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Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Post RV: The Dawning Of A New Era" by Lesley - 4.22.17

Entry Submitted by Lesley at 6:07 PM EDT on April 22, 2017

Greetings to All in Dinarland!

I would just like to take a moment to say an incredible thanks to the many that contribute intel, positivity, love, guidance and insight daily to this site daily. It's a pleasure and joy and at the same time a learning experience daily. Much food for thought for both the physical and spiritual components that we all are.

So in sharing this post today with you all, I hope that it too becomes useful positive food for thought for those it resonates with.

So in getting the gratitude out of the way first.... let me get to my thoughts today about where we are and where we are about to go.

I think we really have to consider what's been done to us all that even brought upon the need for GESARA to begin with. The many years of debt enslavement, the abuse of power by those who wielded it. The trauma it has caused upon the innocent. All done for the most part with completely ignoring universal laws and karma.

Bad seeds do not produce good fruit.

Sowing bad seeds create bad harvests.

I know that isn't a mind blowing revelation to anyone that is conscious and has a conscience... yet look at the wake of the devastation left behind by those that were and still are completely unconscious.

The unconscious in service to self has had the floor for quite a while and has almost brought the world to the brink of destruction with all of us in it all at the same time with no regard to exactly what kind of world would be left for them after they have destroyed it.

So in comes an Ark..... of sorts. The RV/GCR a component of GESARA. As if the modern prophets of today are screaming "Hey... we have an option to deliver us from this flood... and in fact.... it's so huge... there's room for everyone that believes in it to get on board!" As we each become Captains and Yeoman's, etc. on board this new vessel, our mission is to repair damage where it was done, and to help deliver and save those that we can. We have been given everything regarding the resources that we need to get this done, post RV.

There are obvious signs of huge damage. Just watch documentaries like "Gasland", "Wasteland", "FLOW: Dor The Love Of Water", and "Food,Inc." For starters. Have a look at "The Fog Of War", "America: From Freedom to Facism", "Zeitgeist: The Movie", have a look at those if this is new to you regarding your awakening. These and many more you can find on www.freedocumentaries.org .

There are physical areas that need to be addressed yes regarding our environment.. water, food, air, land. Entire industries built with a service to self mindset that only cared about the bottom line. The lives of people, animals, the environment all expendable to the bottom line.. profit.

Have a look at documentaries and shorts like " All Wars Are Banker Wars", "Outrage", "Beyond Treason", "The Racket Of Racism". The point being... in order to fully fix anything you must first identify what's broken and what's wrong. We can't fix anything... that we can't see is broken. Which leads me to another point.

Regarding the spiritual brilliance and absolute resilience of the one called "Yosef"... who inspires me daily, who strategically plants psychological traps for the unsuspecting to expose unconsciousness and to draw out into the open... negative polarized spirits for all of us to see as they confirm... with their own responses and replies.. exactly the very nature of a problem that he was trying to indicate in the first place.

Yosef plays chess while people reveal they are only playing checkers. Sunlight is indeed the best disinfectant. His posts expose areas for all to see by those who take comfort in hiding behind an anonymous username. It's like there are mentalities and spiritual polarities that you would be surprised that there are people that still think like that in 2017 that are standing right beside you, eating dinner with you, sleeping in your home.

His point being... I feel is "We can't enter into a new paradigm with the exact same mentality that created the need for a new paradigm to begin with. Please check yourselves good at the front door before entering this new Ark."

So not only do the responses that reveal a sociopathic and often psychopathic traits clearly even in the most elaborate of responses to his post... that scream.. "Hey don't criticize me let me do what I want to do to anybody, how dare you complain about the suffering and damage I am doing." Not that Yosef is trying to change any of them.... I feel by letting his light shine... it exposes that darkness in others.. and others that are of a kindred polarity with Yosef see clearly on display the deep embedded magnitude of what we all are up against in trying to change the world for the better.

The biggest battle often isn't from the enemy that's in the world, but rather from the enemy that is within us all. Which is why I was suggesting the videos above because all of those horrors were done on our watch...... while many of us "looked the other way... " because it wasn't happening to us directly.

Whether you are a beneficiary of the old USA,Inc. and did very well you're still a victim of the damage of that enslavement system. If you have been devastated under the old USA,Inc. Then I'm preaching to the choir as to what's wrong with what it's done and you already know what needs to be fixed.

So I'm saying we have to rethink everything. I mean "EVERYTHING!" ( As I see Gary O. Screaming in that scene from "The Professional "... "EVERYONE!!!")

For an example... one bad racist cops murders a person of color clearly on film in front of everyone. Yet... he is not arrested by his fellow officers for an act of murder. Rather the whole police dept gets behind him to protect him.. all the way through the entire court system. So in those instances clearly the problem of racism isn't just with that one bad cop... but the entire network that supports him.

Getting Trillions of Dollars isn't going to make that go away. Imagine a person of color a ZIM holder... does get himself a nice car, a nice house... only to get harassed and arrested for thinking he must have stolen this nice car? Imagine this person of color getting killed for being accused of breaking into his own home that he just purchased because a racist cop... would rather consider him a thief out of envy kill him and say "oh it was an accident he wasn't familiar around here..."

These are the things... this mentality... that will be brought into this new Republic by those that don't or can't see anything wrong with it.

Even the entire education curriculum was designed bought and paid for by the Rothschilds. Designed to create even more slaves.. taxpayers. So we have to invent platforms to re-educate people.

Even many that have been educated in administration and businesses. Most have the mentality of being educated by a system that supported the enslavement structure of a pyramid. Businesses designed where the CEO makes all of the money while it's workers can barely sustain themselves.. models of profit. We should be rethinking new business models where it's positive impact on humanity and self sustainability are the bottom lines, not profit.

It would be great to get rid of the idea of subscription based services, monthly bills. The things were the technology is already in place but they are constantly charging because of the enslavement model and the threat of poverty feeds their greed into oblivion. There should be a way to provide basic standards for humanity. No water bills, no light bills, no gas bills, rechargeable car's for free... no mortgages... but rather profits that go back into the expansion of these things to be provided to every man, woman and child.

Imagine super high speed free internet access to everybody for free? Imagine the best cellphones for free for everyone? Imagine everyone has clean water for free? Free shelter? Free healthcare? As in systems built upon the desires to serve humanity with skilled people in these areas making their contributions to humanity and they themselves are fully taken care of while their strive to resolve these situations with sustainable solutions for all. Imagine that?

People doing "jobs" because they know what they are doing is going directly to benefit everybody.... most people do jobs because they have to survive. Often some of the most talented people's talents go to waste because the poverty they face require them to walk away from the things that they really love to do... now imagine people doing what they love to do naturally.. and being compensated for it while they apply their gifted genius to solutions for humanity?

These are the visions that I see post RV. We should build think tanks... teams of qualified people of integrity that specialize in areas of their expertise to where ZIM holders... that have ideas on what can be done to change something for the better.. we run it through the think tank.. get the particulars ironed out... provide them with the resources and funding to execute. Doing this for the betterment of society, not for profit.

Yes there's much we can do as individuals but for somethings perhaps we can all reach out to one another to combine our talents, creativity, expertise in the rebuilding of what's been done to humanity.

Collective ZIM holders with the freedom to act independently but the wisdom to act and function collectively would definitely make us all a force to be reckoned with.

Again we have to retrain people as to not replicate what mind control we have all been programmed by. Yet we have first have to be honest about where we are and what has been done and what's wrong.

Basic navigation in order to know where you are going, you must first identify where you have been.

Insanity is when we keep doing the very same things, while yet expecting different results.

Be the better change that you would best like to see in the world.

Yes there will be those that will be kicking and screaming and they love things exactly as they are.... change is inevitable.. the one thing that never changes is change. Change is no respect of person.

You can kill a man, yes, but you can't kill an idea. We are what we think about. We are not responsible for the ill thoughts and harm of others we are just responsible for our responses to them.

Stand up, keep your head held high.. we have much work to do... we have to rethink everything. We have to expose the deep entrenched ignorance and bring it out into the sunlight. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. It's best to love each other as we love ourselves.

See the spirit in each other don't be distracted and blinded by the color of a persons skin. This indeed spiritual warfare and good has made a comeback and we are winning.

Let's represent the loving side of The Creator Of All Things well... onward.

I love you all, Namaste...




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