery against their will. We know it’s not a personal choice that anyone makes to suffer. But is it a collective choice? Have we really examined the part of ourselves that tells us that we must participate in these ideas, even if we’re just trying to help make it better? I think we are already making a huge difference, but collectively it’s like we are stuck in feeling the pain and suffering of others.

What do you think of when I say personal freedom?

Would you be willing to give yourself the gift of total freedom? To be in bliss at all times? To be in love? To fly in the face of everyone who has ever said there’s something wrong with the world or something wrong with you? To prove that one pesky voice in your head wrong?

We understand the truth of things. We’ve been through the stages of grief that set in upon seeing the damage done to this planet and these people and animals and ourselves. We want the world to be a good place. We’re tired of having to accept the bad along with the good.

So let’s stop accepting the bad. Love and understanding and awakening is not earned. It is a right. We’ve only ever loved. We’ve only ever desired love. Even at our most negative, most hurt, we aren’t putting negativity out into the world - we are removing it from the world. So let’s remove it once and for all from the world by removing it from our consciousness with all the strength of will we carry in our sacred and beautiful hearts. Rather than feeling responsible for all the suffering, let’s feel responsible for all the joy. How better to break out of the matrix than to forget that it even exists? How better to heal Gaia than to see her in all her wonder and glory all the time? To hold all of creation in it’s highest light?

That’s what I want to do.

In love, transcendent passion and sheer determination to create and experience this beautiful reality we all hold together in our hearts,

Your Sister Sarah

(Can't say it better than Jeff Buckley covering Bob Dylan):



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