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Friday, April 7, 2017

"Nothing to Worry About" - Bluwolf Intel Update 4-7-17


Let me try to explain something that only military personnel would only think of. The current bombing of Syria was in retaliation for the genocide of many, that will not cause any war related issues with Russia as intended by the cabal.

You will also see some provoc intent coming out of North Korea but that to will fail because China is keeping a eye on there actions and will stop and suppress there aggressions.

The Presidents of America, Russia and China know what is at stake here,they know that the entire world needs to be totally liberated from the economic slavery of the cabal since 1913.

They know that these acts are of chaos and that they are triggered out of lost and desperation, badly orchestrated which can be seen by sloppy media coverage. These Presidents know about these 209 countries that are now all gold backed and reevaluating and also of the GLOBAL CURRENCY Reset which is 53 years overdue since our dear President Kennedys death. ​

So now this world knows the real deal and what is expected of these great men now ruling these three countries.

I expect the 800 number within a small time frame. I expect that the rates to be honored in there highest state and that no bank dare to try to rip off the people of God.

I see changes coming forward for America and the entire world and I can also see that the total extinction of the cabal is now imminent. And you who know me... will vouch to that within a few days.

You know I liked when our President ended up saying " GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE ENTIRE WORLD. " that saids a lot about this gentleman and I pray that he may always be protected out of harms way.

God bless you America and God bless all my brothers and sisters of the World, Terra, Terra, my Beautiful Blue Bubble.

Good day to all and may righteousness and prosperity enter today.

​Na'maste, Happy Journeys, Bluwolf