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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Power of the Spoken Word by Regina


Dear Visionaries and builders of a new world in this community

We all are excited about the moment of truth waiting for manifestation of our currencies to start over and finally begin our new life following our heart calls to add our part to build a new Global light Paradise. Since I am here too I follow all activities possible as I cannot participate in any direct call, as Paraguay is not connected to any free call number in the world. I listen the recordings to be informed. I found out that there is much anxiety and even fear that it might not happen again and I feel I have to write this article as we need to stick together in one power of love and light in order to manifest the currency to happen. We are the co-creators and we have the power to accelerate the process as this is our part of the divine job. I feel lots of doubts and all kind of insecurity waving in and out and I wish to be helpful to all so I offer this insight about the power of thought and the spoken word as it is the power of manifestation.

There are three words which are highly common in all religions. These words are Faith, Hope and Believe. Most people still think that these are powerful words and energies because we are taught so but in reality, they are holding us down as they all have passive frequencies. To manifest we need to shift the passive waiting, hoping, believing into power of action so the essence can be liberated and create what we want

Faith: there is a place beyond any faith where we can enter the core of creator power. Source always invites us to enter but the teachings that we are not allowed are holding us back in Dogma. To become creator power, we need to let any kind of dogma behind and jump into the realm beyond earth teachings. With an open heart, we can do it and we all can land right into the center of the divine source of life where we become the power of love and light as well. Faith is a limited world. To manifest we need to step out of limitation so we can shift the impossible into the possible. It takes courage to jump over this limitation but many did already and we need that all get there. Just imagine we are 50 million people dedicated and waiting, what a handsome creator power we have when we release it. WE MUST – THE MOMENT IS NOW

BELIEVE: this word is a huge trap hindering people to grow. The word belief contains the essence that we do not know because when we know we do not need to believe anymore, right? Well – many people asked me in my life: Do you believe in God? With a big smile in my face I answered: Why should I believe in God? Shocked face? You only need to believe in God if you do not know Father/ Mother God and the light and love of Source. Belief means you are held in the horizontal wavelength without direct connection into the vertical wavelength we need to enter to get in direct alignment. 1 to 12 are horizontal frequencies – 13 to 21 are vertical ones – the reason men are taught that the number 13 brings bad luck while it is the portal to the higher realms and direct contact to God and source. AS CO_ CREATORS WE HAVE TO LET THE WORLD OF BELIEVE BEHIND – WE HAVE TO KNOW FIRMLY THAT NESARE IS MANIFESTING NOW AND IT WILL – KNOWING ELIMINATES ANY DOUBT, ANY INSECURITY, ANY LOW FREQUENCY OF PROCRASTINATION – WE DESERVE IT AND WE KNOW IT IS NOW!!!!! That is powerful essence and brings all into manifestation.

HOPE: This word is the biggest trap ever and the medium of mass manipulation to get stuck. Hope has a passive energy – hope combines so beautifully with waiting and they complement each other. What is the manipulation? When you hope that it arrives you don´t know for sure and your energies float in the air where they are taken away by the wind. You hope and wait will never manifest anything. Shift Hope into Knowing and waiting into get in action – shift your form of thought and believes into active energies of manifestation. That needs some training and we have no time, so I offer a prayer I got in the beginning of the 90 when I entered into the eternal realms of light to emerge with the power of spirit becoming as co-creator of the light on earth where you work is joy becoming partnership with source where the prayers are shifting the essence from petition to co-creating in union and in oneness of ONE. Mother Father God is waiting that we act as collective creator power to manifest the currency in our hands – SO LET`S DO IT

The Power of thought and the spoken word is the power of manifestation. The only way to consciously create a new life, is getting self-controlled in through and spoken word as it manifests no matter what we think, believe or speak. Remember- the holy book begins at the beginning there was the word….. We need to shift unconscious thinking into conscious thinking = always aligned with source and the Divine. Much love to all of you.

Here is the prayer born out of my loving heart confronted with all kind of danger – survived them all. A Prayer of manifestation. The I AM mean ALL THE IS NOT THE PERSONAL AM - (new word. I ARE or We AM impersonal Divine Power of action


Please Jesus take me by your hand
And guide me to your inner land
Once you descended on our ground
So, Your Divine love in all can be found
Now I have to do the same
Please help me win this human game

Mother Mary – Mother Guardian of all life
Please stay with me and hold me tied
Please be my very avant-garde
For my weakened, human heart (any kind of uncertainty)
Help me to help, to heal, to Be
Together as one light we will set people free

We are the one power of light, the one essence of love
That’s the realized bridge between down and above
Thank you for showing all us the way
Guiding those who still needs to pray (stepping out of the passive realm of belief hope and faith)
Soon we are all rising to the sun
Forming the One and then it will be done

As One we are strong in One Power of action
And becoming The ONE and the One WHO I AM

The One Power of Love - The One Power of Light
The One Power of Life - The One Power to survive
The One Power of Action – The One Power of Protection
The One Power of liberty – The One Power to set us financially free
The One Power only to Be -The One Power of Eternity
The One Power of Peace – The One Power of Balance and Harmony

The One Power of Motion – The One Power of Devotion
The One Power of Essence – The One Power of Presence
The One Power of Feeling - The One Power of Healing
The One Power of Meditation + The One power of Transformation
The One Power of Realization - The one power of Stabilization
The one Power of Creation - The one power of Manifestation
The One Power of Unity – The One Power of Victory, of Victory, of Victory

Yes, it is done – and so it is - beloved One I Am ……… That I am
The unified Presence of source in One in All and All in One
In the Glory of Eternity, the world now is set free – set free- set free
Amen, Amen, Amen

© Regina E. H-Ariel

Say it loud and strong and repeat it as often as you can as after a while you become the living light vibration of these words and the power of creation, it becomes your momentum manifestation song that eliminates any doubt – you enter the realm of creation with every repetition more and more – the heavenly realm will sing with you in one. They are waiting for a collective action – imagine 50 million of us doing so WOW what a wave of love and light and manifestation – millions of blessings - with a little training you will find out when your thoughts and words drift away - just come back to clarity in intent resetting a first impulse. Have fun in co creating a new world



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