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Saturday, April 22, 2017

“Mushrooms, Mind-Games, Emotional Manipulation, and Control” by Michael B. - 4.22.17

Entry Submitted by Michael B. at 2:21 PM EDT on April 22, 2017

“Mushrooms, Mind-Games, Emotional Manipulation, and Control” - Saturday - April 22, 2017

My Personal Opinion: Michael B., Charlotte, NC

We, as a group have been brought to the edge of our emotional limits yet again by the asserted comments of Yosef, Tank, and Fisher, who also tell us that we could see the RV release over the past 3 weeks.

There was a post earlier this morning that indicated that Yosef simply does not know what he's doing. I get why someone would post that, but I'm sorry to say that Yosef knows exactly what he's doing.

Weekly Patterns:

Early in a given week, say around Monday or Tuesday, we are given tiny crumbs to nibble on like church house mice. And we eagerly snap it right up, because that’s the level of need that has been set, and that our appetites have been conditioned to react to.

Then on Wednesday, we may or may not be given information that matters at all. But we can be sure to see one of Yosef’s tirades where he regurgitates his obvious heavily liberal oriented college education, where he goes to every extreme to tell us why he is ashamed to be an American, and why President Trump is among the most evil of the planet who is simply being played like a Stradivarius Violin, by the rest of the world. (We, the general public were simply supposed to have access to information that would allow us to see the truth.)

Thursday comes along, and we have a flurry of posts from everywhere… One Who Knows, Yosef’s SITREPs and Geopolitical / Trump rants. Bruce’s Big Call, and WC’s Real Truth Calls. As well we have Tank coming along, as Yosef’s eager student, who finally had the balls to stand up and call Yosef’s out for what he is. And I have to say that I gained an extraordinary amount of respect for Tank when he did. Yosef had eased back into one of his Rants again the White / Anglo Saxon / Caucasian Race, where we were nothing more than a diluted version of the intent of God.

Apparently, like many of us here, Tank had had enough. He stood up to his “Mentor”, and actually thought twice about making his point to Yosef publicly. He told Yosef that “This was a conversation that they could have off line”. But once again Yosef’s ego swelled and he told Tank that they could go ahead and talk about it right then, during the call. Yosef stated that” he was not afraid having that conversation.

So Tank proceeded to make his point that Yosef’s point of view regarding the white race was WRONG. That we were ALL created by God, and that God does not make mistakes. As such, while there have been White Anglo Saxons who were corrupt, and created a malevolent world of deceit, slavery, and evil in every layer of existence, the white race in general are not guilty of the crimes of this and full of corrupt families. We are as much victims as anyone else. Yosef told Bewdah that “He was in the process of shutting Tank down” in terms of his beliefs, and made one last attempt to convince Tank that he was wrong, and that whites were the root of evil. Tank finally delivered the staggering blow, when he told Yosef, plain and simple: If you believe this, that God favors one race of people over another because of the color of their skin, then “Your God is a weaker God than mine”. This clearly shook Yosef. There was obvious tension between the two during the call (RTC) on the following night, and it became fairly obvious that Yosef’s been going out of his way to make every effort to kiss ass ever since.

Either late Thursdays or Fridays we tend to begin to see information regarding the RV / GCR / Currency Exchange.

We were told to expect the release of the RV, by Yosef, Tank, and Fisher, who have appeared together on the Real Truth Call 3 consecutive nights to show people the importance of where we are, and to be available to answer questions, no matter how insane some of the question tended to be. Tank’s updates, Yosef’s SITREPS & Geopolitical musings, and Fisher’s back up confirmations have kept us at the absolute maximum levels of anticipation, hope, frustration and stress as we await the release of the RV and Currency Exchanges. Yet when anyone dares to ask any question what so ever in regard to “what is happening with the RV”, or why there was yet another delay, we are treated like kindergarten kids.

I believe that Tank believes what he is telling us is true, and will answer questions to the best of his ability, when asked. As well, if he doesn’t know the answer, he will tell you that he doesn’t know and then try to find the answer. Yosef makes the statement that he will not / cannot speak about Intel relevant information during the calls and has placed Tank in position of doing so. Yet at times, it seems that Tank can barely finish what he has to say before Yosef is interrupting him to either change or add to what was said, because “he disagreed” with some portion of what was delivered. Maybe that's simply how they "work" together.

In the meantime Fisher sits back and “knows exactly what’s happening, and when the release is scheduled to roll out, and has his finger directly on the pulse of all the underpinned machinations, and he just can't imagine why everyone else doesn't also get it. Who knows? Maybe HE really does have all the answers. But how in the world would we? He and Yosef both want to belittle people’s specific questions about the RV, saying that we are only interested in “Getting our Money”. Yosef recently even went as far as to make sarcastic comments on one of the recent RTC calls in the early morning hours, where he seemed disgusted with everyone. "I Want MY 800 Numbers!" "Give Me MY Money"... It was really a bit nauseating to hear him do that, and show that sort of contempt for others. I guess we can't all fit on the same Glorious and Holy Pedestal that God has personally placed Yosef upon. Oh well, I'll stick to being a common person with my plans of creating businesses and helping others.

While there may be some who are only interested in the transaction, so what? I think everyone has known that there would be some who would only see this as money in the bank. But that does not define everyone here. Yosef, Tank, Fisher… People feel the need to ask these questions, because you place us in a position of absolute expectation with your posts, and comments where you tell us that we are there. "Everything that needs to be done has been done". "We are waiting on nothing else". "The approvals have been received from every level, and now it is the hands of General Dunford": who, by the way was furious with HSBC, and the Wells Fargo that they “held up” the release. The status as of 04/21/2017 SITREP was that there is/was a “clear path” with no more road blocks. We were given an explicit window that had the RV roll out capable of starting at 9 pm PST / 12 am EST (after the close of banking business day on the US west coast), or sooner...

Yet here we sit again, reading Yosef’s latest musings 04/22/2017, where he writes of France’s early election which begins on Sunday 04/23/2017 at 8 am. He doesn't actually say that we are waiting for this specifically, but he certainly places the notion in our minds that we're about to get gut punched again. The results are designed to do exactly what they do; irritate, frustrate, infuriate those who are following along in Dinar Land. He truly seems to enjoy the game of emotional manipulation that he plays on us, and then makes us feel like little school kids when we dare question the abuse. And make no mistake, it is Abuse. But just as we were educated as to how the cabal has enslaved humanity, because they knew that they could, Yosef seems to employ the same tactics here, because he has learned that he can. Slavery? Maybe not. Emotional Manipulation and Mind-Games? Yes, I think so. At least it sure feels that way.

He knows that the general public just does not have access to the same level of information for various sources that are supposedly “in the know”. So as a captive audience, we seem to have little choice but to wade through the deep mud in the swamp, in order get to the “destination” that will enable us to begin the unique journeys that each of us have been shown that we were brought to this point for.

Each day, we are presented with another reason as to why the RV had to be delayed for just another 24 hours, after we were told the previous day that the release was imminent. That We Should Expect a release any moment, or certainly within the next few hours. Now, as of this morning, we are given another slap in the face, when we’re teased with the thought of having to wait now for an Article 50 to be submitted in Brussels… What does that actually mean Yosef? Is that a temporary delay for the Article 50 to simply be submitted, or to be approved implemented…? Or is it simply your next avenue of excuse in order to keep everyone hanging from the cliff, and seemingly at your mercy for the next crumb of information?

Yosef preaches to the masses that along with these massive fortunes comes tremendous responsibility. I think anyone with any sense what so ever knows this. Yet we are treated like the proverbial mushroom. We’re kept in a dark place, and fed a constant diet of bull shit. He also had the nerve to tell a caller from South Africa, that we need to endure pain, in order to appreciate the gift that life brings. And while in theory, there may be some value of truth in that statement; in reality the intentional application of that pain on others, is nothing short of abusive.

We are treated as if we are complete selfish idiots. And while there are many who may be selfish, and who knows, there may be a few who might also be idiots: but that does not define the entire RV GCR population. We are for the most part very intelligent, middle aged adults. We are capable of deep critical thinking and discernment, WHEN we have access to the proper information and tools. Remember… We are supposed to be ashamed of ourselves because we voted during the last presidential election: whether we voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. We were supposed to have had the entirety of information that Yosef seems to have had, in order for us to make our decisions and have complete 100% unbiased knowledge that we were making the absolute correct choice.

But guess what Yosef, we the public are fed a constant diet of Bull Shit from the Cabal Media that so far does not seem to be in a big hurry to stop lying. This is where 99.9% of the world population receives the information that they have to use to decide their beliefs on given ideas or situations. The more we learn in this “RV/Humanitarian” journey, the less we are capable of trusting. That includes both information as well as people. Most of us here wouldn’t know that truth any more, if it slapped us in the face. We want to, but now we’re so clouded with what we were always taught to believe, and what we are told reality actually is (or isn’t). We’ve been told repeatedly that the cabal medial is no more, or that they will be replaced when the New Republic is publicly announced. But there’s good news: now we’re told that the military is going to step in at any moment and take over the media too if they don’t straighten up. Just as they have at the exchange centers.

For as long as I have been a part of this community, I have been one of Yosef’s strongest supporters. But I have to say that lately it seems as though he has been replaced with one of the “malevolent clones” that we've been told of, that suddenly only wishes to cause pain, frustration, and stress. He preaches racial division. He slams pretty much everyone for their political views, unless they happen to align with his. (because, once again, he seems to believe that everyone has the same level of informational access that he does). He is 100% ashamed to be an American, and goes out of his way to try to convince us all that we should be as well.

This is not the same person that "I got to know" a year ago through his writings, and calming, instructional, assurances. That person didn’t try to make other feel stupid in order to make himself seem more important than the people that actually respected and looked to him for truth, guidance, and education.

Yosef, Here is a little advice that you have so lovingly passed along to your captive audience repeatedly.

You are an American, You are White, and You are a part of this country and it’s society. Get over it…!!!

Don’t you think that it’s time you make a decision to become part of the solution, instead of part of the same problem, that your idol, Barack Obama, was for the past 8 years?

Tank… You earned my complete respect when you had the balls to stand up to a person that you have obviously held a great deal of respect for, to publicly voice your opinions and beliefs, which by the way also echoed so many of the rest of us here. (Certainly not all, but VERY many I’m sure). I believe everyone on the call, that heard it first had a true sense of relief and satisfaction that the words were finally said by someone that Yosef would actually HEAR. And he DID hear it. Thank you so very much.

Am I frustrated? Yes. Absolutely! But then, that is exactly where you seem to want you audience to remain.

With that being said...

I regret that I felt that things have gotten to the point here that I was compelled to make this post, but in my opinion that’s where we are, and that’s where we have been intentionally taken.

I do believe in the RV / GCR. I believe in the potential that it offers to Humanity around the world. I believe in the restoration of our original Republic, and the restoration of trust in our government. I believe in the people here and that for the most part we are all on the same page, with very similar goals to work toward post RV. I also believe that it would be a much more productive environment if we weren’t also in constant flux, generated from within.

These comments are mine alone, and I am not trying to speak for anyone else. I don't particularly expect anyone to care at all what I think or how I am feeling. But at the same time, I would really have a tough time believing that I'm the only one here who has been made to feel this way.

Michael B.
Charlotte, NC



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