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Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Progress" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts/News/Frank26 Video Update


Aaron » April 9th, 2017

Hey good evening everyone,

The article (and announcement on TV) that Delta brought up is AWESOME and means that what used to cost 10,000 IQD is now going to cost 1,000 IQD... That's a reduction of 10X or better said... (If coming from the CBI) that:

We are now quickly approaching a rate of 100:1 (Dropped a zero)

What did Frank say his opinion was earlier this week..???

That we won't publicly see anything until it get's to a 1:1

That means that now:

Now 100:1 then ---> 10:1 then ---> 1:1 and WE CAN SEE IT

What does this mean..???

PROGRESS..!!! and MOVEMENT..!!!!

Get excited, especially knowing that there is now possibly some movement... However, we may have to wait for (2) more rate transitions before it becomes public to all...

I suggest everyone on the site catch Frank's video at 9:30 PM EST

LASTLY -- I'd like to personally thank Frank & ALL team members for caring enough to share their information that they can find to all of us..!!! -Aaron

Frank26 Video 4-9-17 https://youtu.be/cycaE2T5zQg

Aggiedad77 » April 9th, 2017

Good grief Captain.....how many different ways can they tell the world what they are about to do......make it so. Aloha Randy

Don961 » April 9th, 2017

Vice calls for the adoption of the standards of the World Bank to support the economy

Journal April 9, 2017 BAGHDAD - The Journal News

called MP Jamal al - Muhammadawi, the competent authorities to adopt the standards issued by the World Bank's business environment to raise the level of Iraq in the international rankings.

Said Muhammadawi during the seminar held by the "Institute for the progress of development policies", "the competent authorities to adopt the standards issued by the World Bank on the conduct of business in the world to gain a better position in the international classification of the business environment in Iraq." He stressed the necessity of activating programs that will support and promote economic growth and moving the wheel of economic life in general.

He explained that the World Bank issued a report on the business environment in 190 countries around the world as the site of Iraq among the states in 2017 occupied the sequence 165 of 190 degrees and an improved state of one for the year 2016.

He added that the World Bank report this year 2017 included 10 standards for measuring and calculation on the basis of which is calculated by the success or failure of the country according to each one of them, one related to the material conditions of women and their participation in the business environment and the second criterion dealing with the construction license and third access to electricity, and the fourth registration of property rights Real Estate and get the fifth and sixth credit to protect the rights of minority investors, paying taxes seventh and eighth cross-border trade and the ninth commitment and respect for contracts and tenth face physical hardship cases.


Don961 » April 9th, 2017

More and more articles mentioning the dinar exchange rate ... in one way or another lately ... imo

Experts live the Iraqi economy 14 years after the fall of Saddam

Journal April 9, 2017 BAGHDAD - The Journal News

Asher experts in various economic activities, their views on the reality of economic work after 14 years of political change in Iraq.

The Vice President of the Baghdad Economic Forum on behalf of Jamil that the follower of the reality of economic life over the past 14 years to find that the level of living is moving towards a positive and a large segment of citizens, especially that there are 4 million government employees receive monthly salaries have improved the reality of economic family.

He added that the recovery in the economy is not without its observations as it requires plans targeting the unemployed and the families that live below the poverty line, which attributed these segments increased by the war with "Daesh" terrorist.

He noted that the period that followed the 2003 witnessed expand Iraq's financial revenues as a result of crude oil sale, but the security conditions the country prevented the completion of many of the plans, adding that the country needs infrastructure projects and the development of industrial and agricultural reality and make more contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP).

And the Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Tariq Ali said Iraq has witnessed during the period that followed the 2003 expansion in the banking sector and increased the number of private banks in Iraq and the multiplicity of products that offer a slice of beneficiaries.

He said Iraq to build bridges of cooperation with the global financial sector and there has become relations and cooperation with the world's largest banks, which have a direct impact on the reality of this sector, which is the cornerstone of the development process sought by Iraq for the next phase.

The movement of the morning newspaper, the semi-official concerned industrial affairs in Abdul Hassan Shammari said that the industrial sector in Iraq often dropped because of the war with "Daesh" terrorist where there are large numbers of factories in the areas controlled by and suffered mass destruction.

The specialist affairs in tourism Hassan Ali Abdul Karim has pointed out that during the period in question had an opening to some countries in the world where he became an Iraqi citizen, was able to travel for many purposes, and that the signs of real openness Nahrha when we find tourists, foreigners mean the Iraqi Marshlands areas and in this aspect can to create real financial resources covering a large proportion of the need for the Iraqi market.

It says economic researcher Lubna Al Shammari said the years since 2003 have seen economic transitions worthy of reflection, especially that Iraq has achieved what it was unable to achieve in the previous three decades.

For his part, said economist academic d. Majid Baidhani The dinar's exchange rate against the dollar rose after 2003, explaining that he was a very modest levels before the change.

The absorption of inflation, according to economic researcher Firas Amer, Iraq frequently dropped from two places to rank one decimal place, and this in itself is calculated for the completion of the financial and monetary country reflects the extent of the two policies and their success in absorbing inflation and control.


Aggiedad77 » April 9th, 2017

Notice any pattern changes Family.....so little about Mosul.....so little about terrorism....but big time articles on reconstruction, reconciliation, hammering the corrupt ones on the head.....the subtle hints of changes....the not-so subtle hints of their intentions.....the lava slow is on a roll....IMO Aloha Randy

Don961 » April 9th, 2017

Jumaili Kubis discuss national reconciliation and plans for the reconstruction of the affected areas

Journal April 9, 2017 BAGHDAD - The Journal News

Research and Planning Minister Salman Jumaili with the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis a number of important issues related to the Iraqi issue in the economic and security fields, national reconciliation and planning to restore stability and reconstruction of the liberated areas.

A statement by the Information Office of the Ministry of Planning, on Sunday that "the two sides discussed during the meeting, United Nations programs and trends in the field of restoring stability and reconstruction of the liberated areas through coordination between the Ministry of Planning and international organizations working in Iraq, the United Nations."

He Jumaili that "post-Daesh stage is an important stage and we recall a supportive international position of Iraq to enable it to restore stability to the liberated areas the process, adding that" the elimination of terrorism does not take place only military action, and this aspect is based the foundation of peace and stability to build, but it requires the activation of development and to develop plans to provide employment opportunities for young people and dry up the sources of terrorism. "

For his part, Kubis "continued international organization with the support of the Iraqi government's efforts in reconstruction operations Maitalq liberated areas and work together to achieve national reconciliation."




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