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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"Re: Why Keep the Sleeping Public.. Sleeping?" - One Who Knows - 4.25.17

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 9:59 PM EDT on April 25, 2017

RE: Why Keep the Sleeping Public.. Sleeping?

"Why Keep the Sleeping Public... Sleeping?" by Conscious One - 4.25.17

This is a great question and I am glad to answer it. For most of us it seems like a no brainer, to be told all the information and find out what is really going on. After all, we spend hours a day if not more seeking more and more information ourselves. But therein lies the biggest difference.... We are seeking it, and want it, but the sleeping public are NOT seeking it and in many cases don’t want it either.

At First, I was Really Mad

At first when I starting hearing what was going on, it made me mad, the more I heard the more upset I got. I had decided before and even now to some degree, that I will not seek out the really bad details of what the Cabal have been doing to us. I just know that at Disclosure, when I stat hearing all the things done to kids, our food, the air we breathe, the electronic radiation and chem. trails to name a few, I am going to be fit to be tied. I already know it. I am mad just typing this post. So, I had decided to avoid that information. I already know it is bad, and frankly, at this point I don't need to know since it is all fixed or being fixed. In this case ignorance is truly bliss.

It Has Been Gradual For Us

Sure, some of got the "Crash Course" and got it all in one sitting. However for the rest of us it was one new revelation after another, year after year. Just when you got used to the fact that the government is corrupt, you got hit with the chem. trail info, then came the food, we eat, or the inoculations, or electromagnetic radiation or whatever, and now Pedogate, and who knows what else we will find out. The point is that most of us have learned all this gradually, and it is way easier that way.

Waking Up Issues

So, now we talk about the sleeping public, who are NOT asking and NOT seeking this "Crazy" conspiracy information, and would not believe it anyway. That is easy to understand since we even have people on this website, who are supposed to be awake and who still don't believe half of what is revealed. Now imagine the fight you would have to convince someone of this stuff without real Proof on TV? Good Luck!

Then, if they did believe it, then you leave them freaked out, not knowing what food to eat, holding their breath, turning off their cell phones for fear of cancer, not drinking water, and generally panicking over it all.

What about the new Republic that seems so normal to us, it would seem like some revolution by the Russians, or the Chinese, Alien invasion, or other evil faction to them.

The Wake Up Procedure

Clearly, this leads to the conclusion that we need a very well planned out "Public Reveal" of what is going on. Of course we call that "Disclosure." But what do you disclose and in what sequence? Now you are in the planning stage of the Wake up Procedure.

Most likely, it will first be the arrests of the evil Politicians, with plenty of evidence shown on TV, to give the public confidence that this needed to be done. Then you might announce the Return of the Republic to comfort the population that all is well. But then you run into the issue of a rouge take over fear. Of course that is when you drop on the public that the IRS is gone and there will no longer be income tax, and then you add some other wonderful benefits that make the Public fall in love with the new Republic.

But do you tell them about all the evil stuff that has been done to them? No, of course not. Not yet. Let them get used to a government change over. They will feel the prosperity because we will be out spending trillions of dollars in the economy. There will be jobs and money everywhere.

Then you begin to clue them in on what had been done to them but that they are now safe. Of course the Alien presence and the new technology will be announced and move into full disclosure, all from a place of prosperity, safety and happiness.

What Should NOT Happen

Can you imagine the disaster of waking up the public with all the horror stories without a ready solution that is already in place? NO GOOD! Besides, how many people have you tried to tell about this? How hard did they laugh at you? They are not ready to wake up, and when they are woken up, it takes a special plan, done exactly right as not to scare them, but to lead them step by step to their understanding. Even then, it can't be all at once. It has to be certain things first, and then other info later. But, to drop all the information on them at once would be a HUGE mistake. Remember the War of the worlds broadcast about an alien invasion and people freaked out and committed suicide?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while we have ideas of how this should happen, there is nothing to worry about. The Elders know EXACTLY what they are faced with, when it comes to waking up the public, to what has been going on, and what has happened. There is a science to it, and it has already been planned out perfectly. While we want the information and seek it out, it is hard to imagine that the public doesn't feel the same way... but they don't. They don't want a problem, and would rather things just remain status quo. While it is bad as it is, change is even harder for them.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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