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Monday, April 24, 2017

"Re: Sounds Like Communism" by Victor - 4.24.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 12:35 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Reallucky1.......In you first sentence you state.......

"I try to be respectful at all times, but this last post where you take on that you are the controlling ruler of the Internet in DC Drama Land and people are going to be arrested while we are under Natural Law or Common Sense Law is just too much."

I read that first line you posted and I know that there are many of us that may have has a similar responses as yours initially, because we have been brain washed pretty good here on earth and many things that we consider to be Truths have been twisted for us, to the point that many things are "ass back wards" in our minds. We are not used too anyone speaking with real authority and conviction. That feels strange to us, because we have been lost Sheep for so long. Since we lack that sort of strong conviction as you heard from OWK. That no compromise voice.......... which has been knocked out of us by the Cabal.............when we hear it, we react with the old programing that the rulers put in us.

The key point is that You said......" it is too much." .....Yes, it definitely is........ it is too much for YOU. But your reactions are to be expected and are part of the ....."waking up " process ......IMO.

Because that OLD YOU has been beaten down and programed, so it would have no real conviction and could not act or did not know how to act correctly or even know in which way to take strong action in order to escape......."The Matrix". The call for action was taken out of us for obvious reasons. So lets just .....self observe these strong reactions you are having and remain the "unaffected observer"..... of these thoughts, because we are not really our thoughts, just lots of programing. When we can do that and not become emotionally triggered to the point we loose our common sense or ......"loose our heads".......Whooo......Yeah......it may be that serious in the new "Context"......

WE have to remember the.....CONTEXT OF THE TIMES........that means we are actually in a state of war. A Cosmic war of Dark vs Light. Yes.......I know . At some point there is no war. But right now here in this 3d subjective collective shared world; we are in a state of battle or war. So when under this state, the ....."Freedoms"..... that you think you have and that you are seeking protection under may not apply at this time. Yes, what you thought you still had,.........it may not apply at this specific time. Or your understanding of what "Free Speech" really means may have become distorted by programing and you don't really understand what it means.

This is supported by your statement ......"This is America or last I checked, we have Free Speech and no one can tell others what to say unless there is clear intent to harm others."

Well that may no longer be true, if the America you thought you where living under was bankrupt and defunct and was only a subversive illegal overtake, pretending to be something else. If you are seeking protection under "that state" or mental concept of "America"......that is now defunct..........you are exposed, if you think you are living under a state that no longer exists.

If this is so.........then it may all be as OWK describes. Yes.......you may be living under a benevolent dictatorship of sorts......a New Republic...... Not a place where YOUR OLD concepts of Free Speech is valid, accepted or even rational any more. In fact, It may never have been correct that "Free Speech" is a freedom where you can say anything you want and that is Free of consequences. That Freedom, may only apply to speaking the TRUTH. Only SPEAKING THE TRUTH IS FREE.......of any negative consequences.You may have been given a distorted explanation of the concept of Free Speech.

Speaking falsehoods is not free and it never can be ....."free off".... Karma or repercussions........since it is NOT TRUE. Something that is not true......it does not exist and you can protect what ......"does not exist." You can't find any protection under a lie, there is no support or logic there. That was part of the distorted programing we received in order for darkness to make things half ass backwards and flip the world upside down with confusion.

When you speak a lie- it is no longer an event Free of consequences if it is a lie. Speaking lies has consequences because it is a LIE or a Falsehood. Plus we may be living under the context of a state of "War".........where a form of martial law applies?.........I don't know?......but if feels that way to me.

You go on in your post to share more "opinions" on OWK and his state of mind and his possible intentions. A lot of that sounded like your rantings and personal projections when you got triggered. I think that No One can judge another correctly unless they know what that other person knows. I know I don't know OWK or even have a clue what is going on there in order to be able to judge him. He may be a few cans short of a six pack or he could be so far above my pay grade that I have no context to compare with and judge?

I think I mostly read rantings of the old programing from you, which is to be expected. Yet........speaker be aware. That is the warnings of the ......New Context........and OWK.......because we are no longer living in the old world. I think that has been the intent of OWK to get you ready for many things and that the world she is a changing.

If you Tell the Truth and act from Truth, where is the problem?....I know.........even that line will bring you many reactions. Do you see? We may not even be able to trust our own minds in that there is a lot off misinformation we have still not looked at clearly within ourselves.

What we may consider strong, or heavy handed or communistic with old belief system themes now. We may have to look and see that we have simply incorporated within ourselves someone Else's programmings and falsehoods with out any real personal discovery to find out if they are true.

Now you can as you say justify what ever you say under what ever explanations you come up with or........"its called KEEPING IT REAL...........yet, if this New Republic is not playing under those old rules of ........"yours"...........you may be living in a world where you are now culpable and responsible for your own actions, no matter how programed you where.

OWK has been disclosing and explaining the ........." NEW RULES OF THE GAME"............like it or not. We will All have to wait and see how it play out. But once the rules of the game are disclosed, you can not say you did not know. So......YOU have to figure it out.




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