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Monday, April 17, 2017

"Re: Following Einstein's Lead" by Hipponoymous - 4.17.17

Entry Submitted by Hipponoymous at 2:13 PM EDT on April 17, 2017

"Following Einstein's Lead, Choose One" - One Who Knows - 4.5.17

In regards to OWK's (above) response: It's starting to make a lot more sense to me. It took awhile, sometimes I'm late to the party; but I am really starting to get the whole ruse now, as if I thought I were awake before, but it was actually a dream, where you think you awaken, only to really wake up when the sun is shining in your face. Talk about a wake-up call. Something like that can really set the tone for your entire day, you know?

At any rate, let me explain my prespective so I can maybe make it clearer for others who, too, might be confused when, say, they still see chemtrails flooding their skies, as if they're simply witnessing the worst sky writing ever. It's really a lost art, now that I think about it. Be that as it may, you see, and correct my if I'm wrong, but OWK has explained that it's nothing to be alarmed about now, just a mere "psychological scare tactic". So the 10-15 not-real "chemtrails" I witnessed being released just this past Easter Sunday and a consistent amount over the last, say, 3 months, more so than ever before; especially over the last several weeks, is just to scare the asleep majority.

Boy, won't they be surprised when they finally wake up?

And here I thought "they" were just ramping up efforts ever since the 3202017 timeline split, as Archaeia Faith, celestial wife (Elohim twin flame) of Archangel Michael stated in their Project Freedom Earth YouTube channel: Similar to the ongoing internet blackout, where ground light-workers are being robbed of thousands of monthly views to make it appear as though their messages aren't getting through to their normal audiences, the Archons' minions are trying to create a cover for the super intense white magnetic light of the Sun, while cosmic rays from the Milky Way's center bounce off the Earth's Sun carrying source data to Gaia, as this data is required for human-DNA upgrade. So these ongoing reflection-spray shields are for the purpose of blocking the DNA-activation light out from humanity. These same light-blocking attempts are being deployed on all fronts. But our message said it's too late now, and all this harmful control of sentient life of Gaia is completely given away and is failing on a grand scale.

But if that were actually the case, I would think we'd have fighter jets scrambling to esort these rogue planes back to the ground, as I recall C4O mention before. Therefore, as much common sense as Archaeia Faith's explanation makes, that simply cannot be true for this OWK shared knowledge to be the case:

"100% of our military are now Republic good guys".

Otherwise, it would be more than evident "100%" would not only be wishful thinking but probably an outright, boldface lie. But OWK wouldn't lie to us, right? I mean, it's not like Yosef has recently become the "bad cop" down this stretch run, and OWK has come to the rescue as the go-to person getting the most questions asked in his direction as the seemingly, proverbial "good cop". That would mean they're in cahoots together. But just what would they benefit from all this? What indeed.

Nevertheless, it's not for us to ask why, but just to know the deception is in play. Why, you ask, when the major cabal players are already apprehended, or in the process of being apprehended? Don't question the beauty of the plan, people. And if for some reason I'm misunderstanding, I have another theory: Maybe, just maybe...John McCain got the itch to fly again and he's the one spreading all the "chemtrails" I'm seeing. He's a pretty spry 80 year old clone to pull that stunt off, especially when I witness multiple trails being released simultaneously. But as we all know, you never ask how a trick is performed, just accept it for what it is and applaud, maybe even ask for an encore if you enjoyed it enough.

Unless, wait a minute! Yes, of course! McCain is actually a good guy, too, and part of this whole deception plan, and his part with allegedly helping with the creation/growth of ISIS means he's been 'undercover' with this malevolent facade for years, if not decades. If so, I owe that man an apology. I try not to judge, but to err is human. He wouldn't allow chemtrails to proceed, being a light-worker, and all, so somebody must've gotten ripped off when perhaps romantically proposing to their girlfriend. I'd be pissed off, not to mention ask for my money back!

It really helps to put words to paper; I'm starting to realize more than I had first thought.

Anyway, now, as far as Obama and Paul Ryan are concerned, I had no idea that Ryan would go to such great lengths to hide the fact he's, as OWK stated, "Top notch, 100% good guy, leader of the Republic." I clearly jumped to conclusions concerning the story about his blackmailing of former House Speaker and admitted pedophile Dennis Hastert. They must've used that story for a veil for something really nefarious, which really says a lot, considering. And I'd ask how he manages to fake his reptilian-slit eyes, and shapeshifting, but again, we don't ask how the fascinating tricks are done, but rather just applaud and be appreciative of his commitment to the role, for what, going on 20 years now? Wow! Talk about devotion! And how is he only turning 47? And he's a Navy SEAL, to boot, who was groomed to lead us into the restored Republic, according to what I've read on this board. Did he graduate high school at age 12? Man, some guys are really blessed. I'm not jealous, though. Really, it's not in my nature. I'm happy for him now that I know he's one of us. I'm sure he's deserving of everything he's gotten in life and is still in line to get.

SHAZAAM! I just had an epiphany! So that would have to mean Pope Francis is also one of the good guys playing a very convincing malevolent role to the hilt. After all, and, again, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't he the one who had 'requested' John Boehner to step down as House Speaker during his September 2015 visit to the states, in order to make room for our golden boy Ryan, so he could ultimately be in the perfect position to lead the restored Republic, making sure not to run for president in 2016? Man, I was wrong on so many counts, it's a little embarrassing to admit. Hearing some of those sordid stories concerning what really goes on inside the Vatican, well, I won't go into any of the extremely disturbing, fictional details, but suffice it to say, I'm more than just a little ashamed for even considering any of it was plausible, much less true.

Moreover, I feel awful for believing the story regarding Mitt Romney was spearheading the Mormon Mafia by being convinced he wasn't really Mormon, kind of like how Netanyahu isn't really Jewish, but that's probably just a bunch of hubbabaloo, too. I trust Ryan never would've accepted Romney's offer to be his 2012 running mate if there were any truth to that, seeing how he's benevolent, and all.

I don't mean to go on a tangent, but, you know, I sort of feel like when playing the boardgame Clue, and I invariably jump the gun, thinking I am certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that Professor Plum did it with the lead pipe in the library. Talk about embarrassing, only this is at least 10 times worse. If you could see my face now. But I digress.

And what can I say about Obama. Where do I begin? And here, I just thought he was simply another selected potus puppet by the cabal to fit their precedent by being a creation of the CIA. He must have actually won both of those elections fair-and-square because he wouldn't want to be handed anything he hadn't earned, nor should anyone 'of the light'. And I should not have read into his losing his Illinois law license, for, what was it again? Oh, right, allegedly lying on his BAR application...is the story I'd heard, not to mention that pesky birther movement I had fallen for...hook, line, and sinker; those were clearly misunderstandings of some nature. I just hate that it takes some major soul searching to now see what I should've seen then, you know? But, it's like they say about hindsight.

In any case, all those stories I'd heard happening over his 2 terms, I believed them, including his stealing of hundreds of millions of dollars through his now clearly benevolent OBAMACare. How did he know I ultimately wouldn't want to keep my doctor? He said you could, but as it tuned out, we couldn't. So he took one for the team by telling a white lie, because, and I'm totally speculating here, he somehow knew I wouldn't want to keep my doctor! How he knew that, I'll never know. And now I'm certain there's a simple misunderstanding regarding the claim he is using a dead man's social security number, not to mention, among other things, despite seeing it for myself, he must not have really encouraged illegals to vote in this year's election, telling them nothing would happen to them if they voted; in fact, you're essentially a citizen when you vote, despite your illegal status. My eyes and ears are clearly playing tricks on me. But, as I'd said before, I'm not going to ask how the trick is done; that just ruins the illusion. And don't even get me started on his recent arrest a couple weeks ago. That was undoubtedly a case of mistaken identity. Out of site, out of mind...kind of thing, I'd imagine. Yet, he's still being spotted elsewhere, as if there are multiple Obamas or something. If that's the case, clones have no connection to God, so they couldn't be benevolent without a God-given conscions/soul, including the ability to empathize or sympathize. That just can't be true, since he's a light-worker, so I withdraw my concern. 


What really threw me for a doozy loop about both Obama and Ryan, though, is what the late, DNA-reading light-worker Tory Smith had said concerning that they rape and murder children, including raping him hundreds of times; that they both have 0% sacred light. Now, however, I can see that Tory clearly had to be playing a role to hype up how "bad" these light-workers are to give them, well, I guess it would fall under the category of "street cred", while they were working the other side, like a fiddle, I might add. That would mean he wasn't really murdered, after all! Maybe he just wants us to think he was, to really sell it, giving him a long, overdue vacation in the process.

Whatever the case, I also want to apologize to you, Richard, for initially considering you had gone by the handle 'One Who Knows' because of a, well, God complex, of sorts. And also for even thinking that you are trying to trick us, as the cabal likes to do, by making us think it means one thing when, in fact, it means something entirely different. Consequently, that would mean you're actually spreading false light, in order to harvest our energy to make you that much more powerful, not unlike, say, the antiChrist depiction in the Bible. Now that I've heard you say Zorra tagged you with it, though, I can see my assumption made an ass out of me. My bad. Please accept my hartfelt apology.

While we're on the subject, though, why do you use a handle? Why are you seemingly hiding behind a pseudonym, especially now that we're down the homestretch? You've clearly become the favorite on this site, as of late, where everyone takes you at your word because you said you have 'high' sources. So who are we to question it? Just curious is all.

What's more, I am very interested to know how you communicated with Archangel Michael, in order to have him remove those last few planetary-surface false-light matrix devices from the higher dimension. I've heard Archaeia Faith say that neither she or her husband gives anyone permission to channel their energy; they only channel their own energy, as that's part of the ANGELIC DECREE. But since you say you have, you undoubtedly have, so this is moot, right? You wouldn't lie to us to further your own agenda, would you? That would be as, well, evil, as the Archons keeping us in the soul-trap; we think we're awake, but we've only awakened in a dream, because, let's face it, "It is called 'The American Dream' because you have to be asleep to believe it" - George Carlin

Archaeia Faith, incidentally, said that there are actually false light-workers masquerading around as light-workers. Can you believe that? That's got to fall under the category of 'major party foul,' when people are believing what they say is the truth and might even be putting their safety at risk. That's crazy!

Conversely, that leads me to yet another revelation! What if those of us who are awake, some more than others, are actually worse off than the sleeping majority? Hear me out, now. What if being 'awake' has really only led us to the next level of a well-thought-out matrix? What if those who are able to channel ascended masters are actually channeling dark-force imposters who are saying everything benevolent? Thus, in actuality, their false words are being spread to only the awake community! I've heard one of the Archons' many tricks is being able to impersonate voices, whether it be a deceased loved one or otherwise. So what if...just what if the gurus on this message board are unknowingly falling prey to this ingeniously evil ruse? That would mean all the fictional incidents that I've mistakenly believed...are actually...

I mean, what better way to round up the 'awakened' community than convince them to believe something that they would 'normally' only consider to be "too good to be true". But since we are now awake, it just has to be true because we've suffered enough; it's our time. It's not like many asleep people know about what's going on because we've earned the right to keep this a secret, sort of like how the elite have done for all those years. After all, this is our payoff for being awake.

And now "segments" come into play. That's rich, no pun intended. Let's see, what's the 'next' process going to be? I know! How about we all have to meditate to reach the ascended masters, so they can tell each person their private 800#. The 'asleep' would never be the wiser, which is perfect because this MUST be kept a secret/under our hats/cat left in the bag/on the down low from them; they do not deserve a ride on this unprecedented gravy train, even though we are ALL 1 with God! That's the way He clearly wants it, right, because gurus on here said so? We're clearly better than them, even though we're equals. 

"No soup for you!" 
Yeah, that makes prefect sense. We get to live high on the hog, and look down on them while periodically throwing crumbs in their direction. We're just so lucky to have OWK on our side. I just hope we don't channel false-light imposters by going that route.

In any event, I'm probably just letting my imagination get the best of me. I tend to do that, as I love to write fiction.

But isn't someone's imagination part of their higher-self? Interesting...

This is an announcement to the 'awakened' to...Wake up!

Godspeed to all!




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