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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Re: It's Time You Know Who" by MacMandeere - 4.4.17

Entry Submitted by MacMandeere at 12:20 AM EDT on April 4, 2017

Re: "It's Time You Know Who" - One Who Knows - 4.3.17

Great post and thank you for your openness and honesty. You said that you teach, I also teach. So, let us teach.

A bit about MacMandeere:
​(short version)​

I am 57 years old, this time around, and I have been actively involved in my own ascension since 1994, I have been teaching others since 2002. As this process continues, I have learn that is not that the spiritual realm that changes, but our comprehension of the spiritual realm than changes. Our understanding of God and the universe that is of God expands as we grow.

I had to leave the 2000 year old bible because I am not currently living 2000 years ago.​ Many great teaching, just incomplete for me. But I am more of a Thomas than a Paul. Thomas wanted to know, Paul just wanted to believe.​

​So, I stepped back and took a good look at that 2000 year old document, I clearly see two parts for what they are. The Old and New Testaments are teachings from two different deities. There is the god of Jewish religion who dealt out rules, laws and punishments and the God that the Christed One was teaching was all about LOVE, that mankind not knowing any better turned into a religion.​ Realizing that men revised it over and over again to suit their needs of control. I started with all you need is LOVE. ​

The idea that God changed from the time of Mosses, to the time of Jesus is simply a human construct. God is all. God is timeless. God is not going to change nearly as fast as our perception of God changes. This is the source of the New Age spiritual movement that I am very pleased to be a part of.
​ A child changes their views of their parents as they get older and more involved with living life. You know the examples already. ​

I am not saying this to upset the bible thumping Christians. It is not my intent to create a stir and a backlash of hate. This has just been MY path to understanding the teachings of the one they call Jesus. The two smallest verses in the New Testament tells everyone all they needs to know. “God is Love” and “Jesus wept”. Those that meditate on those two verses a few times, will have a spiritual experience and be forever changed.

​As a electrical engineer and as a programmer, I understand processes. I did pastlife regressions and ​I
taught​ channelers​ processes,​ to be better channelers. Its ​some of my gifts as an administrator. One who channels has to remove their own filters and biases in order to get a clear message. They have to ‘step aside’ and allow access to all that one is, for the clearest message to come through. The whole and complete message will never come through the human body​, except over time​. The language of love, light and vibration does not easily equate to words. Mankind has been working to describe love in words, since mankind learned to write and we are still not even close.

This brings me to my point of this posting.

“My Cabal Amnesty Posts”

Very commendable, and has been done several times over the past 4 years by Cobra’s resistance network, Ben Fulford and the white hats network, and several others. I don’t care what anyone things, this is a good task to continue. Most of these people get trapped into serving the dark ones only to later be sacrificed and paraded as the ones responsible so the dark ones higher up in the food chain stay hidden. Darkness know no loyalty, only what is of use to them at the time! So those trapped reading these postings, get you and your families safe.

“My Top Sources Are:”

My sources include "Source," Prime Creator, Grandfather, The Other Dragon Elders, and as most of you know Zorra as well, just to name a few.

How you have written this is difficult for the discerning to follow. Is “Source” also “Prime Creator” and does that extend to “Grandfather” also, or are you referencing three different entities? For myself Source, Prime Creator and God are all one in the same.

Then you go on and reference “ The Other Dragon Elders”. Well Dave Schmitt Neil Keenan might let you know that some of the “Dragon Elders” are not who and what they make themselves out to be, so please be careful in that regard. Both gentlemen have been burned by several so called “Dragon Elders”.

Then there is Zorra. Where do I start and how much shall we cover. The person channeling Zorra, NEEDS more training. The channeled information that gets passed through this person is about 5% on a good day. The channel has so many of their own filters in place that the real message is not recognizable. Sorry for all of those Zorra fans that are out there, but for the channel to not be able to answer questions in terms higher than an 8th grade education, means the channel has too many of their own concepts and ideas from a human view, to accurately transfer information.

In time, I am sure the channel could get better at letting the information flow through themselves without the filters, but it is going to take time and work. But as Zorra being an accurate source, the channel is reading your posts and just agrees with your views and that bias is affecting the information.

I heard Zorra once say that “Prime Creator” is in a mother ship over some major city. WHAT? In the words of Spocks brother, from the movie The Final Frontier, “what does God need with a starship”??? You use many of the same words as are used in the New Age movement, But Prime Creator is God. Unless you are talking about the ones the genetically modified humanity into this current form, and that is who you refer to as “prime creator”. That my friend is not God. That is the lower gods of the old testament. Not the God that is of the “Love” in the teachings of Jesus!

I have worked with channelers of all kind, I had one that was into what is referred to as Automatic Writing. The higher dimensional beings could, and often would, correct her spelling. So much so, that after a darkness attack, she directed an ambulance in Hawaii to friend house, to get her medical assistance. The channel lived in Chicago.

“Their Message”

Clearly, the Higher Realms of Creation and the Elders especially, monitor these "Dinar" web-sights and become disheartened from time to time by what is being posted. I am sure you have guessed that they like what I post especially since it is uplifting and encouraging.

Be careful here!

Darkness is a master at stroking your feel good centers of the mind. Especially when they tell you after you wrote something, they tell you it “is what I would have written, good job”. Its too easy for darkness to keep one in small circles of influence to manage a situation. Step outside yours and their circles and verify. This is the reason I read so much from so many different sources. Verify patterns, globally, regionally, any way possible. Most importantly look for what does not fit, meditate on it, work it all the way through yourself. Don’t take the feel good strokes they offer. You are whole and complete all on your own. The Light knows this, so the Light will not tell you that you did what I would have done. The Light has no need to.

The funny thing is that I get an idea sometimes about a post to write and I start typing so fast that my fingers run into each other. The funny part is that once I post it, I later have a chat with Grandfather and find out that it was his message and he was inspiring me from "above."

Grandfather is who? Is grandfather “above” and you are channeling or are you on a telephone talking with Grandfather? What is really going on here? This is really confusing, because it can be interpreted several ways. Then there is this….

Even though, I can't take complete credit for the idea or the post, I can take comfort in the fact that I completely agree with everything I wrote. I am of a "like Mind" with my sources and clearly that is why we work so well together.

I completely agree with what I wrote? Really, I would hope so, but is this a Freudian? Most people would read this and assume it was a typo.

The Bottom Line

You wrote your bottom line, so here is mine, and if Grandfather is as enlightened as has been reported he will understand this more than you might:

We shall start here, you wrote “Clearly, the Higher Realms of Creation and the Elders especially, monitor these "Dinar" web-sights and become disheartened from time to time by what is being posted.”

I expect that is to be the case. Assuming you are talking to the “Grandfather”, We have no first hand knowledge of these hidden families from earths hidden past. Most westerners are convinced that the GOD/SOURCE created mankind 6500 years ago. They know nothing of the old ET/god bloodlines. They know nothing of the ancient battles of the original lower gods, those that created this race as it is now. The do not know how the positive forces were forced off planet and the darkness that has ruled here.

These people only know what is in front of them, and of that, only what they are willing to accept and comprehend. Humanity had been programmed to think that we are less than others. Programmed to think that we are separate from Source.

Except for a few, we as a whole don’t have the background and the teachings of knowing our family roots and history for thousands of years like many of the Elders and Royals have had.

Most people do not know that that there are several families and factions of these ancient families that all have different ideas on how humanity takes its next step.

Most people do not realize that the ascension process will take generations, that this financial reset and disclosure is only the first step.

Most people do not understand what is at stake. What is necessary, nor do they understand or see the power struggle between the elder/royal families, and that it is not finished yet.

Until that time that these separate families can agree to a plan, that NO ONE will be taking the next step.

Most people don’t understand how there intent and emotions are used as fuel by these families to push along their own agenda.

Personally, and I mean personally, each of these elders/royals family factions are all cabal. Some are more benevolent than others (we all know how well off we are under the Rothschild's), this could be a positive step forward, from where we sit we cannot know. But have no doubts about the situation. Hidden hands controlling our lives is still a cabal.

This is not negative, far from it. A healthy king/ruler/president makes the lives better for their people. This is likely what we need as we progress as a race of beings. I for one got into this investment knowing it was originally a dark cabal plot, that was co-opted by Lighter and more progressive beings. This tug of war, is the reason it has not happened.

We are caught in the middle of a battle that started many thousands of years ago, a war we have little exposure to, and are taught what little we do get is just science fiction fantasy.

So, if these elders want to turn the tide to the positive they have to start with disclosure. Disclosure of our past, our roots from the stars. Our true connection to Source/God/Love. Not some Prime Creator flying around in a starship!

This world has needs. Here is a short list. The banking control and cartels need to go. Open transparency. Same with governments, no more secrets hidden behind national security. We either are one race, or we doom ourselves. Stop playing games with the lives of billions of people.

ET’s show yourselves. Show up everywhere all at once. Over every capital on the planet and stay there for days. Open up and tell us the truth. Help us change our planet for the better. Do that and you will have our trust.

We have millions starving for no reason. We have people killing, because they have nothing positive to do with their lives.

Make the change. We are not ready, but we will get that way very quickly. It’s what humanity does best. We pull together in times of need. We need that time now, before we run out of time.


p.s. If you are truly connected to the higher realms of spirituality then they will know the name of MacMandeere, how they respond to the name will tell you a great deal about who and what you are dealing with.



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