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Friday, April 7, 2017

"Re: It's All a Show" by Ruby - 4.7.17

Entry Submitted by Ruby at 6:56 AM EDT on April 7, 2017

"It's All a Show" - Geopolitical Op-Ed - Friday - April 7, 2017


We’re here because we’re AWAKE. Ok, most of us. The naysayers have some waking up to do, but I’m sure they will wake up in their greedy dreams, but that’s awake of a sort.

Until the corporation is PUBLICLY disavowed and dismantled, Trump IS the American president and all your whining can’t change that. So relax.

He didn’t start a war and from what we’re seeing, the ones who used the gas, ISIL rebels, were the ones who were targeted. Nice to see a real man run the show for a change.

As for the orange skin vibe, are you this rude to the blue avians? Or the others helping us? Think about it. Orange skin can be a result of a HEALTH condition. Will you treat all your would-be projects this way? Seriously, you need to grow up, Yosef, because it’s looking like your daughter choose you so she could experience ignorance first hand. Is this what you want for her? To reject someone, because of the way he looks? You talk better than that on the Call.

As for the pageant, it’s bothering me. A LOT. Not just that it’s taking SO LONG, but that it employs deception, even from the good guys. The problem we’ve had from EVERYONE (galactics, MIC, lizard aliens, your G-d, White Hats, etc.) is that they treat us like CHILDREN. Give us TRUE info and let us decide for ourselves. That’s what I have always done, even with my kids. I explain where each path leads and teaches and what the consequences are, then let them decide which course is preferable to them. We can do the same.

As for Ryan, I believe Richard (OWK). Congressmen Paul Ryan is pure Cabal, so what are we REALLY getting? I think you’ve been fleeced and need to re-inforce your erro/delusion/faith in your source by repeating the crap. Seriously, grab some discernment, will ya, when you’re grabbing your beer, kid’s bottle or diaper or whatever.

A LOT of us LOVE Trump and what he’s doing. I think your intel, if true, could actually lead to the Civil War you claim they are trying to avoid. I wonder if you would be willing to serve as president, real or otherwise, among the vipers, when YOUR child would be constantly threatened by Satanic Pedophiles. I don’t see you doing it, so grab some gratitude, too. A large number (a majority, in fact) LOVE his wrecking ball approach and how he is destroying the power structures that held us in thrall for so long.

He’s working out his amnesty. And so are you, and all of us, if you believe the shpiel you’ve been putting out. We’re all here to work out our salvation due to some bloody human sacrifice you like to tout. So work it out, Yosef. Work out your issues and Pono Trump while you’re at it, cuz, brother, if you are a representative of what you believe, it sucks. I know your heart is better than that, but I could be wrong.

As for disclosure, the only ones who will freak will those who can’t accept being lied to for centuries. We ALL KNOW that our government has not worked and has lied to us. It’ll be fine. Stop treating us like children. Sci Fi has existed for decades. We all know what Star Trek is.

Right now, my discernment tells me the only scum bag acting in a malevolent manner is YOU. You want to get paid, too. WE ALL DO. We all want that happy feeling from doing something for others. You are NOT as altruistic as you pretend to be. I hate when peeps pull all this Christian charity or whatever religion you want to add at the beginning, and it’s all about the “buzz”. You want the happy buzz of doing something you perceive as “right” or “good”. Don’t pretend otherwise. Most of us here want to help, because that’s our leaning and understanding. Because we’re probably not psychopaths. (not sure about a couple. Just saying.) Oh, and btw, the military likes to get paid, too. Very few do ANYTHING unless there’s a paycheck attached, so why aren’t you beating on them? The first thing the new Republic set up, you even said, was FINANCES.

BTW, all the intel you don’t read shows that CLINTON was the Russian agent and the one connecting with our supposed enemy. Have you even bothered to look into ANYTHING that didn’t support your hatred? Might help you grow some. Just saying. And it’s easier to do than look into people’s tax returns since you’re not an IRS agent. Had a friend/church leader who DID work for the IRS and even HE couldn’t look at peeps’ tax returns, so stop it.

Btw, you seem REALLY pre-occupied with transgendering. I think you secretly want it. My husband watched this one video that made any man INSTANTLY cross his legs: male-to-female gender reassignment surgery. I’d suggest it, but I’m wondering if it would be porn video to you.

And of Trump pumps money into the Iraq economy, which many of us plan to do, how is that a BAD thing? We’re working to make money obsolete, so he is working himself out of a fortune. The only ones reporting LOW favorable ratings for Trump is the LYING MSM. You know, right? The ones that don’t report Pedogate and all the arrests? Yeah, those guys. The ones that said Clinton was winning in a landslide. Lol Oh, and my plans alone will make money pointless in less than 10 years. Easily.

The only thing we notice with your intel is all the hate and the lack of release of the GV. You are being played and you don’t even see it. For your daughter’s sake, don’t meet her dates. Not sure you’d be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys. And I’m pretty sure, as foolish and evil as I believe Bebe to be, he REALLY wants to be part of the new financial system. If they have such a strong grip on him, your version wouldn’t have happened.

The Cubs won the World Series. It was in the script.

Trump is making your redemption happen. He deserves some respect. Or does only YOUR greed count as benevolence? How do YOU know what he will do with his gains? He has a MUCH longer history of philanthropy and quiet acts of kindness than you or I.

Seriously, if you are an example of G-d being with us, we’re all screwed, Yosef. Seriously, if G-d believes on putting his kids on Hold when they’ve been calling for centuries, then that’s a parent I don’t want at the Little League games. My kids would have stopped talking to be when they were infants if I reacted the way you believe has happened.

You have a big heart. I hope you Pono those issues, because they will get in the way.

Getting sick of all that hate you spew,




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