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Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Re: OWK and St. Germain were Both Plato?" by Victor - 4.27.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 1:30 AM EDT on April 27, 2017

"OWK and St. Germain were Both Plato?" by 1W - 4.26.17

The answer is Yes. All and everything is possible, especially in the Higher realms that we have no way to contextualize with a 3d mind and understanding. You see we think that the whole Universe operates like this world does in a cause and effect manner, when it does not. In cosmic Consciousness there is no individuated self as we know it. It is not unusual or impossible for a Soul to incarnate in the past and then in the future individuate itself or Divide it self or only send part of its awareness into a certain life experience.

So what seems like a conflict in logic or impossible for us in our limited view points is not impossible and in fact common. It often seems to me that when I go to the sleep states I am touching many lives that I am living at the same time. It is hard to understand when I wake up in the morning.Time does not mean a thing and the experiences are not linear in nature or even possible to comprehend from down here.

But I have always felt like I was living many, many lives at the same time. I am also visiting many options and time lines in this life. I have lives where I died in this life, yet I am still alive in this life with a similar "starting point" which was this one incarnation. That seems impossible. Yet, I am pretty sure I died when I was real ill, because I don't know how I did not die?...Yet I am alive here and now, or a fraction of myself or a specific time line got activated and I jumped into this one and is here now.?.......proof?....haaaa......haaa....impossible.

None of it can be explained with linear thinking since it is not the tool that can answer or understand those questions, since they are in the realm of your Higher self that has a larger perspective of all your life options. So to attack and "arrogantly" think you know, when you do not is really sophomoric. The lie is form the viewpoint of 3d, which is actually ALL a lie if you want to get technical.

Your three questions are very rude. One of those was already answered by the further disclosure that OWK gave on his background on his life, two days ago. You would not have missed that, and yet you asked the rude questions anyway.........right? You could not stop yourself, it was such a nice agitation for you. Can you see what energy you are serving there?

IN that disclosure OWK, stated that he had the best interest of the Dinar Chronicles at heart and mind. That detailed explanation and definitive ......."Yes" ....cancels out your other questions. His silence cancels out any other things that are just too much of a waste of time to deal with because it will never be good enough for you.....and it wodl od harm to go there as you want.

You have to change yoursefl to be able to hear the answer and be here. Now Peter and You have similar energies and we the group could turn the 3 questions and attention back and ask the same questions. Do you have the best interests of this group at heart?.......prove it? Will you stop to prove it?

You could say absolutely Yes......I have every ones best interests at heart and be absolutely wrong.....and not even see it. How weird is that, that you can't see it? Meaning you may have actually ran into something that Does Know more than you and the Miraculous does exist and it is the way of the Universe..........Miracles. The same applies to some of the recent appearance of Harsh treatment of one or two other posters here by OWK. I felt it was harsh and it sounded a certain way to my 3d mind. But you see........I can separate some and remember, I don't know that much and I am tired of being the old me. Besides, I have played the attack game before or your game myself. Its not hard to tear people down by casting doubt. That energy is not very integrouse or helpful as you may think it is.

It is also impossible for us to know what OWK saw in another tath he corrected, in that we do not know the history of "other peoples" and they themselves may not remember their own history or intent. Often nothing is as it seems on the surface.

We have to remember the "context " that we live in down here. One of only being able to discern from our limited perspective. We do not have our own full vision and our memories have been swiped clean. We do not have a higher view and a higher context available to us. For us to say that a higher reality does not exist or is impossible is just ignorant. Even the people asking these "negative" questions may not know themselves and what is speaking in YOUR own name here, through you.?

You see, you could like wise only be a pawn or a tool working for an agenda. I understand your point of view and I also know it has no real answers in it. NO answers that help in creating a new world or building anything. If OWK or anyone is not acting with integrity.......it is their Karma and their business......their Free Will. Who wants to go stick their nose in that area? We don't come looking up any of your orifices with a probe or bright light asking you to "explain yourself?.....You see?........it is not our problem if you stumble and fall. Same here on the other side for the big Intel guys or whom ever.

I just think it is prudent to know when one may be out of their depth, thinking they are further along than they are. I don't think you would make the statements that OWK has made recently. NO you would not. Not many are that bold and it is very hard to fake.

If he is completely wrong and completely off base........all of that will become quickly self evident. At the same time it is also evident that this interrogation game is an old game that never ends and works real good at keeping energies down. ........it is suppressing us.

So if you answered....."YES" .......that You have the best interests of this group at heart, you have to cease and desist in your energy production and tone. It only brings us all down. Now it is not your job to save anyone. If everyone here is self deluded......Sobeit. What worries are they of us? If you have currencies, which I wonder about?......Your best bet is to manifest positive things and energy and not promote your own failure. Failure will not cash a thing in for you. If you persist, You will just put yourself in a time line where none of this RV is true and it is all false for you. We don't want to go where you want US to go........is that clear?

That time line exists as a Free Will option for all here......but we are NOT taking it. We are not getting on board. If that is what you want to have and if that is what you want to manifest for us all here..............then you do NOT have our best interests at heart. That is why people who don't agree are so often asked to leave and go find the place that makes them happy. If bringing down the house makes you happy, you should do and do it elsewhere and find a place to pound sand or what ever.

Here you are just creating negative havoc that is threatening my investment and others that you contaminate. I don't want that for other people and you probably don't either..........if you are a caring person. A serving person.

So your insistence has a large impact, none of it will be beneficial for us here. Peter Kasaj is in the same boat. You guys do not know it all. You are not One Who Knows.




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