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Monday, April 17, 2017

"Missed the Left Turn -- Again" by Anxious to Begin - 4.16.17

Entry Submitted by Anxious to Begin at 8;25 PM EDT on April 16, 2017

When you are at the Pulpit and have a captive audience it is not the time to change your doctrine, nor is it time to still your mind and hear the voice of the Spirit whispering in your ear. With so many following your popular, publicly and socially accepted, dissertations, the left turn must be put off so that when you do make your left turn into the unknown you will not offend the many. Don't be the blind leading the blind,. that pit can be deep and hard to get out of for everybody.

When the wave is at its apex you can have the ride of your life, but you can also be slammed into the bottom of the shore line, some times head first that can maim and destroy your future life. The ride of your life or your destruction. Careless decisions have consequences.

Personal decisions have personal consequences. Public decisions to continue on as usual at your pulpit have public consequences that effect the members of your congregations. Cutting edge intel and an audience to please or offend...their choice... is a very compelling thing – the egos playground.

In the quiet of your own inner peace times with such a, “burden to bare,” it is incumbent upon the preacher or guru, to be sure that the doctrine taught is of the highest and most accurate information available. Am I walking the talk, am I setting an example, is my message clear and free of an agenda that is meant to manipulate behavior, am I inadvertently sending out a message that will harm or inhibit my listeners in any way?

Am I preaching my, “gospel,” so that I can keep and maintain my status in the eyes of my readers or listeners, as a knowledgeable, integrous man, worthy of their adulations, or am I being sold to the lowest ego driven information that suits their level of understanding? When I am given to understand the error of my ways, am I able to man up to those errors and try to make amends, or do I continue on with my ways, with impunity? When preaching, do I have the latest spiritual information or am I regurgitating what I was taught by others without going to the source of that information to check it out to be sure it is of the highest vibration and understanding, so that I do no harm? And is my, “source,” the highest source available to me or again am I just regurgitating what is taught in the Bible, chapter and verse, and using that as my justification when that source, the Bible, tells me to check out my understanding from the source of that source which is God? If I can't follow what the Bible tells me to do, to walk the talk, and talk to God and get revelation from him, should I just go on and pretend I am on solid ground whilst I am slipping into the ocean ready to drown and the sheep that I wanted to follow me are also drowning as well?

These are just a few of the concepts that public personalities must take into consideration. The answers to these inquiries, tells the stature of the public personality asking the questions. It is an open book for all to see, and they do see and judge, before they take it in.

So here is the point of this post and I pray that this message will be taken with the love that is intended.

Yosef you are a public figure and one that is well respected and revered, as well you should be. However, Yosef , you are one given to Cabal beliefs and fables and are not an example of those who walk the talk. For your information, Yeshua, DID NOT DIE ON THE CROSS !!!!!! That is a lie taught by Cabal Bible translators and Paul because they did not know of Yeshua's power. He conquered even death to show the power of God given to man. He is a Master over the physical plain of 3D. He was taught how to do this by his parents who practiced this as a higher way of being. It is in their history. Either read and find about it or continue the lie - your choice. You wont find it in any Cabal literature so search historical manuscripts or go ask God yourself with a believing heart, wanting the truth about Yeshua's over coming death. When you do, there is an entirely different interpretation and truth about Yeshua and His earthly family. If you want the truth, I challenge you to ask God and He will lead you where you want to go. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all man liberally, and upbraidth not and it shall be given him." Use your own Bible topical guide to find that one. Forgive my indulgences, I do get carried away. Now back to walking the talk.

Many of us have read with utter dismay at the ranting and raging; the tearing down, and the public demeaning of President Trump. I am here to testify that God does not follow, does not go along with, nor does He condone this hatred filled display towards of one of God's children. “Hurting” or demeaning another of God's perfect creations, REGARDLESS of what he has done is an egregious display of the lack of LOVE. God does not support nor condone anyone who displays this kind of behavior on themselves, either. When this kind of behavior is participated in God does not go there, EVER, and those who do go there, go alone and loose the Spirit of God as a constant companion. And anyone that does go there and has lost the constant companionship of the Spirit, needs to fall on their knees and in sincerity, ask for forgiveness. There are negative personal consequences that follow the lose of the Spirit in ones life, especially in dealing with your own precious wife and children.

The First commandment is: Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy, heart, might, mind, and strength and the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as they self. How can a person preach, teach, or expound righteous principles and not love his neighbor? Hypocrisy comes to mind.

How can any of us here on Dinar Chronicles believe you,Yosef, that through your preaching and teaching and through the use of your version of righteous principles, believe that it can lead us on ascension's path, when you yourself refuse to live by what is the higher principle of LOVE? I can not follow your path because it is not where God wants me to go – nor do I don't want to go there myself!! I can forgive your ignorance but I will not follow you. You are following Cabal concepts designed to keep humans from knowing the truth and you are doing great harm.

It is time that you get down from your lofty pulpit, get off your path to nowhere and find the truth of what you should and could be espousing. You are in one of the best positions to help a great number of people, but you will be left behind when the truth about organized religion and a belief in the Cabal Bible are exposed as the fraud they are. Things are not always as they seem, truth is not on the surface, you have to dig to get it, especially to get it right.

I would counsel you to ask God, your loving Father, to help you to receive revelation, to learn the truths from Him personally or from His Angels, not from the arm of flesh, written or expressed. You will need to walk your very own path toward ascension on your own. The rest of us are in God's hands and we need NO ONE to tell us what to do to find peace with our God, on our path to ascension. We need nothing to qualify to be the physical Angels of His mercy, to help His children to find rest and peace on this earth. We need not ever fear that getting this financial gift will be a detriment to us or our soul. What we use it for and how we spend it to help others is no one else's business. It will happen through God's plan and not through righteous pretending that will cause harm. Righteousness is the right use of God's energy given to us and money is energy in form.

Through OUR Own Righteousness... will the hand of God, be our hand as well. And so, let us just let it happen, and so it will. If I have offended you Yosef, please forgive me, I meant no harm or ill will. But, if the shoe fits, wear it out. You'll enjoy not walking around in bare feet anymore as you take the higher, left turn road, to ascension. You are loved, and I AM …

Anxious to Begin



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