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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"OWK is a Whack-a-doodle, and so am I" by Pat - 4.26.17

Entry Submitted by Pat at 3:35 PM EDT on April 26, 2017

There seems to be four types of people here on D.C.

1. Lightworkers that have been led here. My husband's affectionate term is the "whack-a-doodles ". Yes, I'm a proud member of the whack-a-doodle segment.

2. Traditional religious people with good hearts that follow a more "normal" belief system.

3. Agnostic or Atheist people that have good hearts.

4. Knuckleheads that prefer fear and making demands, to bolster their limitations, which keep them locked in the dark for information.

Over the past 50+ years, I've experienced and encountered a lot of unusual things. What ONE WHO KNOWS had to say in his Disclosure posting will be no surprise for those of us in category one. Nothing OWK has said sounds that unusual by category 1 standards.


However, for those in categories 2, 3, & 4 , your reactions are between "Wow! That's interesting!" to "You are evil!" or "You are bat s%#* crazy!" Ya. We know the reactions. We've lived with it all our lives.

Do you really think you can come up with any insult or statement that we haven't already heard? No. It doesn't bother us. Go ahead. Give it your best shot, if it makes you feel good, but has no bearing on us. Why? Because we know everyone has to follow their own path, at their own speed. There are no bonus points for evolving faster than another, because the other lagging behind is a part of you, that decided to take the long scenic route.

"Wait just a dag gum minute! Did you just say the other person is just a piece of me?"
Yes, that's exactly what I said. There is nothing but YOU. ALL those other people (souls) are the sum parts of ONE whole. There is no "they".

"Just hold on there partner! Now you are talking stupid irrational religious stuff like souls, which only weak people needing to believe in fairytales believe in."
Oh, really? Have you studied any quantum physics?

Okay, here is the fast short version.

What is everything in the universe (all matter) made from? Come on. Think back to your High school physics class.
What has always been, and will always be? Is eternal.
What can't be created or destroyed, but only change molecular structure?
How is matter formed?

Enough like-energy clumps together to form matter.
What is thought?
Enough like-energy (thought....universal consciousness ) clumps together to form matter...reality.
All the energy in your body (soul) keeps going on after the vessel housing it dies. You can't kill energy.
What is all this collective intelligent energy that is everywhere, has always been, and is eternal and creates all matter?
"Wait! You just said INTELLIGENT energy."
Yes...ask physicists that study quantum mechanics if they see intelligence in its organizational processes.

It's called many names. A few are Source, God, etc.
YOU are part of the whole. You are a chip off the ole block.
This is the simplistic explanation.

Religion has nothing to do with "God" or "Source". Religions were made for man, by man, to keep him in fear and limit his awareness of all that IS.

Now, back to One Who Knows Disclosure. There are few Lightworkers as CONSCIOUSLY aware of who they are, and as "connected" as OWK. I can only count a handful of individuals that I'm aware of, that have it as dialed-in as much as OWK. I certainly don't.

Most of us Lightworkers choose to stay below the radar. We don't like the limelight because it complicates our life. Plus, as many of you have displayed, it's hard for you to understand those in category one. We don't expect most people to understand either. We have, in most cases, spent decades researching and experiencing our spirituality to be where we are now.

There are even times when others misunderstand and look at some Lightworkers as being callous. Ponder the thought, that there is nothing that can happen to you here on earth that "hurts" you. Huh? Now I can hear the yelling already! "Are you stupid? Of course we are hurt! Children are starving, tortured , etc." I said, YOU, not the vessel you are housed in, or the fragile ego mind that you relate to as being the you. The eternal intelligent energy/soul that continues after your body dies. I guarantee you, there is NOTHING that can happen in your life here that can hurt that soul/energy. You can't harm YOU. Everything you do here is for "experience " or "schooling ". You are to experience, that which you already know.


"Experience what you already know? What the heck does that mean?"

Let's say as a soul, you have all the "book knowledge" in the universe in being an astronaut. You have studied every aspect and every detail of what it takes, and what you have to know to be an astronaut. Then....you incarnate into 3D and become an astronaut. Now..... KNOWING how to be an astronaut, verses EXPERIENCING being an astronaut, affords you INFINITE variables to encounter as an astronaut, that can't possibly be in that "book knowledge ". EXPERIENCING is far greater schooling, than just knowing. It enhances your knowing. We come here to experience, that which we already know.

I guarantee you any soul that has incarnated and dies young, was an extremely advanced soul. That soul didn't need much time here to experience AND may have been one of those souls that didn't come here to necessarily experience, but to be used as a "catalyst " for others here to learn from their experience. Sometimes it takes extreme catalysts to get people to wake up. Remember, the body may be small and new, but the energy inside is very old and experienced.

Now, I can already hear the rumbling of those saying, "Well, if no soul is truly hurt here then why stop the Cabal?"

Because the Cabal and their cohorts over the ages have distorted mankind's free will to progress. Also, what happens here on Earth, affects the entire Universe. It's all connected. Enough is enough. Plus, we are getting close to the change to 5D and what results from that celestial 26,000 year procession of the equinox (topic for another discussion). Those Cabal souls that haven't changed towards the Light, will lose their individuality, and be absorbed back into Source. No more independent learning, for that chip off the ole block. Yes, some parts of US are unfortunately a great disappointment.

There are really 2 things, that I think everyone in all 4-categories, SHOULD share in common and that's what we should concentrate on.

1. Respect. Just because you don't have the same belief system, doesn't mean you can't show respect to the other person. Allow the other their beliefs, no matter how stupid or crazy they may seem to you. Do you like to be called stupid or crazy? No! Then don't tell others they are stupid and crazy. You'd be shooting yourself in your own foot. Let each person advance at their own pace. Taking the slow scenic route, verses the direct route, doesn't make you better or worse. Especially since "Time" is a 3D thing (for another discussion).

2. Open minded. All people need to be open minded. It doesn't mean you have to believe what others believe, but it does mean you should listen and stay cognizant that you don't know everything. If you stay ridged and closed off to new things, you stay stagnant and limit your growth. Am I correct in everything I believe? Of course not. It's very difficult to get it 100% correct, being on this side of the veil. That's why communicating to those on the other side of the veil is beneficial. However, obviously that has its problems too, because the translation is not an exact science. Emotions are the language of the soul ( they are infinite), verses words are limiting. Try describing the color red, to a blind man.

All anyone can do is be respectful of others, stay open minded to new information, and ask yourself if something resonates with you. However, be careful that you aren't basing your "resonating" off fear or ego. Pay attention to those two culprits that like to mislead you.

I hope my thoughts here have given some of you things to ponder. I don't ask you to believe.....but, to ponder. If you think none of it resonates, fine. Simply move on to things that do resonate with you. However, please stop the insults and bickering. It's unbecoming to the powerful beautiful soul that you are.

One Who Knows, THANK YOU for being so open with your Disclosure. I am very excited about your forthcoming postings, post-RV. Your information is always from the heart and I can't wait to hear more from you. You are refreshing and an inspiration!

Love and Light to ALL....yeeeeees, even to the beautiful Knuckleheads here. :)




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