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Thursday, April 27, 2017

"My Two Cents" by SPA - 4.27.17

Entry Submitted by SPA at 1:52 AM EDT on April 27, 2017

Thank you Anxious to begin and Anonymoose. Two different approaches and outlooks, but useful just the same and well said.

Reelman, Goddess Theana, Mayan Guy, Victor et al Thanks for speaking up with your own angles and points of view.

Can we all just get along? Yes

Will people here just get along? No

Why? Because there are a minority here who do not wish it.

If Paddy, whoops!!! If Patrick were to create a section or even a site for the grown folk and those who wish to soar above the "muck" and "mire", the misery guts, haters, naysayers, sock puppets et al would leave their mud patch and follow along.


Because although misery likes company, misery doesn't like itself. There is no fun, nor challenge there. Misery would follow along as it would wish to filth up the new. Turning it into something comfortable for themselves whilst trying to drag everyone down to their level. That is how they get their kicks. They do not enjoy the company of like-minded. Certainly, not for long. No, they need someone to disagree with. They need to fight, question, demand and call names.

Now how can I say this, since I am still aware of, but stepping away from the dualistic outlooks? Let me see!.......Nope!.....There is no getting a round it. At least for now. So I will just say it as best I can.

The higher frequencies (not better, nor lesser), these frequencies are not attracted to the lower, but the lower is attracted to the higher.... Well that's it! I did my best. It is what it is!

Never-the-less things were getting pretty hot in the room and what for? Abject stupidity! I nearly had to leave my peace, to come and deal with this crazy.......You all, by speaking up, saved me from that and I am thankful and relieved.

I do hope the individual whom this concerns does indeed take heed. Calms themselves right down. Go stick their head in a bucket of cool water if necessary. Maybe even step back a bit and stop acting in foolish ways.

Stop setting their hair on fire. Stop running through the room, screaming "fire". Stop trying to add fuel to it whilst demanding someone else put it out?". Nobody is responsible for anyone else's enlightenment but themselves. If a person is that bothered about something, go do some research. Your own research. At the very least, perhaps the person will refrain from using the word "we". Instead use "I". I did not give anyone permission to speak for me and they do not Represent. Disagreeing with someone, in my opinion, is not an excuse to become aggressive and threatening in such a bullish fashion. It was becoming boorish.

On another note, why doesn't anyone ever claim of a past life revelation to be one of the lepers? or the first person to stone Yeshua? Or something like that. Maybe it would be more convincing if someone claimed to be the person who gave the fish or barleyloaves. How about someone claiming to be the basket maker that held food in which the miracle was performed. Just a thought!

I once said "If one more person tells me they were Nefertiti, or Cleopatra in a past life I would scream". It always seems to have to be something glamorous or fashionable. The person I was speaking to laughed and nodded in agreement.

I have to say I used to listen to Zorra a long time ago. Well, right from the get go. I quit when there were too many irregularites for my liking. I was a little annoyed when people started attacking him, but eventually I just had to walk away. Quietly and without fuss as you do.

It is not the first time Zorra has told someone who they were in a past life. It created quite a hoo-hah between that person and someone else claiming the same. Lol!

Each to his own I say. If it helps a person to be stronger, bolder, even braver, because they believe something, true or not, I say go for it. Think "Never ending story". Think about Neo being told he was, "The chosen one", to only have that taken away from him.

Before, he couldn't live up to the title for fear of letting others down. Afterwards, still armed with self doubt, he dug deep and did his thing. He now had something to prove to others, but most importantly to himself. His mind had been stretched towards new possibilities without him knowing and so, he couldn't stay where he was. Nor could he go backwards. I can imagine him thinking "how dare they doubt me!". Whilst continuing to doubt himself. But when the stakes were high enough? Yes, he had to rise above whatever self limitations he had placed on himself. He had to step up, to save the whole. And he did......Well in the movie he did.

Ohh! And one last thing. In response to the fight about who is and is not a bona fide truth teller. Let me just say this....... Back in the day, before I was born, I guess there were some who you could say I trust this or that person completely.

Not anymore. There is a reason successful spooks have no friends, nor family. They (your attachments) are your weakest link and if found, they will be used to control you.

No self-respecting truth seeker would ever claim that anyone they listen to is 100% on point. Even if they once were, they can easily be turned, or tampered with. Many if not most offer a mixture of truth and untruth. Sometimes they trust their sources who may or may not have been compromised. The longer the chain, the more room for error. Sometimes half truths are to protect others. You have to go about things like an investigative journalist. Turning over every stone. Considering every possibility. You have to remain vigilant and alert. You have to read between the lines.

For some this process comes naturally, to others, not so much. It is far easier for some to just subscribe to a channel, listen to a radio show and they believe they are set. Then when someone upsets the balance by questioning that person's info source, they freak. It is comfortable for them. Easy and convenient to take a persons word for everything. Once a month? Once a forthnight? Wham! Bam! Thank you mam!

It is easy and no need to do some actual research. To check facts. To look at other views. "Oh! He criticised the queen", he must be for real. "He criticised the government, the establishment". "He cried". "He stamped his fist one the table". "He was really angry". "He claimed to be threatened by the cabal". Opp! His Facebook, Twitter, YouTube is being tampered with". Oh really! Then he must be the real deal then.

Some even claim to know the individual personally. How?.....When?.....Listening to someone's YouTube channel does not constitute knowing someone. When did you last meet them for lunch? Work together intimately? Go around to theirs at Christmas? Easter?..... When?.......Also working alongside someone for a bit, doesn't mean you know them. What if they have a well hidden fetish for wearing woman's clothes? Do you know that?

Give me a break!

There is not one person I trust implicitly. You can't. And certaintly not in these end times. There is too much at stake. I no longer listen to so many people precisely because I saw experienced and also intuited things that caused enough doubt. Now whilst I would admit, I have no solid proof for/against all of these people. I instinctively knew it was time to step away. That was my choice, my perogative. The ones I knew were spot on, were murdered or suicided, in short order. Just as their info became juicy. Kaput!!! .......Now the good news is, because we are not spooks, we don't have to become lonely, detached and jaded. Just to notice everything. Pay attention. The clues are always there.

Easy peasy!

That's all.




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