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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"Point of Clarification" by Matt - 4.5.17

Entry Submitted by Matt at 2:31 AM EDT on April 5, 2017

Good evening to one and all, Hope you are well. The other day I included a link to a Stansberry Research webinar that proclaimed that it was going to provide me/us with some earth shattering news from which I/we would be able to save ourselves. So that we are all clear here, I do not work for that company, never have, and really don't ever want to. I had received and then, included the invitation here, not as a solicitation for anyone to come join the call, (I surely did not), but rather as another example of how a "more mainstream" investing advisory firm would look in responding to what we all have known is coming for some time. I am not impressed with their pressured tactics for selling. This is investing, not Saturday football where Vinnie and Vito are there if you want to play the spread an over. Besides, if Stansberry Research really wanted to show their clients they care, return half of the $20.00 you charged with $10.00 US in the form of 200 K (VND), give them something else to put in their portfolio, that might show your clients that your care about them beyond wild claims.

Truth is, they had a book that appealed to me. I wanted to see which recommendations it might make. and like so many others, I signed for the the trial membership,(since cancelled) and got the book for free. As I see it, with so many ships surrounding the planet, the distinction of supporting and celebrating with us. VS. We are here to enslave you", the veil being taken away or worse yet, demise of the dollar, gold standard reintroduction, China and Russia are the "good guys", conjoined with, the announcement of NESARA, the "Jubilee", E.T. ships de-cloaking, and pretty much the ENTIRE CONSTRUCT coming down! I suspect we might have some people in a bit of a panic. Might need a week in a cabin somewhere just so grandma doesn't get shot in the mayhem. There were some good ideas in the book... #1 investment during times of big financial crisis....Farmland. Always someone willing to barter for food. Honestly, information some of you already know. Again, my spirit is still coming out of a 40 funk of lies, deception and poisoning...need a minute, and some hangover cureall..


In the process of my awakening, I have been driven to consume all of the knowledge I can find. Many foundations upon which my life was built, are shattered and gone, being rebuilt now while I try to discover truth (the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god! taking on a whole new meaning), ascertain fact and then to reconcile all of that information, while being a husband, father, brother, son, etc. To say that some of my friends and family have cast a sideways glance at me is an understatement. The more accurate term would be "bat shit crazy" in their minds.

It may be all for naught. The man (one I considered a friend and mentor) who introduced me into the GCR / RV world. A man who offered me a position with his firm, identifying, developing, and creating the business plans and corresponding presentations as such, which were/are to be used by him as he negotiates a "corporate rate",has played me for the "sucker" I am.

As a manager in my prior life, I would dispatch, direct, track, bill, provide support to some 350 individuals for snow removal at 1:00, 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning for an excavation, property maintenance, snow removal company. I was the face with whom the customers knew their concerns would be heard and resolved, the 200 or so sub contracted company and employees could know they were not forgotten, and for my owners, work was done accurately, timely, and on budget. I was generally the "first to show" and "the last to go". I was capable and willing for a decade to manage that madness for sometimes 24-30-36 hours in a row. A calling for which I received little pay and less "thanks". I had a support staff of my own, but the "buck" stopped with me. No one was ever asked to do something I had not or would not do myself.

When this gentleman, whom I considered a "stand up" guy , asked if we could talk, of course I said "yes". An opportunity to have more "normal" hours, a pay increase and a chance to engage in projects to show myself and the Lord I was a person worthy of redemption!! Hell yes, I was in, both feet, deep end! Missed the first paycheck, I was OK. then the next and the next, I approached, trying to not lose my shit. He then would allow me to sit quietly and listen to the calls between himself and those who were promising funding.... Fact is, I trusted his word... What a dummy I was, and in doing so, hearing that the money was coming, I dared to venture out and buy a couple quad of Zim for myself. Fyi, when you come from a family of 10 kids, NOTHING ever lasted as long as it should, so I thought, "I've got their backs too". Finally came to a head between the boss and I late last month. I Needed payment. OR, my new truth was going to be that I was the guy who spent 90 days, developing the business plan to make others wealthy beyond compare, and I was going to get what for it? LITERALLY NOTHING save some receipts from the print store as I was helping to grab that on my way in and out. He talked me into giving him one more week... Next Friday came, when asked, "should have money 72 hours from Monday", was the response I received. Wife was at her wits end with me, I was the same as I saw the can get kicked into next week... I said goodbye to him. Promises of money to come, were far too common, and the actual money was scarce, like water in the Sahara, scarce.

That dumbass guy you hear about, who stays too long, who did too much, and who believed in someone, clearly NOT worthy of his trust. That guy is me.. I was trying to help here just as I was trying to help in my work. So, I felt as though I should clarify why that inclusion of the "webinar" was to share that the reset was getting broader play than the various sites we visit on line..

Point of the story is this, While many of us don't know anything about one another other than the size, style and color of each others font selection. We have shared, we have grown and you have all helped me awaken into one hell of time. For all of that, supporting and dissenting, "thank you"! I do not know what my future holds, I wont have my hair on fire when our galactic friends de-cloak, but my Zim is back on-line to be sold as I now try to afford a house payment overdue, while we try to recover from trusting someone again who was nothing less than the wolf in sheep's wool. Someday those people building success on the backs of others while offering them nothing and taking no risk upon themselves, will have to account, someday..Out looking for another opportunity and when I get a chance to check in, I love it. And when you talk about sacrificing to be here at this place and in this moment, now. I have my scars as well. We have all "been there, done that". in regards to the RV/GCR, I explained to my wife that I am not "hoping", I simply don't just, "believe" in this, but that at the core of my being I "know" it to be true. Things had to change, wrongs needed "righting". It is a calm reassuring knowledge that hasn't been that common in my life.

The last hope I was clinging to, was the supreme excitement that this was to be our time, until just before Easter. With news that the GOI may not be meeting again until the 11th, With savings gone, cards maxed, no borrowing options, I may have reached my end as I knew it. Perhaps, it is not to be. I hope we see each other "out there", when the veil is lifted, and then we can all recognize, remember and laugh about these struggles and how they helped to define us, as we defined those moments in turn.

Again, I apologize for not explaining that inclusion in a manner more befitting the choice.

May the sun always shine on your faces. and the wind always be at your backs,




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