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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Proof Does Not Make an Event Real" By Victor - 4.26.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 10:07 AM EDT on April 26, 2017

Proof is a lagging barometer. Proof never leads events or makes them happen or makes them manifest. What we are always looking for and screaming for is "Proof".The world wants "Proof"........ so, we like sheep also want "Proof". Many posters here demand it and will not go away until they get their pound of "Proof". I have demanded it. I still often stumble and fall for it still and demand it and ........"Wait"...... for it. I have demanded pictures, facts and .....something that I can call "real"......substantial and solid. I have been that way most of my Life.

I have gotten it all wrong...........We have gotten it all wrong. We....."Wait".......in "Lack"......When the universe is infinitely abundant with all possibilities. We ....."Wait" .....in a small tormented minds of confusion. Thinking we are victims of a world. We wait for ......"Proof"...... always looking for "Proof". We pray furiously for Salvation and ask for help and we look out at the world and ......."Wait" .....again, for our prayers to be answered, instead of manifesting what we desire first. We put ourselves last and keep ourselves small and imprisoned.The Universe waits on us to act. It waits on us to take the first step.It can't take the first step or it would be infringing on your Free Will.

We are missing the point of our awakening here and our liberation and our RV.......by looking wrongly. Looking and asking for the wrong things in the wrong direction. We are aways looking outside of ourselves for the proof of what is real. We are looking for confirmation where it can not be found, outside of us first. We look in a circumstantial world for confirmation of what is real, when that is always the last place a "Proof " shows up.......the last place.

A "Proof" or a reality that we wish to experience personally has to first be chosen to be experienced by us. We are the chooser or the wagon master or the driver or the one co-creator in charge of this one Life individuated experience. The direction of the story we experience is chosen by us. It is not ever forced on us, since the are an infinite number of parallel realities in existence. All of existence is an option. Which option would be forced on us?......by whom?......by what?......there is only Free Will in a LOVING Universe.......There is no God forcing.

We are the option choosers that say what is ......."Real " for us. We are loved that much, accepted that much. Excited over by Source itself, that much. Not one of us is a copy, we are each excitingly unique. There are no duplicates. So that is why we are blessed enough to say what is next for us. When we look "outside"....... into the world and look for conformation first, so we can act or feel secure or know that we are on the Right path, when we do that- we don't know we have been conned or fooled with a huge misdirection of attention.

We should always have been looking inwardly at our own thoughts, dreams, imaginations and our own joy filled desires first. When we look outward we only find what we created in the past a while ago. We are looking at the lagging past that we made. That can not lead us. The outer is always lagging and behind the leader.......or behind "US"...... the creators of the experience. When that is the last place we will find what is "Real or Proof". We are looking in the wrong direction. We are looking outer first and inner last. We have the order reversed.

We say proudly and arrogantly. Where is the proof of the RV? Where is the proof of aliens, where is the proof of grandfather. Where is the proof of the existence of God ???

We fail to see or understand that, "Proof" is a lagging reflection in the mirror of reality. Reality of what we see is only ever reflecting what we have projected. It is no other way. That is why reality is always subjective in nature, since we are the only "Objective"......the only unchanging constant and the only ....."Singularity" ....the only thing in existence or Life in all of of creation. WE are the ONE. We are the unchanging Awareness itself. The unaffected awareness observing the play. Observing the Game and being unaffected by the outcomes.

With out our experience of "being here". Existing here, knowing we are here, without that , there is no experience outside of "OUR" experience. There is no independent existence there, unless we are there. We are the only awareness that exists. There are no two awareness in existence. The cabal or the "devils" of this world can not create a separation from Source, that is impossible. Yet. .....we have been sold the illusion of separation and of "Lack" and the misdirection of looking for ....."Proof".

We are the Awareness of Source itself, we are LIFE. WE......the ......"I Am " .....that We Are......is how life is experienced in duality. That sense of ....."I am here".... is all of it. All of us have it. None of us is ever Lacking that. There is no other here but "US" ........ We are it . We are the whole ball game. There is only US. That is why...... Reality is only ever a reflection of what we are creating as an individual and as a collective. Proof does not lead us,it does not validate us so we can act and feel good then. "Proof" does not create us. It does not make us real. It does not make anything happen. We create the proof.

Searching for Proof first, it dis-empowers us and is an intended misdirection that always keeps us Small. We have always been trained to seek proof through the scientific method and facts. We have been fooled and conned to make us small and keep us in the matrix. We actually don't see that looking for "proof" has been a plot to keep us weak and keep us enslaved.

What is real.......is therefore what ever we say is "REAL". If we can get our minds around that concept, then we are free of the matrix, and even Free from our own self made prison.

So our experience of God, Grandfather, or the RV or anything in LIFE is always subjective in nature first,.....before it becomes manifested in a form we have misinterpreted to mean and experience is "Real". We have been created to be able to choose to experience anything.......anything. We make it real first and then it show up for us as a fact........as a "Proof".....after wards.




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